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Real Name: Cob Nester

Identity/Class: Normal human (Old West Era)

Occupation: Gunslinger

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Slick Stone

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile in the American west

First Appearance: Two-Gun Kid#65/3 (September, 1963)

Powers/Abilities: Cob Nester was a very skilled and fast gunfighter.


(Two-Gun Kid#65/3 (fb) - BTS) - Cob Nester had made a solid reputation for himself as the fastest gunslinger in his county.

(Two-Gun Kid#65/3) - Nester had grown tired of being stared at as if he were a freak because of his quick draw and silently hoped that he could stop being a gunfighter, but also felt that it was too late to change from this role. He was suddenly challenged by Slick Stone to a gun duel as Slick wanted to establish a reputation for himself. Nester tried to avoid a fight by walking away but had to punch back Slick until he was himself knocked back. Slick prepared to draw his gun on his reluctant opponent but Nester stopped the fight by lying, openly declaring that he was afraid to fight Slick, who then took on the mantle as the top gunfighter for the region. Slick then ordered Nester drop his gun and stated that his days as a gunfighter were over. Very soon after, uneasy with the continued quiet attention in the town, now because the townsfolk thought him a coward, Nester heard Slick be challenged to a gun duel and lose. Nester pitied Slick but was happy that he was no longer a gunfighter and still alive.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee (writer) and Paul Reinman (art).

This issue was reprinted in Mighty Marvel Western#38/3 (April, 1975), which is where the images are from.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Cob Nester has no known connections to:

Slick Stone

Slick Stone

Slick Stone was angling to make a reputation for himself by defeating the local top gunfighter, Cob Nester. However, Nester no longer wanted to be the top gun, and let Slick punch him down. Believing that Nester was afraid of him, Slick told Nester to drop his guns. Very soon after, Slick was challenged as the top gunfighter by another man also wanting to make a name for himself. Nester watched the shoot-out with Slick's body then taken to the Sheriff's office.


--Two-Gun Kid#65/3

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Mighty Marvel Western#38/3, p1 (main image)

p5, pan5 (head shot)
p2, pan4 (Slick)

Other Appearances: None

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