Real Name: Pandora

Identity/Class: Magic being

Occupation: Would-be world conqueror

Affiliations: Thing in The Box (Spero)

Enemies: Dan Harper; George Ashton

Known Relatives: Zeus ("father")

Aliases: "All-Gifted"

Base of Operations: An unnamed tropical island; later Shadow Mountain

First Appearance: Journey Into Mystery I#74/1 (November, 1961)

Powers/Abilities: Pandora has an incredibly long lifespan, although she is not entirely immortal. She does age, but at a rate much slower than a normal human. She also has the power to take on a form familiar to those near her through a form of hypnotization, and always takes on a form much younger than she really is. Pandora also has mind-control over the creature(s) that reside in her box.



(Incredible Hulks#627 (fb)/Myth) - Pandora was an artificially-created woman (the "first" woman, in fact), when Zeus became enraged that Prometheus gave humans the power of fire. He had all of the gods imbue Pandora with their traits (beauty, weaving skills, etc.).

(Journey Into Mystery I#74 (fb)/Incredible Hulks#627 (fb)/Myth) - Zeus gave Pandora a sealed box and instructed her to never open it. Curiosity got the best of her, and when she opened it, a multitude of plagues emerged to attack mankind.

(Incredible Hulks#627 (fb)/Myth) - She closed the box too late, and only one thing remained in the box, Hope.

(Strange Tales I#109) - After Pandora had opened the box the sorceress Circe used her magic powers to force the evils back into the box.

(Journey Into Mystery I#74 (fb) - BTS) - Pandora was imprisoned on a small tropical island.

(Uncanny Tales I#54 - BTS) - Pandora's box was obtained by a "Mr. Dora" who collected all of the negative characteristics and thoughts of the town Midville and placed them in the box, turning the town into a virtual utopia. When crook Mort Lowman opened the box, the evils were released again, and Mr. Dora set out to find a new town.

(Journey Into Mystery I#74) - When the cruise ship he was vacationing on sank, Dan Harper narrowly escaped and wound up on an uncharted tropical island, where he encountered a young woman who pleaded with him to open a large box of hers, promising jewels and clothes inside. When Harper did so, a creature climbed out, and the girl revealed herself to be the legendary Pandora. The Thing in the Box then grew to massive size, and Pandora sent it out to attack the world, which it conquered quite easily. Dan pleaded with Pandora to let him go back to humanity, so he could live with his kind. Once there, Harper alerted the authorities of a potential weakness of Pandora's. While she was resting, Australian authorities helped Harper return to the island, where he set up a set of mirrors around the sleeping woman. She awakened to see her true reflection in the mirrors, that of a very old woman. Pandora, fearful of the mirrors that showed her the true age of her body, agreed to command the Thing back into its box. Thereafter, the box was buried and Pandora was left on her island where she could think of herself as young.

(Strange Tales I#109 - BTS) - Pandora's box came into the possession of the Sorcerer (Dorian Murdstone), who used it for his criminal endeavors.

(Chamber of Darkness#3/3 - BTS) - Pandora somehow managed to relocate to Shadow Mountain, in the United States.

(Chamber of Darkness#3/3) - While backpacking on Shadow Mountain, George Ashton encountered a young woman who resembled a woman he once knew (but who had died under unexplained reasons). The woman asked him to open her box, and when he obliged, a rotting corpse-like Thing crawled out of it, and began to turn everything it touched into rotting material. The woman revealed herself to be Pandora, and the quick-thinking Ashton pulled out the shiny frying pans he'd brought with him, revealing Pandora's true self to her. She agreed to put the Thing back in the box if he would put the pans away. Having halted her plot, Ashton left Shadow Mountain, content that Pandora would never be found by others. However, he soon discovered a construction crew headed in that direction, ready to start building a new suburban community on Shadow Mountain.

(Incredible Hulks#626 - BTS) - Pandora's box was stored in a mystically sealed vault at the Museo Della Mitologia Antica in Rome. Tyrannus and Red She-Hulk stole it by tricking the Hulk to smash the vault door.

(Incredible Hulks#627 - BTS) - Bruce Banner and cryptomythologist Dr. Sofia di Cosimo tried their best to convince Tyrannus and Betty not to open Pandora's Box. The Knights of Rome abducted Dr. di Cosimo, Tyrannus and Pandora's box.

(Incredible Hulks#628 - BTS) - Tyrannus knocked out the Knights of Rome's leader to retrieve Pandora's box from him while Hulk and Red She-Hulk defeated a bird consisting of Zeus' energies, which had been summoned by the Knights' leader. Tyrannus then took control over the Knights' flying fortress.

(Incredible Hulks#627 - BTS) - While Tyrannus fought the Hulk by using the fortress Dr. di Cosimo took Pandora's box. He was ready to open eat after defeating the Hulk, but the green goliath returned to challenge Tyrannus again. Tyrannus dropped Pandora's box, Hulk caught it and gave it to Betty when Tyrannus kept attacking him with the fortress. Tyrannus shot Pandora's box with a gun while Betty held it and the angry personification of hope was released. Hulk inhaled and ate it, ending the threat.

Comments: Adapted by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

George Ashton wondered how Pandora managed to get to the States, and it's never revealed. One can only assume she used her powers to transport herself to an area where she was more likely to be found again. Also, given her change in appearance between the two stories, and Ashton's remarking of her resemblance to his lost love, one can guess then that she can take on a form that her potential "helper" will find attractive.

Obviously, these stories are not connected directly to Earth-616 continuity, but nothing outright precludes them from such, either. Pandora's Box later turned up in the hands of The Sorcerer, but how he got it is unknown. I'm hazarding a theory that it was taken from her when she was found on Shadow Mountain.

Thanks to Gammatotem for pointing out the missed appearance from Strange Tales I#109.

Profile by Madison Carter

Pandora should not be confused with:


The evils inside Pandora's box take various forms.

(Incredible Hulks#629 (fb) - BTS) - Hope stayed trapped in Pandora's box for millennia. It felt betrayed, abandoned and alone.

(Journey Into Mystery I#74) - One appeared to Dan Harper as a giant monster which conquered the world. With Earth's defenses useless against it, only the command of Pandora herself could return it to the box.

(Chamber of Darkness#3) - Another appeared to George Ashton as a rotting corpse, and rotted all that it touched. It could only be returned to the box at Pandora's command.

(Incredible Hulks#629) - After Tyrannus shot Pandora's box hope escaped, but it was so angry that it lashed out at everyone. Hulk inhaled and ate it, ending the threat.

--Journey Into Mystery I#74 ([Incredible Hulks#629 (fb)], Journey into Mystery I#74, Chamber of Darkness#3, Incredible Hulks#629


was a vacationing man who was stranded on Pandora's island when his cruise ship sank. Pandora tricked him into releasing one of her creatures, but Harper was ultimately able to exploit Pandora's weakness, by surrounding her with mirrors that revealed her true self to her.

--Journey Into Mystery I#74/1

GEORGE ASHTON was a backpacker and camper who discovered Pandora on Shadow Mountain and was tricked into releasing one of her creatures. He was able to defeat her by forcing her to gaze upon her true appearance in the shiny surface of one of his pots.

--Chamber of Darkness#3/3

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