Real Name: None

Identity/Class: Artificial life-form

Occupation: Servant of humanity

Affiliations: Philip Morgan

Enemies: unnamed alien race

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: an alternate future in the year 2090

First Appearance: Strange Tales I#99 (August, 1962)

Powers/Abilities: Mr. Morgan's monster was an artificial being who possessed superhuman strength (class 20?) and a high resistance towards injury. It took the destruction of an alien vessel to render the monster inert.

History: (Strange Tales I#99)- In the year 2090, robotic beings called humanoids came to replace humans on the workforce. Unfortunately, many of these humanoids proved unreliable-- running amock or malfunctioning. It came to the point where humanity no longer trusted the humanoids to perform their jobs, and it was decided to abandon them by ordering them all to leap off a cliff.

However, humanoid inventor Philip Morgan saved one of his creations from destruction, and hid it away in a vault, believing that he could prove that the humanoids were of use to society. Morgan believed that not a soul on earth knew of the "monster"'s location-- and he was right.

Aliens from another world, intent on conquering the earth learnt of the monster's location, and stole into the vault to set it free, believing that it would be the perfect tool in their conquest of earth. However, the monster proved to loyal to the earth, and turned against the aliens! Immune to every assault, the aliens finally were forced to destroy their own vessel in order to defeat it, taking their own lives in the process. The monster's defeated body lay before onlookers, and Morgan's faith in the monster was at last justified.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers.

Given how resilient Mr. Morgan's Monster proved, just how many of those humanoids do they figure were actually destroyed leaping off a cliff? And why not recycle their parts for the good of industry?

Along other lines-- why did the explosion of the alien craft destroy the vessel and aliens, but apparently not any innocent bystanders?

Since information deposited on the internet will theoretically exist forever, some of you reading this right now actually live in the year 2090. Mind checking your latest Marvel Comics to see if anyone's done anything with Mr. Morgan since I wrote this?

Philip Morgan was an inventor of humanoids who left one of his creations hidden in a vault in the hope that he might redeem the humanoids in the eyes of humanity. After his "monster" thwarted an alien invasion, Morgan was proven right. -Strange Tales I#99

by Prime Eternal

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