Classification: Terrestrial technology

Creator: Ralph

Users/Possessors: Carla, Ralph

First Appearance: Savage Tales I#1 (May, 1971)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The Swamp Tank was heavily armored, drove on twin tank treads, and had a cannon mounted in its front.

History: (Savage Tales I#1/5) - Ralph built the Swamp Tank using his inheritance, and brought it to the Savage Land so that he could search for the legendary vibranium found there. The Swamp Tank was soon worshipped by the local Swamp Men, who considered it to be a "god machine," and its presence flung part of the Savage Land into chaos. Ka-Zar attempted to keep Ralph from obtaining the vibranium, but he continued in his goal, and he finally forced Ka-Zar to open the doors guarding the vibranium by threatening the life of Zabu. However, the antarctic vibranium's presence caused the Swamp Tank to melt, as it was composed of metal. The destruction of the Swamp Tank threw the Swamp Men into a frenzy.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee and John Buscema.

Thanks for a correction to David A. Zuckerman

Profile by Prime Eternal

The Swamp Tank should not be confused with:


Ralph built the Swamp Tank using his inheritance, and journeyed through the Savage Land alongside his wife Carla searching for vibranium. The Swamp Men worshipped the Swamp Tank as a "machine god," and Ralph as a "white god" himself. Ralph was not aware that Carla was plotting against him, and replaced his gun's bullets with blanks, hoping that he would get himself killed fighting Ka-Zar. When Ralph finally forced Ka-Zar to release the vibranium to him by threatening Zabu with the Swamp Tank, the tank was destroyed by exposure to the antarctic vibranium. The Swamp Men flew into a frezy and abducted Carla to have their revenge. Ralph tried to save her, but because she had rigged his gun, he couldn't stop them. He and Ka-Zar buried Carla's body afterwards.

--Savage Tales I#1/5


Carla was Ralph's not-so-loving wife. She had no love for Ralph, but was attracted to Ka-Zar. She attempted to seduce Ka-Zar, but he was wise to her tricks, and observed that in the Savage Land, he could have any woman he wanted, so Carla meant nothing to him. Carla drugged Ka-Zar with a poison ring in the hopes that the Swamp Men would kill him, but Zabu revived Ka-Zar. Carla also exchanged Ralph's bullets for blanks, hoping he would die fighting Ka-Zar. When the tank was destroyed by antarctic vibranium, Carla was captured by the Swamp Men. Ralph tried to save her, but couldn't stop them because of the blanks in his gun. Carla's nude body was found by Ralph and Ka-Zar and buried in the Savage Land.

--Savage Tales I#1/5

Given that Carla was found nude, it's likely that the Swamp Men raped her before killing her. This was a "mature" magazine story, after all.

Images taken from:
Savage Tales I#1, page 51, panel 2
Ralph- Savage Tales I#1, page 62, panel 2
Carla- Savage Tales I#1, page 57, panel 8

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