poison-cardinale-spdm64-flyingpoison-cardinale-spdm64-scott-costume POISON

Real Name: Cecilia Cardinale 

Identity/Class: Human mutate;
    Cuban citizen;
    US immigrant

Occupation: Hydra operative when last observed;
    former vigilante, cleaning woman, hotel chambermaid

Group Membership: A massive over two-hundred-member army of Hand-resurrected superhumans (Elektra/Elektra Natchios, Knickknack/Nick Grossman, Leap-Frog/Buford Lange, Northstar/Jean-Paul Beaubier, Rockslide, SHOC/Todd "Neil Aiken" Fields, Slyde/Matthew Beacher, Spot/Johnathon Ohn, Vibro/Alton Vibreaux, numerous others)

Affiliations: She was last associated with the Hand and Hydra (and indirectly Gorgon/Tomi Shishido; see comments);
    prior to her brainwashing: Maria, Spider-Man (Peter Parker, with whom she was also friendly as Cecilia), Spider-Man (Ben Reilly), Joe Trinity (aka the Mop Man), Ylandris
   formerly Trenton Lipton III, Paris Scott, Vassily

Enemies: (While brainwashed by the Hand) SHIELD (notably Dr. Weinberg/formerly the Rabble Rouser), Wolverine (James Howlett/Logan);
    at least formerly
the Eliminators (High Evolutionary-associated), the Hand (who slew her), High Evolutionary (Herbert Edgar Wyndham), Dallas Kerr, Miami's drug lords and other criminals, Mrinha, the Purifiers (High Evolutionary-associated), Russian Embassy's military attache', Sally, Slug (Ulysses X. Luggman) and his henchmen, el Toro Negro (Sergio Torres);
    her feeling regarding Vassily seemed conflicted;
    similarly, she at some times considered Ylandris a demon and/or an enemy

Known Relatives: Carlos Cardinale (son)

Aliases: "Devil" (from Sally and Dallas Kerr);
    "Sweet Poison" (from Ylandris)

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;poison-cardinale-specspan4 "Hello, Poison"
    last seen aboard the SHIELD helicarrier Blackhawk that crashed in Arkansas;
    formerly Manhattan, New York;
    formerly Miami, Florida;
    formerly Cuba (presumably where she was born)

Education: Unfinished first year of college at University of Havana

First Appearance: Web of Spider-Man I Annual#4 (1988)

Powers/Abilities: Poison possesses superhuman strength (at least Class 10, lifting somewhere between 2-10 tons; based on what has been shown, I would estimate on the lower end of that strength level). poison-cardinale-spdm64-eyeglow

    She can levitate. At least early on, Poison often remained in a vertical/standing position while hovering, and she can float high above the streets for an extended period of time. Over time, she learned to (and/or when needed she could) fly at high speeds

    She can transform her body to the consistency of hardened steel (see comments), enabling her to thrust her hand through the presumably-steel exoskeleton of the High Evolutionary's Eliminators and then maintain sufficient force/momentum to pierce the armor-wearer's rib cage and fatally strike the heart.

    She can also resist inertia, such that an adult man rushing full speed at her standing form would slam into her and stop completely, without moving her to even take a step backward to brace herself.

    She can reportedly psionically mold the flesh of others (see comments). 

    She can apparently either telekinetically deflect bullets or form some sort of deflective shield...or perhaps she could influence the perceptions of others to make them miss her (she did not seem to be moving away from the bullets...she just remained in position and they missed her).

    She possessed exceptional athletic ability and enhanced hearing. 

    She can teleport at least one person at a time over distances of several yards, although she found the process exceptionally draining (enough that she voiced that she would never try it again, causing her a massive headache and a nosebleed; those she teleported also developed a strong headache.  

    At least when she was bonded with Ylandris, she caused an uncomfortable reaction from Peter Parker's "spider sense."poison-cardinale-spdm64-teleport

    Cecilia, if only ceremoniously, underwent some changes as she took a shower to refresh, compose, and purify herself, after which she donned her skull necklace and adopted her Poison persona; her eyes were notably different as Poison. She even greeted her Poison aspect by seeing it appear in the mirror. 


