Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (race unknown)

Occupation: Adventurer

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Blinky, Kid Kaiju (Kei Kawade), Phil;
temporarily Fin Fan Foom, Goom, Klagg, Orrgo, Rommbu, Tim Boo Ba, Vandoom's Monster

Enemies: Death's Head, Leviathon Mother, Spyder;
formerly Absorbing Man, Black Bolt, Metal Master, Raava, the people of Earth, when he was mistaken for an attacker

Known Relatives: Parents (unnamed)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: A prison on the far edge of the galaxy;
formerly the jungle outside the Kawa village in Africa;
formerly the Museum of Natural History, Manhattan, New York;
formerly an unidentified planet

First Appearance: Amazing Adventures I#5 (October, 1961)

Powers/Abilities: Monsteroso was approximately 35-50 feet tall, and possessed superhuman strength (Class 100) and durability. His skin is bulletproof, although he was stung by the impacts. He can breathe well in Earth's atmosphere, and not quite as well in tear gas, although it did not prove able to incapacitate him. His metabolism is similar enough to a human's that he could be knocked unconscious by a giant dose of sedative. He was limited primarily by his child-like mind, and he rampaged through the city when he became confused. It would appear that if he is injured, he may enter a virtually comatose state, to allow himself to recover.
He has likely grown considerably in size and power, and in mental capacity since then (he actually didn't as seen in Black Bolt I#3).

History: (Amzing Adventures I#5 (fb) ) - As an alien ship passed through Earth's solar system, a youthful passenger accidentally pushed the lifeboat button. His lifepod crashed to Earth, outside the Kawa village in Africa. The youthful alien was thrown clear of the ship and knocked unconscious.

(Amzing Adventures I#5) - Monsteroso was found by Phil, a man investigating the crash, and mistakenly identified as deceased. Phil named the giant alien "Monsteroso," and had its body brought to the Museum of Natural History, where it was put on display. However, Monsteroso was not dead, and he revived suddenly. Startled by his surroundings and the ensuing panic he caused, Monsteroso broke out of the Museum and rampaged through the city. As he passed through Central Park and the rest of the city, the police tried repeatedly, in vain, to stop him with bullets and then tear gas.
Phil, however, had seen Monsteroso curiously pick up a lion and an elephant from the zoo and then put them down without harming them, and so he realized that Monsteroso was not evil. After several attempts to convince others of the same, he convinced a scientist at a nearby army base to create a harpoon filled with a giant dose of sedative. As Monsteroso climbed atop the United Nations building, a helicopter shot him with the harpoon, and he fell harmlessly into and floated in the East River. The crowd of people congratulated themselves on America's military might, and bragged that if they could stop a giant like Monsteroso, they could lick any enemy. Just then, an immense spaceship, the size of a small city, landed in the Atlantic Ocean. Enormous aliens, dwarfing Monsteroso, appeared at its portal, and then guided the ship west until they sighted Monsteroso. Revealing themselves to be the parents of the infant alien, they took him and departed, saying, " is fortunate that he is unharmed!...Fortunate for you!!...farewell tiny beings."


(Monsters Unleashed II#5 (fb) - BTS) - Kid Kaiju summoned Monsteroso to fight the Leviathon Mother.

(Monsters Unleashed II#5) - After the Leviathon Mother was defeated by Kid Kaiju's own monsters Monsteroso was among the last monsters to teleport back to where they came from.

(Black Bolt I#3 (fb) - BTS) - Death's Head caught Monsteroso and delivered the creature to a prison on the far edge of the galaxy.

(Black Bolt I#3) - Drones escorted Monsteroso to containment while Death's Head was paid by Spyder. During an attempted prison break Metal Master ripped open the door to Monsteroso's containment unit. The scared Monsteroso attacked Metal Master and his allies Black Bolt, Absorbing Man, the Skrull Raava and Blinky, until the latter telepathically calmed down Monsteroso, learning that the creature was just a scared child, who was only called Monsteroso by others, and didn't want to be hit anymore. Blinky promised Monsteroso they would not allow anyone else to hurt him and asked Monsteroso to stay where he was until they returned. Monsteroso stayed behind cowering in fear in his cell. Raava asked Blinky to force Monsteroso to help them, but Blinky wouldn't do it.

Comments: Presumably by Stan "The Man" Lee and Jack "King" Kirby.

Monsteroso was preceded by "The Howler" (Tales of Suspense I#6, November, 1959). The stories of "The Howler" and Monsteroso almost certainly served as the precursor to that of the Infant Terrible (Fantastic Four I#24, March, 1964). I vaguely remember Monsteroso being used in the Fantastic Four cartoon version of the story, sometime in the 1970s.
Gog, of the Tsiln, is another child-like giant extra-terrestrial, @ Amazing Spider-Man I#103

The story of Monsteroso fits in with many of the other pre-Marvel monster/alien/horror stories. There's nothing that would exclude it from being continuity, but it has not been established as definitely being canon, as yet. I like to think that these stories may have been spread out in the pre-Modern era, anywhere between the mid-fifties to the start of the modern era, @ 10-12 years ago.

A more realistic version of this story would have had Monsteroso's parents return to attack Earth after their son picked up Hepatitis or some other nasty disease from floating in the East River. Have you ever seen that water? Ewwwwwwww!

You can get a somewhat cheaper version of the story in Monsters on the Prowl#28 (June, 1974).

Profile by Snood.

Updated by Markus Raymond (Monsters Unleashed).

No known connection to:

Monsteroso's parents

Adult members of an unidentified alien race. They came to Earth in search of their infant son, and mankind was quite lucky that they found him unharmed!

They were perhaps one hundred or more feet tall, and they flew a spaceship the size of a small city.

--Amazing Adventures I#5





Phil and Ethel

Phil was the owner of a circus...and had a wife who nags, nags, nags all the time. They couldn't agree on anything: If Phil said red was red, Ethel would say it's green. Despite Ethel's heckling, Phil went to Africa to investigate the possible spaceship crash in Africa, hoping to get rich off of what he might find. Phil found the body of the seemingly lifeless alien, misdiagnosed it as being dead, named it Monsteroso, and had it brought back to New York. When Monsteroso came to life in Manhattan, Ethel was quick to remind Phil that it was all his fault. When Phil suspected that Monsteroso was not evil, Ethel mocked him as he kept trying to convince others. However, when Monsteroso's parents left with him, she admitted he was right; "Forgive me, darling! I'll never argue with you again!"
I'll buy that for a dollar!

--Amazing Adventures I#5

images: (without ads)
Amazing Adventures I#5, p1 (main)
Amazing Adventures I#5, p13, pan2 (parents holding Monstroso)
Amazing Adventures I#5, p13, pan3 (parents head shots)
Amazing Adventures I#5, p9, pan6 (Phil and Ethel)

Amazing Adventures I#5 (October, 1961) - Jack Kirby (pencils), Dick Ayers (inks), Stan Lee (editor)
Monsters Unleashed II#5 (May, 2017) - Cullen Bunn (writer), Adam Kubert (artist), Mark Paniccia (editor)
Black Bolt I#3 (September, 2017) - Saladin Ahmed (writer), Christian Ward (artist), Wil Moss (editor)

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