Real Name: Atleza Langunn

Identity/Class: Human infant, acquired cosmic powers and an unique role by unknown means

Occupation: Anchor of Earth-616's Reality

Group Membership: None
formerly: Langunn family

Affiliations: Atlez, Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell), Brian Langunn (father), Debby Langunn (mother), Ruby Langunn (younger sister), Doctor Strange, Eternity, Gamora, Infinity, Moondragon, Pip the Troll, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Thanos, Adam Warlock;
    to a lesser degree, the Incredible Hulk, Prince Namor the Sub-Mariner and the Silver Surfer;
    various unidentified (presumably alien) predecessors in her duty as Guardian of the Infinity Abyss;
    ultimately all beings opposed to universal destruction;
    presumably Gaea;
    see also the Catalogue of Correspondences for Gaea from Ian McNee's reading of the First Tarot

Enemies: Moondragon (while mind-controlled by X), the Nihilist Sect and its troops, The Thanosi (Armour, Mystic, Omega, Warrior and X), possibly other nihilists (see Comments).

Known Relatives: Adam Warlock (substitute father), Brian Langunn (father), Debby Langunn (mother), Gamora (substitute mother), Ruby Langunn (younger sister)

Aliases: Anchor of ("Our", Earth-616's) Reality

Place of Birth: Pine Bush, New York

Base of Operations: a Palace inside a sphere of Reality Anchoring - apparently one of several attuned to different realities. Her version is attuned to Earth-616's dimension, and is perhaps accessible only by mystical means.

Extent of Education: Data transferred from Atlez's mind; mentored by Adam Warlock

First Appearance: Infinity Abyss#3 (September 2002)

Powers/Abilities: just like all her predecessors, Atleza is gifted with specific yet incredibly mighty cosmic powers that allow her to "anchor" a whole Universe out of the void of Final Oblivion. Despite her early age, she has already demonstrated the capability of creating protective house-sized shields against waves of cosmic nothingness, as well as instinctive knowledge of her role as Anchor of a Reality and some form of precognition. Those powers were intensified or at least fully awakened by the transference of information from Atlez through Adam Warlock's Soul Gem. She presumably has another powers (probably similar to those demonstrated by Atlez) or will develop them in time, but so far we can only speculate.

Height: 2'9"
Weight: 23 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

History: (Avengers Forever#1-12 - BTS), Infinity Abyss#5 (flashback)) - The Destiny Wars conflict (involving the Time-Keepers, Kang, Immortus, Rick Jones and the Avengers of various timelines) created a serious yet undetectable anomaly in the flow of time. As a result, Atlez's substitute in his role as Anchor of Reality was born only two years before his time of death.

(Infinity Abyss#5, flashback) - Needing help to recruit his successor (the human child Atleza Langunn), Atlez created in Adam Warlock an urge to meet him. Warlock found Atlez and learned about his role in keeping reality stable and his need for preparing his successor and agreed to help him. Atlez then gave Warlock and his Soul Gem the information they would need to release to Atleza, but the strain proved too much for Warlock, who lost his sanity.

(Infinity Abyss#1 and#5, flashback, bts) - Unable to restore Warlock's sanity directly, Atlez chose to release him into the surface of the planet Degaitor, were he spent about two years recovering from his trauma inside a self-made cocoon.

Realizing that further action would be needed to heal Warlock's mind and allow him to find Atleza Langunn in due time, Atlez decided to plant into the Thanosi the conviction that they needed to find Warlock in order to establish Oblivion; he also directed a meteor to free Armour from his containment. He succeeded, but involuntarily also freed Mystic, Omega, Warrior and X in the process.

(Infinity Abyss#2, Aug 2002) - Mystical energy trails began to form, trespassing various dimensions while linking Atlez to his future successor Atleza Langunn (now a two years old female human child). Those trails drew the attention of Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange, who decided to travel through them, and of Armour, Mystic and Warrior, who reacted by sending a squad of nihilistic soldiers to Earth to investigate. Spider-Man was also drawn to the energy trails, which ended at a country house - that of the Langunn family.

