Real Name: Eric Savin

Identity/Class: Human cyborg
  Citizen of the U.S.A.
  Dual identity: Eric Savin is generally assumed to be dead; the general populace of Earth is unaware of Coldblood's existence

Occupation: Urban Soldier Cyborg, operating as freelance mercenary
  Formerly Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army

Group Membership: None;
  Formerly Project: Ultra-Tech & U.S. Army

Affiliations:  Battlestar, Black Crow, Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau), Charles, Darkhawk, Deathlok (Michael Collins), Dracula, Dr. Gina Dyson, Nick Fury, Gladiatrix, Dr. Fox Hu, Dr. Kimble, Lectronn, Lightbright, Living Mummy, Meggan, Network, Prodigy (Gilmore), Schirmer, Secret Avengers (Black Panther, Luke Cage, Captain America, Cloak, Dagger, Daredevil (Danny Rand), Falcon, Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), Hercules, Human Torch (Johnny Storm), Hulkling, Invisible Woman, Patriot (Eli Bradley), Spider-Man (Parker), Spider-Woman (Drew), Storm, Vision, Wiccan), Shroud, SHIELD, Siege (John Kelly), Sleepwalker, Solo, Speedball, Terror, Typeface, Wonder Man
    formerly Roxxon Oil Company

EnemiesBen Jacobs, Mainframe, Mako, his robots (Agent Five, Assassin-Bot, Hunter-Robot and more), his human troops & his investors,
Mechadoom & his Capturebots, Pro-Registration forces (Arana, Bishop, Black Widow, Doc Samson, Iron Man (Stark), Ms. Marvel (Danvers), Mr. Fantastic, Nighthawk, Sabra, Sentry (Reynolds), She-Hulk, S.H.I.E.L.D., Stature, Thunderbolts (Blizzard, Bullseye, Fixer, Lady Deathstrike, Radioactive Man, Songbird, Taskmaster, Venom), Tigra, Wasp, Wonder Man, and others), Harlan Ryker & his Cyberwarriors, the Stranger;
  Formerly: Charles, Deathlok (Collins), Schirmer

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: Coldblood

Base of Operations: Mobile
  Formerly: The Maze in the Nevada Desert
  Formerly: Camp Killian in Nevada

Extent of Education: Unrevealed, probably college level

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents I#26 (late August, 1989)

Powers/Abilities: Coldblood is a cyborg with a wetware-grafted computer (computer grafted to his organic brain), a plasti-steel-reinforced skeleton, an artificial heart, synthetic hemoglobin, an artificial eye, and artificial limbs. The right half of his face is an armored cybernetic implant.
  He possessed superhuman strength (Class 50) as well as superhuman speed, stamina, durability and enhanced agility and reflexes. He was an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, highly trained in commando fighting and also possessed superb marksman with conventional firearms. Aside from these powers he possessed enhanced sensory systems. He had the ability to interface with virtually any computer system and could communicate with such systems by mentally entering "cyberspace" .
  In combat he used conventional firearms and a .357 automatic gun implanted in his artificial left hand. Built-in to his left hand was also a device to remote control his car.

Weaknesses/Limitations: The organic portion of Coldblood's body required food, drink, oxygen and sleep. His in-built computer required a recharge of electricity every twelve months of active service and five years if inactive. The portion of Coldblood's organic brain that controlled personal memories was removed during surgery that made him into a cyborg.

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 500lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black



