Real Name: Alton Francis Vibereaux;
    identity publicly known

Identity/Class: Human mutate;
    citizen of the USA

Occupation: Environmental terrorist, mercenary
    former seismologist and engineer

Group Membership: No formal group memberships

Affiliations: Blizzard (Jim), Chemistro (Calvin Carr), Crimson Dynamo (Galina Nemirovsky), Doctor Druid (Anthony Ludgate), Firebrand (Amanda), Firepower (Jack Taggert), Griffin (Johnny Horton), Living Laser (Arthur Parks), Mandarin, Mauler (Brendan Doyle), Melter (Christopher Colchiss), Poison (Cecilia Cardinale), SHOC (Neil Aiken), Shocker (Herman Schultz), Slyde (Matt Beacher), Ezekiel Stane, Titanium Man (Boris Bullski), Juan Carlos & Juliana Valenica, Whirlwind (David Cannon);
    former agent of the Hand and Hydra;

    formerly employed by Franklin Fortney and Nightwatch (Kevin Trench)
    he probably saw himself as an ally of Gaea (at least around Avengers West Coast#58)

Enemies: Avengers West Coast (Doctor Henry Pym, Human Torch/Jim Hammond, USAgent/John Walker, Wasp/Janet Van Dyne, Wonder Man/Simon Williams), Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau), Clytemnestra Erwin, Morley Erwin, Falcon (Sam Wilson), Franklin Fortney, Iron Man (Tony Stark), Iron Man (James Rhodes), Nomad (Jack Munroe), Rescue (Virginia "Pepper" Potts, SHIELD (Strategic Hazard Intervention Logistics Directorate), Nightwatch (Kevin Trench), She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters), Tigra (Greer Nelson), US National Guard, US Army, Wyatt Wingfoot, Wolverine (Logan/James Howlett); inhabitants of Los Angeles, California; the county of Divide, North Carolina; the owners and those employed on an oil rig off the California coast; sheriff and deputies on an unidentified town 60 miles from the outskirts of Los Angeles; the attendees of a Tulaluma Fields air show;
    slain, resurrected, and enslaved by the Hand (and possibly specifically by Elektra Natchios;
    possibly George Saywitz

Known Relatives: None (he was specifically noted as single in the Master Edition)

Aliases: "Wielder of the Forces of Nature" (self-titled)
    "Big-Brain" (nickname from Fortney), "burrhead" (nickname from Nomad/Jack Munroe), "sloth" (taunting nickname from Iron Man/Rhodes)

Base of Operations: Currently unrevealed;
    formerly the estate of Juan Carlos Valencia in Columbia;
    formerly Mandarin City;
    formerly often based in San Andreas Fault area, California;
    formerly the Vault, in the Colorado Rocky Mountains;
    formerly a Nevada prison;
    formerly Palmdale, California;
    born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Education: Ph.D. in geological engineering

First Appearance: Iron Man I#186 (September, 1984)vibro-vibereaux-extremis-guard-blasting.jpg

Powers/Abilities: Vibro can generate high-level seismic vibrations and fire them from his hands as vibratory or concussive force, causing shockwaves, opening chasms, and/or generating earthquakes with ranges of several miles. His powers are sufficient to potentially cause earthquakes in sensitive regions if he uses his powers sufficiently without directly trying to cause an earthquake. 

    He can also generate shields of vibratory force to protect him from outside attacks, such as bullets. 

    He uses his force projection to lift him into the air and fly at subsonic speeds; he has also been seen to travel atop sections of land that he can direct forward like a wave. He can also use his power to tunnel through earth or rock, and to create handholds on walls.

    He can also absorb seismic energy, and store and magnify it for future use.

    He is immmune to the effects of his own powers, and he can survive for prolonged periods deep within the earth, regardless of extremes of heat or cold, and/or lack of oxygen and presumably the presence of other potentially toxic gases.
    However, he will pass out in the upper atmosphere due to the low levels of oxygen. 

    At least initially, he was dependent on relative proximity to the San Andreas Fault to maintain his powers, with his abilities weakening the farther away he got. At 50 miles away, his attacks were much less powerful, and they faded progressively after that. He seems to have overcome this limitation. vibro-vibereaux-face-mutated.jpg

    Additionally, he was allegedly dependent on the nuclear-powered seismic energy-absorbing apparatus (of unknown composition, as well as synthetic stretch fabric) that was grafted to his body in his initial accident. The apparatus has since been removed.

