Classification: Terrestrial aquatic humanoids (possibly a sub-species of humanity)

Location/Base of Operations: A base hidden beneath the Atlantic Ocean

Known Members: The leader and at least ten attacking troops (all unnamed)

Affiliations: None

Enemies: The Statue of Liberty (see comments)

First Appearance: Amazing Adult Fantasy#13/5 (June, 1962)

Powers/Abilities: The Undersea Giants were about 20 feet tall and were ocean dwelling creatures, but were also amphibious, having large gills that allowed them to breathe water and lungs that allowed them to breathe air. They also carried some type of handgun blaster.

History: (Amazing Adult Fantasy#13) - Nothing is known of the history of the Undersea Giants, as they kept their presence unknown from humanity and their fellow undersea civilizations. This isolationist behavior was broken when one of their scouts noticed a human scuba-diving near their domain. As the scout reported this to the leader, the leader decided to strike against humans first before they struck at the Undersea Giants -- as they were much bigger and stronger than mere humans, the leader confidently ordered his legions to attack.

Meanwhile in New York City, the entire metropolis was in the middle of a civil defense drill, leaving the streets deserted because all the citizens were in shelters.

As the Undersea Giants swam to the docks, they noticed no guards or sentries on duty. Thinking the element of surprise was on their side, the Giants climbed from the water and walked around the waterfront buildings, but finding no one around, the Giants figured the humans knew they were coming and fled in terror. Just then, at the stroke of midnight, the Undersea Giants looked up and saw a huge hand which scooped them up and threw them all back into the sea. Thinking that they were mistaken about the relatively small size of surfacemen ("It must have been an optical illusion!" ), the Undersea Giants swam back to the safety of the deep and vowed never to attack humans again because they seemed to be a race of invulnerable giants.

As dawn broke over the city, the civil defense drill came to an end and life in the city returned to normal, but two repair man had to be dispatched to the Statue of Liberty for some repair work...apparently the Statue now had skinned knuckles.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

Since they look so similar, I wonder if the Undersea Giants are somehow connected with the Aquaticans -- although the Aquaticans were only about the same size as humans, perhaps the Undersea Giants were members of that race who altered their size with genetic engineering, Pym Particles, etc.

...and no explanation was ever given as to how the Statue of Liberty came to life and fought off the Giants -- myself, I'd like to think that maybe it was Dr. Stephen Strange (who was active in those pre-Marvel years) working behind-the-scenes and casting a spell to somehow animate the Statue, but your theory is as good as mine...

The Undersea Giants story wasn't the only time the Statue of Liberty behaved as an animated entity. See also [Journey Into Mystery I#46 (May, 1957) 5th story] and [Astonishing#24 (April, 1953) 5th story]. In Sub-Mariner Comics#35 (August, 1954) Human Torch story (on the last page the Statue of Liberty burnt 2 Communist spies using its torch). The Statue of Liberty isn't the only U.S. symbol to behave as an animated entity, see the Giants of Mount Rushmore and even U.S. factory machines [Journey Into Mystery I#88 (January, 1963) 2nd story]. Perhaps this is the power of Marvel's Uncle Sam [Captain America I#383 (March, 1991) 1st story] & [All-Winners Comics#6 (Fall 1942) Human Torch story] to animate inanimate objects?

Profile by John Kaminski

The Undersea Giants have no known connections to

The Statue of Liberty

Given as a gift to the United States by France in 1886, the 110-foot-tall Statue stands on Ellis Island in the harbor outside New York City. When the Undersea Giants attacked the surface world, the Statue somehow came to life and threw all the Giants back into the sea, but it sustained damage to the knuckles on its right hand.






--Amazing Adult Fantasy#13/5

images: (without ads)
Amazing Adult Fantasy#13, p21, pan4 (main image)
Amazing Adult Fantasy#13, p22, pan6 (true size)
Amazing Adult Fantasy#13, p23, pan7 (Statue of Liberty)

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