giant savages
of Reality-6966

giant_savages-6966-facesgiant_savages-6966-surfapproachClassification: Alternative Reality (Reality-6966) semi-humanoid extraterrestrial race 

Location/Base of Operations: Unidentified world

Known Members: None named

Affiliations: They sought the favor of the Overlord (Rakkhal)

Enemies: Emissaries of the Overlord, Overlord, Silver Surfer-616 (Norrin Radd)

First Appearance: Silver Surfer I#6 (June, 1969)

Powers/Abilities: The giant savages are large and powerful creatures.

    Dim-witted, they largely battle with their fists, although the chief, at least, did sometimes wield a long bone (femur-like). Another presumably intended to use a rock as a weapon.

Traits: Brutal creatures, the giant savages were more than happy to brutalize others and turn them over to the Overlord in hopes of gaining rewards to improve their quality of life.

    They did have a village chief, although others would disobey him, seeking their own gain.

    They fear the powerful weaponry of the Emissaries of the Overlord

Type:  Bilaterally symmetric humanoid bipeds
: Two (on head; light blue color seen)
: Three (plus opposing thumb)
: Four
Skin color: "Pink" (comparable to Caucasian humanity), at least
Average height: Approximately 15'


Silver Surfer I#6 - BTS) - In Reality-6966's 45th century, he powerful mutant known as the Overlord conquered the universe, slaughtering and/or enslaving those around him.

    On a planet near the world from which the Overlord ruled, a population of giant savages dwelled. They eventually came to believe that there were no other free beings left in the world.

(Silver Surfer I#6 - BTS) - In Reality-616, seeking to escape Galactus' barrier imprisoning him on Earth, the Silver Surfer traveled faster than the speed of light and traveled forward in time, reaching the 45th century. He was shocked to find Earth, Zenn-La, and other worlds devastated and lifeless.

(Silver Surfer I#6) - Searching the galaxies, the Surfer sensed life and followed it to the world of the giant savages.

    The creatures initially reacted with a combination of fear and hatred, but as the Surfer approached them in hopes of learning the secret of this universe, they considered that they had found a victim for the Overlord and that he would reward them for delivering this being to him.

    Disheartened to hear the madness of violence still persisted in this age, the Surfer did not resist as the savages battered him, and they considered him to weak and puny to defend himself.

    Virtually suicidal at this point, the Surfer blasted and incapacitated one of the savages, telling the others that they moved too slowly and that if he was to be felled that they should do it now.

    Tackling the Surfer, one of the savages noted that he had more power than they had known and that the Overlord would be pleased with this prize. Not resisting any further, the Surfer was smashed to the ground. Attempting into the Surfer's board, another of the savages wondered of what use it was, as it was not a weapon and it could not be eaten.

    Meanwhile, the savage who had felled the Surfer ran off into the village, showing off the victim he had brought for the Overlord.

    The chief insisted the catch be given to him, and when the captor argued that he had found and conquered the victim, the chief tackled him, telling him that then he would die for his catch.



giant_savages-6966-emissarygiant_savages-6966-bouldergiant_savages-6966-blasted    The conflict was interrupted when another of the giant savages pointed out the approach of "those who serve the Overlord."

    Apparently drawn by the Surfer's arrival, the Emissaries soon landed, and they commanded the savages, "Cringe, you lowly, brainless swine! All -- on your knees -- before the Emissaries of the Overlord!"

    The savages indeed cowered, and the one who had captured the Surfer begged, "Mercy, mighty masters! We have a prize -- for the Supreme One!"

    The Emissary silenced him, telling him he existed not to speak, but only to obey.

    When the cowering savage asked if he was to be rewarded, the Emissary assured him that he would, as the Overlord was the most generous of all.

    After the Emissary picked up the Surfer and prepared to bring him to the Overlord, the giant asked when he would get his reward while he stood up and picked up a large rock behind the Emissary's back, apparently intending to strike him if he did not receive his reward.

    As the Emissary carrying the Surfer replied that he would get the reward sooner than he expected, the Emissary in the ship fired an energy rifle, shattering the rock and presumably killing the creature (that was his reward, in case it wasn't clear).

    After the Emissary in the ship urged the other to enter the craft swiftly to avoid trying the Overlord's patience, they took off into space and swiftly prepared to land on the Overlord's planet.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee, John Buscema, and Sal Buscema.

Profile by Snood.

The giant savages of Reality-6966 should be distinguished from:


giant_savages-6966-planetsringgiant_savages-6966-planettoplanetgiant_savages-6966-planetarrival     Home to the giant savages.

     There appeared to be two planets in very close proximity, surrounded by a ring (presumably composed of ice and mineral debris). It is possible that the smaller one was a moon...

(Silver Surfer I#6) - Searching the galaxies, the Surfer sensed life and followed it to the world of the giant savages.

    After the Emissary in the ship urged the other to enter the craft swiftly to avoid trying the Overlord's patience, they took off into space and swiftly prepared to land on the Overlord's planet (which was presumably the other world within the ring).

