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Real Name: John Jameson

Identity/Class: Alternate reality (Earth-3145) human mutate

Occupation: Astronaut, protector, scavenger

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Annie, Hector, Spider-Army (Scarlet Spider/Kaine Parker of Earth-616, Spider-Kid/Peter Parker of Earth-218, Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew of Earth-616, Spider-Woman/Ashley Barton of Earth-807128)

Enemies: Verna of Earth-001

Known Relatives: Annie (wife, deceased), Jonah (father, likely deceased)

Aliases: "Astro," "Babe," "Dipspit," "Doofus," "Mason Jarhead"

Base of Operations: The Nautilus, an orbital platform in space, just outside of Earth's atmosphere

First Appearance: (unidentified) Spider-Force I#1 (December, 2018);
    (name revealed) Spider-Force I#2 (January, 2019)

Powers/Abilities: Astro-Spider possessed telepathy, allowing him to speak into the minds of other beings as well as read their thoughts and psionically share memories from one being to another. He also had telekinesis, which he often used to levitate himself or telekinetically move others.

In addition to his psychic powers, Astro-Spider could also project energy-based webbing from his hands, which he used to ensnare or net opponents or carry them from one place to another.

He also had a red gemstone embedded into his neck but what abilities the gemstone provided remain unrevealed. It's possible the gemstone could have transformed him into the werewolf-like Man-Wolf, like on Earth-616, but it was never shown doing so.

Astro-Spider wore an astronaut suit that protected him from most radiation and it was equipped with an insulated helmet and mask with anti-glare lenses that protected him from blinding light.

He also carried blaster weapons when needed and occasionally utilized robotic drones in his scavenging work.

Astro-Spider was a skilled astronaut, experienced with anti-gravity living and the piloting of space shuttles such as the Jericho.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 6'2")
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 200 lbs.)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown


(Spider-Force I#2 (fb)) - John Jameson, son of Jonah, was an astronaut who went into space. During the launch into orbit, John noticed a spider crawling on the inside of his helmet and the shuttle soon passed through a wall of cosmic radiation. John later returned to Earth in a small capsule, apparently mutated by the radiation.

(Spider-Force I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Some time later, John was sent back into space onto the Nautilus orbital platform to supervise construction of NASA's long-range rover project and while he was in space, Earth was ravaged by a nuclear war. Despite the platform only having enough supplies for a dozen people to live for six weeks, John became the leader of thirty-six surviving humans and he began taking weekly trips back to the radioactive Earth to scavenge for additional supplies as the Astro-Spider. At some point, John married a fellow survivor, Annie, and acquired a gemstone that became embedded into his neck.

(Spider-Force I#3 (fb)) - During one of his scavenging missions to the radioactive Earth, Astro-Spider found an emergency power relay in an abandoned subway tunnel and reported back his findings to his wife Annie aboard the Nautilus orbital platform. When Annie mentioned it would take weeks to scavenge the entire system, John remarked that there was no sense taking any finesse with the removal, suggesting he would just have some drones rip the relay out. Soon hearing a thump sound, unaware that it was the exiled Earth-001 Inheritor Verna, Astro-Spider stopped momentarily then went on about his mission, asking Annie what would be for dinner when he returned to the Nautilus.

(Spider-Force I#3 (fb) - BTS) - During another scavenging mission, Astro-Spider found a strange red crystal in the subway tunnels beneath the former Sims Tower, unaware it contained the essence of the Inheritor patriarch, Solus, and he placed the crystal in his backpack, figuring its odd energy signature might make for a good study or possible use as a power source.

(Spider-Force I#1 (fb)) - Shortly after, Astro-Spider spotted a small squad of the Multiversal Spider-Army and attacked them.

(Spider-Force I#2) - While Astro-Spider was on Earth, the Earth-001 Inheritor Verna arrived in the space docking station housing Astro-Spider and the surviving humans of Earth-3145. Unaware that Verna was slaughtering the humans aboard the space station while searching for a crystal housing her father Solus' consciousness and thinking the Spider-Army members were automatons, Astro-Spider fired psi-webs at the spider-themed heroes and ordered them to surrender. Earth-218's Spider-Kid shot flashbang grenades at Astro-Spider in response but Astro-Spider was unaffected due to his helmet's anti-glare lenses. Earth-616's Spider-Woman then tackled Astro-Spider and Earth-616's Scarlet Spider (Kaine) deduced that Astro-Spider was communicating with them telepathically. Scarlet Spider then burned part of Astro-Spider's E.V.A. suit and suggested he telepathically probe their minds for proof that they weren't his enemies. Knowing he would have to get his suit patched up soon or suffer from the radioactivity on Earth-3145, Astro-Spider agreed to share a glimpse into the minds of all present. He then telepathically shared glimpses of how he acquired superhuman powers while also glimpsing into the minds of the other heroes, learning some of their life stories and their mission against Verna. Having to relive traumatic memories caused Spider-Kid to panic and he attacked Astro-Spider, demanding Astro-Spider get out of his head, but Astro-Spider generated a psi-web shield and tried to calm Spider-Kid down. Still a bit unsure whether he could trust the spider-heroes, Astro-Spider agreed to let them accompany him back into his shuttle and once inside, Astro-Spider claimed that he could not help them against Verna, as he was responsible for the last remnants of humanity. When the discussion was interrupted by a distress call from his friend Hector about a creature that had attacked his wife Annie in space, Astro-Spider ordered the heroes to leave his shuttle. The other heroes eventually managed to convince Astro-Spider to help them against Verna, the "creature" Hector had called about and Astro-Spider split the heroes into two squads, with himself leading Spider-Kid and Earth-807128's Spider-Woman. Telepathically sending a map of the platform into the minds of Spider-Kid and Spider-Woman-807128, Astro-Spider broke off on his own to rescue his wife. Soon confronting Verna one-on-one, Astro-Spider stabbed Verna with the crystal housing Solus' consciousness.

