SHA-HAN Sha-Han about to retrieve the Circlet

Real Name: Dr. Sha-Han

Identity/Class: Male of unnamed extraterrestrial race

Occupation: Scientist/engineer

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Altarra, Beepie, Ben Tucker (Solarman); (former) Kraal

Enemies: Kraal, Kraal's killer robots

Known Relatives: Altarra (daughter)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile at an interstellar level onboard Kraal's Star Cruiser

In an Escape Jet entering Earth's atmosphere ;
At the pier near Ben Tucker's Californian home.

First Appearance: Solarman#1 (January, 1989)

Powers/Abilities: He had feeble strength, but a genius scientific mind, having generated the Solar Ray for Kraal (and possibly the circlet). He also had basic space piloting skills.

He appeared to be about 5'8" tall. He was of the same human-like race as Kraal and had pale blue skin, blue eyes and white hair and beard. He wore a basic blue jumpsuit-like uniform.

After dying (and vanishing), he had the ability to reappear in a ghostly form for a brief moment.

Sha-Han about to escape from Kraal's ship History: The exact origins of Sha-Han have not been revealed.

(Solarman#1) - With Altarra, Dr. Sha-Han witnessed Kraal destroying suns and entire solar systems using weaponry that he had himself created (but for different purposes). Sha-Han decided that Kraal had to be stopped, and took the Circlet of Power (which granted the power of Solarman) from Kraal's quarters. Kraal called him his greatest scientist, but still ordered his death when the scientist fled in an Escape Jet with the Circlet of Power onboard to find a suitable wearer.

Crashing on Earth, Sha-Han staggered to shore, but received no help from the locals who thought him a drunkard. Sha-Han gave the circlet to Ben Tucker because he was the only person to show compassion to an injured stranger. He then died on the beach before vanishing completely.

Sha-Han in spirit form (Solarman#1) - Drawn to the circlet, Sha-Han appeared in a temporary state of being as ghostly image and briefly told Ben Tucker of Earth's peril from Kraal, as well as guided the teenager in the circlet's use before fading away.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee (script), Jim Mooney (penciler) & Dennis Janke (inker); original Solarman created by David Oliphant.

Sha-Han may have belonged to an offshoot of the Kree.

It's kind of bizarre how Sha-Han was mistaken for a drunkard given his skin was pale blue.

Profile by Grendel Prime


Sha-Han has no known connections to:

Solarman#1, p6, pan1 (body)

p6, pan3 (helmet),
p14, pan2 (ghost form).

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