(Marvel Comics Presents I#30/3 (fb) ) - At Camp Killian, Lieutenant Colonel Eric Savin was in charge of the presumably legitimate Project: Ultra-Tech. Lt. Gina Dyson visited him and told Savin that project head Mako wasn't working for the U.S. Army anymore, but for foreign nationals and multinational corporations. She told Savin about the Maze, the work on cyborgs, and her involvement as cyber-surgeon. That night Savin went to Mako's office and found evidence to confirm Dyson's story, but he was discovered by Mako.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#31/3 (fb) - BTS) - Savin met Gina again before he was transferred to the Maze, and they exchanged further information and became lovers.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#31/3 (fb) ) - Savin was transferred to the Maze and planned to investigate it, but only fifty meters inside he drove over a freshly planted mine that blew him into pieces.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#31/3 (fb) ) - For 2.3 minutes Savin was dead, but then he was brought back to life in a reconstructed form through a cybernetic surgery performed by Gina Dyson under Mako's command. After the surgery Coldblood was brought into the Maze by Charles and Schirmer for his first test run against the Hunter-Robot and its tank.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#26/3) - Coldblood woke up in his car and immediately started to ask his computer questions about who, what, and where he was. The computer explained it to him, and the description reminded Coldblood of a toy. The computer helped him to understand his car, and suddenly Gina Dyson's face appeared before Coldblood. The computer told him that it was just an hallucination resulting from the removal of Coldblood's memory. Seconds later the picture was gone and the computer alerted Coldblood that he was now the target. The Elite Pursuer-9 Assault Tank attacked and Coldblood fought back with his car using tactics the computer called reckless and suicidal. Coldblood rendered the tank inoperable and left the car to oppose the tank's driver. The Hunter-Robot driving the tank ripped it apart in the process of exiting it and explained that Coldblood existed to be destroyed.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#27/3) - Coldblood destroyed the Hunter-Robot and put it back together after siphoning all its data into his own computer. The Hunter-Robot headed back home, and Coldblood followed him until a clown destroyed the Hunter-Robot once and for all. Coldblood followed the clown and met several robotic faces. He destroyed all of them and killed the clown (good cyborg) that seemed to be human. Coldblood left and headed for the Maze's border, but his car was shut down by Mako's men. Coldblood continued afoot and reached the Maze's wall. When he tried to climb over it he was temporarily shut down as well. Back on the ground he started to ask the computer the right questions and learned that this Maze wasn't the real New York. Coldblood began to hear Gina Dyson's voice in his head and she led him to Mako's HQ. Mako's men couldn't shut him down anymore and Coldblood fought his way through Mako's robots to gain entrance into the building.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#28/3) - After destroying the robots outside he met more in the inside, but Gina helped him to surprise them with a grenade. Coldblood took the elevator and found Gina Dyson on level three. He recognized her face as the one he saw in his hallucination and learned that she performed the surgery that turned him into a cyborg. She offered to input all his personal history data into his computer. Coldblood wasn't sure if he could trust Gina. He realized that these data would be without the emotions and that he would never be the man he was again. He still let Gina do it to learn more about his past. Gina shut off all the control mechanisms that could stop Coldblood from leaving the Maze as well and told him to leave. Coldblood left the building and headed right to the Maze's wall through the gunfire of Mako's robots and soldiers. The car didn't shut down this time and Coldblood accelerated to maximum ramming speed.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#29/3) - The car ran through the Maze's wall followed by a helicopter. Coldblood jumped out of the car and shot down the helicopter while it fired at the car. Back in the car, Coldblood took a nap while the computer operated the car through Coldblood's artificial eye and when Coldblood woke up again he was already in Las Vegas. Coldblood went into a diner, but an Assassin-Bot was sent after him and attacked him there. Coldblood fled from the robot with his car through a casino. The Assassin-Bot crashed with its vehicle into a pool and Coldblood got away.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#30/3) - Coldblood hid behind trees while sending his remote-controlled car through the streets to lure the police away from him. He asked a woman (Mako's Agent Five posing as a hooker) for a room in the "Lucky 7" to get some privacy. She let him into her room and he sent her away. In the room Coldblood started to ask his computer for the data he got from Gina Dyson. Coldblood learned more about his connection to Gina, his foe Mako, and how he nearly died.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#31/3) - After listening to the last bits of his past he realized that he chose the room because of the number 7 which stood for his real name Savin as well as the 7 in his codename. He learned that Mako once made toys and that he met Gina again before dying. Agent Five entered the room, ripped off its face, and revealed a monitor that showed Mako. Coldblood listened to Mako who threatened to kill Gina if Coldblood didn't surrender to him. Coldblood destroyed Agent Five before giving Mako an answer.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#32/3) - Coldblood drove back to the Maze and entered it through a bridge despite his computer's warnings. Coldblood saw fireworks in the sky (Mako shooting down his investors' representatives) and mistook them for a greeting to his arrival.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#33/3) - Back in the Maze Coldblood left his car behind. A small robot opposed him and suddenly turned into a small-sized priest before shooting at Coldblood. He destroyed the small robot, and it turned into a small girl. Coldblood's computer warned him that from now on he couldn't trust it anymore because his return to the Maze returned him to within reach of Mako's broadcast influence which also rendered the computer's responses suspect and meaningless. Another robot attacked Coldblood while his computer worked out way to still be useful for Coldblood by saying everything twice if it was a lie. Coldblood reached three doors on his run from the robot. He destroyed the doors and found Gina Dyson behind them. His computer told him that she was a robot and Coldblood believed it and took her for another trick of Mako.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#34/3) - Gina convinced Coldblood that she wasn't a robot. He freed her from her bonds and she led him to the Maze's power station. Coldblood fought off all robots on their way and then destroyed the main junction box inside the power station. Afterwards Gina asked Coldblood to save her ally Charles from the library. Coldblood went on his way and passed the offline robots only to meet Mako's human troops. They had no chance against him and they were history when their tanks got blown up by Gina Dyson when she activated all booby-traps in town. Coldblood thought that it was over now, but Mako appeared inside his Weapon-Walker and told him that it had just begun.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#35/3) - Coldblood tried to run away from the Weapon-Walker, but it was too fast. Mako severed Coldblood's artificial arm, and Coldblood was left to crawl away. He even managed to get to his feet again, but only a distraction by Gina Dyson enabled him to regain his artificial left arm. He activated his remote-controlled car with the arm, accelerated the car to 95.3 MPH, and drove it right into Mako's Weapon-Walker. Coldblood destroyed the Weapon-Walker with his car after it fell to the ground, and it exploded. Coldblood turned his attention to Gina Dyson, but Mako wasn't dead yet and threatened to kill them with a gun, but Charles stopped him with a bullet. Coldblood put his left arm back on and finished Mako with his built-in automatic gun. A short time later Coldblood left the Maze together with Gina Dyson in his car. He wasn't afraid of all the people that were now after them and with Gina Dyson he had always a capable cyber-surgeon at his side that could repair him if needed.

