Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human; conventional weapons user

Occupation: Professional criminal

Group Membership: Maggia;
    formerly the Diamond Heads

Affiliations: Manipulated people of Harlem

Enemies: Captain America (Steve Rogers), Falcon (Sam Wilson); people of Harlem

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Rocky the Lynx

Base of Operations

First Appearance: Captain America I#126 (June, 1970)






Powers/Abilities: Reasonably skilled at deception, manipulation, and intimidation. He used a machine gun. His agents were relatively experienced at street fighting, including the use of guns and knives. Their motto was, "We're as cold as diamonds...as sharp as diamonds...and as hard as diamonds!"


(Captain America I#126 (fb) - BTS) - Rocky the Lynx had some past experience with Captain America, who knew him to be a Maggia agent and would recognize him anywhere.

(Captain America I#126 (fb) - BTS) - The Maggia wished to take over Harlem and figured that fomenting chaos would make their takeover easier. Maggia agent Rocky the Lynx took the masked identity of Diamond Head, posed as a resident of Harlem, and formed a violent, fanatical gang, the Diamond Heads. He preached hatred towards the white man. The African-American community feared the Diamond Heads, but seemed powerless against them.

(Captain America I#126 (fb) - BTS) - The Falcon opposed the violence of the Diamond Heads. When one of the Diamond Heads was murdered, the others framed Falcon for the death. The Falcon was injured in the ensuing conflict, which attracted the attention of the police; as a result, the Falcon was cornered in an abandoned building.




(Captain America I#126) - Captain America helped the Falcon escape the police. The Diamond Heads were none too pleased to hear this, but Diamond Head assured them that they had the Falcon on the run, so that he couldn't interfere with them any more. When one of his men mentioned his concerns about the Maggia, Diamond Head told them the Maggia would not dare to invade their turf. He then sent them to terrorize an "outsider" (white man) who had started up a business in their area, destroying his property and inventory and threatening him with physical injury.
    Knowing that the Diamond Heads were assaulting new businesses, Captain America checked out the biggest new business. On the way, he saw Rocky the Lynx, and at the business' warehouse he recognized Diamond Heads. Rocky saw Cap, too, and he had the Diamond Heads inside ambush him. However, with the aid of the Falcon, Captain America overpowered Diamond Head and his gang, unmasking him as Maggia agent Rocky the Lynx, and ending his influence over Harlem.



Comments: Created by Stan "The Man" Lee and Gene "The Dean" Colan.

Profile by Snood.

No known connection to:

Captain America I#126, p 9 (Diamond Heads)
    p10, panel 1 (Diamond Head)
    p20, panel 3 (Rocky)

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