    After her apartment was destroyed, and presumably her costume and skull necklace with it, there seemed to be no difference between her physical appearance and persona as Cecilia vs. Poison.

    When occupied by Ylandris, she benefited from the alien’s counsel and apparent telepathic knowledge of others.

    Under Ylandris' influence, she was willing (or forced) to kill as needed, but she subsequently sought to avoid killing whenever possible.

    Under Hydra/Hand influence, she was driven to slay others remorselessly.

    Cecilia is bilingual, speaking fluent Spanish (Cuban Spanish, particularly) and English.

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 115 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown


(Web of Spider-Man I Annual#4/2 (fb)) - During her first year at Cuba’s University of Havana, Cecilia Cardinale encountered Vassily, part of the Russian Embassy’s military attache'. 

    Though she told him she knew that the Russian embassy personnel were not supposed to fraternize with the Cuban people, Vassily smiled and told her that he would gladly comply when his superiors found a cure for loneliness. poison-cardinale-specspan4-2-arrested

    That night they walked, talked, and held hands. 

    Feeling that Vassily was sincere, Cecilia soon fell in love with him, and she eventually became pregnant. 

    When Cecilia's pregnancy was discovered, she named Vassily as the father.

(Web of Spider-Man I Annual#4/2 (fb) - BTS) - When Vassily's superiors learned of this, they were very upset. 

    Possibly coerced by his superiors, Vassily issued a statement denouncing Cecilia, accusing her of seducing him and taking money from him and asking for political favors. 

    Vassily was eventually called back to Leningrad.

(Web of Spider-Man I Annual#4/2 (fb)) - Cecilia was thrown into a cell, spending many months there and never seeing her home again.

    Although she was otherwise healthy and strong, after living in the unsanitary and inhumane conditions, Cecilia became sick. 

    While her captors intended for her to die and to prevent her child from being born, Cecilia survived, and so she and other "undesirables" were shipped off from Mariel Harbor to the USA.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update '89#5: Poison) - After arriving in a Florida refugee camp, Cecilia gave birth to her son, Carlos, after which her illness worsened considerably. 



(Web of Spider-Man I Annual#4/2 (fb) / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update '89#5: Poison) - Cecilia was near death when the extradimensional semi-tangible energy warrior Ylandris (whose name meant "Poison"), stranded in the Earth dimension after having "fallen from her own world" and at risk of having her form dispersing in Earth's atmosphere without substance to contain her, offered to merge with Cecilia and save both their lives. 

    Cecilia initially believed Ylandris to be a result of a fevered dream. 

(Marvel Comics Presents#60/2 (fb) - BTS) - Cecilia at later considered Ylandris to be a demoness.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update '89#5: Poison) - Ylandris  provide Cecilia's beleaguered immune system with the strength to fight off her illness, while Cecilia's body serve as a containment vessel for Ylandris' energy. 

    Cecilia recovered from her illness, now containing the life energy and consciousness of Ylandris within her. 

    Taking her name from the English translation of Ylandris' name, Cecilia adopted the identity of the costume vigilante "Poison" for a number of years, using powers gained from Ylandris. 

    Hunting any who harmed the vulnerable, her battle thirst was driven partly by Ylandris and and partly by her own determination to never again be victimized and to at least symbolically strike back for the wrongs done to her. 

    She combatted evildoers she considered "the destroyers of the heart."




(Web of Spider-Man I Annual#4/2 (fb) - BTS) - Cecilia and Carlos moved to Miami, where she became a hotel chambermaid.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z hardcover#9: Poison) - Poison spent years as a sporadic crimefighter. After Carlos reached school age, the High Evolutionary sent his Purifiers and Eliminators to Florida to, among other things, hunt people potentially infected by the Nexus of All Realities within the Citrusville, Florida swamp associated with the Man-Thing.

