Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Weapons inventor
    formerly: toy inventor

Group Membership: Project: Ultra-Tech

Affiliations: His human troops & robots (Agent Five, Assassin-Bot, Hunter-Robot, many others)
    formerly: Charles, Dr. Gina Dyson, Multi-National Corporations, Schirmer, US Government

Enemies: Charles, Coldblood-7 (Eric Savin), Dr. Gina Dyson, Schirmer, representatives of various Multi-National Corporations

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of OperationsThe Maze in the Nevada Desert

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents I#27/3 (early September, 1989)

Powers/Abilities: None. He invented such technologies as the Elite Pursuer-9 Assault Tank, the Weapon-Walker and many different robots. His weapon of choice was normally a handgun, but he also knew how to handle the Weapon Walker. With the Weapon Walker he possessed incredible firepower through the included laser cannons, and so on later

(Marvel Comics Presents I#30/3 (fb) ) - Mako became project head of the governmental Project: Ultra-Tech. He took the government funds, but in secret he was in league with foreign nationals linked to Multi-National Corporations. He built a giant walled city known as the Maze in the Nevada Desert. It was planned to be the training ground for Mako's future cyborgs. All preliminary experiments were finished and Mako only needed a suitable subject to become his cyborg prototype which would be sold to the highest bidder. Unfortunately he was betrayed by Dr. Gina Dyson who went to the project's military observer Eric Savin. In the process Savin broke into Mako's personal office and found enough evidence for Dyson's charges. Mako found Savin in his office and allowed him to further investigate in the Maze. In the Maze new mines were planted and Savin was blown to pieces when he drove over one.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#31/3 (fb) ) - Mako observed the cyber-surgery done by Gina Dyson on Eric Savin. Afterwards he ordered Charles and Schirmer to bring the cyborg into the Maze for a first test against a tank.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#26/3 - BTS) - Mako observed Coldblood's progress in the Maze and watched him destroy an Elite Pursuer-9 Assault Tank.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#27/3) - Mako still observed Coldblood's actions and stopped his men from self-destructing the Hunter-Robot Coldblood used for his advantage because that wouldn't have damaged Coldblood anyway and Mako wanted to learn how well Coldblood worked. Mako sent out another robot to destroy the Hunter-Robot and tricked Coldblood's computer into thinking that it was a human when Coldblood killed it. When Coldblood approached the Maze's wall, Mako ordered to first shut down his car and then Coldblood before he could flee. It worked, but suddenly Coldblood headed straight for Mako's HQ and couldn't be shut down anymore.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#28/3) - After Coldblood had entered the building everything was shut down for unknown reasons, and Mako ordered to search for Coldblood in every corridor and office. Coldblood appeared again, and Mako sent out soldiers in a helicopter to stop him.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#29/3) - Mako allowed the helicopter's crew to use anything they needed to stop Coldblood after he had left the Maze. They failed, and Mako ordered them to send an Assassin-Bot after Coldblood. Inside his HQ Mako figured out that Gina Dyson was behind Coldblood's escape. He decided not to self-destruct Coldblood and went to Gina to tell her that she was now bait to lure Coldblood back to the Maze. Mako overpowered Gina and tied her up.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#30/3) - Mako didn't believe Gina's lies about not seeing Coldblood since the operation, but he knew that she had gotten involved with Coldblood and freed him from Mako's influence and inputted Coldblood's past into him.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#31/3) - Mako was contacted by Agent Five who told him that she had found Coldblood. Mako got mad with Schirmer because he didn't inform him that the Assassin-Bot had failed. He beat Schirmer up and then ordered Charles to prepare the next day's reception for the representatives of the Multi-National Corporations because Mako knew that he would have Coldblood back with him before the end of the reception. Mako sent Agent Five back to Coldblood and greeted Coldblood through Agent Five's built in monitor. He showed Coldblood Gina Dyson and threatened to kill her slowly if Coldblood didn't return willingly. Coldblood destroyed Agent Five, and Mako was sure that he would return.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#32/3) - Mako hung up Gina head down in a room in the library and sent in small robots to slowly kill her with electrical shocks. Then he went outside to introduce himself to his investors' representatives by coming from the sewers and killing a robot terrorist in front of them. At the reception Mako waited for Coldblood's arrival, but the representatives got too impatient and Mako ordered Charles to send in a robot terrorist in five minutes. Mako entered after the terrorist, operating his Weapon-Walker and using it to destroy the terrorist. Mako told the representatives that the cyborg super-soldier was finished but not available at the moment. They all left angrily and told Mako that the project was going to be cancelled. Mako shot down the representatives' helicopters when they left.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#33/3) - Mako ordered his human soldiers to get ready to capture an attacker. He watched Coldblood enter the Maze again and regained control of Coldblood's computer. He started to play with Coldblood's mind by letting him see robots as humans. Meanwhile he turned the little robots which were slowly killing Gina against Charles who freed Gina. When Coldblood found Gina, Mako made him believe that she was a robot, too, and Coldblood thought about killing her.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#34/3) - Gina impressed Mako by convincing Coldblood that she was the true Gina Dyson. Mako turned up the pace and used holograms, illusions, and all his robots against Coldblood and Gina while they headed for the Maze's power station. They still reached it, and Mako wanted to self-destruct it, but Schirmer stopped him, and Coldblood was able to shut off the Maze's power. Mako shot Schirmer in the head for his betrayal. Mako then got his Weapon-Walker and went into the Maze to destroy Coldblood personally.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#35/3) - Coldblood fled from Mako, but Mako was too fast with the Weapon-Walker and Coldblood couldn't get out of his reach. Mako saw a chance to finally destroy Coldblood, but Gina arrived on the scene and attacked the Weapon-Walker with a big rifle. Mako beat her to the ground, but Gina's distraction gave Coldblood the chance to return his car through the homing signal in his severed arm. He drove the car at 95.3 M.P.H. into Mako's Weapon-Walker, which exploded. Mako crawled out of the wrack and was burning, but he still had his gun and wanted to shoot Gina; however, Charles had arrived, and he shot Mako. Coldblood put his severed cybernetic arm back on his stump and shot Mako again. Mako fell to the ground and laughed like a maniac while he seemingly died.

