Real Name: Seymour O'Reilly

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Unrevealed

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Liz Allan, Sally Avril, Eugene "Flash" Thompson, Jason Ionello, Sean "Tiny" McKeever, Charlie, Ernie;
    formerly Peter Parker

Enemies: Peter Parker, Venom (Angelo Fortunato)

Known Relatives: Unidentified grandfather

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Queens, New York

First Appearance: Amazing Fantasy I#15/1 (August, 1962)

Powers/Abilities: Seymour had no known special abilities. Desiring to be part of the "in crowd," he tended to pick on the less popular in an effort to build himself up.

(Amazing Fantasy I#17 (fb)) - Seymour was friends with Peter Parker when they were younger, attending his eleventh birthday party. They started to drift apart in junior high as Peter showed more interest in scholastics than social gatherings.

(Amazing Fantasy I#17 (fb) - BTS) - At Midtown High School, Seymour was drawn to the loud, funny, and energetic "Flash" Thompson, who took an instant dislike to the "bookworm" Peter Parker. Desiring to earn Flash's approval, Seymour (and others) turned against Peter, belittling him at every opportunity.

(Amazing Spider-Man Annual#17 (fb)) - While Flash-wannabe Ernie beat up Parker, Seymour shouted, "Sissy!" Never one to scuff his knuckles, he was a coward and mean-spirited. Fellow student C. J. Vogel then showed up and distracted the others with jokes, ending Parker's torment.

(Amazing Fantasy I#15/1) - Seymour taunted Peter when he invited a group of the more popular crowd to a science exhibit: "You stick to science, son! We'll take the chicks!" and "See you around, bookworm!"

(Amazing Spider-Man I#4) - As Spider-Man fought the Sandman at Midtown High, Flash cheered on his hero and Seymour, quick to follow Flash's lead, called out, "Give 'im one for us, pal!"
    Later, Seymour was laughing at Flash's side when Peter backed down from a fight.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#5) - Alongside Charlie or Jason, Seymour played a part in a prank on Peter, where Flash was to impersonate Spider-Man and confront Peter Parker who had earlier spoken out against Spider-Man to throw off suspicion. As Peter walked by, Seymour said, "Betcha he'll jump clean out of his skin when he sees 'Spider-Man'! This'll be the greatest gag of the century!" Running to his idol, he called out, "Flash, hurry! Parker's walking by along Front Street!"

(Amazing Spider-Man I#8/1) - As Peter prepared to box Flash, hoping to control his own strength enough to teach Flash a lesson without hurting him, Seymour helped Peter put on his boxing gloves. Seymour wore a smirk as he was sure of the outcome of the match. He quickly ran over to Flash and told him, "Don't end it TOO soon, Flash Boy! Give us a little show, huh?" However, when Peter did finally throw a light punch that knocked Flash out, Flash had been distracted by a cry about the rampaging Living Brain. Seymour cried out, "That was a crummy thing to do, Parker! Poor Flash wasn't even looking!"
    Later when the criminals who had unwittingly unleashed the Living Brain tried to escape, they tripped over Flash as he was bending over, tying his shoes. Flash's friends rushed in to see the two men lying unconscious, and Seymour asked, "Great work, Flash! How'd you do it?" Seymour was as surprised as the others when Peter showed up and accused Flash of secretly being Spider-Man and having thrown the fight to avoid suspicion.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#9) - When Peter was distracted by his Aunt May's illness, Seymour taunted him, "S'matter, teacher's pet? Too busy to answer us common folks?"

(Untold Tales of Spider-Man#11) - Seymour made a class presentation at Midtown High, and showed a picture of a fish he had caught at Empire Lake with his grandfather.

(Amazing Spider-Man Annual#17) - Seymour attended a Midtown High School reunion, during which time he stuck a "Kick me" sign on someone's back and got punched by that guy in return.



(Marvel Knights Spider-Man#7) - Seymour attended a Midtown High School reunion, during which he and a few others (Charlie and Ernie?) attempted to give Peter Parker a wedgie (allegedly to cheer up Flash). Parker easily held them off, and then Venom (Angelo Fortunato) burst in, seeking to make a name for himself by killing Spider-Man. Seymour was stunned to learn that "Puny" Parker was Spider-Man, but then Venom grabbed his head and broke his neck.




Comments: Created by Stan "the Man" Lee and "Sturdy" Steve Ditko.

    Mark Miller came to Spider-Fan, asking for a minor character from Peter's high school days to be killed in an upcoming story. Mike Fichera, Jonathon Couper-Smartt, Henrique Falco, Peter Kroon, Al Sjoerdsma, Bradley Bradley, Steve Christensen, and myself all discussed it and Mike mentioned Seymour, who was in the background, egging on abuse of Peter Parker. I proclaimed "Death to Seymour," and we came to the unanimous decision that this cowardly jerk should meet his end...and the rest is history. 
    Mark Millar gave him the last name in Marvel Knights: Spider-Man#8.
    Mike picked the last name "Flannigan." I personally would have chosen "Butts."

    It's unclear whether Seymour's interest in Flash was anything more than just a desire to be popular...not that there's anything wrong with that!

    Seymour's career is unrevealed, but we would pick him to be instrument cleaner to a proctologist.

Seymour probably has more appearances as a face in the crowd (usually with a bow tie). Let me know if you find any more and I'll add them.

Profile by Snood, Prime Eternal and Mike Fichera.

No known connection to:


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