Type: Divergent Earth

Environment: Earth-like

Usual means of access: Presumably vibrational attunement (see comments)

Dominant Life Form: Atlanteans, humans

Significant Inhabitants: President Krang; Namor MacKenzie; Franklin Storm; Johnny Storm; Dr. Susan Storm

First Appearance: Fantastic Four III#47 (November, 2001)


(Fantastic Four III#48 (fb) - BTS) - After Namor the Sub-Mariner disappeared following the World War, Atlantis took over the Earth, which was renamed "Atlanterra."

(Fantastic Four III#47) - When Earth-616's Fantastic Four had their consciousnesses sent across space and time while searching for the hidden Ultimate Nullifier weapon, the knowledge of its whereabouts split across the minds of three alternate reality Johnny Storms, the Invisible Woman wound up in the body of her Earth-1116 counterpart, Susan Storm, M.D. Arriving in the middle of Dr. Storm seeing a patient, the Invisible Woman used her invisibility powers to set a young boy's broken arm in place and fit him for a cast. Having successfully faked her way through an appointment, the Invisible Woman mused to herself how strange it was to hear the phrase "Dr. Storm," as her father, Dr. Franklin Storm, had long since passed away on Earth-616. Just then, Earth-1116's Franklin Storm came into the room, alive and well, and the two spoke while watching on television as the Atlantean President Krang discussed bringing down ice asteroids to balance Atlanterra's tides. Sue and Franklin's discussion of whether or not the asteroids would flood Atlanterra was interrupted by the criminal Johnny Storm, who was seeking Dr. Sue Storm following a heist that had gone wrong. Johnny quickly explained that his criminal ally Mac had taken a bullet meant for Johnny and needed stitching up. Before Dr. Storm could do anything, Atlantean ships appeared outside.

(Fantastic Four III#48) - The Omniversal guardian Roma viewed Earth-1116 from her headquarters. Meanwhile, Dr. Susan Storm was being pressured by Earth-1116's Johnny Storm to stitch up Mac before the Atlantean authorities found them. Agreeing to help, the Invisible Woman recognized Mac, whose Earth-616 counterpart was Namor the Sub-Mariner. Examining Mac, Sue asked if "Mac" was short for MacKenzie, to which Mac replied that he didn't remember much before meeting Johnny. When Sue asked if Mac had met Johnny in a Bowery flophouse downtown, a confused Mac asked how Sue could have known that. Knowing that Mac was actually an amnesiac Namor, Sue ordered Johnny to bring her water, which she dumped in Mac's face, restoring Mac's memories. Franklin Storm then explained that they had to clean Namor up, as the world had been in a terrible way, mostly due to Atlantis. Shocked, Namor asked if his Atlantis was responsible and Franklin replied that while it wasn't his Atlantis at the moment, it was time to set things straight. As Franklin and Namor continued their conversation, the Invisible Woman took it upon herself to use a device designed by Earth-616's Mr. Fantastic to pull one third of the Ultimate Nullifier location knowledge from Earth-1116's Johnny Storm's mind. Sue then used the device to transfer that knowledge into the mind of Earth-616's Human Torch.

Comments: Created by Carlos Pacheco, Rafael Marin, Jeph Loeb and Jesus Merino.

While Mr. Fantastic was able to project the Invisible Woman's consciousness into her Earth-1116 body using one of his devices, I would think that vibrational attunement would be the usual means of access for a physical body.

The divergent point in this reality would be the moment that Atlantis succeeded in conquering the surface world.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Earth-1116 has no known connections to

President Krang

Krang was the ruler of Atlanterra following Atlantis' conquering of Earth. As president, Krang proposed bringing down ice asteroids to balance Earth's tides, much to the annoyance of Franklin Storm, who seemed to think the asteroids would flood Atlanterra.

