Real Name: Luther von Eisenbluth

Identity/Class: Human; World War II era

Occupation: Spice merchant; former Nazi scientist

Group Membership: formerly the Nazi party

Affiliations: Unidentified guards and business associates;
Adolf Hitler

Enemies: Elektra, unnamed assassin and his family, countless victims during World War II

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: An unnamed island fortress
    formerly Germany @ World War II

First Appearance: Bizarre Adventures#28  (October, 1981)


Powers/Abilities: von Eisenbluth formerly had access to a variety of equipment he used to experiment on human victims. He later was served by a number of armed guards and guard dogs from within a mansion surrounded by a fence lined with barb wire.

(Bizarre Adventures#28 (fb) - BTS) - A Nazi scientist during World War II, von Eisenbluth performed hideous experiments on innocent women and children.

(Bizarre Adventures#28 (fb) - BTS) - Some time after the war, von Eisenbluth escaped the world courts, relocating to an island base, where he posed as a humble spice merchant (just like the Kingpin!).At some point, he became paralyzed and anesthetic (lacking feeling) in his legs.

(Bizarre Adventures#28) - Learning of an assassination attempt planned on him, von Eisenbluth hired Elektra to prevent this. The would-be assassin managed to incapacitate Elektra and make it past von Eisenbluth's guards. Hoping to return the pain inflicted on his family during the war, the assassin shot von Eisenbluth in each leg. Feeling no pain, von Eisenbluth pretended to be a feeble minded old man, unaware of the threat. However, when Elektra arrived and distracted the assassin, von Eisenbluth raised a gun and shot him dead. He then thanked Elektra and apologized for taking her kill, but it had been such a long time since he had shot a Jew. Turning her back on von Eisenbluth, Elektra started to walk away, then thought better of it and hurled her sai, impaling and killing the monstrous von Eisenbluth.





Comments: Created by Frank Miller.

This story takes place before Elektra's first appearance in Daredevil I#168, but presumably after the events of Elektra: Assassin. At any rate, due to the sliding time scale, von Eisenbluth and his would-be assassin would have to be over 20 years older than when this story first came out, making von Eisenbluth around a century old and climbing. The easy explanation as time creeps on is that Eisenbluth used chemicals, perhaps some derivative of the super-soldier serum used on Master Man, etc., to maintain his life...though he still grew old, his body survived beyond the point that it would normally have perished. His would-be assassin could be adjusted/ret-conned to be the grandson & nephew of people experimented on in the war, rather than the son and brother (and rather than having been experimented on himself). Or, he could have received some of the same chemicals as von Eisenbluth, serving as its test subject.

von Eisenbluth's first name was revealed in Marvel Atlas#1.

Profile by Snood.

No known connection to:


His parents and sister perished under von Eisenbluth's torture during World War II, but he managed to escape (see comments). Decades later, he learned of von Eisenbluth's location and planned to assassinate him, hiring a group of agents and commanding a large ship towards his island. Von Eisenbluth learned of this and hired Elektra, who blew up the ship. Only she and the assassin escaped the explosion, but the assassin had the upper hand as he had held her at gunpoint while they held onto a floating barrel. He told her the truth about von Eisenbluth after which they combined their efforts to swim towards land. As soon as land was in sight, he shot Elektra in the head, fought his way past the guards and confronted von Eisenbluth. Wishing to return the pain his family suffered under his care, the assassin shot von Eisenbluth in each leg, only to find that he had long ago been paralyzed below the waist and didn't even feel the gunshots. Von Eisenbluth feigned being a feeble minded old man, unable to comprehend the imminent threat to his life, but when Elektra arrived (having only taken a glancing blow to the head), von Eisenbluth shot and killed the distracted assassin.

Elektra, however, then avenged the assassin and his family by killing von Eisenbluth herself.

--Bizarre Adventures#28

Bizarre Adventures#28, p12, panel 8 & 1
    panel 2 (assassin)

Bizarre Adventures#28 (October, 1981) - Frank Miller (writer/artist), Denny O'Neil (editor)

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