    Originally of gifted intellect (as well as being a talented engineer with extensive knowledge of seismography), he developed certain menta deficiences and a degree of madness after his mutation; his mind appears to have recovered somewhat since then, although he seems to shift between varying levels of clarity.

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black (nearly bald)
Other distinguishing features: Facial scarring, missing several teeth (he may have had some cosmetic surgery (or been otherwise healed), as he looked less scarred in his more recent appearances, although that may have been artistic license)


(Avengers West Coast#58 (fb) - BTS) - Alton Vibereaux spent years studying the Earth's "capriciousness" and trying to make people realize their ignorance would be their undoing.

(Iron Man I#186 (fb) - BTS) - Professor Vibereaux designed a nuclear-powered device to absorb seismic energies, to monitor and theoretically prevent earthquakes.vibro-vibereaux-machine.jpg

(Iron Man I#186 (fb) - BTS) - Professor Vibereaux contracted with Franklin Fortney to take measurements in the San Andreas Fault via his device. 

(Iron Man I#186) - In the small town of Palmdale, California, Vibereaux warned his employer Fortney that the planned drop into the San Andreas Fault was dangerous, but Fortney didn't care insisting he way paying Vibereaux to do it and that he would bust Vibereaux into "tiny little pieces" if he gave him any lip. As Vibereaux acquiesced and walked away, Fortney noted "them college guys....they make me want to puke." And his foreman assured Fortney he had "told 'im pretty good."

    As Vibereaux returned to his device, his assistant advised against going through with this as they were directly over the San Andreas Fault and there was liable to be another tremor any second. vibro-vibereaux-chair.jpgAs Vibereaux, dejectedly acknowledged this, the assistant reminded him that the nuclear material used in his machine wasn't stable. Vibereaux assured him everything would be alright, and that this was his only chance to prove himself. He then instructed his assistant to send him down, which he did, noting it was "his funeral." 

    Almost instantly, tremors began, and the earth opened up beneath Vibereaux, causing him to fall into the Fault and beyond (apparently drifting close to Earth's core)...into emptiness; he screamed, and he shattered. For a time he drifted, "not dead and certainly not alive."

(Iron Man I#186 - BTS) - On the surface, the foreman noted that Vibereaux was gone, but Fortney noted "Yeah, too bad. But he knew the job was risky when he took it. I knew that contraption of his would be a dud, but hey, Fortney Surveying will do any job that pays."

(Iron Man I#186 (fb) - BTS / Avengers West Coast#58 (fb) - BTS) - Strange eruptions occurred along the Fault, and Vibereaux's device transferred the vibrations' power and sensation into his system.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition#25) - His nuclear-powered seismic energy-absorbing apparatus was grafted to his body and converted into a vibrational energy generator.

(Iron Man I#186 (fb) - BTS / Avengers West Coast#58 (fb) - BTS) - Amutated/disfigured and mentally addled Vibereaux subsequently burst from the ground.

    Vibereaux wandered for days, barely conscious, barely cognizant of his own identity.

(Iron Man I#186 - BTS) - Witnesses reported "a man having burst through the ground after the minor tremors"; officials offered no comment.

(Iron Man I#186 (fb) - BTS) - Terrorists seized Fortney's offshore oil rig.

(Iron Man I#186) - Wandering the city streets, Vibereaux saw a report of Fortney's situation via a display at Mike's TV's; seeing his face and hearing his name caused the power to surge within him, and he unleashed a powerful vibratory blast that destroyed the display. Someone asked who he was, and he screamed out, "Vibro" (or, at least that's what it sounded like, and that became his identity going forward).

    As he wandered off, Vibro noted that that Fortney had done this to him and that he must pay. 

(Iron Man I#186 (fb) - BTS) - Vibro arrived on the beach and saw Franklin's oil rig's silhouette; knowing his tormentor was there, his rage began to build.vibro-vibereaux-deflecting bullets.jpg

(Iron Man I#186) - As the rage seethed through Vibro, he unleashed a powerful vibratory pulse that shattered the oil rig, on which Iron Man (James Rhodes) had been taking out the terrorists.

