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Classification: Robot

Creator: Sha-Han (?)

User/Possessors: Altarra, Sha-Han (?), Solarman, Ben Tucker

Enemies: Kraal

First Appearance: Solarman#1 (January, 1989)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: Beepie beeped quite a lot, had two retractable legs, extendable tentacle-like arms, a large light on its head (although this seemed to retract when under fire), plus a large "face" on its main cylindrical body and an antenna. It was less than 3' high (with legs). Beepie's little legs could run as fast as Ben Tucker. It could also withstand the vacuum of space. Its main strengths seemed to be high durability, its tentacle arms and the light on its head. Otherwise, it seemed in need of some upgrades.

Beepie was composed of unidentified materials but was light enough for Ben Tucker to lift up and sit on his thigh.

Beepie tidying up

History: The exact origins of Beepie have not been revealed.

(Solarman#1) - Beepie was first seen on the bridge of Kraal's Star Cruiser, and imitated Altarra's behavior when she wept for her father after Kraal had shot at her father's Escape Jet. The robot later accompanied Altarra in the rescue of Ben Tucker from Kraal's robots. When Altarra was killed freeing Ben, it then aided the teenager by opening a portal that let sunlight shine in so that he could transform into Solarman to battle more of Kraal's robots. It cheered Solarman in his battle with Kraal and distracted Kraal by grabbing one of his legs. Kraal called Beepie "a mere robodroid" and booted it away. Beepie then beeped more cheers as Solarman hit Kraal with a thick conduit pipe.

Solarman later rescued Beepie just before Kraal's Star Cruiser blew up.

(Solarman#1 - BTS) - Solarman returned to Earth with Beepie.

(Solarman#1) - Ben Tucker later introduced the inert Beepie to his friend Jenny as the robot that helped him save the Earth, but she thought he had an overactive imagination.

(Solarman#2) - Beepie played the part of storage unit for Ben Tucker's art supplies and helped to keep his room tidy.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee (script), Jim Mooney (penciler) & Dennis Janke (inker); original Solarman created by David Oliphant.

Beepie was possibly created by Sha-Han; either way, it seemed to know about the Circlet of Power and how it functioned.

Boyd Kirkland, who did layouts for Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, Spider-Man & Hulk animated series, also drew storyboards for the Solarman animated pilot. On 13 June 2004, he stated that "If I remember correctly, Stan Lee wrote it for another client who funded it (I can't remember who). The intention was to create a new series/toy franchise independent of the Marvel Universe. It never took off."

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Beepie has no known connection to:


Solarman#1, p26, pan1 (cheering),
Solarman#2, p4, pan2 (tidying)

other appearances:

Solarman#2 (May, 1990)

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