Classification: Magical Construct

Creator: Stephen Loss

User/Possessors: Asura, Ingenuity Lee (operators);
Gabriel the Devil Hunter (guest)

Location: uncertain; it may be that the House has a definite physical location on Earth, such as the docks of Manhattan, New York (where it has been seen) or it may be that it can appear or be accessed from anywhere on Earth. In addition, the House may or may not be able to be detected by those other than Lee and/or his recruits.


First Appearance: Hellstorm#12 (March, 1994)




Powers/Abilities/Functions: The House of Blue Lights serves as the earthly conduit for the Asura. In the House, potential recruits (humans who might make good servants for the Asura) are brought in by Ingenuity Lee. Lee describes the holy purpose of the Asura, and convinces the recruits to take the narcotic sacrament, K, which allows them to commune with the Asura. Those deemed useful are educated and trained to serve the cause of the Asura. The others are absorbed into Heaven, where their souls serve as currency.
Those communing with the Asura via the use of K are known as Narconauts.

History: The House of Blue Lights was built on land owned by Stephen Loss, an earthly agent for the Asura. Ingenuity Lee was placed in the role of caretaker and recruiter.

(Hellstorm#12) - Ingenuity Lee brought Gabriel Rosetti to the House of Blue Lights where he gave him a sample of K.

(Hellstorm#13) - After consuming K, the narcotic sacrament, Gabriel communed with the Asura.

(Hellstorm#14) - The Asura recruited Gabriel to become one of their agents.

(Hellstorm#21) - Hellstorm defeated Gabriel and then slew Loss. He pried the location of the House of Blue Lights from Loss' mins, and then slid the whole house into Hell. The Bailiff of Madness had special plans for the Angels trapped in the House--it involved spikes.




Comments: Created by Warren Ellis and Leonardo Manco.

Try not to get caught up in actual, real world religion. I would consider that if a number of beings could pose as Satan, than there's no reason that there might not be a number of beings trying to pose as God, as well. And, given that the stories were written by Ellis, I'd bet that the "God" directing the Asura is another Mesopotamian God gone awry. Maybe it's Anu...or Enlil (Dagon)...or maybe it's the Hyborian God Asura. Well, that's all just my opinion anyway, and it's pretty unlikely to ever be resolved.

There is/was a real-life Indiana haunted house called The House of Blue Lights, aka Skiles Mansion, originally located in the Indianapolis area by Geist Reservoir.
Scroll down on both of those links to get the basic info on this house. While there does not seem to be much on the net or in many ghost books about this paticular haunted house (which, sadly, no longer exists) there is a documentary that exists that was narrated by retired WISH-TV (CBS-affiliate) anchorman Mike Ahern that was a good overview of the legend and the reality of the old Skiles Mansion. (Tracking that down, though, will require a bit of determination and detective work. WISH does not have a copy of it for sale that I could find. :( ) To the best of my knowledge the Asura, or anyone else connected to them, have nothing to do with this paticular House of Blue Lights. ;)

Just a FYI for anyone who wants to know about it.
--Chris Biggs

No known connections to:

Ingenuity Lee

He was described as the "creation" of Stephen Loss. Whether he is another homunculus, or perhaps a human mutated/empowered by Loss is unrevealed. Lee's purpose is to recruit servants of the Asura, and to bring these recruits to the House of Blue Lights for indoctrination.
Lee may or may not possess any superhuman abilities--he is likely immune or resistant to conventional injury, illlness, etc. His primary ability is to convince others to accompany him to the House. He is a charismatic and persuasive individual.
--Hellstorm#12 (13+14-BTS












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Hellstorm#12, p11, pan3 (Ingeuinty Lee body shot)

Other appearances:
Hellstorm#13-14 (April-May, 1994)
Hellstorm#21 (December, 1994)

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