    After Iron Man rescued a number of victims and and brought Fortney to the beach, a man warned Iron Man about the guy who caused the problems. Iron Man approached Vibro, asking to talk, and Vibro, seeing him with Fortney, struck out with vibratory force. When Iron Man landed, he was pulled beneath a fissure in the sand, but his suit protected him and guided him to Vibro. Taking off his gauntlet to prevent killing Vibro, Iron Man emerged suddenly and punched him out. 

(Iron Man I#186 (fb) - BTS) - Iron Man delivered Vibro to local police station.

(Iron Man I#186) - The recovered Vibro was docile until he saw a news report of Franklin Fortney thanking Iron Man for saving him, at which point the pulsing began anew.

(Iron Man I#187 (fb) - BTS) - The pulse built in intensity for a minute before exploding outwardly.

(Iron Man I#187) - Vibro shattered the walls of and escaped his jail cell. When the police ordered Vibro to stop, he causes a cave-in below their feet and continued off in search of Fortney and Iron Man.

    In a small town 60 miles from Los Angeles' outskirts, Vibro unleashed his power, shattering buildings and ordering people to find the mayor or police chief.

(Iron Man I#187 (fb) - BTS) - Vibro instructed the sheriff to summon Fortney and Iron Man or he would level the whole town. 

(Iron Man I#187 - BTS) - Fortney refused, telling them to tell Vibro to "climb his thumb." The sheriff then instructed one of his deputies to get "Cal down at the radio station" to put a call for Iron Man on the air.

(Iron Man I#187 (fb) - BTS) - Tony Stark, and Clytemnestra and Morley Erwin heard the newscast about Vibro's demand that Iron Man come to him.
    US Army and National Guard units also traveled to the area to help defend it from Vibro.

(Iron Man I#187 - BTS) - The Erwins and Stark told Rhodey about the newscast, and he took off, refusing to listen to their advice to plan a strategy with him. With Rhodey having been behaving erratically lately (partially due to the Iron Man helmet's cybernetic equipment not being synched to his brainwaves), the others decided to head to the site, as they felt he might need their help.

(Iron Man I#187) - As Vibro waited, Iron Man approached and announced his presence, allowing Vibro to blast him away, rattling his gyros and hurting him through the armor.

(Iron Man I#187 - BTS) - After Iron Man crashed into a nearby building, Tony Stark learned of Rhodey's headaches and realized the helmet needed to be adjusted the helmet to Rhodey's brain patterns.

(Iron Man I#187) - After leveling a building, Vibro warned the sheriff that he would destroy one building every hour until Iron Man and Fortney returned.vibro-vibereaux-propelling_self.jpg

(Iron Man I#187 - BTS) - Meanwhile, having learned Vibro's identity and researched his history, Morley suggested that Vibro's powers might weaken with distance from the San Andreas Fault, and noted that he was closer to the center of the Fault at this time.

(Iron Man I#187) - As the Army arrived and fired on Vibro, he threw up a vibratory force shield, deflecting the bullets, and then vibrating the soldier senseless. After hearing a report from a university professor warning that all of the vibrations could cause an earthquake that would level the town, the Army and sheriff elected to not engage Vibro further. 

    Not wanting to wait until Stark had had a chance to adjust the helmet, Iron Man confronted Vibro, zig-zagging back annd forth to avoid his shockwaves' full force, and then goading Vibro to chase him. Vibro followed him in a jeep, and Iron Man tried to stay out his range but not get so far away as to discourage his pursuit. When Iron Man suffered another massive headache, Vibro caught him with a vibratory blast, but Iron Man stayed aloft and continued to lead Vibro until they were 50 miles from the Fault. Iron Man then turned and faced Vibro; Morley's theory proved correct, and Iron Man weathered Vibro's weaker assaults as he flew in and lifted Vibro's jeep high into the air. Threatened with being dropped, Vibro surrendered.

(Iron Man I#187 - BTS) - Iron Man flew Vibro to a lockup in Nevada.

