Real Name: Amanda (last name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Human technology user (possible mutate)

Occupation: Mercenary, criminal; former terrorist

Group Membership: Mandarin's operatives (Blizzard/Jim, Chemistro/Calvin Carr, Crimson Dynamo/Galina Nemirovsky, Firepower/Jack Taggert, Living Laser/Arthur Parks, Mauler/Brendon Doyle, Melter/Christopher Colchiss, Titanium Man/Boris Bullski, Vibro/Alton Francis Vibereaux, Whirlwind/David Cannon)

Affiliations: Blizzard (Donald Gill), Detroit Steel Corps (Sasha Hammer, others), Living Laser (Arthur Parks), Mandarin, Ezekiel Stane, Unicorn (Milos Masaryk), Juliana Valencia, Juan Carlos Valencia, Vibro (Alton Francis Vibereaux), Whiplash (Anton Vanko), Whirlwind (David Cannon);
formerly Spymaster, Titanium Man (Att-Lass)

Enemies: Ant-Man (Scott Lang), Avengers (Captain America/Steve Rogers, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Vision), Luke Cage, Detroit Steel Corps (kind of), Human Torch (Johnny Storm), Iron Man (Tony Stark), Iron Patriot (James Rhodes), Kree, Spymaster, Titanium Man (Att-Lass), White Tiger (Ava Ayala)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile;
   formerly Mandarin City outside Mongolia

First Appearance: Invincible Iron Man I#513 (April, 2012)

Powers/Abilities: Firebrand was empowered by cybernetic implants that worked in tandem with an exoskeleton based on Stark technology to grant her fire-based powers. She can project extreme heat through her exoskeleton that heats up her body so much that she can melt through glass. She can project fire blasts from her hands in varying intensity and use the trail of flame emitted from her legs to propel herself through the air to fly. She is immune to the negative effects of fire.

Height: Unrevealed (5'8"; by approximation)
Weight: Unrevealed (150 lbs.; by approximation)
Eyes: Green (variable while using her powers, solid yellow to solid white)
Hair: Red

(Invincible Iron Man I#513 (fb) - BTS) - For unknown reasons Mandarin offered Amanda a spot in a group of Iron Man villains to destroy Tony Stark. She received implants and an exoskeleton based on Iron Man's technology that turned her into the new Firebrand. She presumably also had a bomb implanted in her heart. (see comments)

(Invincible Iron Man I#513) - Mandarin gathered his upgraded Iron Man villains, including Firebrand, to tell them about his second phase in their war against Iron Man (Tony Stark).

(Invincible Iron Man I#516) - Firebrand caused havoc in the banking district in Charlotte, North Carolina during a battle against Iron Man. She crash landed on a car, breaking her leg and a couple of ribs, but her partner Crimson Dynamo came to her aid. The Detroit Steel Corps shot Crimson Dynamo and Firebrand after Iron Man's armor got deactivated. The Detroit Steel Corps picked up the wounded villains and flew away.

(Invincible Iron Man I#516 - BTS) - Firebrand and Crimson Dynamo were delivered to Mandarin City. They were laughing it up about their battle against Iron Man a short time later at the cafeteria.

(Invincible Iron Man I#522) - Mandarin sent Firebrand and the other villains out into the world to gather the materials Tony Stark needed to build the Titanomechs for Mandarin. Firebrand rode on the back of Firepower, who ended up collecting material in Botswana.

(Infinity: Heist#1 (fb) - BTS) - Firebrand started dating Whirlwind. It fell apart when she didn't want to dress up as Wasp for him and he just stopped answering the phone when she called him.

(Iron Man V#3) - Druglord Juan Carlos Valencia hired Firebrand, Living Laser and Vibro to protect an Extremis enhancile from Iron Man, who was on a crusade to destroy all Extremis technology on the world. Valencia needed the technology to heal his daughter's cancer.

   The three villains nearly took out Iron Man, who had arrived at Valencia's mansion in a stealth suit. Iron Man used gas to knock out Vibro and Firebrand and then blasted Living Laser before confronting Valencia, who begged for his daughter's life. Iron Man saved Valencia's daughter by hacking Extremis, but demanded in return from Valencia to turn himself in for his crimes.

