sky_station14r-rigellian-mainSKY STATION 14-R

Classification: Extraterrestrial (Rigellian) technology

Creator: Unidentified Rigellians

Possessors: Rigellians

Location: Presumably destroyed;
    formerly in orbit of 
Rigel-3 (prior to its destruction by the Rhunians)

First AppearanceThor I#132 (September, 1966)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: Sky Station 14-R orbited Rigel and served as a base from which potential invaders could be identified and confronted before getting to close to the home planet. 

    Rigellians could depart the Sky Station by spaceship to confront potential threats. This spaceship allowed physical transport to another ship in nearby space via an ion bridge.


(Thor I#132) - As Thor approached Rigel in a Rigellian ship whose Inspectors he had overpowered, the Rigellians aboard Sky-Station 14-R ordered the approaching craft's pilot to identify himself and his spacecraft. Though Thor did not respond, the Rigellians observed him via viewscreen on the ship, and they determined that he was not one of the Colonizers and must therefore be an enemy. Introducing himself and describing his titles, Thor noted that he was neither friend nor foe but demanded they remove the spacelock from Earth or suffer his wrath. 

    In response a ship containing a group of Rigellians, who vowed that none threatened the Colonizers, departed the Sky-Station and confronted the approaching ship. 

CommentsCreated by Stan "The Man" Lee, Jack "King" Kirby , and Vince Colletta.

    The designation "14-R" would seem to infer that there are at least 13 other sky stations, and perhaps 364 or more if each number had 26 letter variants. However, that doesn't mean that all of thus sky stations were associated with Rigel-3, although they could be.
    And, of course, all of the numbers and letters are presumably different in Rigellian, but this is presumably how the numbers appeared to Thor, presumably via whatever universal translation system most extraterrestrial races use so that they seem to be speaking English to humans (and those associated with Earth).

Profile by Snood.

Sky Station 14-R should be distinguished from:


sky_station14r-rigellian-main-shipexit    In response to Thor's demand to to remove the Space Lock  from Earth, a ship containing a group of Rigellians, who vowed that none threatened the Colonizers, departed Sky-Station 14-R and confronted the approaching ship (whose crew of Inspectors Thor had overpowered). Via a bridge of ion-packed atoms, they gained entrance to the invader's ship, and when Thor confronted them from the other-side of the "bridge," their leader tried a mind-thrust, which -- presumably due to his previous experience -- he easily resisted. As they prepared their anti-personnel blasters, Thor hurled Mjolnir at them, and they blocked its strike with a group mind defense. They then intensified their force to "cremation level," but they found that they could not destroy it, even at peak intensity, after which Mjolnir broke away from their power and struck them. When Thor challenged them anew, the Rigellians agreed to his demands to bring him forthwith to Rigel sky_station14r-rigellian-indestructible

    From Rigel, the Colonizers sent an Indestructible to deal with the powerful approaching threat, but Thor incapacitated the Indestructible by turning its own immobilizer beam back on it. 

(Thor I#132) - Observing this space cruiser's destruction within Control Central from Rigel-3, the Grand Commissioner was concerned of the dual threats of the Black Galaxy and the invader from Earth's solar system; however, he conceived of a way to solve them both. The Grand Commissioner then had an attendant activate the matter transmitter to send him to their Power Planetoid; stepping into the structural dissembler, he emerged in the structural restorer on the closely-guarded Power Planetoid.

    Swiftly arriving there, the Grand Commissioner confirmed that their observo-lenses were still tracking the invader's approach, after which he noted that they must protect the Space Lock at all costs. Tractor beams pulled Thor away from the Space Lock as he approached it, bringing him down to the planetoid.

--Thor I#132

ion bridge

sky_station14r-rigellian-ion_bridge     The ion bridge functioned as tube/tunnel through which Rigellians could travel across a short distance between two ships in space. It maintained the atmosphere and temperature, etc. to which they were accustomed. It apparently also allowed entry through the hull of the other ship, unless the other ship (which in this case was also Rigellian) had some sort of ion bridge port/portal.

(Thor I#132) - In response to Thor's approach and his demand to remove the Space Lock  from Earth, a ship containing a group of Rigellians departed Sky-Station 14-R and confronted the approaching ship. Via a bridge of ion-packed atoms, the crew of a Rigellian having departed Sky Station 14-R gained entrance to the Rigellian Inspectors' ship that had been taken over by Asgardian thunder god Thor Odinson. 

--Thor I#132

images: (without ads):
Thor I#132, pg. 1 (sky station main);
        pg. 2, panel 3 (spaceship (front oblique) departing sky station);
            panel 4 (ion bridge);
        pg. 5, panel 2 (spaceship lateral, approached by Indestructible)

Thor I#132 (September, 1966) - Smilin' Stan Lee (writer/editor), Jolly Jack Kirby (penciler), Vivacious Vince Colletta (inker)

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