(Iron Man I#191) - As a pair of men of agents brought Vibro back to California by plane, they mocked Vibro's apparent harmlessness. However, they were apparently unaware of the source of Vibro's powers; and once they landed, Vibro sensed the power as it flowed back into him, after which he shattered his restraining chains, caused some upheavals of the ground, and rushed off, shattering a police car that confronted him. Using his vibratory force to propel himself into the air, Vibro went over the fence blocking him; the police reported that he was heading toward Tulaluma.

    North of Los Angeles, Stark and the Erwins -- who were heading to the West Coast Avengers' Palos Verde compound in hopes of having a better communication with Rhodes, who was still behaving irrationally and erratically despite Stark having adjusted the helmet to Rhodey's brain patterns -- saw Vibro running along the highway. While Stark refused to don the model 01 Iron Man armor he had constructed as part of his work therapy (feeling being Iron Man had contributed to his descent into an alcoholic binge), they group agreed to follow Vibro to determine where he was heading and then call the police.vibro-vibereaux-blasting_im.jpg

    As Vibro began projecting himself forward with force waves, Stark and the Erwins found their progress blocked by traffic to the air show at Tulaluma Field, and so they turned around to head to Avengers Compound with plans to phone the police. 

(Iron Man I#191 - BTS) - Upon meeting up with Rhodes/Iron Man, Morley Erwin mentioned their siting of Vibro, leading Rhodes to angrily depart to take down Vibro. Stark correctly worried that Rhodes would provoke a violent conflict at the airshow.

    En route, Rhodes/Iron Man destroyed a farmer's barn after mistakenly thinking he had seen Vibro duck in there.

At the airshow, a police officer told the arriving Iron Man of reports of a guy in a funny suit sneaking in, and Iron Man smashed his way into the building. 

(Iron Man I#191) - Asking if someone had seen a weirdo, Iron Man mistakenly blasted nearby to a clown, attracting the attention of Vibro, who then blasted Iron Man, with some stray force taking out a light standard that then fell into the crowd. Iron Man blasted the standard away, but when a policeman suggested Iron Man take the fight away from the civilians, Iron Man refused to let him get away again or make a fool out of him. 

(Iron Man I#191 - BTS) - Hearing reports of the conflict at the airshow, Stark reluctantly donned the model 01 Iron Man armor.

(Iron Man I#192) - As Iron Man (Rhodes) continued to fight Vibro in an arena full of civilians, Iron Man (Stark) headed in to help keep people safe.

    Eventually Rhodes realized the people need a way out, and so he blew a hole in the wall with his repulsors and instructed the crowd members to flee. Around the same time, Vibro blew another hole through the wall to escape, and then re-directed his blasts upward, knocking a light plane from the airshow out of control. As Iron Man flew to the rescue, Vibro blasted him repeatedly forcing him away; as the jet headed for a disastrous crash into the outside crowd, Iron Man (Stark) pulled up the plane and rescued the people. 

    As Rhodes was buffeted while trying to escape Vibro's attacks, Stark wondered why Rhodey didn't tunnel underground, then realized Rhodey probably hadn't thought of it; Stark's model 01 armor, however, lacked the drilling and tunneling capacities. When Rhodes tried to duck out of sight behind a pair of grounded planes, Vibro blew up the planes.

    Figuring Rhodey would be OK with his eye and mouth shields in place, Iron Man (Stark) attacked Vibro while he was distracted by the explosion, blasting him progressively farther into the air with his repulsors in hopes of weakening his connection to the San Andreas Fault; however, Stark was limited by the model 01's life support, and he was unable to get as high as he would have liked. Stark blasted Vibro as high into the air as he could with one last blast, and Vibro was apparently unconscious from the trauma, cold, and thin air when he fell back down into Stark's arms. As he flew Vibro away from the Fault, Stark appreciated it would take him 15 minutes to get the desired 50 miles from the Fault, while Rhodey's armor could do it in 3 minutes.

    When Vibro began to revive, Stark tossed him into high into the air again, hoping to keep him out of it until they got far enough away from the Fault.

(Iron Man I#192 (fb) - BTS) - Stark apparently got Vibro sufficiently distant and turned him over to the appropriate authorities. 

(Captain America I#340 (fb) - BTS) - Vibro was transferred to the Colorado Rockies' Vault superhuman prison.

    Vibro overcame his dependence on the San Andreas Fault and became able to generate powerful vibratory force even a great distance from it.