(Infinity: Heist#1) - Firebrand ran into Whirlwind at the Black Market bar and blew up his glass when she saw, spilling his drink all over him. They got into a verbal fight in front of Blizzard (Gill), but where stopped by a security guard when they tried to attack each other with their powers. Even though she was mad at him Firebrand joined Whirlwind and Blizzard for a meeting with Spymaster, Whiplash and Unicorn in Spymaster's upstairs office at the Black Market. Spymaster had come up with a plan to rip off Iron Man and Firebrand gladly joined the team. Titanium Man, the last member of Spymaster's crew, crashed through the ceiling and Blizzard suddenly collapsed when he breathed in the air from outside.

(Infinity: Heist#2 (fb)) - Firebrand was present when a cocoon formed around Blizzard and when he broke out of it completely mutated by the Terrigen mists in the air.

(Infinity: Heist#2) - Firebrand, Whirlwind and Unicorn were present when Blizzard woke up in an underground medical facility. Firebrand took a mirror to show Blizzard how he now looked and explained to him that he was apparently an Inhuman. Firebrand then gave Blizzard a TV remote and told him to watch the news to get up to speed on what was going on with the Inhuman epidemic and then left with the others.

   Spymaster met with his crew in Central Park. Firebrand, Unicorn, Whiplash and Titanium Man were already there when Blizzard and Whirlwind finally arrived. Spymaster already knew that Blizzard wanted out, but didn't accept this. While Titanium Man held down Blizzard, Spymaster beat up Whirlwind. Firebrand tried to stop Spymaster, but was knocked out by Whiplash for interfering. Spymaster told everyone to meet him at the rendezvous point the next day on 5AM and then made sure that Whiplash knew that Blizzard, Firebrand and Whirlwind wouldn't make it out alive.

(Infinity: Heist#3) - The next day Firebrand took part in Spymaster's heist and broke into Stark Tower. Blizzard and Firebrand combined their powers to screw up the vault door's temperature and Unicorn used his power to break it apart. Inside the vault were all of Iron Man's past armors. Blizzard, Firebrand and Whirlwind turned on Spymaster, Titanium Man, Unicorn and Whiplash because they knew that they were going to kill them. Spymaster agreed to make a deal with them so they could continue the theft of Iron Man's armors, but he teleported away as soon as the armors had been teleported away as well. Luke Cage, Human Torch, Iron Patriot and White Tiger attacked the other villains, who defeated them. After the heroes were down Titanium Man revealed to the rest of the crew that he knew where Spymaster had gone to. He teleported them all to Spymaster and the Kree, but then knocked them out because Titanium Man was actually Captain Atlas of the Kree and the buyer of the armors.

(Infinity: Heist#4) - Handcuffed and trapped behind a force field Blizzard, Firebrand, Unicorn, Whiplash and Whirlwind waited for Spymaster and Captain Atlas to make a decision about their fate. Captain Atlas planned to have them executed, but Unicorn ripped off the iron mask that blocked his third eye before Spymaster could pull the trigger. Iron Man arrived to attack the Kree hideout and during the chaos Firebrand and the others regained their weapons and took the fight to the Kree, now donning Iron Man's armors, and Spymaster as well. Whirlwind apologized to Firebrand about being a jerk to her. After the Kree were defeated Firebrand, Unicorn, Whiplash and Whirlwind managed to escape because Blizzard trapped himself and Iron Man in ice.

(Avengers: A Cause for Alarm) - Firebrand was hired to steal plans from a tech company. The Avengers (Captain America, Iron Man, Vision) and Ant-Man stopped her.

Comments: Created by Matt Fraction & Salvador Larroca.

Amanda probably got the job as the new Firebrand because none of the other active Firebrands were interested to get a bomb implanted in their heart. There is no explanation why she hated Iron Man enough to join Mandarin's cause. Maybe she was a disgruntled ex-employee of Stark or one of his many one night stands or she had actually fought Iron Man in the past as a henchman of a better known villain.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Firebrand (Amanda) should not be confused with:

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