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Real Name: Harold "Harry" Kane

Identity/Class: Human, mutate (Old West Era)

Occupation: Robber

Group Membership: Iron Mask's band of Old West "super-villains"

Affiliations: Dr. Danger, Fat Man, Iron Mask, Little Cloud, Living Totem, Rattler, Red Raven

Enemies: Phantom Rider (Carter Slade), Tigra, Two-Gun Kid

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile in Texas

First Appearance: Two-Gun Kid#70 (July, 1964)

Powers/Abilities: Hurricane possessed superhuman speed which enabled him to run faster than a cougar. Usually armed with two handguns, he could also use his speed to outdraw opponents in a gunfight, but he rarely took enough time to properly aim at his targets.

Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 169 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown


(Two-Gun Kid#70) - Harry Kane was the leader of a gang of robbers who were defeated by the Two-Gun Kid while attempting to rob a train. Only Kane made it away, and fled across the desert to escape him. He only managed to evade the Two-Gun Kid when suddenly a twister threw the Kid off his trail. Having lost his horse, Kane wandered about until he found a campfire where a Native American witch doctor was preparing a potion which he hoped would increase the speed of his tribesmen. Kane winged him with a bullet and examined the potion, when suddenly a bolt of lightning hit the potion! Kane, not being very particular, drank the potion. Looking about for more food, he spied a rabbit and ran after it. To his amazement, he found that he could now outrun a rabbit! With further practice, he found he was faster than a cougar, and could draw his pistol faster than any other man alive! He decided to show up the Two-Gun Kid by donning a costume like his.

   As Hurricane, Kane confronted the Two-Gun Kid on the trail, and challenged him to a draw. Hurricane easily won, but his bullet only grazed the Two-Gun Kid. Kane then set off to plunder stages and trains, finally hoping to steal the largest diamond in America from a passerby. He attempted to rob the bank where the diamond was held, but found that it had been a trap set by the Two-Gun Kid, who had hidden himself within the safe. However, Kane disarmed the Kid by removing the guns from his hands, then ran out the window. The Kid pursued him, and found him easy to catch up to because his speed was slowly fading. Kane tried to outdraw the Kid again, but he didn't take the time to aim and missed, while the Kid shot both his hands. Desperate, he tried to make a break for it, but fell and broke his ankle. He begged with the Two-Gun Kid to help him back to Tombstone, and the Kid obliged. Kane was put on trial, with Matt Hawk as his attorney, and was able to convince the judge that he no longer posed a threat to society, so he was placed on probation for five years.

(Western Gunfighters II#3/1) - Now healed, Kane had regained his former powers. More for revenge than wealth, Hurricane was pondering his plans when he was observed by Carter Slade. Not wanting anyone to be able to spread word of his return, Kane confronted Slade. While slapping Slade around, he uncovered his Phantom Rider mask and realized his identity. Kane then wrapped Slade in rope and tossed him over a cliff to end his threat. However, unbeknownst to Hurricane, the rope caught a jutting ledge on the way down, saving Slade's life. Returning as the Phantom Rider, he spooked Hurricane, who believed that he had really returned from the dead. The Phantom Rider used his tricks to confound the Hurricane, eventually tricking him into charging him, and thus passing through his image projection, and falling off the cliff himself.

(West Coast Avengers II#18) - In 1876, Hurricane was one of several so-called "super-villains" of the west who banded together under Iron Mask to mastermind a large gang of outlaws. They were opposed by the Two-Gun Kid, Rawhide Kid, Phantom Rider, and the time-travelling West Coast Avengers. Hurricane fought Tigra, but she dodged his bullets, then threw his ally Rattler at him, knocking him unconscious. The heroes turned Hurricane and his allies over to the authorities in Tombstone.

(Marvel Westerns: Western Legends#1 (fb)) - Later in 1876, Hurricane served as escort to Little Cloud of the Apache on their way to Canada after a medicine man called in a favor he owed him.

(Marvel Westerns: Western Legends#1) - One night, Hurricane and Little Cloud were ambushed by a posse that was pursuing him, and he demonstrated his superhuman speed to her for the first time; he managed to gun down a hundred men with his speed, using dozens of guns to massacre the posse. He and Little Cloud continued on their journey.

(Marvel Westerns Outlaw Files - BTS) - A newspaper reported on Hurricane's sighting up north in Colorado, making his way to Canada when he served as escort to Little Cloud. The paper printed an in-depth history of the gunman.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee and Dick Ayers.

With a name like Harry Kane, he was fated to take up a costumed alias, wasn't he? His full name Harold was revealed in Marvel Westerns: Western Legends#1 (September, 2006) as pointed out by Mike Castle. In the same issue, Kane tells a different version of his origin to Little Cloud in which he lived with the Apaches for a year until they granted him the power to become the fastest gun in the west. It's possible that he made this version up.

The story in Two-Gun Kid#70 was later reprinted in issues 106 (September, 1972) and 133 (October, 1976), wherein Marvel recolored his suit to green/yellow (see right). Issue 133 had him with black hair and green hat. His Avengers appearance kept his original purple outfit, but given he sewed the outfits himself (and the red top in Western Gunfighters), there's no reason you couldn't have a rainbow Hurricane like the multiple different-hued costumes of the rainbow Batman!
--Grendel Prime

A bolt of lightning hit the potion? Somebody call Barry Allen!
--John Kaminski

Hurricane has an entry in Marvel Legacy: The 1960s Handbook.

Profile by Prime Eternal

Hurricane should not be confused with:

Two-Gun Kid#70/1, p7, pan6 (main image)
Two-Gun Kid#70/1, p5, pan8 (head shot with potion)
Western Gunfighters II#3/1, p1 (side view, firing)
Two-Gun Kid#106/1, p7, pan6 (recolored)

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