--Fantastic Four III#47 (seen only on a television screen)

Namor MacKenzie

Prince Namor of Atlantis disappeared following the World War and ended up an amnesiac Bowery criminal calling himself Mac. After a botched heist in which Mac took a bullet for his ally Johnny Storm, Mac was taken to Johnny's sister, Dr. Susan Storm, for treatment. Unaware that Susan Storm's body was being inhabited by her Earth-616 counterpart, Mac became confused when Sue recognized him and asked if Mac had met Johnny at a Bowery flophouse downtown. Dr. Storm then hurled a bucket of water into Mac's face, restoring Mac's true memories. Realizing who he truly was, Namor was informed of the state of the world and Atlantis' role in it by Sue's father Franklin, who announced that it was time to set things straight.

Namor had the same superhuman strength, durability and presumably flight that his Earth-616 counterpart possesses.

--Fantastic Four III#47 (#48

Franklin Storm

Franklin Storm was the father of Susan and Johnny Storm, and lived with Susan Storm at her home, where she practiced medicine. Grumbling at the state of the world since Atlantis had taken over, Franklin was extremely happy when Susan restored the memories of Prince Namor, whom Franklin thought could set the world right.

--Fantastic Four III#47 (#48

Johnny Storm

Johnny Storm was a petty criminal who had met criminal partner Mac in a Bowery flophouse. After a failed heist in which Mac took a bullet meant for Johnny, Johnny rushed Mac to his sister Susan's medical practice for stitching up. Once there, Susan (who was being possessed by her superheroic Earth-616 counterpart, the Invisible Woman), dumped a bucket of water in Mac's face, restoring his memories of being Namor the Sub-Mariner. When Johnny tried to remind Namor that they still had to avoid police, Namor sternly reminded him of his tone while speaking to a prince. Invisible Woman then took that chance to use a device designed by Earth-616's Mr. Fantastic to retrieve knowledge of the Ultimate Nullifier weapon's location from Johnny's mind. She then transferred that knowledge into the mind of Johnny's Earth-616 counterpart.

Johnny did not appear to possess any superhuman powers.

--Fantastic Four III#47 (#48

Dr. Susan Storm, M.D.

Susan Storm was a medical doctor who practiced medicine from her home. Her body was briefly controlled by her Earth-616 counterpart, the Invisible Woman, when the Invisible Woman was sent to Earth-1116 to seek out knowledge of the Ultimate Nullifier weapon's location from the mind of Johnny Storm. Faking her way through one of Dr. Storm's appointments, the Invisible Woman was shocked when Johnny Storm and his criminal accomplice Mac arrived on her doorstep seeking medical attention. Not possessing the medical knowledge that Earth-1116's Susan Storm had, the Invisible Woman recognized Mac as Namor and instead hurled water in Mac's face, restoring Namor's memories. While Franklin Storm caught Namor up on the state of the world, the Invisible Woman used a device designed by Earth-616's Mr. Fantastic to retrieve knowledge of the Ultimate Nullifier's location from Earth-1116's Johnny Storm, which she then transferred to Earth-616's Human Torch.

Susan Storm possessed extensive medical skills. While Earth-616's Invisible Woman possessed her body, Susan Storm was able to make things invisible via touch, such as making a boy's arm invisible to see a fracture. It was unrevealed if Earth-1116's Susan Storm possessed any sort of invisibility powers before or after Earth-616's Invisible Woman left her body.

--Fantastic Four III#47 (#48

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Fantastic Four III#47, p10, pan4 (Susan Storm's medical practice, main image)
Fantastic Four III#47, p12, pan5 (Atlantean ships, supplemental image)
Fantastic Four III#47, p11, pan1 (President Krang)
Fantastic Four III#48, p5, pan8 (Namor MacKenzie)
Fantastic Four III#47, p11, pan1 (Franklin Storm)
Fantastic Four III#48, p4, pan1 (Johnny Storm)
Fantastic Four III#47, p8, pan2 (Dr. Susan Storm, M.D.)

Fantastic Four III#47 (November, 2001) - Carlos Pacheco (co-plotter, pencils), Rafael Marin (co-plotter), Jeph Loeb (script), Jesus Merino (inks), Tom Brevoort, Bobbie Chase (editors)
Fantastic Four III#48 (December, 2001) - Carlos Pacheco (co-plotter), Rafael Marin (co-plotter), Jeph Loeb (script), Jeff Johnson (pencils), Joe Weems (inks), Tom Brevoort, Bobbie Chase (editors)

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