Real Name: Erikson Hades

Identity/Class: Human mutate (presumably? - see comments)

Occupation: Criminal

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Nain Rouge (Dick Snerd), Pitchfork, Shriek (Frances Barrison)

Enemies: Good Boy (Goodness Silva), the Great Lakes Avengers (Big Bertha/Ashley Crawford, Doorman/DeMarr Davis, Flatman/Matt), Lucky Silva

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Seinfeld"

Base of Operations: The Baphomet nightclub, Detroit, Michigan, USA

First Appearance: Great Lakes Avengers I#1 (December, 2016)

Powers/Abilities: Firebrand possesses a fiery form and can project intense blasts of heat and fire from wrist-mounted blasters, sufficient to at least set fire to suburban homes.

He can also fly through the air.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 6'3")
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 200 lbs.)
Eyes: No visible irises
Hair: Unrevealed (possibly none)

(Great Lakes Avengers I#4 (fb)) - At some point, Erikson Hades became the newest criminal to use the codename of Firebrand. Shortly after, Detroit, Michigan city councilman Dick Snerd hired Firebrand and the criminal Shriek to run locals out of their homes as part of his plan to buy up the abandoned homes and replace them with businesses owned by Snerd's own criminal alter-ego, Nain Rouge. While working for Snerd, Firebrand and Shriek destroyed the City Arms Apartments.

(Great Lakes Avengers I#5 (fb) - BTS) - Years later, Firebrand, still working for Snerd, was ordered to burn down neighborhoods in the Detroit suburbs.

(Great Lakes Avengers I#1) - Firebrand flew through the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, randomly blasting houses, completely unaware he had destroyed the home of siblings Lucky and Goodness Silva. Firebrand and Shriek later witnessed the Great Lakes Avengers arriving at their new headquarters, the former Stark Assembly and Manufacturing factory. Returning to their own base of operations, Firebrand and Shriek discussed whether to tell their boss about superheroes moving in down the block from their base. When Shriek suggested they play Paper, Rock, Scissors to determine who would have to tell their boss, Firebrand grew irate and began arguing semantics, exclaiming that the proper title of the game was Rock, Paper, Scissors. An annoyed Shriek ultimately just agreed to tell the boss herself, leaving Firebrand behind.

(Great Lakes Avengers I#2) - Firebrand and Shriek were sitting at a table with Nain Rouge at the Baphomet club when the Great Lakes Avengers stormed into the club to complain about the loud music. Firebrand then watched as Big Bertha confronted Nain Rouge and was present when Bertha slammed Nain Rouge through the wall of the nightclub.

(Great Lakes Avengers I#5 - BTS) - When the still-recovering Lucky Silva visited his sister Goodness following Goodness' attack on Nain Rouge, Lucky warned Goodness about Nain Rouge's status as a powerful city councilman and criminal but Goodness insisted Nain Rouge deserved to be attack, as he was the man who hired Firebrand to burn down their neighborhood.

Comments: Created by Zac Gorman and Will Robson.

    Firebrand's origin was never given. He looked very much like the Rick Dennison Firebrand, who had been mutated into a fiery-like form. However, we never shown whether Erikson Hades was an actual mutate as well or if his fiery-like form was granted to him by the exoskeleton he wore. It's very possible his powers stem from the exoskeleton and not an actual transformation but it's equally possible that he could have been mutated into that form.

    Due to his fiery appearance, it was impossible to determine what Erikson Hades' hair color was or if he even had hair.

Profile by Proto-Man.

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images: (without ads)
Great Lakes Avengers I#1, p12, pan3 (Firebrand firing and blasting, main image)
Great Lakes Avengers I#1, p17, pan3 (Firebrand, headshot)
Great Lakes Avengers I#4, p5, pan2 (Firebrand, walking and blasting fire)
Great Lakes Avengers I#1, p17, pan1 (Firebrand, standing with arms crossed)

Great Lakes Avengers I#1 (December, 2016) - Zac Gorman (writer), Will Robson (art), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Great Lakes Avengers I#2 (January, 2017) - Zac Gorman (writer), Will Robson (art), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Great Lakes Avengers I#4 (March, 2017) - Zac Gorman (writer), Jacob Chabot (art), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Great Lakes Avengers I#5 (April, 2017) - Zac Gorman (writer), Will Robson (art), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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