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(from Reality-691)

Classification: Alternate timeline (Reality-691) extraterrestrial reptilian-humanoids

Location/Base of Operations: Moord, a planet in an unrevealed star system of the Milky Way Galaxy (see comments)
   (original homeworld) Lotiara (also known as "the Swampworld"), second planet from the sun in the Lomora star system (known on Earth as Capella), also in the Milky Way Galaxy

Habitat: (Lotiara) 64% of surface covered with water, most of the land is semi-tropical swampland
   (Moord) Unrevealed (but presumably similar to that of Lotiara)
Gravity: (Lotiara) 87% Earth
   (Moord) Unrevealed
Atmosphere: (Lotiara) 134% Earth density with tropical humidity
   (Moord) Unrevealed

Known Members: Brother Royal, Drang, Droom, Durge (deceased), Durgg (deceased), Ebor, Koz, Koord (deceased), Maul, Maz, Meur, Commander Ogg, Ogg's underling (deceased), Yur, Debb's mate
Estimated population: 40 million on each homeworld

Affiliations: Doctor Doom, "Goozotians" ("Drunkards' World" inhabitants, led by Emperor Goozot), the Punishers; the Monsters of Badoon; Saturnian hound-hawks, the Zoms
   formerly Michael Korvac (collaborator)

Enemies: The Sisterhood of Badoon, the Centaurian race, the other members of the United Federation of Earth (Terrans, Jovians, Mercurians, Pluvians), the Terran Underground/Resistance, the Guardians of the Galaxy (Major Vance Astro, Charlie-27, Martinex T'Naga, Yondu Udonta), Starhawk (Stakar Ogord)

First Appearance: (First appearance of any Badoon, notably those of Reality-616) Silver Surfer I#2 (September, 1968);
    (Reality-691; see comments) Marvel Super-Heroes II#18 (January, 1969)

Powers/Abilities: The Badoon race suffers from an inborn genetic defect that compels males and females to feel violent hatred towards members of the opposite gender. This physiological compulsion makes it impossible for male and female Badoon to peacefully cooperate, and as a result any and all matings are accomplished only through force. Females lay eggs on Lotiara which are collected by the males and incubated on Moord. Male hatchlings remain on Moord while female hatchlings are returned to Lotiara.

   Each and every Badoon experiences the mating urge only once during his or her lifespan, and while the urge lasts they are reduced to mindless, savage animals who will violently attack any creatures unlike themselves.

   In the past, the females were stronger than the males but generations of peace between the sexes may have changed this.

Cultural traits: Male Badoon are militaristic while the females are pacifistic and culturally advanced (but not to the point of being incapable of defense). In the pre-civilized era, the females were fiercer than the males but the males were more cunning.

   Although their biology compelled them to hate the females, the male Badoon were otherwise gentle in their treatment of other species, and the females rather envied the courtesy the males accorded to their pets and beasts of burden.
    Obviously, for reasons which have never been revealed, the Badoon males' attitudes towards other species have changed drastically and they now consider themselves to be "supreme" lifeforms whose might gives them the right to conquer or annihilate all "lesser races."

Type: Reptilian-humanoid
Eyes: Two (variable color: usually black but sometimes red) (see comments)
Fingers: Three (webbed, plus opposable thumb)
Toes: Two or three (webbed; see comments)
Skin color: Light green
Hair: None (Female Badoon have brownish-green hair covering most of their bodies but males are hairless)
Average height: 6'

Type of government: Monarchy

Level of technology: Although older than the Kree and the Skrulls, the Badoon were late in developing technology. However, by the late 20th century, the Badoon possessed technology that was significantly more advanced than that commonly used on Earth. They possessed starships that were capable of interstellar travel, although those journeys were not instantaneous. This indicates that they did not have hyperdrive technology that would have enabled them to make jumps through sub-space, and suggests that they were instead propelled by some form of warp-drive. Their starships had engines that could (allegedly) generate the power of a giant exploding sun. These starships were protected by invisible force fields but these were weak enough that they could be penetrated if struck by multiple human-made missiles. Their starships were well-armed, with both rockets and (presumably) directed-energy weapons, but no specifications for such weapons have been revealed.

   The Badoon possessed the ability to teleport beings and objects using what they called a molecular displacement ray, which dematerialized solid objects at one location and rematerialized them at a different location. While only starships have been shown having this capability, it would seem to be probable that their ground-based facilities were also equipped with such rays.

   The Badoon possessed a "telepathy ray" that they could use on captured members of alien species in order to quickly learn their language and customs; however, exactly how it functioned has not been revealed.

   Their so-called Basic Weapon has been described as a hand-held particle gun but it actually fired electrical discharges that could kill a human by stopping his or her heart. Although the Basic Weapon could be held and fired one-handed, the fact that it was about the size of a sub-machine gun (as opposed to a handgun) made carrying and using it two-handed more practical.

   The Badoon also had flying discs, circular platforms about three feet wide that could travel through the air while carrying a single Badoon. Starships carried multiple flying discs for use on alien planets. What made these discs fly has not been revealed, but presumably involved some manipulation of either anti-gravity or magnetic fields. Given that these flying discs did not appear to have any physical controls, exactly how the pilots guided them in flight is uncertain.

   The Badoon considered invisibility to be their greatest weapon, and their technology could make them, their starships, their flying discs and their portable weapons invisible to both organic eyes and electronic sensors. Exactly what they called this technology has not been revealed, but landing parties who wished to be invisible would enter an "invisibility tube" which was then activated, causing them and whatever weapons and/or equipment they had with them to be surrounded by what appeared to be energy fields. Badoon who were surrounded by such an "aura of invisibility" could see themselves and each other, but beings who were not surrounded by such auras could not perceive them. Similarly, beings who were on a Badoon starship that had been rendered invisible would still be able to see themselves and everything else within the starship, presumably because they were affected by the same aura that surrounded the vessel, but it has not been revealed if such beings wold still be able to see the starship once they had exited it.

   Although their invisibility technology is known to be able to affect humans, Shi'ar, Skrulls and (probably) most known forms of life, a notable exception was the Silver Surfer, who was somehow able to see anything rendered invisible by their technology naturally, without even having to make any effort to do so. Other Galactian Heralds would presumably also have this ability, and it's almost certain that the Watchers would also be unaffected, as would various Cosmic Entities.

   One of the most powerful weapons utilized by the Brotherhood of the Badoon were the so-called Monsters of Badoon, large bipedal robots that were seemingly capable of autonomous thought, at least when it came to fighting their designated targets. Monsters of Badoon possessed superhuman levels of strength, durability and resistance to damage. Some could fly, possibly via jets in their boots, and some could fire lethal ray blasts from their hands. Although their large bodies were semi-humanoid in form and they looked like muscular cyborgs, living organisms who had been enhanced by the addition of cybernetic components that increased their destructive capability, the fact that the Silver Surfer repeatedly referred to the one he fought as a "robot" suggests that their semi-organic appearance was something that had been designed by their Badoon creators and did not reflect their true nature. The fact that the Brother Royal who sent a Monster of Badoon to kill the Silver Surfer stated that it was to be their weapon of weapons suggests that that Monster may have been a prototype or at least a newly-developed weapon whose capabilities had not been fully tested in combat.

   Other technologies that the Brotherhood possessed in the 20th century included Mento-corders that were used aboard their starships, and Mento-Programmers, helmets that could indoctrinate beings who wore them with Badoon war propaganda.

   By the early 31st century, the technologies possessed by the Brotherhood of Badoon were broadly similar to that which they had possessed in the 20th century. However, they now also had memory probes (also known as mind-probes) that could extract information directly from a subject's mind, no matter how disciplined or determined to resist they were; psyke-disks (also known as slave discs) that could compel humans wearing them to obey any and all commands given to them by their Badoon masters; and the technology and surgical techniques that could be used to transform humans into mindless Zoms.

   Monsters of Badoon were still in use in this time, but they were oddly both smaller and seemingly less powerful than they had been when that one had first been deployed against the Silver Surfer.

   The Brotherhood sometimes used the armored fighting vehicles known as Land Crushers but little information has been revealed about what other types of weaponized vehicles they used in battle.

   Both Badoon warriors and their Zom troops were usually equipped with portable directed-energy weapons that were sometimes referred to as ray-rifles. They also sometimes carried stun-pistols, mild weaponry for use when they wanted to take their enemies alive, but which could be lethal when fired at close range. Badoon firing squads used molecular dispersion rifles that presumably disintegrated their targets.

   Badoon restraints that had been designed to hold beings who possessed powers worked on a mind-deadening principle, one which prevented the nervous systems of those who were restrained from responding to the signals sent from their brains that were needed for them to actually use their powers.

   One of the Brotherhood's most overlooked technological advances was a high-intensity directional radio wave that, when directed at a Terran-style teleport beam, was able to deflect that beam into sub-space, thereby causing those within the beam to be instantly transported across interstellar distances. The one documented use of this technology caused the people in four teleport beams to be diverted, in two groups, to two planets, each of which were over forty light-years from their intended destination. Given that the Terran teleportation technology could only beam objects through space at the speed of light, this was a remarkable accomplishment. However, it's never been revealed if such long-distance teleportation was something that the Badoon were capable of doing reliably. It's possible that the technique had a very high failure rate and the only reason why the Brotherhood used it in that one instance was because they really didn't care whether or not the diverted passengers survived and re-integrated safely.

(Defenders I#28 (fb)) - The Badoon evolved on Swampworld, the second planet from the star known (on Earth) as Capella, many millions of years ago, and they are older than either the Kree or the Skrull races.

    Unfortunately, due to an inborn genetic defect, males and females were (and are) physiologically compelled to feel violent hatred towards members of the opposite gender. This situation greatly slowed their racial development since it made any cultural or technological progress impossible.

(Fantastic Four I#577 (fb) - BTS / FF I#6 (fb) - BTS/  FF I#7 (fb) - BTS) <300,000 years ago> - The Supreme Intelligence of the Kree Empire conceived of its metagenesis plan. Most Kree believed that the purpose of this program was to develop the ability to transform members of other races into sentient living weapons who would fight alongside the Kree but its true, secret purpose was to find a way to reignite the Kree race's stagnant evolution. In carrying out the Supremor's instructions, twenty-three Kree science teams visited a total of at least 106 different inhabited planets and experimented upon test subjects from the various young races living on those planets. Somewhat to their surprise, the Kree scientists were able to achieve complete success. Through their experimentation, the Kree were able to develop a specific, race-based catalyst for each and every one of these species, catalysts that could transform those exposed to them, endowing them with abilities that made them living weapons.

(Fantastic Four I#577 (fb) - BTS / FF I#7 (fb) - BTS) - The Badoon were one of the races upon whom the Kree experimented. The Badoon Inhumans gained their abilities through Amphogenesis, a process which was triggered by one drop of the irreplaceable, diluted water from the dormant Amphogen Well.

(FF I#6 (fb) - BTS) - Once the experiments had been completed, the Supreme Intelligence summoned the two lead scientists to Hala to report on the results of their Metagenesis research. The Supreme Intelligence then began to simultaneously upload and review the data provided by the scientists but its analysis soon detected an anomaly, one which the Supremor foresaw would lead to its eventual death at the hands of the product of one of these metagenesis experiments. Fearing for its life, the Supreme Intelligence ordered the cessation of the research and the deaths of the scientists. However, one of the condemned scientists, unwilling to accept the loss of his life's work, managed to shatter the data crystal and terminate the upload at 94% before being killed.

(FF I#6 (fb) - BTS / Fantastic Four I#600 (fb) - BTS) - The Supreme Intelligence then ordered the Accuser Corps to wipe out all traces of the Inhumans who had been created by the Kree experiments. The Accusers burned over one hundred worlds but the incompleteness of the Supremor's data enabled five tribes of Inhumans to remain hidden and thereby survive.


(Fantastic Four I#577 (fb) - BTS) - Aside from the Badoon Inhumans, the other four Inhuman tribes who survived were those created from the Centaurians, the Dire Wraiths, the Kymellians and the Terrans.


(Defenders I#28 (fb)) - Eventually, after a VERY long war between the sexes, the male Badoon were able to use their cunning and guile to overcome the greater fierceness and strength of the female Badoon and force them into bondage. With the females now kept in prisons where they toiled with their hands while guarded by armed males, the two genders were completely segregated except for mating purposes. This arrangement allowed the males to begin to develop technology.

(Defenders I#28 (fb)) - Over the course of a few thousand sun-cycles, the technology developed by the males progressed from spears to spaceships. Then, once they had enough ships to transport them all, the males deserted their homeworld and colonized what became the planet-home of the Brotherhood of Badoon

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#2: Badoon sub-entry) - The male Badoon named their new homeworld Moord while the females (eventually) gave their homeworld the name Lotiara.

(Defenders I#28 (fb)) - After this ultimate segregation had occurred, the males took upon themselves the responsibility of perpetuating their race. They built incubators on their homeworld and once each sun-cycle they sent giant space arks filled with those males who had been stricken by the mating madness back to the Swampworld to propagate their race. Once the matings were done, the now-sane males remained until the females had laid their eggs, then they collected and coded the eggs before transporting them back to Moord to be hatched in the incubators. After hatching, the young males were kept on Moord and raised there while the female offspring, whom the males had neither the desire nor the biological inclination to raise, were returned by the space arks to the Swampworld for the females to raise.

