Real Name: Jim (last name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Adventurer; former terrorist

Group Membership: "Three Amigos" (Living Laser/Arthur Parks, Whirldwind/David Cannon); formerly Mandarin's operatives (Chemistro/Calvin Carr, Crimson Dynamo/Galina Nemirovsky, Firebrand/Amanda, Firepower/Jack Taggert, Living Laser/Arthur Parks, Mauler/Brendon Doyle, Melter/Christopher Colchiss, Titanium Man/Boris Bullski, Vibro/Alton Francis Vibereaux, Whirldwind/David Cannon)

Affiliations: Iron Man (Tony Stark), Ezekiel Stane;
formerly Mandarin

Enemies: Mandarin, Titanomechs, soldiers working for Mandarin;
formerly Iron Man (Tony Stark)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mandarin City outside Mongolia

First Appearance: Invincible Iron Man I#510 (January, 2012)

Powers/Abilities: Blizzard wore an armor that used Stark's repulsor beam technology as part of a cooling mechanism known as Sisyphus. It could flash-freeze large amounts of water within seconds (26 million cubic meters took a minute to flash-freeze), shoot a stream of ice to freeze solid matter or encase it in ice.

He had several implants placed in his body that presumably worked in tandem with his armor. The implants unfortunately included a bomb in his heart.

He was in good physical shape.

Height: Unrevealed (5'11"; by approximation)
Weight: Unrevealed (190 lbs.; by approximation)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond

(Invincible Iron Man I#510 (fb) - BTS) - Jim was a loser that got beaten up his whole life.

(Invincible Iron Man I#513 (fb) - BTS) - For unknown reasons Mandarin offered Jim a spot in a group of Iron Man villains to destroy Tony Stark. He received an upgraded Blizzard armor from Mandarin based on Iron Man's technology. (see comments)

(Invincible Iron Man I#510 (fb) - BTS) - Ezekiel Stane implanted a bomb in Jim's heart on Mandarin's orders to ensure Jim's loyalty to the Mandarin.

(Invincible Iron Man I#510) - As part of a three part attack on Abu Dhabi's water system Blizzard attacked Abu Dhabi's Empty Quarter Aquifier Project. When Blizzard asked him if he had a choice to do this job, Stane, who was in contact with him via a communication system in Blizzard's armor, reminded him of the bomb in his heart. Blizzard took out a few guards, then flash-froze 26 million cubic meters of desalinated water and the pipes at the same time, making it impossible to pump water anywhere. Stane gave him a countdown to the total security lockdown. As expected Stane lost contact to Blizzard for 9 seconds while Blizzard's power had to be rerouted. The mission was a success, leaving Abu Dhabi without water. Ezekiel Stane reported on Blizzard's success to Mandarin.

(Invincible Iron Man I#512) - Jim was training at a gym in Mandarin City while Living Laser talked to him about the bombs that were put in them. While Jim considered Mandarin City his safe house because some of the richest people from Abu Dhabi wanted him dead, Living Laser wasn't so sure about that and brought up the possibility that Mandarin could just as well get rid of Blizzard by detonating the bomb in Blizzard's heart if he became a liability. Jim was aware of the danger, but saw no reason to even try turning on the Mandarin because he was sure he could turn off their upgrades at any time and they had no chance to stop him.

(Invincible Iron Man I#513) - Mandarin gathered his upgraded Iron Man villains, including Blizzard, to tell them about his second phase in their war against Iron Man (Tony Stark).

(Invincible Iron Man I#514 (fb) - BTS) - Jim and Living Laser talked with Melter (Chris Colchiss) about the bombs all the villains got implanted into them by Stane.

(Invincible Iron Man I#514) - Jim had another talk with Melter. He reminded him of the bomb and told him to just smile and go along with everything he was told to do by Mandarin.

(Invincible Iron Man I#521) - Tony Stark was forced into Mandarin's service. Jim didn't want to sit next to Tony Stark in Mandarin City Mess Hall #17 because he was sure Mandarin would soon blow him up.

(Invincible Iron Man I#522) - Mandarin sent Blizzard and the other upgraded villains out into the world to gather the materials Tony Stark needed to build the Titanomechs for Mandarin. Blizzard stole materials from a containership in the port of Oakland.

(Invincible Iron Man I#523 - BTS) - Mandarin promised Tony Stark that his operatives were collecting the material Stark needed to finish the other seven Titanomechs.

(Invincible Iron Man I#523) - Stane shut off the security cameras at the mess hall to give Tony Stark 68 seconds to tell everyone that Mandarin planned to destroy everyting with his Titanomechs and that they should work together to stop him.

   Jim later showed up at the lab where Stane and Stark were working to offer his services to stop the Mandarin. He was surprised how well Stane was doing after his recent injuries. Stark welcomed Blizzard to the team.

(Invincible Iron Man I#524) - Blizzard, Living Laser and Whirlwind were the only ones that joined Stark and Stane to oppose the Mandarin. Stane made it clear that Mandarin had planned to kill them all along because that was the reason why he had to put bombs inside them.

(Invincible Iron Man I#524 - BTS) - Stark and/or Stane deactivated the explosives in Living Laser, Whirlwind and Blizzard.

(Invincible Iron Man I#524) - When Mandarin learned from Justine Hammer that Stark Resilient had found out that Stark was in China, he ordered to detain Stark and when it turned out that Stark and Stane along with three of the armored operatives were gone he tried to blow them up, but it didn't work. Blizzard and the others headed to mess hall to beat up and deactivate the explosives in all other enslaved operatives as well.

(Invincible Iron Man I#525 (fb)) - Iron Man explained how they would stop the Mandarin's scheme. First they would stop all their opposition at the mess hall and then split up to go after three individual targets.

(Invincible Iron Man I#525) - Iron Man's team beat up everyone at the mess hall without using any energy weapons because Stark didn't want anyone to get killed. At the same time Stark deactivated the bombs inside the people at the mess hall. The team then split up and Blizzard, Living Laser and Whirlwind attacked the armory, taking out the soldiers and destroying all the armors there. When Iron Man was unable to deal with the Titanomechs all by himself, Stane asked Blizzard, Living Laser and Whirlwind to join Stark.

(Invincible Iron Man I#526) - Blizzard ran over Mandarin with a car and then joined the battle against the Titanomechs with Living Laser. Whirlwind had unfortunately broken his suit and was unable to join the fight, but used the car as a weapon. During the battle a Titanomech impaled Blizzard, apparently killing him.

Comments: Created by Matt Fraction & Salvador Larroca.

Jim probably received the offer to become the new Blizzard because Gill had no interest to get a bomb implanted in his heart or become a terrorist after his stint with the heroic Thunderbolts.

We don't know why Jim had such a grudge at Tony Stark that he joined up with Mandarin's cause. Maybe he a disgruntled ex-employee of Stark or a henchman of one of Stark's many villains that went to prison because of Iron Man.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Blizzard (Jim) should not be confused with:

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Invincible Iron Man I#513, p19 (first version)
Invincible Iron Man I#525, p4, pan3 (ice beam)

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