(Web of Spider-Man I Annual#4) - When Cecilia knocked on the door of  Peter Parker -- who was staying in a hotel in Miami during his tour to promote his book "Webs: A Pictorial History of Spider-Man," his spider-sense went off, apparently in reaction to her mutated/alien-bonded nature. After he assured her she was not disturbing him, she promised she worked quickly due to being so busy, as well as due to the summer heat and her worries about her little boy, Carlos (as school was out and he was home alone). Apologizing if she talked too much, she subsequently thanked Peter for noting that she seemed young to have a school-age kid, noting that she forgot she was young. He, in turn, apologized for prying, and she told him it was OK, noting that it was a long story that she hoped to one day tell Carlos' father. 

    After leaving his hotel, she wondered who was that man to make her babble so, and Ylandris apparently noted that he was "power without corruption"; Peter, however, having been pained by her effect on his spider-sense, hoped he would not see her again. 

    As Cecilia caught a bus home, she argued with Ylandris about a potential mission, and her speaking aloud caused other passengers to think her crazy. Finally accepting Ylandris' instruction to find a babysitter for Carlos to do needed work, Cecilia asked Ylandris to let her sleep for a while to gather her strength. 

    After returning to her apartment, Cecilia teased Carlos for being oblivious while watching "G.I. Joe." Although he noted his worry about her tough days and her being tired, she demonstrated her strength by squeezing him between her calves and lifting him into the air; when he asked how she could do that, she reminded him that he always asked that, and that she always answered that it was her special secret. When she told him to go clean up and noted that he was spending the evening with Maria, he asked with disappointment if she was going out again, and she reluctantly admitted that she was. 




    Having taken a shower, Cecilia was refreshed, composed, and purified, which she noted to Ylandris; pleased, Ylandris encouraged Cecilia to become Poison. After she did so, Ylandris advised her the High Evolutionary's Eliminators were coming for her and for Carlos, noting that they knew what she was and feared what her son may be. Warning of the power of their weaponry, Ylandris instructed Cecilia to stop them immediately, and Poison swiftly descended upon and destroyed a trio of armored warriors, shattering their armor and redirecting their weaponry back at them. 

    When Carlos, drawn by the commotion, recognized his mother as Poison, floating in the air, Maria assured him that it was not and advised him not to point at her or to give the police stupid ideas. Meanwhile, Ylandris instructed Poison to ignore the voice of her son and to take her far away, to the place where their worlds converged. poison-cardinale-specspan4-ylandris-depart

    In the swamps outside Citrusville, home to the Nexus of Reality, as Spider-Man battled and defeated other Eliminators, Poison descended from the air above. When Ylandris noted that she would soon leave and return to her own world, Cecilia confessed that she would be relieved at her departure, leading Ylandris to state that Cecilia had learned well from her, and she asked Cecilia to give her control of the body so she could do what must be done. 

    Cecilia acquiesced, and Ylandris then departed her form, noting that she had changed Cecilia's body such that not all of the powers she had granted would vanish with her departure, as well as the fact that Carlos may also have been changed by her presence. She also advised Cecilia that the Eliminators had sought to seal off the Nexus forever.

    Strengthened by her experience with Cecilia, Ylandris opened a portal to return to her world and endure the hard journey home. She told "Sweet Poison" that her journey had yet to begin.

(Web of Spider-Man I Annual#4 - BTS) - Poison was not seen as Spider-Man and the Man-Thing took out the rest of the Eliminators.

(Web of Spider-Man I Annual#4/2 (fb)) - After Ylandris' departure, Cecilia retained her powers, and she went out into the streets of Miami, recalling her origins as she sought to find one of the "destroyers of the heart"; finding only other victims, she returned to her apartment to tuck Carlos in. 