(Defenders I#28 (fb) - BTS) - Having no interest in the females aside from their part in the reproductive process, the Brotherhood ignored events on the Swampworld. As a result, the males remained unaware of the fact that, with them gone, the females had been able to develop a peaceful and culturally advanced civilization of their own which they called the Sisterhood of Badoon. The females had also developed technology that was as advanced as that of the Brotherhood. The Sisterhood was ruled by a queen whose royal palace was located in the city of Venesia, a metallic metropolis which floated on Swampworld's shallow waters.


(Avengers: Forever#10 (fb)) - In the late 20th century, the reigning Brother Royal was visited by Immortus, the master of Limbo. During their conversation, Immortus, as part of his plan to keep mankind contained on Earth, deliberately mentioned that it was said that humans might be mightier than the Badoon, an idea which the Brother Royal emphatically denied. As planned by Immortus, his visit turned the eyes of the Badoon to Earth and led to their subsequent attempts to conquer and/or crush humanity, thus weakening Man's hold on the cosmos for generations.

(Marvel Presents#8 (fb)) - In the late 20th century (c. 1973?), the Brotherhood of Badoon made its first attempt to conquer Earth. The starship carrying the Brother Royal arrived first, more than a day in advance of the main fleet. Using their technology to make themselves and their machines invisible, the Badoon starship glided silently through the air above the streets of New York City without being observed by any Earthly device or any being except for the Silver Surfer.

(Marvel Presents#8 (fb) - BTS) - After their arrival, the Badoon managed to covertly abduct a young Earthwoman and used a telepathy ray to learn human languages and customs. Held as a captive, the woman heard them speak of their plans for Earth and the galaxy.

(Marvel Presents#8 (fb)) - When the Silver Surfer approached their starship, the Badoon allowed him to enter and promised that no harm would befall him. While giving their guest a tour of their ship, they presented themselves as peaceful explorers who wished to bring the benefits of their great culture and advanced technology to other, lesser races.

    Brought before their Brother Royal, who likewise claimed to be peaceful, the Surfer was on the verge of trusting them when the captive Earth girl broke free and warned the Surfer that the Badoon were there to enslave humanity. The Brother Royal quickly silenced her by shooting her in the back but this act only confirmed the truth of her words to the Surfer. Dispensing with their ruse, the Brother Royal stated that, while they awaited the coming of their main fleet, they would amuse themselves by hunting the Surfer, beginning in 24 hours. The Surfer then took the wounded girl and left.

   A day later, the Badoon began their hunt by launching a rocket at the Surfer, but he was able to destroy it by maneuvering it into hitting a nearby mountain. With the rocket destroyed, the Silver Surfer addressed the secretly-watching Badoon and stated that they could only save themselves if they abandoned Earth. Enraged by this challenge, the Brother Royal instead launched their weapon of weapons, the Monster of Badoon, at the Surfer.

    After a fierce struggle on the city's rooftops, the Surfer was about to destroy the Monster of Badoon when the Brother Royal had it teleported back to the ship to prevent its destruction. As the Badoon ship lifted off, the Surfer finally realized that the robot monster he had fought had not been visible to the watching humans. As the Surfer pursued the Badoon starship, the US military opened fire on him with hunter missiles which, when the Surfer evaded them, struck the protective field around the invisible Badoon ship instead. Not realizing what had happened, the Brother Royal assumed that the humans had somehow overcome their greatest weapon and ordered the ship to flee at full speed.

    As the Badoon left Earth behind, the Brother Royal observed the Silver Surfer and noted how tormented he looked, then vowed that, "Sooner or later - - We shall RETURN!"

      Almost nothing has been revealed about the Brotherhood of Badoon's activities in Reality-691 over the next one thousand Earth-years.

(Marvel Presents#8 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, a Badoon ship's recording device was lost in space. Among the information contained in its tapes was a record of how the first Badoon attempt to conquer Earth had been foiled by the Silver Surfer.

(Defenders I#27 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, the Brotherhood of Badoon became allies with the humans(?) of the Drunkards' World ruled by Emperor Goozot.

(Marvel Super Heroes II#18 (fb) / Defenders I#26 (fb) / Marvel Presents#4 text page / Guardians of the Galaxy I#26 (fb)) <3006 A.D.> - The starship carrying Major Vance Astro landed on Centauri-IV after a voyage which had lasted for 1,018 years (having launched from Earth in 1988). The Centaurians and the human colonists gave him a hero's welcome but he felt that his journey had been made a farce. Major Astro chose to deal with his situation by completing his original (now-obsolete) mission of cataloging Centauri IV's flora and fauna. While doing so, he interrupted Yondu Udonta while the native was in the midst of performing a sacred ritual of manhood. After a brief display of violence, the two of them managed to reach an understanding and they began to travel together and slowly become friends.

(Marvel Presents#4 text page) - "In that same year, the Centauri-IV colony was attacked and destroyed" by the Brotherhood of Badoon.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#12: Yondu entry) - With the first evidence of hostilities, Astro took Yondu aboard his survey ship and set out for the nearest known planet in the Centauri trinary star system but they were quickly captured by the Badoon.

(Marvel Super Heroes II#18 (fb) - BTS) - The Badoon Council proclaimed "such people (as the Centaurians) too inferior to survive."

(Marvel Two-In-One I#5 (fb) - BTS) - Yondu was believed to be the last of his "race of barbarians."

(Guardians of the Galaxy Annual I#2/3 (fb) - BTS) - Unbeknownst to outsiders, at least one Centaurian tribe secretly survived the Badoon genocide of their race because the rock surrounding the cave in which they hid was laced with the mineral known as trillite (or yaka), a substance which blocked radio waves and Badoon scanning equipment.



(Marvel Super Heroes II#18 (fb) - BTS / Defenders I#26 (fb) - BTS / Marvel Presents#4 / Guardians of the Galaxy I#26 (fb) - BTS) <3007 A.D.> - In a surprise attack, the Badoon evaded the Jovian space-militia patrol by slipping into the Sol system through hyper-space. They immediately cut all radio contact with Captain Charlie-27 who was patrolling the outer rim of the solar system on the lookout for them, and invaded the floating cities of Jupiter where they proceeded to kill every living Jovian they could find.


(Marvel Super Heroes II#18 (fb) - BTS / Guardians of the Galaxy I#26 (fb)) - Not long afterwards, on Pluto, the Pluvians were forewarned of the imminent Badoon attack, and they evacuated their planet in a ship. However, the Badoon were able to catch up to them and they destroyed the Pluvian ship, killing all aboard. The only Pluvian left alive was Martinex, a scientist who had been working in his lab on Charon when a mysterious explosion knocked him unconscious and buried him in the rubble of his lab. As a result, Martinex had not evacuated with the rest of his people and thus survived.

(Marvel Super Heroes II#18 (fb) - BTS / Guardians of the Galaxy I#26 (fb)) - When scientific installations on Pluto began to be destroyed, the Badoon realized that there was still one Pluvian left alive. Over the course of a few weeks, they attempted to track him down, but the mysterious Starhawk (secretly) kept them from finding Martinex.








(Marvel Presents#4 (fb) / Guardians of the Galaxy I#30 (fb) / Guardians of the Galaxy I#43 (fb) - BTS) - On Mercury, the Badoon attacked the mining colony. Striking without warning, their ships fired energy weapons at buildings and people on the ground, then followed up with a ground assault that targeted any survivors. A Mercurian girl named Nikki, who was then eleven Earth-years old, saw her parents cut down right before her eyes. She also saw her parents and baby sisters being eaten alive by the Badoon. Realizing that she couldn't save her loved ones, Nikki made it to her family's spacecraft and, with Badoon soldiers stabbing at its canopy, managed to launch the ship away from Mercury and Earth.








(Marvel Two-in-One I#4 (fb) - BTS / Defenders#26 (fb) - BTS) <3007 A.D.> - After destroying all of Earth's colonies, the Badoon finally captured Earth itself. The Badoon wanted Earth's resources and a labor force of human slaves but otherwise they had no use for humanity, so they eradicated most of the population, leaving only fifty million humans alive.

(Marvel Super Heroes II#18 (fb) - BTS / Guardians of the Galaxy I#26 (fb) - BTS) - After conquering Earth, the Badoon forced ALL of the defeated Earthmen to wear slave discs which compelled them to obey the commands of any Badoon.


(Guardians of the Galaxy Annual I#2/4 (fb) - BTS) - Despite conquering Earth, the Badoon "pretty much stayed away from the Moon."


(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#12: Yondu entry) - Major Astro and Yondu were later taken to the recently-conquered Earth as prizes to be presented to Drang, a powerful Badoon leader.



(Marvel Super Heroes II#18 / Guardians of the Galaxy I#26 (fb)) - Two months after his radio fell silent, Captain Charlie-27 ended his six-month tour of the outer rim of the solar system and returned to the floating city that was his home only to be ambushed by Badoon soldiers. After learning that he was the last living Jovian, Charlie-27 managed to reach the Galileo Teleport Depot where he used the living matter transmitter to escape, unaware that Starhawk had (secretly) set Pluto as the destination coordinates.

   Soon, a Badoon patrol that was searching for the last Pluvian was surprised when their Saturnian hound-hawks detected a second non-Badoon scent on Pluto. They released their animals to track him down but Starhawk (secretly) drove them back, enabling Charlie-27 to make contact with Martinex. Working together, the new allies used an army of robo-servants to hold off the Badoon elite guards long enough for them to reach the teleport and use it to escape to Earth.

(Marvel Super Heroes II#18 / Guardians of the Galaxy I#26 (fb)) - On Earth, Major Astro and Yondu were brought before Drang, Supreme Commander of the Eastern Sector of the Badoon Empire. Fascinated by the saga of Astro's great adventure, Drang demanded that he be amused by hearing it from Astro's own lips. Astro refused, so a memory probe was used to make the thousand-year-old man's tragic story appear on a viewscreen. Drang revealed that they wanted Astro to work for them voluntarily and Astro agreed but, when Drang then ordered him to kill Yondu as a loyalty test, Astro requested that he be allowed to use Yondu's own bow and arrow for the execution. Drang agreed, but when Astro shot the arrow, Yondu used his ability to control its flight via his whistle to scatter their guards and escape. With (secret) help from Starhawk, Astro and Yondu fled to a nearby teleport depot where they attacked two voyagers who had just arrived, assuming them to be Badoon. The resulting fight ended when Badoon guards arrived with orders to kill them all, and Astro, Charlie-27, Martinex and Yondu joined forces to quickly make short work of the Badoon soldiers. Then, once again (secretly) guided by Starhawk, the foursome escaped via an old sewer tunnel. Finding themselves miles from the now-burning city, the last (known) survivors of their respective races banded together to form the Guardians of the Galaxy, a team dedicated to freeing Earth from the Brotherhood of Badoon.

(Guardians of the Galaxy Annual I#1/3) - A little over two weeks later, the three Badoon who were guarding a teleporter in a city on Earth were attacked by the Guardians of the Galaxy and frozen in a block of ice which was then hurled far away by Charlie-27. This presumably resulted in these Badoon being either killed or badly injured. With the Badoon out of the way, the Guardians used the living matter transmitter to send themselves to one of the floating cities of Jupiter.

   Since the Badoon were hooked into the main computer terminal of the teleport system, their forces based in that city knew that the fugitives were coming and they had prepared an ambush, but the Guardians were able to overcome their attackers. Realizing that they wouldn't be able to make it to the Space-Militia air field to acquire a Terran starship, the Guardians resorted to stealing a Badoon shuttle. When the local Badoon commander was informed that an unauthorized shuttle had taken off from Runway Nine and cleared the city dome, he ordered it to be shot down, and two Badoon fighters were immediately launched in pursuit. The stolen shuttle came to a dead stop behind a Jovian sky-whale, prompting the fighters to destroy the creature in order to get at them. As the fighters were briefly blocked by huge chunks of whale-meat, thousands of Jovian sky-kites were attracted by the meat and went into a feeding frenzy during which the Badoon fighters were destroyed.

   As the shuttle attempted to flee, a Badoon battlecruiser followed in close pursuit but was tricked into passing over the volcanic Mount Morabito on the moon Io just as it underwent one of its periodic eruptions, destroying the battlecruiser. As the shuttle headed for Ganymede, a second battlecruiser caught them by surprise and fired torpedoes that destroyed the shuttle's starboard stabilizing unit, forcing them to crashland on the icy surface of the moon Europa. On the Badoon commander's orders, the battlecruiser opened fire and destroyed the crashed ship. The Badoon were unaware of the fact that the fugitives had used the shuttle's escape pod to flee down into Europa's icy ocean without being detected. The escapees soon discovered a hidden lost city of human construction.

(Marvel Presents#5 lettercol: editorial reply) - The Badoon abandoned Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto (and probably Centauri-IV) once they had succeeded in "demolishing the populations of those Earth colonies."

(Marvel Two-in-One I#4 (fb) - BTS) - Some humans on Earth formed an underground resistance movement. Under circumstances which have never been revealed, the Guardians of the Galaxy eventually became the leaders of the Terran Underground.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#134/4 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, a Badoon slave ship carrying a cargo of human slaves crashed on an unspecified planet that was "out in the middle of nowhere." The human and Badoon survivors soon began battling each other, with each group trying to completely wipe out the other.


(Thor Annual#6 (fb)) - After the Badoon had conquered Earth, a computer-techno named Michael Korvac who felt that his superiors had constantly refused to recognize the scope of his abilities gladly became collaborator. Soon, the Badoon had placed Korvac in charge of analytical systems for entire planets. However, the Badoon were harsh taskmasters and Korvac eventually collapsed at his console from sheer exhaustion. The Badoon punished Korvac by altering his central nervous system, amputating his legs and grafting the rest of his body onto a special systems module. Now a living computer, Korvac's new hyper-fast calculating abilities enabled him to develop the means to overcome his former masters. However, Korvac was only able to kill a few Badoon before his plans to conquer the entire Brotherhood were disrupted when the Grandmaster drew him back through time to the 20th century to battle Dr. Strange as a pawn of the Prime Mover.



