Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human mutate or mutant (see comments)

Occupation: Scientist, Would-be world conqueror

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: His zombie minions; Giant Buzzards

Enemies: Fiery Mask (Jack Castle)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Mad Doctor, "Master"

Base of Operations: An old ramshackle house on the waterfront, unknown town in the U.S.

First Appearance: Daring Mystery Comics#1 (January, 1940)

Powers/Abilities: The Zombie Master is immense in size, almost twice that of a normal man.  He has proportionate strength, and possibly a longer lifespan than a normal human.

He used advanced technology to transform others into a zombie-like state and force them to serve him. He was also served by several giant buzzards

Height: 20'
Weight: 7500 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Gray

History: (Daring Mystery Comics#1 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, the Zombie Master had begun to kidnap homeless men and others off the streets to use in his experiments.

(Daring Mystery Comics#1) - One of these experiments, Peter Johnson, was brought in his zombie-like state to police headquarters, where he attacked the captain and young physician Jack Castle, until the policeman shot him dead.  Investigating Johnson and other homeless men's disappearances, Castle got the bright idea to ask the utilities company for records of anyplace that had been using massive amounts of power. This led him to an old, run-down house.  He was quickly taken at gunpoint by a zombie who led him downstairs to the Zombie Master.  The giant decided to use Castle as his next experiment, but something went wrong, and instead of turning Castle into a zombie, the machines  granted him incredible powers.  Breaking free, Castle defeated the Zombie Master and escaped with a female hostage he had rescued.  Castle would then adopt the superhero guise of the Fiery Mask.

Comments: Created by Joe Simon.

    A goofy story, but it was written in 1940, so don't expect Busiek. It was reprinted in the Golden Age of Marvel Comics Vol. 2 trade paperback, which is where I got it.

    Obviously, his zombies are not true zombies, but created through science.

    John Kaminski theorizes that the energy that the Zombie Master uses may either be gamma or ionic in nature.  The green light suggests gamma radiation, while the glowing of Fiery Mask's eyes suggests ionic (much like Wonder Man).

    It is not clear exactly what the Zombie Master is. He states that he spent 50 years ashamed of his grotesque size.  He claims his devices are thousands of years ahead of humanity's.  It's very possible he's boasting there, or that he found them, maybe in a secret lair of the Deviants. Maybe he is a Deviant.  I'm guessing he's probably just a mutant with the ability to conceive and build advanced electronics.

Zombie Master received a profile in the Marvel Mystery Handbook: 70th Anniversary Special.

    If the 19'6" tall Warlord Wrogg can lift 15 Tons and Damon Dran could lift 25 tons at his 20' height, then surely the "Zombie Master" could lift 15 or 25 Tons?
    Or, perhaps based on
Giant-Man (Bill Foster) who, at 15' tall, could lift 5 tons; and Dr. Henry Pym (as GIANT-MAN/GOLIATH using original Growth Serum) at 25' tall could lift 10 tons; using them as examples the "Zombie Master" should be able to lift 7 tons at his 20 height.
    --From John Holstein
    John is commenting on the OHotMU entry giving Zombie Master a strength level of 3.
    Just because characters are the same size doesn't make them the same strength; they have different sources of their abilities and numerous other variables.
    Based purely on his size, I agree that a
strength level of 3 (up to peak human (lifting 800 lbs.)) seems a bit low for someone who’s 20 feet tall.
    Seems more like enhanced human (lifting over 800 lbs., up to 2 tons) would fit; or even Class 10 (lifting up to 10 tons) - both of which would give him a strength on the power grid of 4, but I guess one of the issues is that he never really did anything to demonstrate super-strength. We'd rather stick to what we are certain about, rather than describe some super-strength he never demonstrated.
    So, it could be that whatever granted him his great size was a stress on his body, such that he was significantly weaker than you’d expect.
if you can't back up the argument with actual feats of strength, then it's just idle speculation with no basis.

I would call him Green Claw (named in title), the name of the golden age villain the Claw---enemy of Golden Age Daredevil
    --From John Holstein
    So noted.

Profile by Madison Carter


The Zombie Master has no known connections to


The Zombie Master had several enormous buzzards guarding his dungeon lair.  His minion claimed they were bred, though they may have been subjected to some of the Master's experiments. Jack Castle fought off a couple before escaping the house.

--Daring Mystery Comics#1

Daring Mystery Comics#1, story ?, page 5, panel 3 (main image)
                                                               page 4, panel 5 (giant buzzard)

Daring Mystery Comics#1 (January, 1940) - Joe Simon (writer/artist/editor)

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