Real Name: Ruka

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional (Earth-78411/Earth-Dinosaur World) Giant

Occupation: Child

Group Membership: The Big Ones/Giant Folk

Affiliations: Unnamed Sire

Enemies: Devil Dinosaur, Moon Boy

Known Relatives: unnamed father (Giant)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Somewhere outside of the Valley of Flame; Dinosaur World

First Appearance: (eyes only) Devil Dinosaur#2 (May, 1978);
    (full) Devil Dinosaur#3 (June, 1978)

Powers/Abilities: Ruka is a giant and, though still a "cub", he is large enough to keep Moon-Boy on a leash like a pet, and fit him into one hand. He presumably has superhuman strength, simply due to his size. Hes also an obnoxious, not-so-little brat. Id guess hes about eight-years old, assuming the Big Ones age at a comparable rate to humans.

History: (Devil Dinosaur#2) - Ruka was separated from his father, apparently while his father was hunting, and ended up in the Valley of Flame. He came across Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur, and observed them as they were laying down to sleep.

(Devil Dinosaur#3) - Ruka's father began attacking the Valley of Flame, leaving a path of carnage in his wake, shouting a mysterious word--"Ruka." Fearing that the valley had been invaded by a demon, Moon Boy went off (alone) to search for him, to find out for himself what they were up against. After finding the giant, and watching him swing around a stegosaurus like a baseball bat, Moon Boy left to tell Devil, only to be snatched up by a giant hand. The giant boy put him on a leash , "Dont try to escape, little pet! I shall be a gentle master if I find you amusing!" Moon Boy warned him that his friend, Devil, ruled the valley, but "Ruka laughs at this Devil-Beast!". Making the connection between Ruka and the giant, he realized that it wasn't a demon, just a concerned father looking for his son. Moon Boy started screeching like "a stricken lizard" attracting a group of hungry pteranodons, and using the chaos to slip his leash and escape, with Ruka hot on his heels.

"I must be swift! An angry giant cub is a very dangerous foe!", As they run, the pair reached the nearby tar pits, where Devil had cunningly lead Rukas father, knocking him into the inescapable substance. Ruka could not reach his father to save him. Not wanting either of the giants to die, Moon Boy explained to Devil what was going on, at which point the T-Rex generously extended a large tree limb and drew the Giant to safety. Ruka demanded his father punish Devil for nearly killing him, but "Never fear! I shall mete out punishment where it is richly reserved!" the Giant replied, carrying his wayward son (whos threatening revenge) off towards home and made a truce with the Rulers of The Valley of Flame, Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy.

Comments: Created by Jack Kirby.

Rukas father might have thought him lost, but he was actually quite close--close enough to grab Moon-Boy, whod just been watching his "Sire". I dont doubt Ruka heard his father calling, he just didnt want to go home yet, and he was having too much fun. After Rukas scaring his father (who was probably imagining his son in some terrible danger, as parents naturally do), and nearly getting him killed, just so he could have some fun, I bet his backside was sore for quite a few nights after this little "adventure!"

by Darc_Light

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Other appearances:
Devil Dinosaur#3 (June, 1978) - Jack Kirby (writer/pencils/editor), Mike Royer (inks)

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