(Marvel Two-in-One I#4 (fb) - BTS/Defenders I#28 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, the Badoon began using psycho-surgery on some of those 50 million Earthmen to transform them into Zoms, humans who had been lobotomized into being living machines that were then programmed to be servitors of the Badoon.





(Marvel Two-in-One I#4) <3014 A.D.> - One night, in New York City, a Zom Patrol found four humans on the streets long after curfew. The Zoms immediately attacked but three of the four fought back very effectively. The Zom Patrol was on the verge of defeat when a Monster of Badoon was sent to aid them and the three combatants were swiftly overcome. Obeying remote commands from their masters, the Zoms and the Monster collected the three downed fighters and carried them off, having either forgotten the fourth human or having assumed that one mere human couldn't matter.

(Marvel Two-in-One I#5) - In his palace in the New York Sector, Lordsire Drang was presented with the three humans who had been captured for violating the curfew for humans, and demanded that he be told their identities and their mission. When the costumed one refused, Drang ordered that the memory probe be used on him. Drang and Inquisitor Ebor then listened as the probe revealed how an Earthwoman named Tarin had been accidentally transported from 3014 A.D. to a millennium earlier (see comments) by Reed Richards' time machine, how Captain America, the Thing and SHIELD agent Sharon Carter had chosen to return to the Badoon-conquered future Earth with Tarin, and how they had encountered a Zom Patrol and the Monster of Badoon and been defeated.

   Drang was horrified to learn that the captives were of Old Earth and not merely men but heroes who included a living symbol of liberty. Ebor insisted that the trio must be put to death at once, along with the woman Tarin when she was found, because they presented the first real threat to the Badoon's rule of Sol-III. At that point, the Thing revealed that he had secretly regained consciousness, and he punched the Monster of Badoon into the memory probe whose power source electrocuted it.

    Drang then ordered the Zoms to kill the trio, but the Thing dealt with the first wave, and they began their escape from the palace. However, the Badoon Elite Guard and a horde (or two) of Zoms encountered the escapees right outside the place, and a massive battle began, but the trio soon realized that they were too greatly outnumbered and fled into the alleys.

(Marvel Two-in-One I#5 (fb) - BTS) - The battle between the Badoon guards and Captain America on the palace steps was witnessed by Qarl, a member of the Terran Resistance. Qarl used his visicorder to make a recording which he then brought to his fellow resistance members.

(Marvel Two-in-One I#5) - After several hours of fruitless searching, a platoon of Badoon finally found the escapees, and Commander Ogg ordered his troops to attack, but the battle soon began to be lost. An ambitious underling attempted to sneak away and sound the alarm, but he was shot dead by an arrow fired from Yondu's lightning bow as the four members of the Guardians of the Galaxy arrived and joined the battle, leading to the swift defeat of these Badoon troops

   Later, as the sun rose over the city, the Badoon guarding the palace were shocked when the assembled Terran rebel forces (including the heroes from Old Earth and the Guardians of the Galaxy) charged through the palace gates, and one of them immediately summoned the Monster of Badoon. However, after some initial success, the Monster was soon felled by a combined attack by the Thing and Charlie-27, and the deadly battle went on.

   Hours later, when the battle finally ended, the victorious Terrans had seized control of the city. When Lordsire Drang was captured and dragged before his conquerors, he angrily reminded them that they had seized one city while the Badoon still controlled the whole planet, the solar system and that entire sector of the galaxy. Drang's blustering was cut short when the Thing grabbed his cape and forcefully stated that his "Baboon Brotherhood (was) pfffft!"


(Giant-Size Defenders#5 (fb) - BTS) - The Terrans managed to retain control of New York City. By examining the Badoon historical records, the humans learned that the aliens had tried to conquer Earth once before but had failed. However, the records of the invasion were incomplete since part of them had been lost when the Badoon had fled. The Guardians of the Galaxy ultimately decided to fly their starship back through time to the late 20th century in an attempt to find those lost records.

(Defenders I#27 (fb) - BTS) <3015 A.D.> - Koz, Lordsire Droom's chief aide, discovered that the Guardians' starship was in orbit around Earth. Once a sensor-scan had confirmed the presence of nine life-forms aboard, Koz dispatched intercept craft to attack the Captain America.

(Defenders I#27) - Upon hearing Koz's report of his discovery and the orders he had given, Lordsire Droom called Koz an imbecile and ordered him to immediately call back the intercept craft. When Koz protested that they couldn't allow the Guardians to escape them, Droom stated that they would not but that he wanted the starship taken intact! Droom then reminded Koz that he had his orders and began monitoring the starship carrying the four rebels and their unknown (to the Badoon) passengers, stating that he had a far more dramatic end in mind for them than death by molecular dispersion fire. Minutes later, when Droom's sensors detected that the teleport circuits on the Guardians' starship had reached maximum power output, Droom pressed a button that sent a high-intensity directional radio wave up into space where it bisected and deflected the four teleport beams, and sent the scrambled molecules of the teleportees on a journey away from Earth and into the void of sub-space.

(Defenders I#27-28 (fb) - BTS) - The beams transporting Vance Astro and the Valkyrie sent them to a blood red swamp on the second planet from the sun in the Capella star system while the beams transporting Yondu and the Hulk sent them to the Drunkards' World, a planet as far away from Earth as Capella but in the opposite direction.

(Defenders I#27) - Lordsire Droom was continuing to monitor the Guardians' starship when the instruments suddenly exploded. A minion (who may have been Koz) speculated that the Guardians had discovered the Badoon spying upon them and used an unknown weapon to destroy the device but Droom corrected him, revealing that he had caused the destruction of the monitoring device by trying to use it to analyze a single sensor probe of enormous power. Believing that the Guardians must have developed some new power source, one that could topple the Badoon Empire, Droom ordered his minions to find and destroy that power source, at any cost and at once. Within minutes, the Badoon Elite Guard (two Badoon and some Zoms) had teleported up to the Captain America, arriving in the starship's teleport chamber, and were waiting there when Charlie-27, Martinex and a guest (Nighthawk) came to investigate. The leader (Koz?) ordered them to halt and proclaimed that their ship had been confiscated in the name of the Brotherhood!

(Defenders I#28) - Aboard the Captain America, one of the Badoon declared that they had boarded the starship to confiscate a sensor probe more potent than any known weapon in Earth's arsenal and the rebels'. Said rebels immediately attacked and were prevailing against the Zoms when one of the Badoon managed to stun Nighthawk and had the Zoms restrain him, then forced the others to surrender by threatening their comrade with what even a Badoon stun-blast would do to him as such close range. Taken to the sensor banks, the Badoon were puzzled to find no generators or circuitry, only an outlandishly-garbed human whom the rebels claimed was the power source they sought. The Badoon commander dismissed these claims as flagrant lies because no human brain could have emitted a probe of such intensity, especially not that of a corpse. However, Nighthawk's reaction caused the Badoon to realize that the corpse (Dr. Strange) had been alive but had apparently burned himself out. Finding this interesting, the Badoon stated that their medical teams could fetch the cranium for study at any time but that the three captured rebels were a more immediate problem and ordered the Zoms to take them back to the teleport chamber. As the Badoon, the Zoms and their prisoners teleported down to Sol-III, the astral form of Dr. Strange watched them go, amused that his physical body's decelerated metabolism had been mistaken for death.

(Defenders I#28 (fb) - BTS) - Back on Sol-III, the Badoon prepared to publicly execute the three captured rebels.

(Defenders I#28 - BTS) - Meanwhile, on Swampworld, Starhawk introduced Major Astro and the Valkyrie to Queen Tolaria who extended the Sisterhood's welcome to them. She explained the history of the Badoon race to them, and they in turn revealed the atrocities that the Brotherhood had been committing. Shocked by what she had heard, Queen Tolaria had just promised that the Sisterhood would investigate their claims when the Terrans suddenly disappeared from in front of her, mystically teleported back to Earth by Doctor Strange's astral form.

(Defenders I#28-29) - With the whole world watching on planetwide video, a firing squad of the Brotherhood of Badoon was about to kill the captured rebels who called themselves the "Guardians of the Galaxy." However, before the fire command could be given, the squad's molecular dispersion rifles were shattered by a psycho-kinetic blast from Major Vance Astro while the Valkyrie slew the squad leader with her sword and then used it to free the captives from their mind-deadening restraints. Having dealt with the firing squad, the five rebels tried to flee. Another swarm of Badoon immediately challenged them but were swiftly frozen stiff by Martinex.

   Later, the Badoon guarding the headquarters of their High Command were taken by surprise when the five Terrans attacked. In the midst of battle, Yondu and the Hulk suddenly appeared and joined in the fighting. Soon, in the communications center, Droom and the technicians were subdued by the rebels who had come to use the equipment to contact the human freedom fighters in New York. Then Doctor Strange and Jack Norriss appeared, and Strange used his magic to paralyze all of the Badoon in the area.

   At Badoon prison camps all around the planet, Doctor Strange and Jack Norris would teleport in, then Norriss would use a ray-rifle to dispense with the guards so that Strange could magically cause the fences to dematerialize. Strange would then call upon the prisoners to throw of their shackles before teleporting to the next prison site.

   As all fifty million Terran men, women and children were liberated in this manner, they ran wild against their former masters, and a bloodbath ensued. In Chicago, the baneful brothers of Badoon all fell asleep when Strange cast a spell so that at least one city would be taken without further bloodshed.

(Marvel Presents#3 (fb) - BTS) - With all the Terrans slaves having been freed from bondage by the Defenders, war erupted around the world as Terran men, women and children fought the Badoon to regain supremacy on their would. At the forefront of each battle were the Guardians of the Galaxy.

(Marvel Presents#3) - Eventually, the final battle occurred in New Moscow, the capital of the former world government. While the Earthmen, Major Astro, Charlie-27 and Yondu fought the Badoon in the streets, Martinex stealthily entered the Badoon base (the former Federation Hall) and disabled the Badoon communications system. When Koord, Badoon governor of Sol-III, tried to summon reinforcements, Martinex confronted him and used his powers to reduce Koord to ashes.

   By this time, the last of the Badoon in the area were being rounded up by the victorious human forces. EARTH WAS FREE! However, the bitterness felt by the Earthmen over what they had experienced at the hands of the Brotherhood of Badoon caused many of them to suggest that they should avenge themselves upon their captives by killing or maiming them all one by one. To forestall this, Starhawk guided the space-fleet of the Sisterhood of Badoon to land in New Moscow. Queen Tolaria exited her ship and announced that the Sisterhood had come to remove their "meddlesome males" from Earth. The Guardians felt this was a good solution, but the males, terrified of the idea of being forced to go with the females, began to plead for death instead.


(Marvel Presents#3) - The vengeful Terrans, however, felt that this was a ploy and some began to kill the captive male Badoon and speak of attacking the females and Starhawk as well. Seeing that the Terrans were not favorably disposed towards their proposed solution, Queen Tolaria reentered her ship to await their decision. To prevent the situation from escalating, Starhawk used his powers to blind everyone in the area, thereby allowing the females to evacuate the males without further interference.

   In the following days, the Guardians cooperated with Starhawk and the Sisterhood as they journeyed around the planet evacuating the surviving male Badoon. Although sometimes there was no resistance, usually the Terrans did resist, and then the Guardians had to take action to stop them.

   Within a week, all of the male Badoon on Earth had been removed from the planet by the Sisterhood's space-fleet. In their absence, humanity was left to decide their future for themselves, without any potential scapegoat to blame for their failures.

(Guardians of the Galaxy I#20 (fb) - BTS) - In actuality, some members of the Brotherhood of Badoon were able to secretly avoid being captured by the Sisterhood. These males (allegedly) remained "very active" in certain (unspecified) regions.


(Marvel Presents#3) - Months later, having all realized that they felt out of place in Earth's new postwar society, the Guardians of the Galaxy left the planet.

(Guardians of the Galaxy I#20 (fb) / Guardians of the Galaxy I#32 (fb) - BTS) <3016 A.D.> - In the aftermath of the "seven-year occupation" by the Badoon, the surviving people of Earth felt a desperate need to escape the horrors which they had known. Doctor Doom had created Realitee-Vee, the most effective method of mass manipulation ever conceived. As part of his plan, Doom had developed the technology to transmit a highly addictive odorless gas alongside audio and video signals. Doom then employed some Badoon to adapt the Saltex Project's refinery in the Bronx to produce those gases. Once that was done, Doom, acting through a consortium, introduced Realitee-Vee (RTV) as a new home entertainment system which was (supposedly) based on pirated Badoon technology that offered a completely interactive experience which affected all of the viewer's senses at once. RTV was extremely successful, and most of Earth's population signed up. However, thanks to the "alien" narcotic, RTV was extremely addictive, and the effects were cumulative. Eventually, the older generation of viewers became so addicted that they remained watching their sets without eating or sleeping until they finally died. Meanwhile, the younger generation took to the streets, formed gangs and began the bloodiest Turf War in history. As a result, Earth's civilization just collapsed.

(Guardians of the Galaxy I#17 (fb)/Guardians of the Galaxy I#32 (fb) - BTS) - The Manhattan-based Commandeers fought to restore order to their city. When their activities threatened the security of the Saltex Project, Doctor Doom released Vance Astro's docu-chips about the Punisher to the proper criminal element which led to the formation of the Punishers, the most violent and ruthless of the street armies.