(Deathlok II#4 (fb) ) - Deathlok escaped capture by one of Mechadoom's Capturebots by shooting it down from the sky.

(Excalibur: Air Apparent (fb) - BTS) - Deciding to become a mercenary, Coldblood took his first job working for Roxxon Oil Company, who hired him to obtain a bioweapon from the laboratory of Dr. Jonothon Cayre.

(Excalibur: Air Apparent) - At Cayre's laboratory, Coldblood encountered Excalibur's Meggan, who had been sent there by W.H.O. (Weird Happenings Organization) to prevent Cayre's equipment from falling into the wrong hands. After a short struggle, Meggan revealed to Coldblood that the weapon could turn humans into nerveless protoplasm. Agreeing that the weapon was too dangerous, Coldblood reneged on his first contract, destroying Cayre's laboratory and inducing a virus into his computers to destroy all of his notes. Coldblood summoned his car to help him and Meggan escape the explosion in time. Meggan indicated she'd try to get her boyfriend Brian Braddock to pay Coldblood for his services, since he had lost money and ruined his reputation by his actions.

(Deathlok II#18-19 (fb) - BTS) - Coldblood was hired again by the Roxxon Oil Company, this time by Clayton Burr who hired him to assassinate Deathlok and Harlan Ryker. For this job Burr gave Coldblood all the information he had on Deathlok.

(Deathlok II#18) - Coldblood traveled inside a trunk on a ship to France. He didn't like his assignment, but the things shown to him were proof enough for him that Deathlok deserved to die.

(Deathlok II#18 - BTS) - Coldblood arrived in France and went on his search for Deathlok in Paris.

(Deathlok II#19) - In Paris, Coldblood examined the facility wherein Deathlok, Silver Sable, and the Wildpack fought the Ultimatum. What he saw confirmed that Deathlok deserved death, and he was sure that Deathlok would lead him to Harlan Ryker as well.