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z hardcover#9: Poison) - Poison continued her war against criminals, particularly Miami’s drug trade.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#60/2) - Floating above the streets of Miami, Poison considered that she was the penalty for the inflicting of love's cruelties. She observed a trio of men assaulting a small dog until they were stopped by Joe Trinity (the "Mop Man"; inhabited/empowered by the extradimensional Mrinha (whom he called Myrna)) who slew two of them but left the third alive. 

    Later, after Trinity had futilely called his ex-girlfriend, Sally, Poison confronted Trinity, asking who he was talking to and who was the Dallas she had mentioned. Trinity told her that was his and Myrna's business and to leave him alone, but he assured her he would take care of Dallas. poison-cardinale-mcp62-float

    Returning to her apartment, he considered that Trinity had been mentally broken but that he had bonded with something similar to Ylandris, although it was a butcher rather than a warrior: All danger, no discipline. Never having encountered another such creature, she was curious to test its limits against hers. She further considered that if she could have found Joe earlier, perhaps she could have helped him. She then sat down next to and put her hand on the back of the sleeping Carlos, considering that she had to work in the morning, and the enemy would have to wait.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#61/2) - At Carlos' query, Cecilia admitted that she had gone out the night before after he fell asleep (and he noted that her eyes were barely open after 3 cups of coffee), but that she was not seeing a man, at least not the way Maria meant. As his bus approached, she checked that he had everything he needed for school, but she gave him no further information on her nocturnal activities, telling him only that he was not yet ready to know.

    Cecilia later got on her own bus, and when a fellow passenger tried to hold her hand, her strong grip convinced him she did not want to be touched by him.

    After finishing her work day, Cecilia considered that the slovenliness of some people defied reason and that cleaning up after them injured her spirit; however, she appreciated that this was her job and that Carlos could not eat spirit. She vowed that Carlos would have a better life than this, although not necessarily easier as life was not meant to be easy. 

    When she got back to their apartment, Carlos was upset that she was going out again that night, as she could hardly stand up from being so tired. She reminded him that she was stronger than his friends' fathers, but he reminded her that those fathers stayed home at night. She told him to stay with Maria and she would be back by midnight; she asked him to try to believe that this is something she had to do. 

    After taking a nap and dreaming of Carlos, she worried that he deserved a more sane and normal mother. She considered that someday she might be that woman, but not that night. Donning her necklace, she greeted herself as Poison.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#62/2) - As one of the Slug's hitmen threatened Trinity, Poison descended from the sky behind him. Realizing he would hear her land, she focused her will to avoid his bullets. The hitman rushed forward to tackle her but she remained standing as he smashed into her, leaving him stunned and confused. Knocking him to the ground with a knee to the chin, she then stomped on his hand as he went for his gun and warned him that she could drive her fingers straight into his skull, after which he accepted that the matter was finished.

    Poison then took Trinity away to hear his story, and he told her how he had been happy with Sally and was a successful accountant until he refused to work for the criminal Ulysses X. Luggman (aka the Slug), after which he was fired and Sally left him soon after. When Trinity's former assistant took the job and started seeing Sally, he began to lose his sanity.

    Poison assured Trinity that she could take the pain away.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#63/2) - In her apartment, Cecilia considered Joe Trinity and planned to visit Sally and Dallas the next day. Having had a bad dream, Carlos came into her room, and she assured him that she was home to stay for the night.poison-cardinale-mcp64-liftsally

(Marvel Comics Presents I#64/2) - Sensing as hitman Ferdinand "Foxy" Pertierra gunned down Joe Trinity, Cecilia cried out and then rushed out of the shower in a towel, refusing to tell Carlos what was wrong and instead sending him to Maria's. When he offered to stay and take care of her, she yelled at him to do as she said as she needed to be alone, but she then immediately apologized and regretted allowing her pain to touch Carlos. As she donned her necklace and became Poison, she considered that Joe did not and must not be aware of the psychic bond between them. 