(Guardians of the Galaxy I#19 (fb) - BTS) - Unaware of Doom's involvement, the Punishers worked for the Badoon who claimed to be behind Realitee-Vee and all of the destruction that it had caused. They protected the RTV refinery by keeping the Commandeers busy uptown.

(Marvel Presents#8 - BTS) <3016 A.D.> - In deep space, the Guardians of the Galaxy came across a Badoon ship's recording device. When Martinex activated the mento-corder, it flooded the team's minds with the sights and sounds of the Badoon's first attempt to conquer Earth. After the Guardians had witnessed how humanity had been saved by the Silver Surfer, Major Astro declared that he'd seen enough and destroyed the device. Astro then explained that, as someone who had been alive back then, he had heard of the Silver Surfer and how he had helped the Fantastic Four to save Earth from Galactus. However, instead of being honored for his actions, humanity felt that the Surfer was "too different" and so they had shunned him instead. Now, thanks to the mento-corder, Astro was overcome with shame at how humanity had treated the Silver Surfer after he had saved Earth at least twice over.

(Fantastic Four Annual I#24/2) <3017 A.D.> - A Badoon outpost somewhere in space was assaulted by a group of freedom fighters which included the Guardians of the Galaxy. In the middle of the fight, Starhawk suddenly became aware that the threat to the universe posed by Michael Korvac still existed. To deal with the larger threat, the Guardians withdrew from that battle and traveled back in time to the 20th century, leaving the mop-up operations at the outpost to the other freedom fighters.

(Guardians of the Galaxy I#17 (fb) - BTS) - On Earth, the Turf War eventually ended and the Commandeers claimed New York City as their spoils but the Punishers remained a constant threat.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#134/4 (fb) - BTS) - On that unspecified planet where the Badoon slave ship had crashed and the Badoon and human survivors were trying to wipe each other out, a male Badoon whose name has never been revealed and a human woman named Debb fell in love with each other.

(Guardians of the Galaxy I#17-19 - BTS) <3018 A.D.> - The Guardians of the Galaxy returned to Earth and allied themselves with the Commandeers who briefed them on what had happened during the "four years" since they had left Earth. As the two teams set out on a mission to destroy all the RTV sets in the city, they were attacked by the Punishers. The Inhuman named Talon eventually showed up to help them get away from their foes. When the teams revealed that they wanted to go to the refinery where the RTV gas was produced, Talon began leading them to it through the tunnel system.

(Guardians of the Galaxy I#19) - The Badoon at the refinery observed via hidden cameras when the combined team arrived at the refinery. When one asked what beings who were "only human" could do against a refinery of that size, the other one ("My Lord") gave him a whack and told him to never underestimate those humans because they were the Guardians of the Galaxy and what they had done before should never be forgotten. "My Lord" then activated an alarm.
   Later, when the teams had penetrated deeper into the complex and Talon had explained that it was the world's only RTV refinery, the two Badoon, backed by the rest of the Punisher army, revealed their presence and claimed that "the Brotherhood of the Badoon was behind all of this!" Forced to drop their weapons to save Charlie-27's life from a Punisher double agent, the heroes were about to be executed by the Punishers.

(Guardians of the Galaxy I#20) - The sudden arrival of Major Victory (formerly Major Astro), Hollywood and Krugarr distracted the Punishers and prevented them from executing their prisoners who took that opportunity to strike back. Nikki opened fire, shooting and killing the Badoon named Durgg and his hound-hawk. His companion Durge chose to flee the battle so that he could alert "the others." Durge made it to the Punishers' tank (the Ultimate Punisher) with the leader of the Punishers, the General, beside him and revealed that he planned to escape in it. However, Hollywood lifted the tank off the ground and threw it but, at Charlie-27's request, Krugarr cast a spell which caught the tank and another spell which teleported the Guardians, the Commandeers and the tank to the center of the complex. As Durge attempted to contact the Brotherhood, the humans outside stated their intent to detonate a nuclear device and asked the tank's occupants to surrender so that they could be protected. Durge told the General to ignore the ultimatum because the "so-called heroes [did] not have the backbone to do it!" but the General disagreed and shot Durge dead before emerging unarmed. He was promptly shot dead by the Commandeer Gabrielle seconds before Krugarr teleported everyone away from the nuclear explosion that Charlie-27 had set off.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#134/4 (fb) - BTS) - After "fourteen years" on that unspecified planet where the Badoon slave ship had crashed, there was only one last Badoon left alive. Five of the six remaining humans were determined to kill him but the sixth was Debb, the Badoon's "mate." The Badoon hunters beat both Debb and her mate but he managed to get away and they left Debb behind to hunt him.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#134/4) - After hitting a gravity well while flying a solo exploration mission, Vance Astro of the Guardians of the Galaxy crashed his shuttle on Debb's planet. Searching for the humanoid life signs he had scanned on the way down, Astro soon came across the injured Debb who begged him to save her mate. Astro agreed and set off after her attackers. Spotting them, Astro used a psychokinetic burst to bring down a canyon wall in front of them but he was then attacked from behind by the Badoon. After blocking the Badoon's attack, Astro used his powers to quickly render the Badoon unconscious.

    At that point the five hunters showed up and offered to finish the job. The hunters explained how they were the only survivors of the crashed Badoon slave ship and that they had been battling the "stinking reptiles" for fourteen years. As Astro hesitated, unsure if he should allow them to kill the Badoon in cold blood, Debb showed up with Astro's laser-rifle and stood over the Badoon who begged his "Darling" to get back or the hunters would kill her too. Although surprised by this revelation, Astro used his powers to prevent the hunters from killing the "filthy Badoon lover" and her mate. He then revealed that the Guardians of the Galaxy had defeated the Badoon "months ago" and said that when the Guardians arrived to rescue him they would be able to go home and help rebuild Earth. At that moment, Nikki contacted him via radio, and Astro had her teleport the five hunters to the Guardians' ship. Debb thanked Astro and the Badoon clasped hands with him, then Astro teleported away, leaving the two lovers alone to have a clean start.

And that's the last time that any of the Brotherhood of Badoon were seen in Reality-691's 31st Century.
Well, except for this peculiar interlude:

(Guardians of the Galaxy I#44-46) - At some point, for reasons that have never been fully explained, the planet Centauri-IV and all of its inhabitants (except for Yondu Udonta) were seemingly transformed into (or replaced by) the planet "Alpha Centauri IV" and its inhabitants from Reality-9445. In that timeline, the Badoon had invaded and conquered the Centaurian homeworld in the 21st century, killed most of the male Centaurians and carried off most of the young female Centaurians for breeding purposes. After years of (forced) breeding, the first of these hybrid Centaurians with Badoon features had been born and proved to be very prolific so that by the early 31st century they greatly outnumbered the relatively few "pure" Centaurians still alive. Additionally, the planet itself had suffered as the way in which the Badoon had plundered its natural resources had caused so much pollution that the water-breathing Alphans had become extinct long ago.

(Guardians of the Galaxy I#44 (fb) - BTS) - In this strange new world which his home planet had become, Yondu found himself hunted by the "half-breeds" who targeted any who followed the outlawed worship of Anthos. At some point, Yondu encountered Starhawk (Stakar) who informed him that his world's history had been rewritten because the Guardians had left his Yaka dagger on the planet Moord during their most recent trip into the past. Starhawk also revealed that the Guardians would soon approach Yondu to ask that he accompany them to the Beyonder's world because his spiritual knowledge would be crucial to their upcoming mission.

(Guardians of the Galaxy I#44) - As Yondu awaited the arrival of the Guardians, he reassured Starhawk that he would rejoin the Guardians but that, because of what they had done, his participation would come at a very high price.

   Soon afterwards, the Guardians arrived on the planet they believed to be Centauri IV, with only Aleta being aware of its current state. The Guardians were surprised by Yondu's cold reception so he explained how his world had been changed by their actions in the past. Although Major Victory (Vance Astro) was initially unwilling to accept what Yondu and Aleta were saying, Talon was able to use the All-Seeing Eye of Agamotto to confirm that the planet was now dominated by Badoon/Centaurian hybrids.

When prompted by Aleta, Talon explained the "time jolt" theory which stated that a minor revision in the past could cause severe ramifications in the future but leave the memories of those directly responsible for the change unaltered. Nikki wondered aloud if that meant that they were now living in an alternate future that was different from the one they had been in before. Yondu became impatient with the fact that they were talking instead of acting and revealed Starhawk had told him that his spiritual knowledge would be crucial to their upcoming mission but that he planned to withhold his services until his homeworld's history had been rewritten as it was before. Surprised, Aleta asked how Yondu knew that she had intended to ask him to accompany them Beyond and Yondu replied that he had spoken directly to "him." The Guardians realized that Yondu, unaware that Aleta had taken the power of Starhawk from Stakar, had been referring to Stakar when he spoke of Starhawk, and at that moment Stakar presented himself, claiming to be the one, true Starhawk.

(Guardians of the Galaxy I#45) - As Stakar and Aleta battled in the sky over who was the real Starhawk, the Guardians and Yondu watched from below until they were attacked by six of the hybrids who were angered by the presence of the offworlders and "the accursed Anthosian priest." When asked if he would fight against his people, Yondu stated that "these Badoon half-breeds" were not his people and so he stood with the Guardians of the Galaxy. However, the resulting battle soon ended when an explosion in the sky caused the natives to scatter in fear, believing that the "demon aliens" were possessed. As Charlie-27 mentioned that he had never known a Centaurian to run from a battle, Yondu reminded him (again) that they were NOT Centaurians and that their Badoon ancestry made them highly superstitious. At that point, Stakar and Aleta returned, stated that they would return to 20th century Moord to attempt to reverse the time jolt, and revealed that their hands had been fused together by the Hawk God.

(Guardians of the Galaxy I#46) - After the two Starhawks left the 31st century and began traveling back in time, the Guardians and Yondu were abducted from Alpha Centauri IV by the Beyonder who transported them to his home universe.

(Guardians of the Galaxy I#47) - After returning from their mission to 20th century Moord in Reality-616 (where they had destroyed the Yaka dagger before the Badoon could acquire it), the joined Starhawks travelled to Alpha Centauri IV to confirm that their actions in the past had undone the Time Jolt and restored the planet's history to the way it had been. They found that Yondu's race was pure once again, that the Alphans were no longer extinct, and that the planet was thriving instead of polluted, observations which seemingly proved that they had been successful. However, upon discovering that the Guardians were no longer where they had been, Aleta flew away, dragging Stakar behind her as they travelled...Beyond.

All of Reality-691 (including the Brotherhood of Badoon and their empire) was destroyed along with the rest of the Sixth Multiverse by the Beyonders in an attempt to prevent the threat of the coming Dominion

This timeline may have been (re)created as part of the Seventh Multiverse by Franklin Richards. Or maybe not.

Note: The third story in Guardians of the Galaxy III#14 (June, 2014) introduced Geena Drake, a teenage girl who was rescued from a Badoon labor camp on Earth in 3014 A.D. by the five members of the Guardians of the Galaxy. They revealed that they had sought her out because their precog, Starhawk, had sensed that she was needed to help them combat something in the past that was disrupting history and forcing them to replay their war again and again. Although the presence of the Guardians initially made it appear that these stories were set in Reality-691 whose past was being altered as time eroded, it was later revealed that this was not the case. Instead, as Galactus told Geena in Guardians 3000#6, Geena's origin era was "nothing more than the echo of a universe that (had) already perished. Fragments of alternate realities and broken dimensional iterations grind(ing) against each other, meaninglessly. The debris of a doomed reality." Galactus further revealed that "In Earth-year 2015 A.D., this universe will be UNMADE. The time period (Geena came) from (was) just the dissipating debris of that event, the receding shockwave. The ghost afterimage of a universe that simply stopped being." This was apparently a reference to how the Beyonders had destroyed the Sixth Multiverse.

   Things became slightly more complicated in Guardians 3000#7-8 when Geena and the Guardians discovered that Korvac was active on Earth-616 in 2015 A.D. When Geena confronted him, Korvac revealed that he had been reformatting the multiverse, dismantling time so that the universe could be rebuilt, and that from Geena's perspective it had looked like the universe was collapsing. However, Korvac soon discovered that time had run out (due to the Beyonders) and that the entire multiverse was experiencing a "localized reality failure" that even he, with all his power, could not prevent.

   In other words, despite initial assumptions, the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Badoon who appear in Guardians of the Galaxy III#14/3 and Guardians 3000#1-2 are NOT from Reality-691. However, it's also very possible that ALL of the GOTG futures were wiped out by Korvac before the Beyonders could do so and, if that were true, there would have been nothing for Franklin Richards to recreate.

Comments: The Badoon race was created by Stan Lee, John Buscema and Joe Sinnott.
   The Brotherhood of Badoon who conquered Earth in 3007 A.D. was created by Arnold Drake, Gene Colan, and Michael Esposito (as "Mickey Demeo").

Where is the Brotherhood of Badoon's homeworld?
   In their first appearance (in Silver Surfer I#2), the Brotherhood of Badoon claimed to be "from a world so ancient it has no name." This could mean that their home planet in the Capella system wasn't actually named "Lotiara" (as claimed by the Official Handbooks) or that it was unnamed while the males lived there and was only given the name "Lotiara" by the Sisterhood of Badoon after they became its sole inhabitants. It's also possible that the Brotherhood's homeworld does have a name ("Moord") but the Brotherhood prefer to keep the name secret and so lie about it having no name.