(Iron Man I#228 - BTS) - In an effort to prevent others from using stolen Iron Man technology, Iron Man disabled anyone armor using such technology, including the Guardsmen that ran security for the Vault.

vibro-vibereaux-ohotmu-master.jpg(Captain America I#340) - When a power failure at the Vault resulted in inmates escaping and being able to access their powers, Vibro created a tunnel to escape the prison, allowing the animalistic Griffin (Johnny Horton) to follow; he encouraged Griffin to be present, as there were tons of rock to penetrate, and they would be free soon enough.

    As Vibro exited his tunnel out of the mountain, the Falcon (Sam Wilson) failed to recognize him; but before Falcon could engage Vibro, Griffin flew out and assaulted Falcon. Meanwhile, Vibro carved handholds as he needed them to scale the mountain, all the while plotting to get back to civilization and shake it apart.

    As he continued scaling the mountainside, he was assaulted by Nomad (Jack Monroe), who had been knocked off of the road above by the escaping Mr. Hyde (Calvin Zabo) and Titania (Mary MacPherran). Nomad hurled one of his stun discs, and Vibro struck back with a force blast, but when the rocks loosened by his blast fell back at him, Vibro lifted his other hand away from the mountain to release a blast to pulverize them. The force he was projecting and/or letting go with both hands caused Vibro to fall down the mountain. 

    Considering Vibro defeated, Nomad continued scaling the mountainside.

(Avengers West Coast#58 (fb) - BTS) - Vibro spent months avoiding humanity.

(Avengers West Coast#58 (fb) - BTS) - After a powerful earthquake rocked San Francisco (see comments), Vibro waited for a sign that mankind had learned its painful lesson.

    When then sign never came, Vibro decided to teach mankind himself.vibro-vibereaux-ironmanual3.jpg

(Avengers West Coast#58) - Vibro devastated the Los Angeles Department of Urban Development, then questioned one of its employees about the veracity of a report about the use of substandard construction in the city. When the man confirmed the report, Vibro -- enraged that the officials were not properly protecting their people -- decided that it would take extreme measures to teach them the error of their ways, and that it was worth sacrificing a relatively small number of people for the greater good; he vowed to show them that Mother Earth was not to be ignored.

    Vibro caused a powerful earthquake in the middle of lunch hour in Los Angeles, where 7.5 million people worked; initial readings measured it at 8.2, but found that the tremors were actually intensifying. 

(Iron Manual Mark 3) - Hundreds of people died immediately.

(Avengers West Coast#58 (fb) - BTS) - Vibro stayed at the bottom of a deep chasm, storing the energy within himself and allowing it to build. 

(Avengers West Coast#58 - BTS) - Returning from a recent fight with Magneto, the Avengers West Coast (Doctor Henry Pym, Human Torch/Jim Hammond, USAgent/John Walker, Wasp/Janet Van Dyne, Wonder Man/Simon Williams) learned of the quake and headed to Los Angeles to help the victims; Iron Man (Tony Stark) arrived to help as well. 

    Geologist Jack Williams -- operating out of Cuyamaca Park -- reported that the Fault was reacting very strangely, as the portion near them had had no pressure build-up at all and should not be causing such a major groundshift problem...leading him to believe the earthquake was due to unnatural causes. Williams further shared that an hour before the quake hit, their main offices were attacked by Vibro.

    After querying Iron Man for information on Vibro, Dr. Pym flew (via his ship, Rover) himself and Wasp to a chasm in Cuyamaca Park. One of those present reported that the aftershock was building inside the Fault at an accelerated rate, and Pym another speculated that if Vibro had absorbed the vibratory energies of the initial quake, the aftershock could be worse. 

    Wearing a suit to protect her from the pressure, temperature, gasses, etc., the Wasp flew into the chasm.

(Avengers West Coast#58) - Wasp found Vibro wedged between two shelves of earth and apparently sleeping. She considered that she might be able to take him out quickly, but he awakened and struck out at her. The two argued about the justification for his actions, but when she instructed him to get out of the chasm, he told her the energies he had absorbed must be released now. Since he could block her blasts with chunks of rock at will and he refused to listen when she told him if he did not stop, they could not be responsible for his safety, she flew back to the surface. Pym then used his control over Pym Particles to force the two sides of the chasm together (see comments), despite Vibro's using his powers to oppose this. Vibro was apparently crushed between the two apposing walls.