    As she checked on Joe Trinity at the hospital, she sensed that what he called "Myrna" was searching for Joe; she cared little as she was spotted floating outside the window by the attending Dr. Alcazar and police officer Lt. Harris. She subsequently confronted Sally on her and Dallas' apartment's balcony, lifting her into the air by her neck and noting that Sally needed attention, fun, and to feel good all the time, no matter at whose expense, because otherwise she wouldn't know she was alive.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#65/2) - Poison threw Sally through the glass window into the apartment, startling Dallas. Sally told Dallas to kill the devil, and Poison encouraged Dallas to do so before she ground his dignity into dust and ripped every shred of reason from his skull. She further noted that she wanted him to suffer and to be the ordeal that destroyed him. He charged her with a large glass shard, but she caught his hand and her grip forced him to his knees, after which she suggested he try to stab her when her back is turned, like he had done to Joe Trinity. Noting that if he could not slay her, he would spend the rest of his life on his knees in terror. As she departed, she informed Dallas that she would be back and that she would live with him and Sally from this moment forward in the darkest corners of their souls. poison-cardinale-mcp67-vmrinha

    She subsequently sensed as Mrinha mentally contacted Trinity and had him call to her, after which Mrinha fully merged with Trinity. Considering that Trinity would not be able to control Mrinha, Poison appreciated that Mrinha would first heal Trinity, after which she would have to confront the creature. Poison then returned to her apartment, watching over Carlos as she considered that she was mad for looking forward to a potentially lethal conflict.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#65/2 - BTS) - Dallas met with the Slug, advising him that Poison represented a threat to his interests, but the Slug advised Dallas that he should take care of his own problems.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#66/2) - In preparation of the coming confrontation, Cecilia dropped Carlos off with Maria, who advised her that Carlos was beginning to feel unwanted. As she departed, Cecilia ignored Maria's mocking suggestions that she was seeing another man. 

    Later observing as Trinity took vengeance on Pertierra, Poison considered how Mrinha's allowing Trinity to choose the first victims allowed it to gain his trust and assert itself progressively without resistance. As Trinity assaulted the Slug's estate, Poison prepared to both assist his vengeance and free him from those using him.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#67/2) - As Trinity brutally battered Dallas, Poison stopped him, leading the frenzied Trinity to turn on her instead. Grabbing his hand, Poison explained that while he did not actually want to punish her, the thing inside him did. The Slug's men then fired on them both, but she pushed Trinity out of the way and took out the Slug's men, either dodging their bullets or causing them to miss her. When Trinity went after the fleeing Dallas, she followed; the Slug vowed he would make her regret she was ever born. 

    When Poison confronted Trinity again in Dallas' apartment, telling him that Dallas and Sally had tasted the venom in their hearts and that it would be harder for them to live with that than to die, Trinity was unable to stop Mrinha from forcing him to the attack. Catching Joe by the neck in mid-air, Poison instructed Mrinha to abandon Trinity or die with him, as she would not let him live as its slave. Accepting this, Mrinha exited Trinity but then tried to possess Poison instead; her experiences (and presumably physical and mental changes) from her time with Ylandris enabled Poison to resist Mrinha, and she cast out the creature, seemingly dispelling it.

    Poison subsequently told Trinity that when he awakened, he would find that his nightmare had ended; however, she advised Dallas and Sally that their nightmare would never end, as they could not change what they were. As she flew off, she told them that now they knew that Poison was the price they would pay each time they were true to their natures. 

    With a smile on her face, she returned to her apartment to see Carlos, considering that the hunt was over for a time. poison-spdm64-burnt

(Spider-Man I#64 (fb) - BTS) - Poison continued to wreak havoc for the Miami drug scene.

(Spider-Man I#64 (fb) - BTS) - Recruited by Paris Scott to become his agent in the Great Game -- a gambling operation run by a group of wealthy individuals who wager on the outcome of battles between their sponsored super-powered contestants -- Cecilia traveled to Manhattan with Carlos and rented an apartment.

(Spider-Man I#64 (fb) - BTS) <Soon after> - Having sought the position with Scott that Poison had obtained, el Toro Negro (Sergio Torres) apparently learned her identity and location and set a firebomb in her building (see comments). After the bomb went off, Spider-Man (Ben Reilly) rushed to the site of the flames engulfing the entire block. Saving dozens of lives, Spider-Man pulled Carlos to safety.