(Spider-Force I#3) - Astro-Spider telepathically summoned Spider-Woman-616 and Scarlet Spider-616 to his location and showed them that he had taken care of the problem of Verna by using the crystal he had in his backpack the entire time. Admitting that he wished that the Multiversal spider-heroes had mentioned that they were looking for the crystal in the first place, as his wife might still be alive if they had, Astro-Spider was ordered to destroy the crystal by Scarlet Spider but Astro-Spider commented on the possibility of using the crystal as a power source to give the last remnants of humanity a fighting chance. Scarlet Spider tried to argue on the danger of Solus possibly being resurrected using the crystal and Astro-Spider assured Scarlet Spider that Verna was dead, preventing Solus from being resurrected. Spider-Woman-616 and Scarlet Spider-616 then tried to explain to Astro-Spider how the Inheritors were reborn in clone bodies each time they died but the argument was interrupted by the still-living Verna, who used the last vestiges of her life to devour Astro-Spider, consuming his life force to restore hers. As Verna drained Astro-Spider's life, she grabbed the Solus crystal from his hands and soon left Astro-Spider a withered husk, dead. While Verna was killing Astro-Spider, Spider-Woman-616 snagged the stolen Web-Watch Verna planned to use to escape Earth-3145 and she joined Scarlet Spider-616 in Astro-Spider's shuttle in an escape back to Earth. Spider-Kid and Spider-Woman-807128 noticed Astro-Spider's fleeing Jericho shuttle moments before they were attacked by the rejuvenated Verna. Using an escape pod, Spider-Kid and Spider-Woman-807128 soon regrouped with Spider-Woman-616 and Scarlet Spider-616 aboard Astro-Spider's shuttle and they continued their trek back to Earth to trap Verna.

Comments: Created by Priest, Paulo Siqueira, Oren Junior & Craig Yeung.

Astro-Spider's eyes appeared blue in Spider-Force I#1 but brown in Spider-Force I#2-3. Since brown was shown more often, I went with brown for his eye color in this profile.

We only caught glimpses of John Jameson's origin as Astro-Spider. For example, we see him launched into space, then a panel showing a spider inside his helmet, then a panel of the shuttle hitting a wall of cosmic radiation followed by a panel showing John and another astronaut inside the radiation, and lastly, a space capsule landing in the ocean. We can only assume one of two things: either the spider was irradiated by the cosmic radiation and bit John, or John himself was irradiated and developed spider-like powers due to his proximity to the spider inside his helmet. Either way, he was mutated and gained superhuman powers.

While we only ever get a single mention of Jonah being John's father, it seems extremely likely that this Jonah would be the Earth-3145 counterpart of J. Jonah Jameson, Earth-616 Daily Bugle publisher/owner/etc. Since he was only called "Jonah," I listed the subprofile under only that name rather than assume his full name of J. Jonah Jameson. I mean, for all we know, on Earth-3145, his name could've been Joe Jonah Jameson or Jonah Jackson Jameson or who knows what....though let's be honest, it probably is just J. Jonah Jameson, haha...I just didn't want to assume facts that we don't know for sure.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Earth-3145's Astro-Spider
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  Annie was the wife of Astro-Spider and was an astronaut as well, having survived Earth's ravaging aboard the Nautilus orbital platform in space. When Astro-Spider scavenged supplies from Earth, Annie often provided radio contact with Astro-Spider via his helmet and she helped take care of the surviving humans on the Nautilus in his absence. During one of Astro-Spider's scavenging missions, however, Annie was attacked and killed by the Earth-001 Inheritor Verna, who was seeking a crystal housing her father's life essence. Teaming up with four spider-totems from the Multiverse, Astro-Spider returned to the Nautilus to find Annie dead and he impaled Verna with the very crystal she was seeking. Upon learning that the Spider-Army was also seeking the crystal, Astro-Spider admitted that he might've been able to prevent Annie's death had he known earlier they wanted the crystal that he was carrying in his backpack.
--Spider-Force I#2 (#3 (fb) - BTS, #2d,


