Real Name: Gina Dyson

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Cybernetic surgeon

Group Membership: None;
    formerly: Project: Ultra-Tech

AffiliationsColdblood-7, Charles, Schirmer
    formerly: Mako

Enemies: Mako, his human troops and robots (Agent Five, many others)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile
    formerly: The Maze in the Nevada Desert

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#26/3 (hallucination; late August, 1989), Marvel Comics Presents#27/3 (early September, 1989)

Powers/Abilities: None. She was a cybernetic expert and could do any kind of cybernetic surgeries or any kind of manipulation connected to it. She had also the knowledge to use different kind of high-tech weapons.

(Marvel Comics Presents#30/3 (fb) ) - Lt. Gina Dyson visited Eric Savin in his office at Camp Killian to tell him everything about Mako's involvement with foreign nationals, his plans to sell cyborgs to them and the Maze.

(Marvel Comics Presents#31/3 (fb) - BTS) - On the night before Savin was transferred to the Maze, Gina and Savin exchanged further information and became lovers.

(Marvel Comics Presents#31/3 (fb) ) - After Savin was killed by a mine in the Maze, Gina Dyson had to turn Savin into Mako's first cyborg. Gina talked to Savin and all her words were stored by his computer because she still hoped that she could use Savin to stop Mako's plans. After the surgery Mako complimented her work.

(Marvel Comics Presents#26/3 - BTS) - Coldblood-7 hallucinated about Gina Dyson's face.

(Marvel Comics Presents#27/3) - Gina was present in Mako's control room and agreed with him that the Hunter-Robot's detonation wouldn't even scratch Coldblood. She later contacted Coldblood via radio transmission and led him directly to Mako's HQ in the Maze and told Coldblood where he could find her.

(Marvel Comics Presents#28/3) - Gina helped Coldblood to get through the many robots and reach her. When he reached her Gina explained to Coldblood that she did the cybernetic surgery on him and that his memory was deliberately removed. She implanted Coldblood the memories of his former life into his computer and shut off all control mechanisms that would've stopped Coldblood from fleeing the Maze. Then she told him to leave and learn more about his past later. With her last radio transmission she asked him not to judge her too harshly once he had learned more about his past and her involvement in it.

(Marvel Comics Presents#29/3) - Mako went to Gina because he knew that she helped Coldblood to escape and told her that she was now going to be bait for Coldblood.

(Marvel Comics Presents#30/3) - Gina tried to convince Mako that she wasn't involved in Coldblood's escape, but he didn't believe her and tied her up.

(Marvel Comics Presents#31/3) - Tied up and gagged she laid in a room and a broadcast of it was shown to Coldblood through Mako's Agent Five.

(Marvel Comics Presents#32/3) - Gina was hung up at her feet by Mako and left in a room with small robots which started to attack her with electrical charges.

(Marvel Comics Presents#33/3) - Charles found Gina and freed her. She ran away with her hands still tied up and met Coldblood outside who was going to kill her because he thought that she was just another robot meant to look like Gina.

(Marvel Comics Presents#34/3) - Gina convinced Coldblood that she was really her when she showed him that she bled. He freed her from her bonds and she led him to the Maze's power station. She told him only to burn out the junction box because they would need the power later again. After this was done Gina asked Coldblood to return to the library and save Charles. Ten minutes later Gina patched the cables back together to trigger all booby traps in the Maze and destroy the tanks with them. The electrical shock she suffered from this action rendered her motionless.

(Marvel Comics Presents#35/3) - She came to her feet again, got a big gun, and went to the library. On her way she saw Mako with his Weapon-Walker fighting Coldblood. Gina shot at the Weapon-Walker, but Mako was just distracted by this and knocked her out when she was out of ammunition. Her distraction still offered Coldblood the chance to get his car and destroy the Weapon-Walker with it. With a few broken ribs Gina hugged Coldblood, but Mako was still not dead and tried to shoot her. Charles and Coldblood stopped him. Later that day Gina left the Maze with Coldblood  to help him stay together. She told him that now the government, the U.S. Army, and the Multi-National Corporations were after them, but Coldblood was not afraid of them.