Comments: Created by Doug Moench & Paul Gulacy.

    Mako's death wasn't seen, but he was a mere human and with the injuries he had it is not very likely that he survived, but this is the MU and if the dead can return a human with mortal injuries can return too.

    The robots below were only a small part of Mako's robotic army. He still possessed at least 17 robotic weapon-units before Coldblood's return to the Maze in MCP#32/3 and Coldblood had already destroyed a couple of them before that. Also all smaller robots like the ones torturing Gina in MCP#32/3, the robots outside of the Maze and inactive units weren't even counted.

The Weapon-Walker in Mako's profile is quite obviously a Zentraedi Officer's Battle Pod from Robotech. (Or a Zentraedi Glaug Battle Pod, if you like Macross. Or a MAD-3R Marauder if you like BattleTech.)

Given the fact that Eric Savin was Coldblood-7, one might ASSUME that there were at least six predecessors, or at least attempted predecessors.

Nope! Coldblood-7 was only the fifth of his generation. The reason for the 7 is explained in the Comments for the Coldblood-7 profile.
--Markus Raymond

Profile by Markus Raymond

Mako has no known connection to:

Agent Five has no known connection to:

Assassin-Bot has no known connection to:

Elite Pursuer-9 Assault Tank has no known connection to:

Hunter-Robot has no known connection to:

The Maze has no known connection to:

Weapon-Walker has no known connection to:

Agent Five

She was a robot built by Project: Ultra-Tech to work undercover in Las Vegas as a prostitute for unknown reasons. It possessed a human sounding voice and it got the outer look of a woman through rubber skin, false breasts and a wig.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#30/3) - Agent Five met Coldblood when he wanted a room. She led him to her room, but was then sent away by him because he wanted to be alone.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#31/3) - Agent Five went to Project: Ultra-Tech's van in Las Vegas and informed her bosses that she had met Coldblood. She later returned to Coldblood ripped of her rubber mask and revealed her true robotic face to him. Through the monitor on her face Mako spoke to Coldblood and threatened to kill Gina Dyson. Agent Five's head was blown of by Coldblood in the process.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#30/3 (30/3-31/3