Hector was one of the surviving humans aboard the Nautilus orbital platform and friend of Astro-Spider. During one of Astro-Spider's scavenging missions, Hector provided radio contact with Astro-Spider's wife Annie as she made some minor repairs to the Nautilus and was on the radio line when Annie was killed by the Earth-001 Inheritor Verna. When he lost contact, Hector returned to a different part of the Nautilus to report losing contact with Annie, only to find several more surviving humans slaughtered by Verna. Verna then forced Hector to send a distress call to Astro-Spider, hoping that Astro-Spider might possess the crystal housing her father Solus' essence. Hector did as ordered, sending a distress call to Astro-Spider and warning him about the attack on Annie by Verna. Moments after Hector sent the distress call, however, Verna killed him, leaving his corpse scattered amongst the other survivors she had killed.

--Spider-Force I#2d

The Jericho shuttle

The Jericho shuttle was the personal shuttle utilized by Astro-Spider when he went to Earth on scavenging missions. He used it on several missions and had used it to travel to Earth when he met four of the Multiversal Spider-Army. When Astro-Spider began returning to the Nautilus orbital station using the Jericho, he allowed the spider-heroes to accompany him until he received a distress call about his wife Annie being attacked, at which point he attempted to order the spider-heroes to depart the shuttle. He ultimately allowed them to stay as they mounted an attack on Verna, docking the Jericho at the Nautilus. When Astro-Spider was killed battling Verna, the spider-heroes used the Jericho to return to Earth and set a trap for Verna.

--Spider-Force I#2 (#3,


Jonah was the father of John Jameson, the Astro-Spider. He presumably died when Earth was ravaged by a nuclear war.

--Spider-Force I#2 - BTS

The Nautilus

The Nautilus was an orbital space station platform constructed just outside of Earth's atmosphere. When Earth was ravaged by nuclear war, those on the Nautilus were spared from the devastation due to being off-planet. Knowing the Nautilus did not have enough supplies for long-term habitation, Astro-Spider began making weekly trips back to Earth to scavenge what supplies he could and he helped protect the survivors aboard the Nautilus. When the Earth-001 Inheritor Verna secretly boarded the Nautilus in search of a crystal housing her father's life essence, she killed Annie and several other surviving humans then forced Nautilus resident Hector to send out a distress call to summon Astro-Spider back to the Nautilus. While Astro-Spider made his way back, Verna booby-trapped the Nautilus airlocks but the Astro-Spider teamed with four Multiversal spider-totems and split them up into squads, with Spider-Woman-616 and Scarlet Spider-616 going to the Nautilus ops center, Spider-Kid-218 and Spider-Woman-807128 going to the airlocks and himself confronting Verna personally. Spider-Kid and Spider-Woman-807128 accidentally set off one of the booby-trapped airlocks but survived using a Nautilus escape pod while Astro-Spider impaled Verna with the very crystal she was seeking. The barely living Verna managed to use the last bit of her life to consume the life essence of Astro-Spider, rejuvenating herself, and the four spider-totems escaped the Nautilus in Astro-Spider's Jericho shuttle to set a trap for Verna on Earth.

--Spider-Force I#2 (#3,

images: (without ads)
Spider-Force I#1, p20, splash page (main image)
Spider-Force I#3, p6, pan3 (unmasked headshot)
Spider-Force I#2, p7, pan2-5 (origin)
Spider-Force I#2, p4, splash page (firing psi-webs)
Spider-Force I#2, p10, pan3 (gemstone on neck)
Spider-Force I#2, p17, pan1 (using telekinesis)
Spider-Force I#3, p8, pan1 (death)
Spider-Force I#2, p1, pan5 (Annie)
Spider-Force I#2, p11, pan1 (Hector)
Spider-Force I#3, p9, pan5 (Jericho shuttle)
Spider-Force I#2, p15, pan3 (Nautilus)

Spider-Force I#1 (December, 2018) - Priest (writer), Paulo Siqueira (pencils), Oren Junior, Craig Yeung (inks), Nick Lowe (editor)
Spider-Force I#2 (January, 2019) - Priest (writer), Paulo Siqueira, Marco Ferreira (pencils), Szymon Kudranski (pencils, inks), Oren Junior, Roberto Poggi (inks), Nick Lowe (editor)
Spider-Force I#3 (February, 2019) - Priest (writer), Marcelo Ferreira (pencils), Ibraim Roberson (pencils, inks), Roberto Poggi, Craig Yeung (inks), Nick Lowe (editor)

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