(Infinity Abyss#3) - Armour's nihilists arrived at the Langunns' house and were opposed by Captain Marvel and Spider-Man. The fight was brief because another block of nothingness appeared and removed the nihilists from the scene.

(Infinity Abyss#4) - When the Langunns' house was touched by a wave of nothingness, Atleza's dormant yet impressive cosmic powers instinctively created a protective shell around her house, "anchoring" it and its occupants (herself, her family, Captain Marvel and Spider-Man) away from Oblivion. X and an elite group of nihilists followed a mystical trail leading her house, hoping to find the key to Final Oblivion. She had a precognitive flash of their coming and warned Captain Marvel and Spider-Man

(Infinity Abyss#5) - Witnessing the fight of Captain Marvel, Gamora, Moondragon and Spider-Man against X and his nihilists, Atleza showed a growing degree of understanding of her role and destiny, and actually attempted to both warn and calm down her own family - apparently guided by some sort of precognitive sense.

(Infinity Abyss#6) - Warlock finally met Atleza and gave her the knowledge she needed with a blast from the Soul Gem. Now fully awakened Atleza to her destiny and power, she instantly healed the cosmic anomalies and pockets of nothingness that had been appearing recently. The group was then joined by Thanos, who insisted that all of them joined forces to prepare for the imminent coming of Omega.

Realizing that her time with her parents had ended, Atleza thanked them for her existence and said them goodbye as Pip teleported them to Earth. She then helped Thanos and the assembled heroes in fighting Omega. After that, she was joined by Gamora, Pip and Warlock in her travel to Atlez's realm, arriving at the exact moment of Atlez's death. Her family survived the whole crisis intact, but her cosmic duty put her permanently away from them from that moment on. She has been anchoring Earth-616's reality from oblivion ever since, living in Atlez's palace together with Gamora and Warlock - now her effective parents and guardians.

(Marvel Universe: The End#1) - While Atleza demonstrated her new skills, Adam Warlock commented that soon she would no longer require the presence of himself or Gamora to watch over her. Atleza paused from her demonstration to note the presence of Akhenaten, who represented a new element...shifting balances of power..."Everything is about to change."

(Marvel Universe: The End#6 - BTS) - After absorbing the power of the Heart of the Universe, Thanos was led into a conflict that ended with his consuming the entire universe. Outside of reality, Atleza, Gamora, and Adam Warlock were the only ones spared. Warlock left Atleza to confront Thanos, convincing him to restore the universe at the sacrifice of his power.

(Thanos#1 - BTS) - Adam Warlock was driven from Atleza and Gamora's side by an irresistible urge to come to a sector of space in Earth-616, where he again confronted Thanos.

(Thanos#6 - BTS) - Following the defeat of Hunger, Adam Warlock sought to use Pip the Troll to return to Atleza and Gamora.

COMMENTS: Created by Jim Starlin and Al Milgron.

    It may sound strange for Adam Warlock to retreat into a cocoon, but that has always been one of his tricks. He initially emerged from one in Fantastic Four#66-67, made himself a new one in Thor#166, and later repeated the trick at least once in both of his first two regular series. For some reason those cocoons often (but not always) change his physical appearance and costume somewhat, as seen in the Infinity Abyss series. The main function of those cocoons is to shield Adam from any external sensations and allow him to heal his body and (above all) his mind.

Profile by Luis Dantas, the Daevanator.


Atleza Langunn should be distinguished from

also, neither of them has any known connection to:

Adam Warlock, created by the Enclave and formerly known as "Him", should be distinguished from:

images: (without ads)
Infinity Abyss#6, p38, pan3 (Atleza Langunn main image)
Infinity Abyss#3, p5, pan3 (Langunn family)
Infinity Abyss#6, p34, pan4 (Atlez's death)
Infinity Abyss#6, p37, pan2 (Langunn family without Atleza)

Other appearances:
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