Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial

Occupation: Former fashion model, 

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Collector, Michael  Korvac (lover)

Enemies: The Avengers, Death, The Guardians of the Galaxy

Known Relatives: Collector (Father), Matani (presumptive mother)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: apparently the realm of Death;
Formerly unrevealed, later Forest Hills Garden, New York

First Appearance: The Avengers I#167  (January, 1978)

Powers/Abilities: Originally Carina had no superhuman abilities or powers, except for an incredibly long lifespan. After being imbued with the power cosmic by Korvac, she possessed abilities like his, and was a godlike being of near unlimited power.

History: Carina Walters claimed that she was an Elder of the Universe (see comments), and is thus incredibly old and her true origins are lost to antiquity.

(Avengers I#175 (fb) ) - In order to spy on and get information from Korvac, Collector sent his daughter to seduce him. He assigned his daughter the name Carina Walters and gave her a form that would please Korvac. He then sent her to Earth in order for her to meet Korvac.

(Avengers I#167) - Janet Van Dyne (the Wasp) wss holding a fashion show for her new line of clothes. Carina walked down the catwalk in a jumpsuit. The show was interrupted by the Porcupine, and during the commotion, Korvac approached Carina. They looked into each other's eyes, and she sensed his desire, and his offer. She accepted and they disappeared together.

(Avengers I#168) - Carina answered the door of the house she and Korvac lived in, in Forest Hills Gardens. Starhawk was on the other side. Korvac bid Carina to leave so that he might settle his "business" with Starhawk.

(Avengers I#173) - Carina came into a room and spoke with Korvac. He told her about how his plans were going well, and then asked her to leave so he could concentrate. She left him and went to another room, and started to cry. She was about to betray him and send information to her father to use against Korvac, but instead she stopped. She started believing that Korvac really was a god, and having fallen in love with him, no longer wished to betray him. Korvac sensed her in the moment she thought of betraying him. He rushed into the room, but found in her only love and no betrayal.

(Avengers I#174) - Carina revealed to Korvac that she did mean to betray him for an instant, and also revealed that she was sent by her father as a spy. Carina cried as she watched Korvac kill her father from afar with a blast.

(Avengers I#175) - Carina was on her bed, lost in guilt, when Korvac came to check on her. She still loved him and would let him kill her father again if she had to, even though she didn't know why. She and Korvac then did some cosmic equivalent of making love, as they "Merge totally for the first time in sharing of body and mind only those who transcended the petty bonds of mortality can know." How she came to Korvac was revealed.

(Avengers I#176) - Carina gave voice to her worry that the Avengers may find them. Shortly afterward (sure enough), the Avengers came to the door of Korvac and Carina.

(Avengers I#177) - While Korvac slaughtered the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, Yellowjacket grabbed Carina and threatened to harm her if Korvac didn't surrender. Carina remained unharmed, even though she did not use her own power cosmic, as Korvac killed Yellowjacket. At the battle's end, when only a few heroes were left alive, Korvac looked to Carina for support, but due to the bloodshed, she hesitated, despite her love for him, and he lost the will to live and killed himself. Carina freaked out and trashed Starhawk, Iron Man, and Vision. She then, using her power cosmic, made Thor's hammer blast her. As it blasted her, she powered down and let it kill her, so she could join her beloved in death.

(Fantastic Four Annual#24 (fb)) - It was revealed that Korvac did not die, but actually sent his genetic information and sense of self into his descendents. In addition, it was shown that it was he who powered down Carina, because she felt doubt in that last moment, and that betrayal weakened his self-confidence to the point where he couldn't continue the fight.

(Avengers: The Korvac Quest trade paperback: epilogue) - As the Avengers and Guardians attended the funeral of Carina and Korvac, Death played with her newest conquest in her realm.

Comments: Created by  Jim Shooter and George Perez.

IMHO, The original story by Shooter was a classic, and shouldn't have been messed with.

I personally think that when Carina said she was an Elder, that she meant that she was the daughter of an Elder, and by extension, sort of an Elder herself. That is for a few reasons. Besides the fact that she looks nothing like an Elder (although this is probably not her true form), all Elders are now banned from Death's realm, and all dead Elders have since been resurrected. Carina however, has not been seen alive, and presumably remains dead, so unless she is shown living, she must not be an Elder.
I'm not sure I'll buy all of that logic, but I would agree that she would not seem to be an Elder. The Elders are by nature the last of their race--at least that's what I thought. I'm not sure if Carina's mother was the same race as the Collector, or whether that even matters...

What If I#32, features a world in which Carina displaced confidence in Korvac, allowing him to overcome the heroes and conquer the universe. It's one of my personal favorites--Snood.

The word carina is a medical term, referring to the bifurcation your trachea takes in your chest when it splits into the first two bronchi, which lead to the lungs.

Profile by Stunner, supplemental info by Per Degaton.

CLARIFICATIONS: Carina Walters has no connection to:

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