Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Business Man, Chemist, Inventor and Producer of the psychotropic drug Maze

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Ed

Enemies: Detective Nick and his son, Iron Fist (Daniel Rand)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Meister Rave (called by Ed)

Base of Operations: House of Rave

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#141/4 (early November, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Rave used a variety of technologies to be a capable fighter.
He used an exoskeleton to be more powerful. It consisted of power boots that enabled him to fly, gloves which seemed to make his punches harder and a helmet for his own protection. He also wore a necklace he called Maze-mask-feeder. It probably helped Rave to stay on drugs. He also used a virtual multiplier that produced holographic doppelgangers of Rave himself, but they were just illusions to distract an enemy.

History: (MCP#141/4 - BTS): It is not known how Rave came into the possession of his own disco or when he invented the drug Maze.

(MCP#141/4 (fb)): Rave was observed for a long time by Detective Nick after the son of the Detective went insane by an overdose of Maze.

(MCP#141/4): Rave was bored by his existence and was happy when the alarm of the House of Rave rang. He saw Iron Fist on his screen and called his lackey Ed a moron when he told him that the intruder was Iron Fist. Rave was disgusted that Iron Fist sneaked into the club like a teenager and pressed a button to turn the stairs into a chute. He watched Iron Fist survive the traps of the building and suited up to fight the hero himself. He ordered Ed to activate the self-destruct sequence and synced it to his badge. With the activated virtual multiplier Rave went against Iron Fist. Rave attacked together with his two virtual doubles and was able to hit Iron Fist one time. After that Iron Fist figured out the trick and kicked him into the neck. Rave activated his boots to attack Iron Fist from the air. Rave kicked Iron Fist to the ground and showed him the countdown on his badge. Iron Fist attacked Rave with his special powers and destroyed the Rave's helmet. Rave called Ed to open the trap door into the club and tried to escape, but Iron Fist jumped down with him and knocked him to the ground. Rave was scared and ordered Ed to disengage the self-destruct sequence. He told Iron Fist that this fight had just been for fun, but Iron Fist didn't think that it was funny. Rave called him a party pooper after that.

Comments: Created by John Figuaroa, Robert Davis & Ron Wilson

Profile by Markus Raymond


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He was the loyal lackey of Rave and called him Meister Rave all the time. He even wanted to make some bangers and mash (sausages and mashed potatoes) for Rave when he was depressed. Rave wasn't nice to him although Ed did all this things for him and called him a moron when he wanted to tell him that the guy on the House of Rave was Iron Fist. Ed welcomed Iron Fist over the microphones in the House of Rave and Rave told him to stop it. Ed helped Rave to dress up in his fighting suit when Iron Fist escaped the traps. He initialized the self destruct sequence by the order of Rave and was sad that this great era of drugs had to end. Ed then turned on the virtual multiplier for Rave to give him some advantage against Iron Fist. Rave was defeated and gave Ed the order to disengage the self-destruct sequence again. Ed followed the orders like always and the House of Rave stayed open.

--Marvel Comics Presents#141/4

House of Rave

The House of Rave was the HQ of Rave. It was the place where the drug Maze was produced and distributed all over the city. It was also a lively disco with a huge dance floor and scaffolds. Cameras and sensors oversaw the whole place and traps normally finished off intruders. Traps like the stairs that could be turned into a chute. There was also a room with holographic pictures that should distract intruders from the holes everywhere in the room from which spikes came out. Holographic pictures were also used in other rooms. The place was also a big bomb for the case that everything against an intruder failed. The explosive power of the House of Rave could've levelled a whole block.

--Marvel Comics Presents#141/4





Maze was a psychotropic drug invented by Rave. Detective Nick worked on the case for a long time and knew everything about it and the inventor. He knew that most of the chemicals used for the drug were not illegal on their own, but when they were mixed they became a dangerous drug. The son of Detective Nick became insane through an overdose of Maze.

--Marvel Comics Presents#141/4


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