   According to the Badoon quarter-page entries in OHotMU I#2 (February, 1983) and OHotMU II#15 (March, 1987), the Badoon race originated on the planet Lotiara (aka "Swampworld"), second from the sun in the Lomora (Earth designation: Capella) star system within the Milky Way Galaxy. It was stated that "The males have migrated to another planet, Moord, location unknown." However, this is contradicted by the stories in GOTG I#30-31 (November-December, 1992) which identified the Lomora star system as being where the planet Moord was located. If the identification of the second planet from the sun in the Capella star system being their original homeworld remains canon, then "Lomora" would NOT be just the native name for Capella but an entirely different star system, one whose location has not yet been revealed. However, it should be noted that the planet Moord that appeared in GOTG I#30-33 existed in Reality-616, not Reality-691, so maybe the names were switched in the two timelines? Or maybe the writer was just bad at doing his background research?

   For what it's worth, the quarter-page profile on the Badoon that was presented in Annihilation: The Nova Corps Files#1 (October, 2006), published more than ten years after those GOTG issues, does repeat the claim that Lotiara is in the Lomora star system and that the males have migrated to another planet, Moord, whose location is unknown.

What happened to the Brothers Royal?
   Although the Brotherhood of Badoon that existed in the 20th century was ruled by a succession of Brothers Royal, presumed to all be members of a single ruling family, it is unclear who the rulers of the male Badoon civilization were in the 30st century. Drang, sometimes called Lordsire Drang, was the Supreme Commander of the Eastern Sector of the Badoon Empire, a title that suggests that there were other Supreme Commanders for other sectors of the empire. However, there were references to the Eastern Zone Council, a ruling body that may or may not have had more authority than the Supreme Commander. It's possible that these Supreme Commanders all served a higher-ranked male Badoon who may or may not have been a Brother Royal, but absolutely no information has been provided that would either support or disprove that theory.

Divergence from "mainstream" reality
   The Brotherhood of Badoon first appeared in Silver Surfer I#2 (October, 1968). An edited partial reprint of that story appeared (as a Badoon mento-cording) in Marvel Presents#8 (December, 1976). At the time it was believed that the 31st century in which the Guardians of the Galaxy existed was a possible future of the "mainstream" Marvel Universe (Reality-616). It was later established that the GOTG timeline (Reality-691) had diverged from Reality-616 in Marvel Two-in-One I#69 (November, 1980) when Major Astro confronted his younger self, Vance Astrovik, and activated young Vance's latent mutant abilities far earlier than had happened in his own past history. If this was true, then the Silver Surfer's encounter with the Badoon would have occurred in the common past that both timelines shared. However, it was later decided that Reality-691 had actually diverged from Reality-616 at some as-yet-unspecified point that was much earlier than MTIO#69. As a result, the events depicted in Silver Surfer I#2 and Marvel Presents#8 (fb) are NOT two records of the same event but records of two almost-identical events which took place in two separate timelines.

   While the Silver Surfer's encounter with the Badoon in Silver Surfer I#2 lasts for 27 pages, beginning when he first sights their starship (on page 12) and ending when that starship has fled from Earth (on page 38), Marvel Presents#8 only had 15 pages to devote to reprinted material. As a result, 12 of those 27 pages were omitted. I have chosen to believe that the events depicted on those missing 12 pages did also occur in Reality-691, even though they were not presented by the Mento-Corder in Marvel Presents#8. The most significant omissions are the 5 pages that showed what the Brother Royal was doing to pass the time while he waited for the hunt for the Silver Surfer to begin and the 2 pages that were taken out of the middle of the Surfer's 4-page battle with the Monster of Badoon. Also, the reprint omits the fact that the Surfer did not stay with the invisible starship from the time it arrived in New York City but was instead separated from it by unwitting and hostile New Yorkers. This is significant because it was during those "minutes" that the Surfer spent in police custody that the Badoon abducted the young woman who later warned him of their true intentions towards humanity and Earth.

   It's worth noting that the Sliding Timescale which affects the mainstream Marvel Universe does not seem to be in effect in Reality-691. As a result, the Martian invasion/conquest of 2001 A.D. is locked in place, causing events that preceded it (like the Skin Cancer Epidemic of 1982, the launching of Vance Astro's starship in 1988 and the Bionics Wars of the 1990s) to also be fixed in place in that timeline. This means that, while the first Badoon attempt to conquer Earth-616 took place about fourteen years ago in Marvel Time, the first Badoon attempt to conquer Earth-691 was thwarted by the Silver Surfer in 1968 A.D. (or maybe c. 1973 A.D.) Similarly, while the birthdate of the Vance Astrovik from Earth-616, who first appeared as a thirteen-year-old in comics published in 1975, has drifted forward in time until he was (currently) born about twenty-nine years ago, the birthdate of the Vance Astro from Earth-691 remains July 3, 1962. Unfortunately, the two writers who handled this timeline in the 1990s, Jim Valentino and Michael Gallagher, had different ideas about the Sliding Timescale, so their stories created a chronology that was inconsistent and contradictory, and remains so. There's also the fact that heroes who were active in 1975 stories (like Captain America, the Thing and Spider-Man) would (or should) all have been about twenty-six years older when the Martians invaded in 2001 A.D.

   If one assumes that the Earth-691 timeline is locked, then the early life of Vance Astrovik is also locked. That would mean that the first attempted invasion of Earth-691, depicted in a story published six (real world) years before Defenders I#26, when Vance was 13-years-old in 1975, would have only taken about two "Marvel years" earlier. Accordingly, I have shifted the date of the events depicted in Marvel Presents#8 forward to about 1973 A.D.

    On a similar note, the Marvel Two-In-One#4-5 story referenced Tara traveling back to 1974 A.D. That is obviously a topical reference relevant to the story at the time, as she traveled back to the "modern era" of Reality-616 (though, as noted, the MTIO story did not consider the Guardians' timeline to be an alternate future but a potential one). The "modern era" is a 15-year-or-so time period, and so, at the date of the posting of this profile, 12/31/2023, the Fantastic Four's spaceflight would have occurred in 2008 or someone traveling to 1974 would not have hooked up with the Thing and Captain America, etc. in their native time period.

Toes, tongues and eyes
   First, the number of toes that each Badoon has on their feet has varied over time. The Badoon (including Drang) were depicted as having only two toes per foot in their first two appearances (in Silver Surfer I#2 and Marvel Super-Heroes I#18) but by the time they appear in Marvel Two-In-One I#5 and Defenders I#26-29 they almost all have three toes (including Drang). And then they go back to having two toes in the first GOTG series (including Drang in a flashback story). No in-story explanation has ever been provided.

   Second, the Badoon have forked tongues, like many species of terrestrial reptiles, but they are not usually visible outside their mouths unless they are eating or feeling strong emotion. Their tongues are also usually depicted as being red in color but some stories have shown them with green tongues. At least one Badoon, Drang, has been depicted with a red tongue in some stories but a green one in others. Is this a coloring error? Or were there two different Badoon leaders named Drang? Or was there only one Drang whose tongue, between 3007 A.D. and 3014 A.D., changed from green to red?

   Third, the color of Badoon eyes has been depicted inconsistently. In the very first story in which they appeared, the Badoon (including the Brother Royal) were shown with eyes that were entirely black but one close-up panel showed the Brother Royal's eyes as being completely red. The Badoon in MTIO#5 and GOTG I#26 (including Drang) all had fully-black eyes but a wider variety of coloring schemes were on display in Defenders I#27-29 and Marvel Presents#3, ranging from all-black to yellow (with slit or round irises) to large black irises on green sclera. In contrast, the Badoon in GOTG I#20 had all-red eyes.

Badoon Inhumans?
   Although Badoon Inhumans have appeared in stories set within the mainstream Marvel Universe, so far they have not shown up in any GOTG story. This makes sense since the last GOTG story set in Reality-691 was published in 1995, almost a full fifteen years before writer Jonathan Hickman decided to reveal that there were other "Inhuman" races who had been created long ago by Kree genetic experimentation. So, what are the chances that Badoon Inhumans exist (or existed) in Reality-691?

   The fact that Terran Inhumans (like Talon) exist makes it clear that the Kree race in Reality-691 did conduct the same metagenesis experiments as their counterparts in Reality-616. Furthermore, the fact that the Badoon and Centaurian races still existed in Reality-691 in the 30th century is proof that they, like their 616 counterparts, were not wiped out by the Kree Accusers hundreds of thousands of years ago. Taken together, these two facts make it possible that Badoon, Centaurian, Dire Wraith and Kymellian Inhumans could exist (or have existed) in Reality-691 as well. However, there is another possible explanation which would account for these facts. Suppose that the Kree from Reality-691 did conduct their metagenesis experiments on various young races but that the number of races whom they chose to be test subjects was smaller than the 106 (or more) races chosen by the Kree from Reality-616? If so, then that could mean that the Badoon and/or Centaurians from Reality-691 were never part of the Kree experiments and thus Badoon and/or Centaurian Inhumans were never created in the first place. In this scenario, if there were never any Badoon or Centaurian Inhumans to pose a possible threat to the Kree Supreme Intelligence, then the fearful Supremor had no reason to order its Accusers to eliminate the threat by wiping out their races. Of course, at this time there is no way for me (or anyone else) to determine which of these two scenarios is the correct one and so I've included the data about the Kree experiments on the assumption that the two realities diverged sometime after those experiments were carried out 300,000 years ago. Future stories could prove me wrong.

Korvac retcon?
   In Iron Man VI#9 (August, 2021), writer Christopher Cantwell presented a five-page flashback of Korvac's which seemingly revealed a hidden truth about why the Badoon had transformed him into a man-machine. In this memory, Korvac had already begun collaborating with the Badoon by the year 2997 and, in exchange for a modest position within the Badoon Empire, he would infiltrate human resistance cells, betray them to be captured by the Badoon so that his masters could learn all they knew, and then execute them. After one such execution, Korvac had been sent back to his station to tend to his computer modules but had broken down in shame over his actions. When one of his superiors found that he had left his module, he decided to punish Korvac by making sure that he could never leave that module again, and that was the reason why his lower body was amputated and his upper body was grafted to that module.

   This revised origin is certainly interesting and it does make sense that the Badoon would have been preparing for their invasion of Earth's solar system for years before they actually did it. However, this origin also contains some elements that are inconsistent with the established timeline. To be specific, the last three humans who Korvac executed were identified as being members of a resistance cell who spoke of having to get word back to Earth about the Badoon's plans for invasion. The existence of a resistance implies that there must have been a larger community of humans, one which had already been conquered/occupied by the Badoon in 2997. This is problematic because, for almost 50 years, it has been canon that Earth's only extra-solar colony was located on Centauri-IV and that planet wasn't attacked by the Badoon until 3006 A.D. So, where did these humans come from?

   The only way in which this revised origin works is if some other extra-solar colony, one that has never been mentioned before, is retconned into existence in Reality-691. Now, that could have been made to happen with this flashback, but only if the writer had chosen to do so. Since he did NOT do that, I am not disposed to do it for him and it is for that reason that I have not incorporated this retcon into this profile's history. Instead, I've left Korvac's original backstory in place. Who knows, maybe the writer of some future story will explicitly establish that there had been some other extra-solar Terran colony that existed in 2997 in some other star system, and that it was that colony that the Badoon had conquered and occupied, prompting some of those colonists to form a resistance cell which Korvac then infiltrated and betrayed, leading to his transformation into a cyborg. However, that story hasn't been written yet and I'm not going to ASSume facts that are not in evidence regarding this currently-hypothetical colony.

Distorted reality/Altered timestream
   In Guardians of the Galaxy I#27-33, the Guardians team from the early 31st century of Reality-691 made their fourth visit to the modern era of Reality-616. Arriving just after the Infinity War had begun, their stay resulted in several significant developments. First, Vance Astro's journey through the Dark Dimension attracted the attention of Dormammu who secretly followed him and stowed away aboard Drydock so as to travel to the future. Second, the struggle between Stakar and Aleta for control over their shared physical form as Starhawk ended with a victorious Aleta transforming Stakar into his infant body and transporting him back into the jar on Arcturus IV where he was destined to begin his life cycle over again. And third, after abandoning their pre-emptive strike against the Badoon, the Guardians returned to their own time but the Yaka dagger which Yondu had given Charlie 27 was left behind on Moord where it was found by the Brother Royal.

   After returning to their own time, the Guardians took part in several adventures before Aleta shanghaied them away from Asgard on a mission to confront the Beyonder. However, before they went Beyond, Aleta took them to Alpha Centauri to pick up Yondu. Unfortunately, their old comrade was in a very hostile mood because what the Guardians had done in the past had changed the course of Badoon history so that they had invaded Yondu's planet almost a millennium before they had in the original timeline. Most of the male Centaurians had been killed in the initial attack and many of the females had been used to breed a new race of Badoon/Centaurian hybrids who soon came to outnumber the few surviving true Centaurians. After Aleta had Talon explain the Time Jolt theory, Nikki wondered if they might have returned to an alternate future than the one from which they had left but Yondu grew impatient and demanded that they restore his world's history or he would not use his spiritual knowledge to help them on their upcoming mission. Surprised, Aleta asked how he knew why she wanted his help but, as Yondu replied that Starhawk had told him, the Guardians all saw that Stakar had returned as Starhawk. As the two Starhawks began to battle, their conflict attracted the attention of an irritated Hawk God who appeared before them and punished them by fusing Stakar's left hand and Aleta's right hand together. The Starhawks used their now-combined power to travel back to Moord in Reality-616's 20th century to reverse the Time Jolt and correct Alpha Centauri's disrupted history. Once they destroyed the Yaka dagger before the Brother Royal could claim it, the Starhawks returned to Reality-691's 31st century and confirmed that Alpha Centauri IV's history had been restored to the way it had been before the Time Jolt. And then other things happened.

