Classification: Terrestrial technology

Creator: Charles Xavier

Users/Possessors: Professor X

First Appearance: X-Men I#3 (January, 1964)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The Electronic Mass Influencer could amplify the telepathic abilities of Charles Xavier so that he could erase memories from entire crowds of people all at once.

History: (X-Men I#3) - After the X-Men's secrets were learned by the Blob, who shared them with the carnival he traveled with, Professor Xavier began work on the Electronic Mass Influencer so that he could erase the memories of the entire carnival, causing them to forget everything they knew about the X-Men. When the device was completed, Xavier had the X-Men lead the Blob and carnival men to him, and fired the intensifier ray at them. The ray removed their memories, and they all drifted back to the carnival.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Paul Reinman.

In the Official Marvel Index to the X-Men, George Olshevsky supposed that Xavier's Mental-wave Amplifier from X-Men I#20 was based on this device.

by Prime Eternal

The Electronic Mass Influencer should not be confused with:

Images taken from:
X-Men I#3, page 18, panel 6

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