(Spider-Man I#64 - BTS) - With Carlos not breathing, Spider-Man performed CPR and then handed him off to the EMTs once he was breathing again. Certain his mother could survive the fire, Carlos begged Spider-Man to rescue her. As neither Spider-Man nor the police believed anyone could still be alive in "that inferno," he sent Carlos away in an ambulance. 

    El Toro Negro subsequently assaulted the ambulance and kidnapped Carlos.

(Spider-Man I#64) - As a portion of the building collapsed, Cecilia emerged from the flames, levitating in the air and asking about Carlos. She collapsed to the ground soon after, and when Spider-Man rushed to her aid, she "reminded" him that she was Poison (unaware that this was not the same Spider-Man she had met before) and asked him to help her son as he was in danger and that the man who started the fire was dangerous. When Spider-Man sought to get her medical attention first, she shattered the asphalt beneath her fingers and repeated the danger. Spider-Man assured her Carlos was fine as he had seen him taken to the hospital where she would see him soon, and he further promised to make sure her boy was safe, and she calmed down.

(Spider-Man I#64 (fb) - BTS) - Cecilia allowed herself to be taken to the hospital. poison-cardinale-spdm64-shreddoor

(Spider-Man I#64 - BTS) - Learning of the assault on Poison, Paris Scott vowed that he would nonetheless sign Poison, and that he would find out who was playing dirty. 

(Spider-Man I#64) - When she found out Carlos wasn't at the hospital, Cecilia became irate and struggled fiercely. She accused the visiting Spider-Man of having lied to her. 

(Spider-Man I#64 (fb) - BTS) - Cecilia presumably received a sedative and was placed in restraints.

(Spider-Man I#64) - As Cecilia rested in the hospital, Trenton Lipton III, an agent of Paris Scott, arrived, assuring her that Scott Enterprises would cover her hospital costs and help recover her son; he additionally delivered her a new costume, the final contract, and the rules of the game. Remaining silent, she tore free of her restraints after his departure.

(Spider-Man I#64 (fb) - BTS) - Cecilia changed into the new costume.

(Spider-Man I#64) - When Spider-Man arrived to check on her, Poison continued to blame him. She received a call from el Toro Negro, and she agreed to meet him, promising to do whatever he wanted, as long as he did not hurt Carlos. Ignoring Spider-Man's advice that el Toro Negro could not be trusted, she angrily flew away and told Spider-Man to stay out of it. 

    Arriving at the import/export warehouse el Toro Negro had specified, Poison demanded her son and then tried to calm the frightened Carlos, after which el Toro Negro revealed he had covered Carlos with explosives and had a dead man's switch in his hand that would cause the explosives to detonate if he let go of it. Complying with el Toro Negro's demands, Poison called Scott and told him she had decided not to accept his offer. When Spider-Man subsequently arrived, el Toro Negro then demanded Poison kill him.

    Poison then tackled and began strangling Spider-Man, but Carlos told her how Spider-Man had saved him from the fire and begged her not to kill him. Unleashing a powerful energy burst that seemingly destroyed Spider-Man -- but actually teleported him closer to el Toro Negro -- Poison was left weakened. Promising not to move against him, she asked el Toro Negro to give her Carlos back. When he refused, planning to kill Carlos and her as well, Spider-Man webbed his hand to the detonator and then punched him out and webbed him up. 

    Spider-Man then asked if there was anything he could do to help her get set up in New York, but -- with a kiss on the cheek -- she noted that he had done so much already and that the rest was up to her. She further told him that if she could follow his example, she and Carlos would do quite well. 



(Wolverine III#26 (fb) - BTS) - When Hydra and the Hand joined forces to kill, resurrect and brainwash superhumans into their service, Poison became one of the few heroes (most were super-villains) subjected to the process.


