Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Giant (Giant Folk), Extra-dimensional (Earth-78411/Earth-Dinosaur World)

Occupation: Hunter, "A killer of beasts without equal!"

Affiliations: Giant Folk; Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy

Enemies: (former) Devil Dinosaur

Known Relatives: Ruka (son)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Somewhere outside of the Valley of Flame

First Appearance: Devil Dinosaur#3 (June, 1978)

Powers/Abilities: The Giant has incredible strength and durability, he was able to defeat scores of dinosaurs in the Valley of Flame with his bare hands, even swinging a stegosaurus around like a baseball bat. He is a giant, of approximately the same height as Devil, but much leaner.

History: (Devil Dinosaur#3)- Devil and Moon Boy were awakened from sleep by "fearful screams", and frightened dinosaurs stampeded throughout the Valley of Flame. Devil and Moon Boy rushed to investigate, dodging trees that were being thrown around like twigs, until Devil was struck by a massive boulder, knocking him over. Moon Boy feared that a demonic presence had taken up residence in the valley. " Nothing that roams this valley could have done this! We are pursuing an evil presence from the Spirit World!" Later that night, as Devil slept, Moon Boy saw a terrifying creature silhouetted against a raging fire, a "Giant two-foot" with the head of a "Thunder-Horn" (A giant man with the head of a triceratops). Early the next morning, Moon Boy snuck out while Devil still slept, searching for this mysterious creature, to see if it was all just a dream. He searched for a short time, then was nearly trampled beneath the Giant’s feet as he stumbled upon the battle between the Giant, (who was wearing a triceratops’ skull as a helmet, hence the earlier confusion), and a "Bone-Back" (a.k.a. a stegosaurus). Moon-Boy watched in horror as the Giant picked up the dinosaur and swung him around like a baseball bat, all the while yelling about "give me what’s mine!", then the Giant yelled "RUKA!" Moon Boy ran to find Devil, realizing only he had the power to defeat this creature, but was snatched up by a giant hand. Devil awoke, and saw that Moon Boy was missing and the land around him filled with carnage. Dead and wounded dinosaurs littered the valley, and he became enraged, fearing for Moon Boy’s safety. Following the carnage, Devil quickly came upon the giant. "So! This valley boasts a Devil Beast, does it! I have never seen one of your like before! But I cannot admire the color of your hide or your noble bearing! Give way or die!" The Giant punched Devil, then lunged at him, catching him in a "terrible death grip", until Devil kicked him away. The Giant punched Devil again, and Devil had enough, "Never has Devil known such anger. This boastful outsider must die like a witless animal…in a common trap…" Devil turned, pretending to flee, "You’re a Devil Beast unworthy of the name! Begone craven one! You offend these eyes!" Devil then kicked a pile of boulders into the Giant's face, insuring he’d follow, right to the inescapable tar bog.

Meanwhile, another giant was holding Moon Boy as a pet, a child named Ruka. Realizing that Ruka was the name the Giant was shouting, he slipped his leash and headed off to inform Devil of what was going on. With the giant boy hot on his heels, he reached the bog just as Devil had drawn the Giant into the trap. The Giant lunged at him with a tree-trunk spear, and fell into the inescapable tar pit. As Ruka saw this, he screamed for someone to help, and Moon Boy rushed over to Devil, "Don’t let him die! The Giant is not a demon or an Enemy! He came here by chance! See! It is a cub he seeks among us…a foolish cub who wandered into our valley!" "Heed my word’s, Great Brother! The Giant is not a threat! His cub was lost…and the pain of this caused his stormy rages!" Devil then broke a limb off of a tree, and extended it to his fallen foe, pulling him to safety. " I misjudged the beast! He is wondrous indeed!" The Giant and his son were finally reunited, but Ruka demanded that his sire punish Devil for what he had done. "I would think well upon the cause of all this, Giant!" Moon Boy replied, and the Giant picked up his wayward son "Never fear! I shall mete out punishment where it is richly deserved!" The Giant then made a truce of peace with the Rulers of the Valley of Flame, Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy.

Comments: Created by Jack Kirby

A wonderful story, the seemingly evil monster turning out to be just a worried parent searching for his lost child. I especially like the message Moon-Boy states at the end, "This is a good thing, Devil! By showing MERCY, you achieve HONOR!", whatever happened to such noble ideas…? The Giant may have thought that Ruka was lost, but the boy was close enough to grab Moon-Boy, who had just run a little ways from his father; I think that brat heard his father calling, he just didn’t want to go home yet, he was having too much fun. I’ll bet he got a sound thrashing when he got home…

by Darc_Light

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