Real Name: Joe Trinity/Mrinhä

Identity/Class: Human possessed/empowered by extra-dimensional entity

Occupation: Homeless; former vice-president of a bank

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Dr. Alcazar (physician), Lt. Harris (miami police), Poison, Sharona (friend), Sally (ex-girlfriend); formerly Mr. Youngman (former boss);

Enemies: Ferdinand "Foxy" Pertierra, Dallas Kerr, Slug (Ulysses x. Luggman)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Myrna (Joe's name for Mrinhä)

Base of Operations: Miami, Florida

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents I#60/2 (October, 1990)

Powers: Joe Trinity used a mop inhabited by Mrinhä as a weapon. This mop would release destructive energy on contact, able to easily burn and rend human flesh. When he was actually possessed by Mrinhä, he could fly, was bulletproof, had superhuman strength (Class 10?), and could release powerful bursts of energy. Mrinhä was quite bloodthirsty, and constantly pushed Trinity to use deadly force against those she saw as deserving of punishment.

History: (Marvel Comics Presents I#62/2 (fb) ) - Joe Trinity's problems began when he finally made the big time. He was promoted to vice-president of his bank, received a large raise, and the accompanying benefits. Soon after starting his new job, he came across the account of the Miami crimelord, the Slug. Seeing that the bank was knowingly filtering dirty money for the Slug, Trinity asked to be removed from the account. He was fired on the spot, and his old assistant, Dallas Kerr, got his job. After a few months of unemployment, his girlfriend, Sally, left him, and she soon wound up in a relationship with Kerr. The fact that Kerr, who was willing to the dirty work, got everything that was once his caused him to lose his grip on sanity. He lost his apartment and began living with as a homeless man.

(Marvel Comis Presents I#60-62) - Trinity carried around a mop, the last thing that had not been taken away from him. Somehow an extra-dimensional creature known as Mrinhä came to Earth, and took up residence with Joe's mop. Mrinha spoke to Trinity and sent him on missions to "clean-up" the criminal element around him. Mrinhä's powers enabled Trinity to defeat those he encountered, and many of his victims were severely maimed or killed in the process.

Joe, still feeling some connection for Sally, would call her and report his actions as the Mop Man. She didn't know about his new abilities, but complained to Dallas about his continuing to call. Dallas contacted the Slug and asked him to have some pressure put on Trinity to make him leave Sally alone. Trinity easily fought off the first man sent after him by the Slug. This drew the attention of the vigilante Poison, who had previously been possessed by Ylandris, an extra-dimensional entity from the same race as Mrinhä.

(Marvel Comis Presents I#63-65) - The Slug then sent a professional assassin and enforcer, "Foxy" Pertierra after Trinity. Foxy tracked down Trinity by beating information out of Sharona, a prostitute who had befriended the Mop Man. Foxy ambushed Trinity and cut him down with a machine gun. Mrinhä then took direct action, animating the mop and melting Foxy's right hand, causing him to flee. Trinity was taken to a hospital, but Mrinhä tracked him down and convinced him to allow "her" to enter his form, and then healed his wounds.

(Marvel Comis Presents I#66-67) - Foxy arrived and tried to finish off Trinity, but Mrinhä filled him with energy and he blew both of Foxy's arms off. Foxy's wounds were instantly cauterized, and he fled to his getaway car, driven by Dallas. Trinity followed the two back to the Slug's base, where he caught up to and savagely beat Dallas. Poison stopped him from delivering a fatal blow, and then forced Mrinhä to exit Trinity's form. Mrinhä attempted to possess Poison, but her experience with Ylandris allowed her to resist, causing Mrinhä to vanish.

(Civil War: Battle Damage Report) - Tony Stark considered Mop Man as a potential Initiative recruit.

Comments: Created by Steve Gerber (who else) and Cindy Martin.

Poison retained some powers after Ylandris left her, why shouldn't Trinity keep some?

Mrinhä is composed of energy. It could either have been banished back to its own form, or dissipated, in which case it should be able to reform.

I'm not aware of any name for the xd race of which Ylandris and Mrinha are members.


Joe Trinity aka. Mop Man has no known connection to:

Dr. Alcazar was the physician who cared for both the Mop Man's victims and the Mop Man himself after his injuries--Marvel Comics Presents I#61/2 (66/2





Lt. Harris was a member of the Miami Police Department, investigating the attacks of the Mop Man. He was on hand when the Mop Man blew off Foxy's arms, but was unable to stop Trinity from pursuing Foxy further.--Marvel Comics Presents I#61/2 (66/2






Dallas Kerr-served as the banker for the Slug. It was he who brought the Slug and his hitmen into the conflcit. When things turned poorly for him, he turned on Sally. --[Marvel Comics Presents I#60/2], 61/2 ([62/2(fb)] 61/2-67/2





Ferdinand "Foxy" Pertierra was a sadistic killer employed by the Slug. He nearly killed Trinity, but was burnt and forced to flee by Mrinha. When he returned to try to finish the job, Trinity, now possessed by Mrinha blew his arms off. The wounds were cauterized, and it is uncertain if her survived this attack--Marvel Comics Presents I#63/2 (64/2-66/2






Sally-former girlfriend to Joe Trinity and Dallas Kerr. She left Trinity shortly after he lost his job, and she left Dallas after he turned abusive. The Mop Man referred to her as "Good Legs."--Marvel Comics Presents I#60/2 (62/2(fb), 60/2-67/2








Sharona was a prostitute who had befriended Trinity. Sharona's own pimp, Leon, led Foxy to her because of this connection, in exchange for a small payment. Foxy beat her savagely, forcing her to reveal Trinity's location. --Marvel Comics Presents I#60/2 (63/2





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Marvel Comics Presents I#60-67 (October-December, 1990) - Steve Gerber (writer), Cynthia Martin (artist), Terry Kavanagh (editor)
Civil War: Battle Damage Report (2007)

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