(Deathlok II#20) - Coldblood started a surprise attack on Deathlok in the Bois de Bolougne near Eiffel Tower. He was quicker and more agile than Deathlok, but in the end he lost when he couldn't regain his gun. Overpowered, Coldblood told Deathlok that he was hired to terminate him for his murderous activities in Estrella, Japan, and the United States. Coldblood believed Deathlok that he was no murderer and learned Deathlok's history in cyberspace by connecting their computers. Afterwards they went together to Ryker's Cyberbase and attacked. Coldblood revealed that he was after Ryker for the bounty. Together with Deathlok and Siege he fought Ryker's Cyberwarriors and knocked out Mainframe when he realized that he was controlling the Cyberwarriors. He watched how Ryker killed Dr. Hu.

(Deathlok II#21) - Standing next to the defeated Mainframe he watched Deathlok turn on Siege. He helped Dr. Kimble against Ryker, but couldn't hold him when Mainframe and Ben Jacobs aided Ryker in his retreat. Together with Deathlok he tried to disarm the bomb Ryker had attached to Deathlok's human body. Halfway done Deathlok told Coldblood to leave the Cyberbase and he did so together with Siege. After the nuclear explosion was avoided Coldblood joined Deathlok and Siege to fight Cyberwarriors supplied to the Iraqi military. They managed to destroy them with a little help from SHIELD. After everything was over, Coldblood only needed a lift back to the United States which Deathlok provided for him after they had cleaned up they mess they had made.

(Beyond!#3 (fb)) - Coldblood was part of a team of heroes including Sleepwalker, Captain Marvel, Terror, Dracula, Darkhawk, Deathlok, and Wonder Man who were part of the Stranger's experiments in pitting superhumans against one another while posing as the Beyonder. Deathlok ultimately made a deal with the "Beyonder" to return Coldblood and the others home while he remained.

(Civil War: Front Line#5/2 (fb) - BTS) - When the Superhero Registration Act had passed Coldblood didn't register and was arrested.

(Civil War: Front Line#5/2) - Coldblood was brought to the Negative Zone prison 42. Inside the prison Coldblood's nose began to bleed and he felt really bad. He was transported to his cell alongside Speedball, Typeface and Living Mummy.

(Civil War#6) - Coldblood was freed from his cell in the Negative Zone prison 42 and joined Captain America's Anti-Registration heroes to oppose Iron Man's Pro-Registration heroes.

(Civil War#7 - BTS) - Coldblood participated in the end fight between the anti- and pro-registration heroes in New York City.

(Amazing Spider-Man#538 - BTS) - Coldblood was referred to as being unaccounted for following the final battle, as was Spider-Man and Triathalon.

Comments: Created by Doug Moench & Paul Gulacy.

    The 7 in Coldblood's name was a wordplay with his real name Savin which was spoken the same way. One of the first things Coldblood's computer tells him is that he was Coldblood-7 although he was only the fifth model of his generation (Mako's sick humor). In a subconscious way Savin was fixated on the 7 and it was no coincident that he took a room in the "Lucky 7". Mako seemingly knew about this fixation and seemingly used it to find Coldblood (Example: Agent Five at the "Lucky 7").

    Gina Dyson wasn't seen in Coldblood's later appearances, but they were probably still an item. Perhaps she stayed at home (some dark musty hideout) doing whatever she did while Coldblood earned some money with his mercenary jobs.

    Coldblood-7 received Handbook entries in the OHotMU Master Edition and the Civil War: Battle Damage Report.

   Eric Savin also became part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the head henchman of Aldrich Killian in Iron Man 3. Imbued with Extremis and for some time wearing the Iron Patriot armor he was one of the villains.

    Thanks to G Morrow for the Amazing Spider-Man#538 information.

Profile by Markus Raymond and Snood

Coldblood-7 has no known connection to:

Coldblood-7's car

It was a specially designed high speed automobile, with built-in machine guns on swiveling mounting on the roof and retractable autocannons on the car's sides. It could be remote controlled by a device in Coldblood's left wrist.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#26 (Marvel Comics Presents I#31 (fb), 26-30, 32-33, 35, Excalibur: Air Apparent

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