--Silver Surfer I#6

Note: Here's a discussion by Donald Campbell on the feasibility of two planetary objects maintaining such proximity and existing within a ring:

    In the real world, space may be vast and mysterious but it can also be artistically boring. This is because, unless an observer is relatively close to something, the only things that can be seen are so far away they appear as nothing more than pinpricks of light in the blackness of space. So, in order to give readers something more to see, many comic book artists routinely add things that wouldn't actually appear in any realistic depiction of space. And in the case of Silver Surfer I#6, the Buscemas did this by adding circles (representing spherical objects) into the background of every panel that was set in space. This practice can be seen in full display in all three images in this subprofile, and even panels in which the Silver Surfer is shown to be in close proximity to Earth are filled with dozens of these extra planets.

    My dissatisfaction with this particular image goes beyond that whole "space is full of circles" issue. That extra problem with those planets is how close they are depicted as being. In the real world, every object in space exerts a gravitational pull on every other object. However, since the force of that pull is inversely proportional to the distance between objects squared, that pull is not constant across those objects. This means that the force that Object A exerts on the side of Object B that is closest to it is greater than the force that it exerts on Object B's far side, causing a tidal force which acts to pull Object B apart. When the two objects are sufficiently far apart, that tidal force is small enough that Object B's own self-gravitation will act to hold it together, but that changes when they get too close. The Roche limit is the distance at which an object held together only by gravity begins to break up due to tidal forces created by the gravity of another object. Not being a scientist, I'm not really sure what those limits are (since they're different for every two bodies) but I am reasonably sure that any smaller object that is within one diameter (of a larger object) from that larger object should probably have been torn apart by tidal forces into debris which would now be orbiting the larger object.

    Based on the leftmost image, the two purple planets look like they might actually be in physical contact but that, of course, would be impossible since the combined gravity of any two objects that were close enough to touch would pull them together into a single mass. Basically, they would collide and the resulting debris would form a new, larger object. On the other hand, if the yellow/green and pink/purple planets in the rightmost image are meant to be those same planets, then they were not actually touching each other but they were WAY too close for safety. Even if the smaller planet had not crossed the larger planet's Roche limit and been torn apart, their proximity was such that the tidal forces acting on both bodies would have deformed/disrupted the surfaces of both planets. This tidal heating would probably have distorted their crusts enough to trigger widespread volcanism that could render them uninhabitable.

    Of course, the Roche limit only applies to objects that are held together solely by their own gravity. An object that was a single mass of solid material would hold together longer. And, this being the Marvel Universe, the possibility that Magic and/or Super-Science might be at work on the smaller planet, although unlikely, cannot be discounted.

The two planets exiting within a ring

    That's actually a bit weird since the three ways by which planetary rings are believed to form all involve the Roche limit.

One way is if a moon crosses a planet's Roche limit and is torn apart by tidal forces, with the debris spreading out around that planet as a ring.
A second way is if something (like a comet) collides with an orbiting moon and disrupts it, with the resulting debris continuing to orbit as a ring. 
The third possibility is that there was material from the protoplanetary disc that was within the Roche limit of a planet when it formed and that the tidal forces caused by the planet's gravity prevented that material from coalescing into a moon, so it formed a ring instead.
According to Wikipedia and other internet sources, those are the only three ways that have yet been proposed to explain how planetary rings form.

    As to how that ring system could form around those nearly-touching planets, that seems to be about as impossible as the idea that those two planets could be so close while somehow avoiding being pulled into a collision that would smash them both together. Maybe the rings began as a moon that was orbiting around both of them, and then it crossed the Roche limit for the double planet and was torn apart into a ring that encircled both of them?

    The only thing I can say for sure is that the Buscema brothers certainly demonstrated some creativity when they designed/drew that weird little system. Whether it's at all possible is an entirely different question, one that I just can't answer. Okay, I suspect the answer is "absolutely not" but I lack the knowledge that would be needed to make that an informed opinion.

Additional thought

    In that panel that shows the spaceship carrying the Overlord's Emissaries taking off from the yellow/green world of the giant savages, the speech balloon shows one of them saying, "Prepare for landing!" This is an odd thing for them to say immediately after they take off and it implies one of two things: Either their technology is so advanced that traveling across interstellar space to the planet where the Overlord reigned was instantaneous...or the Overlord's planet was very close to the world of the giant savages, perhaps even the pink/purple planet seen looming over the planet from which they had just launched...which was (probably?) the second of the two planets within that ring?

Snood again: My personal thought is that the Overlord's power somehow facilitated this, just because he thought it was cool.

images: (without ads)
Silver Surfer I#6, pg. 11, panel 2 (double planet within a ring);
          panel 3 (Surfer approaching planet);
          panel 4 (three savages approached by Surfer);
       pg. 5, panel 1 (salvages' faces);
          panel 2 (savages pounding Surfer);
       pg. 14, panel 1 (tall image with Surfer and board);
       pg. 16, panel 1 (savage cringing before Emissary of the Overlord);
          panel 3 (savage picking up rock);
          panel 4 (savage blasted);
          panel 6 (Emissaries flying from savages' world to neighboring world)

Silver Surfer I#6 (June, 1969) - Stan Lee (writer/editor), John Buscema (pencils), Sal Buscema (inks)

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