   At first glance, this seems like a familiar science fiction story: A group of time travelers return to their own time and discover that their actions in the past have radically changed the course of history so they have to travel back in time to restore the timeline to the way it was. There's even an explanation for why the time travelers still remembered the original timeline. Unfortunately, one HUGE problem with the story is the fact that those timeline-changing actions all took place in the mainstream Marvel Universe from which, as several footnotes remind us, the Guardians' timeline had already diverged. So, basically, the entire storyline was based on the false premise that changing something in timeline #1 after it and timeline #2 had diverged would be capable of altering the history of timeline #2. This is a weird idea that is logically inconsistent with any other time travel story I've ever read/seen. The best thing about this storyline is that it provides a good example of why someone who doesn't know how time travel is supposed to work within a certain fictional continuity should not be allowed to write a time travel story set in that continuity.

   Anyway, I've already written down my thoughts about the problems I had with that storyline elsewhere so I won't repeat them here. Instead, I'll just jump to the conclusions I had reached.

   Under close examination, it seems clear that, despite what the writer intended, what happened to Centauri-IV was not a timeline alteration. The fact that Centauri-IV was changed while Earth was not suggests that the effect was localized to that one planet. The best explanation that I could develop to account for what happened to Centauri-IV is that the planet and its counterpart in another timeline were somehow switched, with Centauri-IV from Reality-691 exchanging places with Alpha Centauri IV from Reality-9445 (a.k.a. the "Yaka-verse"). Another version of this theory would be that the two realities were temporarily overlapped or merged and that the point where they did so was Centauri-IV/Alpha Centauri IV. As for why Yondu wasn't affected by this inter-dimensional exchange/merger and presumably remained in Reality-691 while the planet beneath his feet changed, that could be attributed to the same reason why he was supposedly protected from what had been thought to be an alteration in the timeline: all the time travel he had experienced while with the Guardians had left him with some sort of temporal charge (or something) that had protected him in the same way that the "Time Jolt" effect had protected the other Guardians.

   Although this storyline was published almost thirty years ago, nobody at Marvel has bothered to provide an explanation for WHY simply leaving a Yaka dagger on the planet Moord in Reality-616 would cause an exchange/overlapping/merger of two planets from Reality-691 and Reality-9445. Since the writer responsible clearly didn't know that he had written an altered reality story instead of a changed timeline story, his story contains no clues to who this reality-warper might have been. In the absence of any deliberately-placed evidence, suspicion must, by default, fall on the only Cosmic Entity known to have any involvement in this storyline, the Hawk God who was the source of Starhawk's power. However, as a default explanation, that's not very satisfying, and I would really like to see some writer finally fix this storyline by revealing why the Hawk God would have warped reality in that manner. So far, no answer has been forthcoming.

Differences from the original story
   The Guardians of the Galaxy first appeared in a new story published in Marvel Super-Heroes II#18 (January, 1969). The team's next appearance was in Marvel Two-in-One#5 (September, 1974) and the "future history" of their world wasn't revealed until Defenders#26 (August, 1975). During that six year period some of the elements from the original story were changed.

   According to Marvel Super Heroes II#18:

  1. The United Lands of Earth was one of "the dozens of planets in the U.L.E. Federation."
  2. The Jovian colonists lived on Jupiter's solid surface?!?
  3. High-intensity Harkovite was mined on Jupiter.
  4. Charlie-27 lost radio contact with Jupiter two months before the end of his six months of "space solitary" duty. This corresponds to the time when Pluto was evacuated.
  5. When Charlie-27 was confronted by two armed Badoon, he used his handweapon to shoot one while narrowly dodging a blast fired by that Badoon, and then (inadvertently) pushed the other Badoon into a nearby Incendi-Drop.
  6. When he returned to Jupiter, Charlie-27 was the last free Jovian. Other Jovians, including his father, were still alive but the Badoon had put them in labor camps where they were being forced to mine Harkovite without protection, something that would be fatal in five days.
  7. Martinex was not the last Pluvian, he was just the only one left on Pluto because he had stayed behind to blow up some industrial complexes when the others had evacuated.
  8. After Vance Astro and Yondu ran into Charlie-27 and Martinex in the Tele-Port, the foursome used it to transmit themselves to the New New York colony, said to be the place from which the "free colony" had supposedly started, where they vowed that Earth would overcome while standing in front of the burning ruins of a city.

   According to later stories set in the GOTG timeline:

  1. The United Federation of Earth consisted of only five planets: Earth, Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto and Centauri-IV.
  2. The Jovian colonists lived in city-spheres, cities built within giant plastiglass spheres which floated in Jupiter's atmosphere.
  3. The fuel for the Harkovian hyperdrive was found on Mercury where it was later mined by the Mercurians.
  4. Charlie-27's radio fell silent a month before the end of his six-month tour of the rim of the solar system. This correlates with the fact that Martinex had spent the last few weeks destroying scientific installations on Pluto after the rest of his people had left the planet.
  5. When Charlie-27 was confronted by two armed Badoon, he dodged their ray-blasts, knocked them out with two punches in quick succession, and then stole their weapons.
  6. After he returned to Jupiter, Charlie-27 soon learned that he was the last living Jovian.
  7. Martinex was the last Pluvian as all other Pluvians had been killed when their evacuation ship was destroyed by the Badoon.
  8. After Vance Astro and Yondu ran into Charlie-27 and Martinex in the Tele-Port, the Pluvian spotted a light (secretly emitted by Starhawk) which led the foursome to an old doorway and a sewer tunnel that led them to an exit that was miles from the burning city.

   So, considering the significant changes made to the GOTG concept after the original story, would it be fair to suggest that maybe Reality-691 first appeared in Marvel Two-in-One#4 and not in Marvel Super Heroes II#18?
   I tend to consider these corrections of errors, but there probably is a reality that mirrors events of Marvel Super-Heroes II#18 exactly....however, given the long-existing designations and first appearances of all of those characters, I am very reluctant to contradict that information on this unofficial website.

Marvel Super-Heroes Origin vs. Guardians of the Galaxy's (Secret) Origin
   As presented in Marvel Super-Heroes II#18, the origin of the Guardians of the Galaxy was imperfect, and it wasn't a bad idea to try to correct its flaws by presenting a revised origin in Guardians of the Galaxy I#26. However, in my opinion, that retelling introduced some flaws of its own into the origin. Here are two lists of what, in my opinion, the positive and negative changes were:

  1. The biggest and most-needed change was rewriting the origin so that the Jovians lived in their floating cities and not on the (non-existent) surface of Jupiter. This fact had been established almost 17 years earlier, back in Defenders I#26, and had been incorporated into an untold tale of the team's early days in Guardians of the Galaxy Annual I#1/3, but the origin itself hadn't been updated yet.
  2. Also, since Jupiter was no longer a solid planet whose resources could be mined by slave labor, the idea that the Badoon had left some Jovians alive, including Charlie-27's father, to work those mines and that Charlie-27 had fled from Jupiter in the false hope of returning to save his people was deleted. This changed Charlie-27 from being the last free Jovian who had had a chance to save his father but had failed to being the last living Jovian whose parents had already been killed by the time he had returned home.
  3. The first origin had stated that Martinex had been the only Pluvian left on Pluto because the rest of his people had evacuated but, by their next appearance in Marvel Two-In-One#5, he was described as the last survivor of Earth's Plutonian colony. The revised origin finally explained this by revealing that the Badoon had destroyed the ship carrying Martinex's people after it had left Pluto.
  4. In the original story, the four escaped from the Badoon on Earth by using the jump tubes to teleport to a planet called New New York that, given the limits of the teleport system, must have existed somewhere within the solar system. Since it was never explained, the idea of New New York was problematic, so rewriting how the Guardians escaped from that teleport depot made some sense.
  5. How Major Astro first met Yondu had been established in their entries in The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe but that story had never been told in any comic. The revised origin fixed that.

   Those were the positive changes. Here are the negative ones:

  1. While the first origin was presented in normal comic book style, as if the reader were an omniscient observer of events, the revised origin introduced the idea that Talon was going to be watching the docu-chip that Vance Astro made about the origin of the team. This approach was interesting but had two flaws. The first was that Talon asking Nikki how such video recordings were made and Nikki telling him not to ask really underscored how silly the idea that such a video record of the team's origin could exist really was. The second flaw was that it's pretty clear that the story we fans read was not what Talon actually watched. After all, a real video recording would not have been able to display Charlie-27's thoughts, and one would assume that Talon and/or Nikki would have said something if they had seen the seven glimpses of Starhawk that showed readers how he had manipulated events to get the four Guardians together. The fact that they didn't say anything means there was nothing for them to see which reaffirms that it wasn't a true "recording" after all.
  2. Some of the changes are minor and have no real effect on how the origin played out. However, that raises the question of why bother to make those small changes if there's no actual point to doing so? This gave me the impression that the writer, by not adhering exactly to the original story whenever possible, was not actually that respectful of established continuity. Admittedly, I had already come to that opinion after noticing things in previous issues that seemed to show that the writer wasn't that good at researching the backgrounds of the characters about whom he was writing and/or didn't really care if he got the "facts" right or not, so these minor and pointless changes only reinforced that opinion.
  3. The revised origin also supports the whole "Starhawk is the One Who Knows because he lives a serial existence and his knowledge comes from what he learned by reliving his life over and over again" idea. This is a negative for me because that explanation for Stakar's knowledge has some unpleasant implications. For one thing, given how the Marvel Multiverse works, in order for Stakar to have learned enough to know that certain things HAVE TO BE DONE at specific times means that he must have relived his life dozens or hundreds or thousands of times over, and that in turn means that there must be a version of the Earth-691 timeline for each and every one of those past lives. The idea that there must be a great many versions of this really tragic timeline in existence is sad. I mean, how many times has Stakar had to relive the deaths of his children? Worse, since one would presume that trying to avert those deaths would have been his highest priority, does that mean that he was eventually forced to accept that he had to ensure that they would be born so that he could later allow them to die in order for history to turn out in a more desirable way than it would have otherwise?

   That's weird. I didn't realize it until just now, after I've written out these lists, but my issues with the revised origin have more to do with the timeline as a whole and less to do with the Brotherhood of Badoon. So, why did I bother writing down those thoughts as part of this profile?

Conquest of Earth and her colonies
   Although it has been over fifty years since the Guardians of the Galaxy first joined together to defeat the Brotherhood of Badoon, a full account of exactly how the Badoon managed to conquer Earth and its colonies in the early 31st century has never been provided. For example, it's known that the Centauri-IV colony was destroyed in 3006 A.D. and that the other human worlds fell in the following year but the order in which the solar colonies were attacked has not been revealed. Similarly, while the ways in which the Mercurian and Pluvian populations were eradicated is known, details about how the floating cities of Jupiter were invaded or how Earth itself was conquered remain a mystery. All in all, there is surprisingly little information available concerning how the Earthmen were defeated by the Badoon.

Extent of of the Badoon Empire?
   In Marvel Super Heroes II#18, Drang's title was "Supreme Commander of the Eastern Sector of the Badoon Empire" and in Marvel Two-in-One#5 he claimed that the Badoon controlled "this entire sector of the galaxy." Similarly, the text page of Marvel Presents#4 ended with this paragraph: "But the war is far from over. The Badoon had plundered not merely our own tiny star system, but the greater part of the Milky Way Galaxy. Their empire has begun to fall: the Sisterhood, aligned with the conquered worlds, is aiding in the effort for freedom. But the Guardians will be encountering the Badoon again. And if the rumors are true - the atrocities this alien race perpetuated on earth are mild by comparison to those effected against other races, other cultures, in the early days of their push for empire, when they (the Badoon) were still unsure of their power."

   So, whatever happened to all these other races and other planets that the Badoon had supposedly conquered?

   ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! Marvel Presents was cancelled with issue #12 and when the Guardians got their own series in 1990, the Brotherhood of the Badoon were not a significant factor except in flashbacks. Sure, in GOTG I#20 the Badoon named Durge claimed that the Brotherhood was "very active" in certain (unspecified) areas. However, his companion Durgg had previously claimed that the Badoon were behind the addictive Realitee-Vee entertainment system which caused the collapse of Earth's civilization in 3016 A.D. and the Punishers street army who fought in the resulting Turf War, but a later story (by a different writer) revealed that they had merely been lackeys of the villain who had really created RTV and the Punishers, Doctor Doom. If their involvement with Doom is ignored, then the Badoon would seem to have done almost nothing since the Sisterhood removed them from Earth.

   Furthermore, in the more than four decades since the Guardians appeared in Marvel Presents, none of these other planets that had supposedly been victimized by the Badoon have been visited or even mentioned. This has had the effect of retroactively minimizing the menace of the "Baneful Brotherhood of Badoon" from galactic conquerors to a race who was obsessed with conquering a single alien species.

   Just to provide some context, files from the Xandar Worldmind Nova Corps Database that were published in Annihilation Prologue#1 (May, 2006) stated that "the Badoon is a war mongering race that controls 37.7% of the Milky Way galaxy." However, no story set in Reality-616 has yet confirmed that the Badoon Empire is that large.

