Real Name: Jaboa Murphy

Identity/Class: Human mutate; Australian citizen

Occupation: Unrevealed

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: The Fantastic Four, The Guardians of The Galaxy

Enemies: Charlie 27, Martinex, Michael Korvac

Known Relatives: Michael Korvac, Merscach, Varley (distant Descendants in possible futures)

Aliases: Michael Korvac (briefly possessed by)

Base of Operations: Sydney, Australia

First Appearance: Fantastic Four Annual#24 (1991)

Powers/Abilities: Jaboa Murphy had no known powers; once possessed by Michael Korvac, however, she gained all of his god-like cosmic powers, including the ability to release powerful blasts of cosmic energy, invulnerability, superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes; she was even able to use her hair as weapon, using it to hurl Martinex' crystals into the Human Torch.

History: (Fantastic Four Annual#24 (fb)) - Michael Korvac, a native of the Earth-Guardians of the Galaxy timeline in the 31st Century, was captured by the Badoon and transformed into a living computer. Evil and consumed by a lust for conquest, Michael battled the heroic Guardians of the Galaxy and the temporally displaced Avenger Thor, only to meet with bitter defeat. After fleeing through time and space, Korvac came upon the vessel of Galactus, teleported aboard, and hacked into the ship's computer, absorbing all of the infinite knowledge stored within, gaining infinite power. After restoring his human form, Korvac traveled to Earth, where he met and fell in love with Carina Walters, daughter of the Elder of the Universe known as the Collector, who had been sent to spy on him by her father. The Collector realized the grave threat Korvac represented to the universe, and hoped to alert Earth's heroes, so that Korvac might be stopped and the universe protected from his madness. Carina, however, betrayed her father, having fallen in love with Michael, and Korvac murdered the Collector to prevent him from warning Earth's heroes of the danger he posed. Korvac then set into motion a plot to restructure the universe in his own image.

(Fantastic Four Annual#24 (fb)) - Even as he battled and slaughtered Earth's mightiest heroes in his own timeline, Korvac's time was limited, as Galactus had discovered the intrusion, and sent out the beam of the Ultimate Nullifier to completely erase Korvac from existence. Sensing impending defeat, Korvac murdered Carina for her perceived "weakness" and "killed" himself. However, he sent his essence back through time, to his ancestors, hoping to both hide from the Nullifier, and gain the power to slay Galactus before he could learn of Korvac's existence.
   I forget whether it was Carina or Korvac, probably the former, who resurrected the fallen Avengers.

(Fantastic Four Annual#24) - Starhawk, one of the Guardians of the Galaxy, discovered that reality was being altered, and unraveled Korvac's plot. The Guardians traveled back in time, having locked onto Korvac's energy signal, and contacted the Fantastic Four, seeking assistance in locating and battling Korvac. The trail led to the Australian Outback. First the heroes confronted Gateway, but quickly realized Korvac's essence was not in him, then Starhawk spotted a teenage girl wandering through the Outback--Jaboa Murphy. Jaboa had left her home in Sydney three days before, after falling into a mysterious trance. As the heroes approached her, Jaboa threw up her hands in a defensive gesture, unleashing "searing cosmic power" "Wh-what's happening? Why are you attacking me?! And how am I doing this?!" Reed Richards attempted to restrain Jaboa, explaining that Korvac was involved. "Korvac! Yes! I sensed the Ultimate Nullifier bearing down upon me and killed myself before it could strike! But my mind and power live on in this, the body of my ancient ancestor! Korvac lives on! The Ultimate Nullifier will never find me since I quit the scene of my battle with the Avengers!"


  As Korvac's essence took control of Jaboa, she used his powers to fling Reed off, then used the powers of Martinex to cancel out the powers of the Human Torch, easily evaded an attack by Yondu, then struck Martinex with Yondu's arrow. As the heroes pressed home their attack, Jaboa/Korvac unleashed an incredible blast that rendered them all unconscious. However, she missed Reed, who traveled back in time (using his handy Time Platform) a few moments, and convinced Gateway to teleport him back to the house where Korvac had "died," and where the Ultimate Nullifier's beam was headed. Reed used the time platform to redirect the beam towards Korvac's current location, Jaboa's body. Korvac fled Jaboa's body, jumping into the future as the Nullifier approached. After he fled, the beam dissipated, as Korvac was no longer extant at that place and time, and Jaboa was freed. Martinex and Charlie-27 suggested killing Jaboa, so that Korvac might never have been born, but the idea was naturally repulsive to Yondu and Starhawk, so they relented. As Jaboa regained consciousness, she had no memory of what had happened, and returned to her home, unaware that she had almost been the template for the destruction of the universe.



Comments: Created By: Al Milgrim, Novak, Ralph Macchio, and Tom DeFalco

   I have to disagree with Martinex and Charlie-27 -- to kill an innocent person for what one of their distant descendants MIGHT do about 1000 years in the future is extremely amoral. Good thing they had Yondu to set them straight!
   --Then again, if they killed Jaboa and Korvac were never born, then Korvac would never have traveled back in time, and they never would have had any reason to kill Jaboa! Time travel creates so much paradox that it makes your head hurt. IN GENERAL, the Marvel policy seems to be that most attempts to alter the past merely result in an alternate reality. And Earth-616 isn't the past of Earth-Guardians of the Galaxy, anyway...there've already been too many divergences.

   Korvac went on to possess numerous others, those named are mentioned above, under Known Relatives; Korvac even possessed his own father! Korvac was eventually defeated by Captain America, lost his powers, and his essence was dispersed and scattered across six separate dimensions by the Red Skull. Michael Korvac killed Carina by implanting a subconscious impulse in the mind of the Avenger Thor, causing him to strike her dead with his hammer, against his will. The Collector was later resurrected due to his fellow Elder, the Grandmaster, cheating Death (literally), so that all Elders of the Universe would be forever banned from her realm.

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Jaboa Murphy has no known connection to:

  • A Jerboa, a type of mouse
  • Any other character named Murphy


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