It was a robot built by Project: Ultra-Tech and programmed for assassinations. Mako sent it under Schirmer's control to Las Vegas to destroy Coldblood. It failed in a restaurant and followed Coldblood and his car with a gun carriage through a casino until it crashed into a pool. Schirmer lost contact to it after this had happened.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#29/3






Elite Pursuer-9 Assault Tank

It was a tank built by Project: Ultra-Tech for test situations. It possessed one big cannon on the top and at least two smaller cannons at the side.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#26/3) - A Hunter-Robot drove in one of these tanks through the Maze and hunted Coldblood. Coldblood damaged the tank with a risky maneuver and rendered it unusable. The Hunter-Robot ripped the tank apart when he left it.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#27/3) - The burning and destroyed tank was behind the Hunter-Robot while Coldblood talked to it.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#34/3) - One or more Elite Pursuer-9 Assault Tank's (of overall twelve tanks) were used to stop Coldblood, but Gina Dyson blew them up by activating the Maze's booby traps.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#26/3 (26/3-27/3, 34/3


It was a robot built by Project: Ultra-Tech and resembled the Hulk. It was strong enough to rip apart a tank.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#26/3) - The Hunter-Robot drove through the Maze in a tank to hunt Coldblood. The Hunter-Robot ripped the tank apart to face Coldblood on its own when the tank was rendered useless.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#27/3) - It got his head shot off when it didn't answer Coldblood's questions the way he wanted it. Coldblood then used the Hunter-Robot's data and took control of it. Coldblood repaired the Hunter-Robot and waited for it to return to its home through its homing sensor. He followed the Hunter-Robot until it was destroyed by a robot resembling a clown.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#26/3 (26/3-27/3

Mako's human troops

They were Mako's loyal human soldiers. They didn't know much about Mako's plans, but they knew that they had to follow all his orders. Armed with guns and various other weapons they did Mako's biddings as well as they could.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#28/3) - Soldiers followed Coldblood in a helicopter on his way through the Maze and watched him break through the Maze's wall.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#29/3) - They got the allowance to stop Coldblood with everything they had, but they only hit his empty car and there helicopter got shot down by Coldblood before they realized it.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#33/3) - Mako told them to get ready to stop a single attacker.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#34/3) - They tried to stop Coldblood, but Coldblood was too good for them. Foot soldiers failed as well as the ones with tanks.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#28/3 (28/3-29/3, 33/3-34/3


The Maze

It was a giant walled city resembling New York more precisely a small part of Manhattan after a big catastrophe. It was Mako's personal playing ground and through holographic devices, robots, human troops, mines and signal broadcasted all over the Maze he had everything under control in it. The town's library was Mako's secret control room. A church (or something looking like a church) inherited the Maze's power station. It was originally planned as a training ground for cyborgs, but Mako never came that far as the prototype Coldblood became his demise.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#26/3 (30/3 (fb), 31/3 (fb), 26/3-35/3


It was an exoskeleton built by Project: Ultra-Tech. It possessed various smaller guns and two big ones in its arms. It was easy to control from its cockpit and very resistant to any attack as long as it was on its feet.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#32/3) - As part of his contingency plan Mako introduced the Weapon-Walker at the reception by destroying a sent in robotic terrorist with the Weapon-Walker. His investors' representatives hated the Weapon-Walker because they wanted to see the cyborg super-soldier.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#34/3) - Mako went with the Weapon-Walker into the Maze to destroy Coldblood.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#35/3) - After many failed attacks by Coldblood and Gina Dyson the Weapon-Walker was finally brought to the ground by Coldblood's car. The Weapon-Walker exploded after it hit the ground.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#32/3 (32/3, 34/3-35/3



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