Capella in the real world
   Capella is the brightest star in the northern constellation Auriga, the sixth brightest in the night sky and the third brightest in the northern celestial hemisphere. As such, its Bayer designation is Alpha Aurigae. Although to the naked eye Capella appears to be a yellowish-white single star, it is actually a star system which contains four stars that are organized in two binary pairs. The first pair, designated Capella Aa and Capella Ab, are two bright yellow giant stars, each of which is about 10 times as wide as the Sun, 2.5 times as massive, and over 70 times as bright. These stars are believed to have been bluish-white Class A stars until they exhausted their core hydrogen fuel and began to expand, cool and brighten as part of their process of becoming red giants. These two stars orbit each other at a distance of about 100 million kilometers and with an orbital period of 104 days.

   The other two stars are a pair of faint, small and relatively cool red dwarfs, designated Capella H and Capella L, which orbit each other about 10,000 astronomical units from the bright pair of giants. Their orbital period is estimated to be about 400 years.

   The Capella quaternary system is only 42.8 light-years from Earth.

Capella in the Marvel Universe
The following is a list of all references to the Capella star system that exists in the Marvel Multiverse (at least, in Realities 616 and 691). These references are listed in order of publication.

1. Defenders I#28 (October, 1975) - While connected to the sensor banks of the Guardians' starship, Dr. Strange located two of his missing friends (Vance Astro and Valkyrie) in the "Capella system" on the "second planet from sun." With help from Starhawk, Astro and Valkyrie soon learned that the swampworld was the home planet of the Badoon species but that only the Sisterhood of Badoon now lived there since the males had long ago left and colonized a new planet-home elsewhere.
2. The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe#2 (February, 1983) - The "Alien Races" pages contain a quarter-page profile on the Badoon which identifies "Swampworld" by its native name, Lotiara, and confirms that it was the second planet from the sun in the Lomora star system (whose Earth designation was Capella). The profile also reveals that Moord was the name of the planet to which the males had migrated but that its location was then unknown.
3. The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe II#15 (March, 1986) - The Appendix for Alien Races in this issue contains a quarter-page profile on the Badoon race that repeats most of the same information from the earlier profile but omits that fact that Lomora is known as Capella to Earth astronomers.
4. Guardians of the Galaxy I#30-31 (November-December, 1982) - The Omniscient Narratives and Talon (in #30) and Major Victory (in #31) all identify "Lomora" as the name of the star system where the planet Moord is located. Ooops.
5. Annihilation: The Nova Corps Files#1 (October, 2006) - This issue contains a quarter-page entry on the Badoon that just repeats the information from the profile in OHotMU II#15 and also omits the idea that Lomora was known as Capella to Earth astronomers.

Some final thoughts
   Considering how well known the Guardians of the Galaxy and their timeline are, it's odd to realize that the Brotherhood of Badoon were a significant and active presence in only six comics: Marvel Super-Heroes II#18, Marvel Two-In-One#5, Defenders I#27-29, and Marvel Presents#3. That's not much coverage for the evil race who are supposed to be the greatest enemies of our heroes. What's worse is the fact that, despite having existed for over fifty years, some of the most basic facts about the Brotherhood have never been revealed. To name two: How were the Badoon able to so completely overwhelm the United Federation of Earth so quickly? And why, if they had such a genocidal hatred for the human race, did they stay away from Earth for over a thousand years?

Profile by Donald Campbell.

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Brother Royal

   This Brother Royal was the leader of the Brotherhood of Badoon in the late 20th century. At some point during his reign he was approached by Immortus, the master of Limbo, who mentioned that he had heard it said that the beings from Earth might be mightier than the Badoon, an idea which the Brother Royal denied with an emphatic "Never!" As planned by Immortus, his visit turned the eyes of the Badoon to Earth.

   At some later point, the Brother Royal was aboard the first starship to travel to Earth as part of their first attempt to conquer the planet. Arriving more than a day in advance of the main fleet, the Brother Royal's starship used its cloaking ability to make itself invisible to any humans or any Earthly technology, and then glided through the streets of New York City, seen only by the Silver Surfer.

   Some time later, when the Surfer approached their starship, the Badoon granted him access and one of them, who presented his race as being peaceful explorers, gave the Surfer a tour of their starship which eventually led to him being brought before the Brother Royal. Responding to the Surfer's presence, the Brother Royal declared, "You have brought a glistening stranger into our midst! State your reason...I command you!" The minion told the Brother Royal that he had merely dsired to show the Surfer the purity of their noble crusade. When the Surfer stated that Man was weak but he wished no harm to come to them, the Brother Royal replied, "Harm? You speak to me of harm? Would we journey a distance beyond imagination...endure the rigors of endless space...merely to harm another world? What would be our motive?"

    The Surfer then stated that he had always been mystified by the motives for evil and the Brother Royal replied, "Now, surely you see that we may be trusted!" The Surfer's response was interrupted by a human girl who ran into the room, crying out that he must not listen to or believe the aliens because they had come to enslave humanity. Describing them as monsters, the girl revealed that they had captured her and used some strange telepathy ray on her to learn human language and customs, and told the Surfer that she had heard them speak of their horrible plans and that the world must be warned. At that point, the Brother Royal acted to silence her, shooting her in the back with an energy-pistol. His action having revealed their true intent, the Brother Royal told the Surfer, "Then let the truth be out! What does it matter? The female can no longer speak! And, as for you...We have observed enough to know that mankind will never believe you! Thus, you pose no danger to us! We shall set you free--for our own purposes! While we await the coming of our main fleet, we shall amuse ourselves by hunting you, like some craven beast of prey!" Calling the Badoon a "Thing of evil," an angry Surfer warned him to gloat while he may because they would soon see which of them was the hunted and which the hunter. Sneering, the Brother Royal declared, "Begone, you pious, whimpering lackey! You have 24 Earth hours to live...and then--the hunt begins!" The Surfer then left the starship, taking the nearly-dead girl with him.

   After the Surfer's departure, a minion asked why they did not now pursue their prey and the Brother Royal replied that the longer they waited, the more panicky and fearful the Surfer would become, and spoke of the exquisite agony he would experience as as he wondered when and from where the attack would be launched. Then, while dining on two small bird-creatures as befitted his royal birth and station, the Badoon leader spoke of how fortunate they had been to have encountered the Silver Surfer because, without him, their conquest of this insignificant world would have been too simple. With his presence adding some zest to an otherwise routine undertaking, the Brother Royal proposed a toast to their unwitting victim and to the merciless Brotherhood of Badoon! Then, looking at a console, he reminded himself that, as long as they possessed their invincible weapon of weapons, nothing in the universe could stand against them!

   Later, as they waited, the Brother Royal announced that it would amuse him to leave their ship and walk among the humans. He and three guards used the invisibility tube on themselves and left the ship on flying discs, armed only with the Basic Weapon. After they had landed in a street and one of his guards wondered what would happen if the humans should become aware of them, the Brother Royal replied, "Fool! Shall a conqueror be concerned about the notice of his victims? Behold...I shall demonstrate! I shall give them good reason to be aware of our presence!" Grabbing a Basic Weapon from one of his guards, the Brother Royal used it on a male passerby, causing him to collapse. As the humans reacted with confusion, the guards observed that their leader was right and the humans were so primitive and unthinking that they suspected nothing. Having seen enough, the Brother Royal ordered his men back to the ship.

   Some time later, having decided that the humans were far too weak to afford them any amusement, the Brother Royal declared that it was time to occupy themselves with the Silver Surfer, but added that they must be careful, lest the game end too quickly! The Brother Royal then commanded that the rocket be launched, and it was done. Although the Surfer was unable to elude the rocket, he was able to destroy it by maneuvering it into hitting a nearby mountain. Then, after declaring that he knew Brother Royal of Badoon could both see and hear him, the Surfer stated that he was the power and the Badoon leader was the pawn, then warned the Badoon that they could save themselves only by abandoning the planet and ordering the approaching fleet to do likewise.

    Enraged and holding a certain control unit in his hand, the Brother Royal exclaimed, "Mockery of mockeries!! He dares threaten me!! We wait no longer!! Now must the Silver Surfer perish! Unleash the WEAPON of WEAPONS!" As that weapon activated, the Brother Royal commanded it, saying, "Go! Let the silver-skinned upstart feel the matchless might of...the MONSTER of Badoon!" As the monster robot flew up and out of the starship, the Brother Royal added, "Like ourselves...and our ship...he will also be invisible to the humans! But the Surfer will see his lasting regret!"

   The Brother Royal then watched as the Monster of Badoon battled the Silver Surfer, damaging the city in the process. Although the Monster initially had the upper hand, the Surfer's strength, which had been weakened before the Badoon arrived by an attempt to pass through the barrier erected by Galactus, returned. Seeing that the Surfer was about to win, the Brother Royal ordered a minion to quickly recall the monster before the smooth-skinned demon destroyed it, and then declared, "He was to be our weapon of weapons...and he shall be still! He must not be sacrificed to the accursed Silver Surfer!" Once their molecular displacement ray had dematerialized the robot and brought it aboard, the Badoon starship began to move, and the Surfer followed it. However, the US army had been tracking the Surfer and they soon opened fire on him with hunter missiles. Not realizing what was happening, the Brother Royal exclaimed, "It is not possible! It cannot be! First, our weapon of weapons is fought to a standstill..! And now...they bombard us with rockets! Our greatest weapon...invisibility...has failed! They see us!" Then, as the Surfer evaded the missiles, which then struck the Badoon starship and almost penetrated its protective field, the Brother Royal commanded, "FULL SPEED STARWARD! We must flee this sector!"

   Once safely in outer space, the Brother Royal used a viewscreen to look back at the Surfer. Unaware of the fact that, in order to save the girl, the Surfer had just chosen to abandon his plan to use the Badoon ship's force field to slip through the barrier, the Brother Royal monologued, saying, "Under intense magnification, I can see how tormented he looks! But, I cannot fathom why! For, this time he is the victor...and we the losers! Still, eternity is endless...and the Badoon can afford to wait! Sooner or later...we shall RETURN! But now...we leave this accursed plan anew! When next we strike, not even the Silver Surfer shall have power enough to stay our wrath! For, by then, the incomprehensible humans shall most probably have slain him...Him, who might have been their greatest defender!" And then, both the Brother Royal and his starship were gone.

   Nothing is known about this Brother Royal's life after that point. However, a Mento-Corder whose tapes contained a record of this failed first attempt to conquer Earth would later be found, in deep space and over a thousand years into the future, by the Guardians of the Galaxy.

--Silver Surfer I#2 (Avengers: Forever#10 (fb), Silver Surfer I#2/Marvel Presents I#8 (fb))

Notes: This Brother Royal's Reality-616 counterpart undertook two further actions against Earth, both of which were ultimately defeated. The 616 Brother Royal was killed while attempting to escape after the second action (the invasion and conquest of the extradimensional realm of Polemachus) was thwarted. It has not been revealed if this Brother Royal's life followed a similar path.

   In the interest of completeness, this subprofile contains some information from Silver Surfer I#2 that, due to space limitations, could not be included when that story was reprinted in Marvel Presents#8. I've chosen to assume that those events occurred in Reality-691 just as surely as they did in Reality-616.

Durge and Drugg

   Two Badoon who were involved in running the Realitee-Vee (RTV) system that caused the collapse of Earth's civilization in 3016 A.D.

    The fact that one of them addressed the other as "My Lord" indicates one of them was the other's minion but which was which was never revealed.

   Profiles of these two Badoon that were written by someone else can be found by clicking these links for Durge and Durgg.

--Guardians of the Galaxy I#19-20

Note: Although Durge claimed that the Brotherhood of Badoon remained "very active" in certain (unspecified) regions and that the Brotherhood was behind the Realitee-Vee operation, later issues (by a different writer) revealed that the two Badoon at the Saltex Project's refinery were just employees of Doctor Doom.



   The Badoon governor of Sol-III (Earth) during the final battle against the rebelling Terrans. It has not been revealed how long he had held that position.

   In 3015 A.D., after eight years of subjugation by the Brotherhood of Badoon, the 50 million surviving Terrans had been freed from their bondage by time-traveling heroes from the past and rose up against their oppressors. In battles fought all around the planet, the Badoon forces were defeated until only New Moscow, the capital of the former World Government, remained in their control.

    As the Terran forces began their final assault on the Badoon, Koord retreated into Federation Hall and activated the communications system, sending the following message: "Attention, all sectors! This is Koord, Badoon governor of Sol-III. Emergency at Locus-Prime!" However, Koord was interrupted by a voice telling him that the communications system had been temporarily disabled. Turning towards the voice, Koord exclaimed, "Eh? Who--? The Pluvian- - Martinex!". Those were the last words Koord ever spoke as Martinex pointed his right finger at the Badoon and projected through it a blast of extreme heat that incinerated Koord in an instant. As the ashes smoldered, Martinex left the room with a grim smile on his face.

   A few minutes later, in the main rotunda of Federation Hall, which the Badoon had been using as their Throne Chamber, Charlie-27 announced that the last of the Badoon were being rounded up and the Earth was free! When Vance Astro stated that all that was left was to find Koord and make the surrender official, Martinex revealed that that wouldn't be possible because Koord was "no longer with us." Charlie-27 realized that Martinex had "cooked" Koord and congratulated him.

--Marvel Presents#3

Note: According to the Omniscient Narrative in Marvel Presents#3, Koord was "the chief exterminator of (Martinex's) people" (i.e., the Pluvians). However, since no further information has ever been provided, we don't know exactly what that means. Koord could have ordered the genocide of the Pluvian race or he could have been the Badoon who actually pushed the button to activate the weapons that destroyed the Pluvian evacuation ship.


Land Crusher

   A mobile land weapons platform used by the Badoon that was basically an alien tank. This armored fighting vehicle moved on metal caterpillar treads and its single main weapon fired searing photon-blasts capable of incinerating anyone they hit. The Badoon operating the Land Crusher sat within a transparent dome through which they could see where to drive and where to fire their weapon.