Comments: Created by Doug Moench & Paul Gulacy

I don't know if it was a mistake that Gina Dyson was called a Lieutenant in the Flashback in #30/3 or if she really was part of the U.S. Army.

Given the fact that Eric Savin was Coldblood-7, one might ASSUME that there were at least six predecessors, or at least attempted predecessors.

Read more to this assumption in the Coldblood-7 profile.
--Markus Raymond

Profile by Markus Raymond

Dr. Gina Dyson has no known connection to:

Charles has no known connection to:

Schirmer has no known connection to:


(Marvel Comics Presents#31/3 (fb) ) - After helping Gina with the operation on Savin, Schirmer and Charles he brought Coldblood into the Maze for his first test against the Elite Pursuer-9 Assault Tank and the Hunter-Robot.

(Marvel Comics Presents#27/3) - He was present when Coldblood's progress in the Maze was watched.

(Marvel Comics Presents#31/3) - Charles was contacted by Agent Five from Las Vegas. After Schirmer got beaten by Mako, Charles asked where Gina was. Mako gave him no answer and told Charles to prepare everything for the next day's reception. Charles was surprised that Mako wanted to do the reception without Coldblood.

(Marvel Comics Presents#32/3) - Charles followed Mako's orders and readied everything for the reception. Later at the reception he asked Mako if he wanted to go through with his contingency plan if Coldblood didn't arrive. Mako affirmed it and told Charles to send in the "terrorist" in five minutes to start the show. Five minutes later Charles sent in a robot posing as a terrorist. After that he left to search for Gina Dyson and he found her in a room attacked by small robots.

(Marvel Comics Presents#33/3) - He entered the room and was attacked by the small robots. Charles was still able to sever the string holding Gina with a shot, and she fled while Charles was further attacked with electrical charges by the small robots.

(Marvel Comics Presents#34/3) - Charles laid motionless on the ground after the robots were shut off by the power failure.

(Marvel Comics Presents#35/3) - Charles regained consciousness and went into the Maze. He shot Mako who tried to shoot Gina and watched Coldblood finish Mako off for good. Charles stayed at the Maze to think up a story to explain everything that had happened. He didn't stop Gina and Coldblood.

--Marvel Comics Presents#27/3 (31/3 (fb), 27/3, 31/3-35/3


(Marvel Comics Presents#31/3 (fb) ) - After helping Gina with the operation on Savin, Schirmer and Charles he brought Coldblood into the Maze for his first test.

(Marvel Comics Presents#27/3) - He was present when Coldblood's progress in the Maze was watched.

(Marvel Comics Presents#29/3 - BTS) - The Assassin-Bot was under Schirmer's control until he lost contact to it.

(Marvel Comics Presents#31/3) - Schirmer didn't tell Mako that he had lost contact with the Assassin-Bot and was beaten up by Mako for it.

(Marvel Comics Presents#33/3) - After Mako had killed the corporations' representatives Schirmer was afraid that they would get into trouble, but Mako wasn't afraid because he would recapture Coldblood that night and present him to their investors.

(Marvel Comics Presents#34/3) - Schirmer watched how Mako sent Coldblood and Gina through his holographic hell, but when Mako wanted to self-destruct the power station with Gina and Coldblood in it, Schirmer had enough. He attacked Mako and prevented the deaths of Gina and Coldblood. Mako shot Schirmer in the head for his betrayal.

--Marvel Comics Presents#27/3 (31/3 (fb), 27/3, 31/3, 33/3-34/3

Dr. Gina Dyson body shot: Marvel Comics Presents#35, p20, pan5
Dr. Gina Dyson head shot: Marvel Comics Presents#28, p21, pan5
Charles head shot: Marvel Comics Presents#32, p22, pan2
Schirmer head shot: Marvel Comics Presents#31, p21, pan1

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