(Wolverine III#26) - Poison was one of a massive over two-hundred-member army of Hand-resurrected superhumans -- including Elektra (Elektra Natchios), Northstar (Jean-Paul Beaubier), Slyde (Matthew Beacher), Knickknack (Nick Grossman), Leap-Frog (Buford Lange), SHOC (Todd "Neil Aiken" Fields), Spot (Johnathon Ohn), Vibro (Alton Vibreaux) -- flying to assault SHIELD helicarrier Blackhawk after its shields were taken out.

(Wolverine III#27) -Within the Helicarrier, Poison joined SHOC, Slyde, Vibro, and others, attempting to murder whatever SHIELD agents they found, specifically targeting Dr. Weinberg (who was deprogramming Wolverine, who had been similarly slain, resurrected, and brainwashed. 

    However, Weinberg released Wolverine and, despite the incompletion of the process, Wolverine returned to his quasi-heroic status quo and  apparently slew Poison and her associates. 

(Wolverine III#27-28 - BTS) - Despite the efforts of Wolverine and SHIELD, the Helicarrier was brought down over Arkansas, apparently incinerating most of the invading force

    Poison collapsed after being stabbed through the chest.poison-cardinale-wolv3-27-falls

Comments: Created by Steve Gerber and Cynthia Martin.

    Cecilia's surname ("last name") wasn't revealed in her Web of Spider-Man Annual#4 appearances, and so it was listed as "unknown" in her Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update '89#5: Poison profile. It was revealed in Marvel Comics Presents I#60/2

    At the time Web of Spider-Man Annual#4 was published, Vassily would have been part of the USSR, but the USSR collapsed/broke apart in 1991, and Marvel's sliding timescale means that the Fantastic Four's mutation took place only 12-15 years before the current year (and sliding forward every year), so the USSR broke up close to 20 years before FF#1, meaning that Vassily would have been associated with Russia, not the USSR.

    In Web of Spider-Man I Annual#4, Ylandris told Cecilia that the High Evolutionary's Eliminators knew what she was and feared what her son may be. 

    Even more convincingly, as Ylandris separated from Cecilia, she noted that she had changed Cecilia, and perhaps Carlos, as well...

    While anyone would assume an arsonist to be dangerous, the way Poison told that to Spider-Man, it made it seem to me as if she knew who he was. Perhaps she saw el Toro Negro starting the fire but couldn't stop him and instead tried to rescue Carlos...or perhaps el Toro Negro previously confronted her and unsuccessfully asked/told her to refuse Paris Scott's offer. El Toro Negro certainly went through a lot of trouble to try to force his way into Paris Scott's employ.

    In Spider-Man I#64, Poison noted that the alien life that had empowered her had been from the stars. I guess she could have traveled amongst the stars in her extradimensional realm, as Ylandris is otherwise consistently referred to as an extradimensional.

    I think Poison can make herself as tough LIKE steel but that she isn't automatically durable, which would mean that she could have received an injectable sedative without too much trouble. However, if she could make herself as hard as steel, why does she have to make bullets miss her. Perhaps making bullets miss her is easier? Perhaps she can only make a part of her body as hard as steel...or perhaps it's an exaggeration, something like a martial artist shattering cinderblocks without actually being more durable than cinderblock...and/or the size and speed of a bullet was enough to damage her regardlessly.

poison-cardinale-webspdman4-2-delusion-ishThe Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update '89#5: Poison profile says (and as a result, our 21st century handbooks say) that she can psionically mold the flesh of others. 

Per Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z hardcover#9 following the discussion of Poison's apparent death:
Thanks to Aleksandr Polnikov for providing a cleaned up, digital image from Poison's OHotMU profile.

Profile by Snood.

should be distinguished from:

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Marvel Comics Presents I#62/2-63/2 (November, 1990) - Steve Gerber (writer), Cindy Martin (artist), Kelly Corvese (assistant editor), Terry Kavanaugh (editor)
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Wolverine: Weapon X Files: Poison
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