   In 3015 A.D., when the rebelling Terrans rose up against the Brotherhood of Badoon and fought a worldwide war to regain control of Earth, the final battle was fought in the city of New Moscow. During that battle, the Badoon deployed (at least) one Land Crusher in the streets of the city. Since the rebelling humans were armed only with simple hand weapons like clubs, the Land Crusher proved quite effective and caused those Terrans in its vicinity to panic and flee.

    However, Charlie-27, a former space-militiaman, was intelligent enough both to fear the land crusher and to focus on its weakness instead of its strength. Refusing to flee or freeze, he instead rushed the tank while dodging its photon-blasts and, after seizing the barrel of its main gun, used his Jovian strength to twist it into uselessness. Charlie-27 then smashed the dome to pieces, grabbed the two Badoon operators and threw them onto the street ahead of the tank. Now driverless, the vehicle continued moving forward and crushed both Badoon beneath it.

   As Charlie-27 further disabled the Land Crusher, a beam fired by a Badoon armed with an energy rifle nearly hit him. With no way to evade a second shot, Charlie-27 would have died if the Centaurian Yondu Udonta hadn't killed the Badoon by shooting one of his Yaka arrows into the back of the Badoon's neck.

--Marvel Presents#3

Maul and Maz

   Two of the Badoon warriors who were stationed in Galileo City, one of the floating cities of Jupiter, in 3007 A.D. They may (or may not) have been among the Badoon forces who invaded the floating cities and killed all of their Jovian residents.

   A month later, when Captain Charlie-27 returned to his home city after a six-month tour of the rim of the solar system, Maul and Maz were the two Badoon who were closest to the city's Space-Militia air field where his patrol ship landed, but they kept out of sight as Charlie-27 disembarked. When Charlie-27, puzzled by the absence of the big parade that always greeted militia-men when they came home from space-solitary, called out, asking for a few resounding cheers for the returning hero, Maul, holding his energy-rifle at the ready, said, "Look, Maz, the fool doesn't realize he is the last of his kind!" Maz, holding his energy-pistol in his right hand, replied, "Surely this will win a medal for us, Maul..." and, as both Badoon opened fire on Charlie-27, Maul finished Maz's sentence, saying, "...when we bring the commander his ugly mammalian head!"

   Unfortunately for the two Badoon, Charlie-27 proved to be fast enough to evade their initial energy blasts and within seconds he was close enough to attack them physically. As he punched Maul in the face with a roundhouse right, Charlie-27 said, "Your reflexes are a little slow, gentlemen..." and then, as he knocked Maz out with a left elbow to his face, he finished, saying, "...especially when faced with a well-trained Mil-Man!" With both Maul and Maz unconscious, Charlie-27 took their weapons and headed towards Command headquarters. However, when he encountered a squad of Badoon and heard their commander refer to him as "the last living Jovian," Charlie-27 headed to the Galileo Teleport Depot so he could get off Jupiter and join up with the United Lands of Earth forces.

--Guardians of the Galaxy I#26 (fb) [revised from Marvel Super-Heroes II#18]


Notes: The Marvel Chronology Project treats both versions of this encounter as being canon and has devised the following sequence of panels to interweave the two versions into one:
         GOTG 26 (2:4)-FB-FB / {M/SH 18 (1 - 4:2)} / GOTG 26 (3:1)-FB-FB / M/SH 18 (4:3) / GOTG 26 (3:3)-FB-FB / M/SH 18 (4:4 - 22)

   Although I respect their attempt to make everything canon, I feel that the fact that one version shows events taking place on the surface of Jupiter means that that version should be superseded by the one set in Galileo City. Accordingly, I have chosen to summarize the scenes set in Galileo City and use images from GOTG I#26 for this subprofile. However, in the interest of thoroughness, I have also summarized the scenes set on Jupiter's surface at the bottom of this subprofile, so that readers can compare them for themselves.

   In the original version, only Maz was named. The revised version identifies both Maz and Maul but also switches the Badoon who mentions a medal from Maz's unnamed fellow warrior to Maz. It seems odd that anyone would bother to make such a minor (and pointless) change.

   Although the idea that Maul would finish Maz's sentence sounds odd, the panel in which that last part of the sentence appears clearly shows the speaker to be the Badoon holding the rifle (Maul) instead of the one holding the pistol (Maz). It's probably an art mistake but it's weird because Jim Valentino was both the writer and penciler of that issue so he should have been well aware of which Badoon was saying what.

   As with the original version, none of the Badoon encountered by Charlie-27 exhibit any difficulty in moving around. This is odd because MSH II#18 specifically stated that the gravity on Jupiter's surface was three times that of Earth which should have really affected anyone who wasn't a Jovian. However, as shown when Major Astro, Martinex and Yondu all visited one of the floating cities in Guardians of the Galaxy Annual I#1/3, the gravity in the floating cities is apparently not noticeably different from that of Earth.

============================================================================ ============================================================================

   Two of the Badoon warriors who were stationed on Jupiter in 3007 A.D. They may (or may not) have been among the Badoon forces who invaded the planet and killed most of the Jovians, with those who survived being captured for use as slaves who were forced to mine high-intensity Harkovite.

   Two months later, when Captain Charlie-27 returned home to Jupiter after six months of solitary Space-Militia duty, Maz and another warrior were the two Badoon who were closest to the Space-Militia air field where his patrol ship landed. The two Badoon approached under cover while Charlie-27 disembarked and, puzzled by the absence of the usual crowd of welcomers, began calling out, asking his fellow Jovians for a few rousing cheers for the conquering hero. As Charlie-27 continued to call out, Maz's partner said, "There will be a medal for us, Maz! We are about to capture the last free Jovian!" Then, as they made their presence known, one of the Badoon declared, "Halt! In the name of the glorious Eastern Zone Council!" When one of the Badoon opened fire, Charlie-27 was quick enough to evade the beam and say, "Your reflexes are a little slow, gentlemen! Try it like -- this!" while returning fire and hitting the Badoon who had fired at him, causing that Badoon to cry out "ARRGH!" as he collapsed. Then, before the other Badoon could open fire, Charlie-27 had charged into him, hitting him with enough force to cause the Badoon to drop his weapon and be propelled backwards into an Incendi-Drop used to keep Jupiter clean. As he fell backwards to his death (by incineration), this Badoon cried out "AAAAGH!" Although Charlie-27 hadn't figured on that happening, he knew that the Badoon wouldn't have thought twice about it so he couldn't either. Charlie-27 then headed to the home he shared with his folks but he only arrived in time to see his father being taken away in a truck to Eastern Zone Council Labor Camp-19 where he saw that the Jovian prisoners were being forced to mine high-intensity Harkovite without protection, something that would cause them to die of radioactivity in five days. He began an impulsive attempt to rescue his father but, after knocking out a guard, realized that he would absolutely die if he continued so he decided to get off Jupiter so he could join the rest of the U.L.E.'s forces in the hope of coming back to liberate his people. Charlie-27 then raced to the Jupiter Tele-Port Station to radio-jump away from Jupiter and had to dive for a tele-tran beam without setting the directional guide.

--Marvel Super-Heroes II#18 [replaced by Guardians of the Galaxy I#26 (fb)]

Meur and Yur

   Two of the Badoon who were stationed on Pluto in 3007 A.D. Like the other Badoon there, they arrived after the Pluvians had evacuated their planet after being forewarned of the Badoon attack. When scientific installations on the planet subsequently began to be destroyed, Meur and his unidentified partner were among the Badoon Elite Guards who were assigned to track down the saboteur, presumed to have been the only Pluvian left alive after the Brotherhood had destroyed the evacuation ship. They were not among those Badoon who were killed over the course of a few weeks by Starhawk (Stakar) who was (secretly) watching over that last Pluvian, Martinex, and keeping him from being found.

   One day, while on patrol with each of them holding the leash of a Saturnian hawk-hound, one of the Badoon (Yur) spoke up, saying, "The animals have picked up another non-Badoon scent, Muer!" Meur replied, "But that's impossible! We know that there is but one Pluvian left alive!" Yur countered by saying, "So we thought! Look! See how they tug us toward the teleport depot?!" One of them (probably Yur) then said, "I propose we let the beasts follow their senses!" The other Badoon (probably Muer) replied, "Agreed! Perhaps we shall find a prize worthy of a promotion...or at least an entertainment!"

   Seconds later, the two Badoon spotted a figure (Charlie-27) who had climbed a ladder up to a roof. One of the Badoon called out, "There he goes -- on that roof!" The other Badoon responded by saying, "Release the beasts -- Quickly!" Then, as the two Saturnian hawk-hounds flew up after their prey, that second Badoon called out, "Don't let him escape, my prettys!" However, Charlie-27 was soon invited into the bunker over which he had been running by Martinex who assured him that the hawk-hounds wouldn't bother them because the entire bunker was electrified. Unknown to either Martinex or Charlie-27, the real reason why the hawk-hounds didn't attack was because Starhawk was (secretly) there to drive them off with energy-bursts.

   Later, Meur and Yur may (or may not) have been among the Badoon Elite-Guard who battled the army of robo-servants that Martinex sent to attack them and hold them off while he and Charlie-27 made their way to the teleport depot so they could escape to Earth.

--Guardians of the Galaxy I#26 (fb) [revised from Marvel Super-Heroes II#18]

Notes: The Marvel Chronology Project treats both versions of this encounter as being canon and has devised the following sequence of panels to interweave the two versions into one:
         M/SH 18 (1 - 8:1) / GOTG 26 (6)-FB-FB / M/SH 18 (8:2 - 10:1) / GOTG 26 (9:5 - 9:6)-FB-FB

   Since the two versions of Charlie-27's near-encounter with the Badoon on Pluto are very similar, this attempt to make a single canonical account out of them is a lot more plausible. Despite that, I'm still going to treat them as separate accounts and have chosen to summarize the scenes and images from GOTG I#26 for this subprofile. A summary of those same events from MSH II#18 is at the bottom of this subprofile.

   In the original version, only Yur was named but in the revised version, only Meur is named. Also, the winged animals that the Badoon were using to track non-Badoon scents go from being called Saturnian hound-hawks to Saturnian hawk-hounds. More odd (and seemingly-pointless) changes to make.

   As with the original version, none of the Badoon depicted on Pluto are shown wearing anything more than a pair of trunks. This is weird because both versions make a point of showing that Charlie-27 absolutely HAD TO WEAR AN ATMO-SUIT just to survive outside the Pluto teleport terminal. Neither version provides any explanation for why the Badoon are seemingly able to survive without some sort of environmental suits that compensated for the fact that Pluto is incredibly cold (mean surface temperature − 229° C) and its tenuous atmosphere is not breathable by humans (or Badoon). Of course, when the Badoon made their third appearance (in Sub-Mariner I#51), Badoon soldiers could survive underwater due to protective bubbles that surrounded them, so maybe all of the Badoon stationed on Pluto were equipped with some sort of invisible protection, like (hidden) force-field generators or something? Just speculation.

============================================================================ ============================================================================

   Two of the Badoon who were stationed on Pluto in 3007 A.D. Like the other Badoon there, they arrived after the Pluvians had evacuated their planet. When industrial complexes on the planet later began to be blown up, Meur and Yur were among the Badoon Elite Guards who were assigned to track down the saboteur who was presumed to have been the only Pluvian left after the evacuation.

   Two months after the evacuation, while searching for the saboteur with each of them holding a leashed Saturnian hound-hawk, Yur stated, "The animals have picked up another N-B scent!" His partner objected, saying, "That is not possible, Yur! We know there is only one Pluvian left after the evacuation!" Yur disagreed, saying, "I tell you, they have found another non-Badoon scent! There are two! The animals are pulling toward the tele-depot!"

   Soon afterwards, one of the duo spotted a figure (Charlie-27) on a roof and called out, "There he goes! On the roof--trying to escape!" His partner immediately replied, "Release the animals! Quickly!" Freed from their restraints, the two Saturnian hound-hawks flew up to the roof and cornered Charlie-27 who realized that he was doomed. Then, as the hound-hawks closed in, a door in the roof opened behind him and the Jovian quickly sought refuge in the dark room. While the thwarted hound-hawks flew around, no longer able to attack, and their two Badoon handlers remained in the street below, looking up, Charlie-27 saw that his rescuer was a Pluvian. In order to take care of the Badoon troops so that they could escape, the Pluvian used a radio transmitter (seemingly built into his forehead) to activate the many robot servants in a nearby Rent A Servant store that he had previously wired and send them crashing through the streets. As the robot servants fought Badoon Elite Guards, the Pluvian and Charlie-27 headed to the tele-port where, just before they dived into the tele-tran that would take them to Mother-planet Earth, they finally introduced themselves to each other.

--Marvel Super-Heroes II#18 [replaced by Guardians of the Galaxy I#26 (fb)]

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Guardians of the Galaxy I#19-20 (December, 1991 - January. 1992) - Jim Valentino (writer/artist), Steve Montano (inker), Craig Anderson (editor)
Guardians of the Galaxy I#26 (July, 1992) - Jim Valentino (writer/artist), Steve Montano (inker), Craig Anderson (editor)
Marvel Comics Presents I#134/4 (Early August, 1993) - Mariano Nicieza (writer), Freddy Mendez (penciler and colorist), Chris Ivy (inker), Richard Ashford (editor)
Avengers Forever#10 (October, 1999) - Kurt Busiek & Roger Stern (plot), Kurt Busiek (script), Carlos Pacheco (penciler), Jesús Merino (inker), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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