Real Name: Debb ??

Identity/Class: Human; (Earth-691)

Occupation: Protecting her mate

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Major Victory (Vance Astrovik), her mate

Enemies: Human Badoon Hunters

Known Relatives: Her unidentified Badoon mate (husband)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unknown planet

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#134/4 (August, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: None. She knew how to use a laser-rifle.


(MCP#134/4) - Debb and her mate were beaten up by a bunch of humans. Major Victory found Debb severely injured on the ground. She asked him to find her mate before the humans could kill him. Victory left her his laser-rifle and told her to get some rest. She surprised Major Victory when she protected the Badoon that Victory attacked with his laser-rifle from the humans. Victory helped Debb and her Badoon mate against the humans. Victory wished Debb and the Badoon good luck for their future and left them on the planet.

Comments: Created by Mariano Nicieza, Fredey Mendez & Chris Ivy

Profile by Markus Raymond


Debb has no known connections to

Debb's mate and the Human Badoon Hunters have no known connections to

Human Badoon Hunters

They were a bunch of humans which were stranded on this unknown planet because of the war against the Badoon. They hated all Badoon and attacked Debb and her Badoon partner. Victory stopped them on their search for Debb's mate by throwing rocks on them. This only stopped them for a short time. They found Victory and the Badoon he was fighting and wanted to kill the Badoon without mercy. Victory argued with their leader about the rights a prisoner of war deserved when Debb arrived to help her Badoon mate. The hunters threatened to kill her and the Badoon and Victory stopped them. Victory told them that the hunters were fighting a war that no longer existed because the Badoon were defeated by the Guardians of the Galaxy. He gave the men the chance to go with him back to Earth. They took their chance and were teleported on board the Guardians' ship.

--Marvel Comics Presents#134/4

Debb's mate

He was the mate of Debb. He was a Badoon who loved a human woman. He was beaten up by hateful humans and they continued to hunt him. He attacked Major Victory who he mistook for an enemy. Victory defeated him without any problems. The humans arrived and wanted to kill him, but Debb protected him with Victory's laser-rifle. The Badoon told Debb to leave, but she didn't. Victory saw the love between the odd couple and saved them from the humans. The Badoon stayed with Debb on the planet to start a new life with her.

--Marvel Comics Presents#134/4


Debb body shot: Marvel Comics Presents#134, barcode side, p15, pan1

Debb head shot: Marvel Comics Presents#134, barcode side, p10, pan3

Human Badoon Hunters: Marvel Comics Presents#134, barcode side, p12, pan1

Debb's mate: Marvel Comics Presents#134, barcode side, p13, pan1

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