ARRESTED and escaped?

(Iron Man I#267 (fb) - BTS) - Vibro assaulted the area around Monarch Studios. Hearing of this, Iron Man (Tony Stark) -- who had suffered severe nerve damage and was using a suit directly controlled by his mind to animate his body -- thought it would be a quick and easy test of what kind of shape he was in. 

    However, Iron Man's slow reflexes and weakened coondition allowed Vibro to swiftly knock him down.

(Iron Man I#267) - Vibro taunted Iron Man that the battle wasn't going as he had expected, then told him to get up...or asked whether he preferred Vibro's powers destroyed him where he lied. After Vibro smashed Iron Man through some scenery, Vibro accused him of making this too easy and told Iron Man he could not fake him out like had recently done with the Living Laser. Telling Iron Man if he wanted a coward's death he would would happily oblige him, Vibro collapsed a set of pillars (composed of actual marble as the director wanted realism) on him, then asked how it felt.

    Realizing he didn't have the control to duke it out, Iron Man broke free and then released a pair of magno-couplers that caught Vibro in their field, lifted him in there air, and then spun him until he nauseated and cried out for Iron Man to stop. Iron Man then turned Vibro over to the police, telling him he would remain sufficiently disoriented until they got him to a holding cell that could contain him.vibro-vibereaux-shulk12.jpg

(She-Hulk#12 (fb) - BTS) - Nightwatch (Kevin Trench) hired Vibro, Shocker (Herman Schultz), and Dr. Druid to assist him in performing a magical spell that would sacrifice the people of the North Carolina county of Divide in exchange for making Nightwatch known as a great hero.

(She-Hulk#12 (fb)) - In the County of Divide, Vibro and Shocker generated vibrations to help power Druid's spell. Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau), She-Hulk (Jen Walters), Tigra (Greer Nelson), and Wyatt Wingfoot showed up protect the natives from the demons assaulting them. She-Hulk took native George Saywitz to safety, but the rest of the town (over 200 people) disappeared. Additionally, the heroes all forgot why they were there or what had happened. Nightwatch directed the heroes to and blamed his assistants; after he helped detain the villains, he joined the heroes in helping capture them. 

(She-Hulk#12 (fb) - BTS) - George Saywitz went to the police, but no one remembered that his town had even existed. 

(She-Hulk#6 (fb) - BTS) - George Saywitz filed suits against Anthony Ludgate Druid, Greer Grant Nelson, Monica Rambeau, Herman Schultz, Kevin Trench, Alton Vibreaux (sic), Jennifer Walters, and Wyatt Wingfoot (defendents) for the destruction of his town.

(She-Hulk#2 (fb) - BTS) - The blue file was a motion by George Saywitz for change of venue from the County of Divide in the state of North Dakota to another suitable county in North Dakota for the case of George Saywitz (plaintiff).  vibro-vibereaux-hand_army.jpg

(She-Hulk#12 - BTS) - Vibro or Shocker slew George Saywitz (Nightwatch couldn't recall which, as he considered the two interchangeable).

(Wolverine III#26 (fb) - BTS) - Elektra and multiple members of the Hand ambushed and slew a number of super-villains -- including Vibro -- and then resurrected them as their servants.vibro-vibereaux-skewered.jpg

(Wolverine III#26) - Vibro was amongst an army of jetpack-wearing resurrected super-villains sent to assault the SHIELD Helicarrier.

(Wolverine III#27) - Alongside Poison, SHOC, Slyde, and two unspecified others, Vibro broke into the chamber in which Dr. Weinberg was working to de-program Wolverine who had also been apparently slain and resurrected as an agent of the Hand. 

    Wolverine stabbed Vibro and Shock through the chests after taking down Slyde, then dropped Poison and the other three as well.

(Invincible Iron Man#513) - In Mandarin City, the Mandarin and Ezekiel Stane upgraded a number of super-villains -- including Vibro, as well as Blizzard, Chemistro, Crimson Dynamo (Galina Nemirovsky), Firebrand, Firepower, Living Laser, Melter (Christopher Colchiss), Mauler, Titanium Man (Boris Bullski), and Whirlwind -- reinventing and transforming their technology to aid in their desires to destroy Tony Stark. vibro-vibereaux-stane-upgrade.jpg

    After listing a number of acts already committed to defame Stark, the Mandarin told them it was time to start phase two.

(Invincible Iron Man#521) - At the Administrative Maximum Facility in Colorado, Vibro instituted a breakout until being confronted by Iron Man (Jim Rhodes, although no one knew who was in the armor at the time). 

vibro-vibereaux-breakout.jpg    Noting he didn't care who was in the armor and that he hated any Iron Man, he fired a vibratory blast, which Iron Man dodged and then blasted Vibro and the inmates back. Vibro next created a chasm into which some of the inmates fell, but the arriving Rescue (Pepper Potts) saved them. 

    When Iron Man congratulated her, Vibro blasted the seemingly distracted Iron Man, demanding respect; however, Iron Man then either teleported behind Vibro or more likely had an illusion struck down by Vibro, and blasted Vibro, incapacitating his armor and knocking him out. 

    Iron Men then departed, leaving Rescue to stick around for the clean-up.

(Invincible Iron Man#522 (fb) - BTS) - The Mandarin had Vibro broken out of prison and returned to Mandarin City, where his armor was restored.

(Invincible Iron Man#522) - Mandarin sent Vibro and his other agents to procure materials for Tony Stark allegedly needed to complete the Mandarin's Titanomechs (war weapons). They struck a series of facilities in Taipei, the Port of Oakland, Botswana, and Vancouver, British Columbia.

(Iron Man#3 (fb) - BTS) - Columbian druglord Juan Carlos Valenica -- whose daughter Juliana was dying of a cancer her defective immune system could not clear -- purchased an Extremis enhancile to re-program her immune system and save her life. 

    Juan Carlos hired Vibro, along with the Living Laser and Firebrand (Amanda) to protect the Extremis technology from Iron Man (Tony Stark) who had been targeting and destroying the world's Extremis technology.

(Iron Man#3) - When Iron Man, wearing a special stealth armor, investigated Valenica's mansion, the Living Laser blasted him out of the building, after which Vibro and Firebrand rushed to confront him.

    Unprepared for such a conflict, Iron Man attempted to escape via a chameleon/illusion mode, but Firebrand's fires rendered him visible again, after which Vibro blasted him off his feet. In response, Iron Man released a knock out gas that dropped both Firebrand and Vibro, after which he stunned the Laser with his limited repulsor weapons. 

    After learning Valenica's motivations, Iron Man let the villains go free, cured Juliana with the Extremis, and assured Juan Carlos he would be going to jail.

(She-Hulk#11 (fb) - BTS) - She-Hulk's paralegal, Angie Huang, discovered that Nightwatch was behind the blue file.

(She-Hulk#12 - BTS) - She-Hulk, Hellcat, and Angie Huang learned the full truth from Nightwatch and defeated him.

Comments: Created by Dennis O'Neil, Luke McDonnell, and Steven Mitchell.

    When does the She-Hulk flashback take place?

    The San Francisco earthquake referenced in AWC#58 refers to the magnitude 6.9 earthquake of 1989, although it's a topical reference, of course, since -- with the sliding timescale -- AWC#58 only took place like 6 years ago relative to current comics. 

    The Comic Book Database site lists Vibro as appearing in Avengers/JLA#4. I can't find him anywhere in that issue or the other issues of that series. Can anyone else tell if they can find him, and, if so, where?

vibro-vibereaux-IMTL.jpg    Iron Man: The Legend#1 had a featurette "Iron Man's Lamest Foes," and Vibro made the list. The list also included Midas, Gargantus, the Chessmen, Quasar the Future Man, the Black Lama, Mister Doll, and Termite. You can make your arguments for or against these or others being on this list, but this is the list.

    He was called Alton Vibereaux in Iron Man#186 and Francis Vibereaux in Avengers West Coast#58...and he received the time-honored solution of being called Alton Francis Vibereaux in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition.

    Vibro also had a mini, original OHotMU Appendix style entry in the Avengers Log. No new information was provided therein.

    If his real name was sort key in him following the path and gaining the powers that he did, we call all be happy that his last name was not Disentery or something like that.

Profile by Snood.

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