Real Name: Goodness Silva

Identity/Class: Human mutant? (see comments)

Occupation: Adventurer, would-be artist

Group Membership: Great Lakes Avengers (Big Bertha/Bertha, Doorman/DeMarr Davis, Flatman/Matt, Mister Immortal/Craig Hollis)

Affiliations: Amy, Deadpool ("Wade Wilson"), Connie Ferrari, Greg Garlick, Great Lakes Avengers, Pansy, Travis Rein, Lucky Silva

Enemies: The Bod Squad (Doctor Nod, Jen, two others), Firebrand (Erickson Hades), Nain Rouge (Dick Snerd), Pitchfork

Known Relatives: Lucky Silva (brother), unidentified parents and second brother (see comments)

Aliases: "Good," "Honey," "Kid"

Base of Operations: Great Lakes Avengers HQ, Detroit, Michigan, USA

First Appearance: Great Lakes Avengers I#1 (December, 2016)

Powers/Abilities: Like many in her family, Goodness Silva is capable of transforming herself into a humanoid animal form. She refers to this blue and white-furred, male wolf form as her "fursona" and in her humanoid wolf form, she possessed superhuman senses (especially smell, allowing her to recognize and track others by scent) and sharp claws and teeth, at least sharp enough to rend flesh.

She is also an accomplished digital artist.

Height: (in human form) 5'5"; (in wolf form): 7'6"
Weight: (in human form) 125 lbs.; (in wolf form): 300 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Gold
Hair: Blue

History: (Great Lakes Avengers I#3 (fb) - BTS) - Goodness Silva came from a family in which numerous members were capable of transforming into animal-like forms which they called their fursonas. Goodness manifested a fursona of a blue and white-furred, male werewolf-like form.

(Great Lakes Avengers I#5 (fb) - BTS) - As a child, Goodness used to wrestle around with her older brother Lucky, inadvertently leaving him scars from playing too rough in her animal form.

(Great Lakes Avengers I#1 (fb) - BTS) - An aspiring artist with an interest in Japanese culture, Goodness often drew a male humanoid wolf character (likely based on her fursona) that she had originally designed with a vest using a computer and drawing tablet purchased by her brother Lucky.

(Great Lakes Avengers I#1) - During one of her drawing sessions, Goodness drew her wolf character and Lucky came into her room, warning that their mother would be angry if she knew Good was awake so late. Seeing that Good was drawing, Lucky told her that he liked the wolf better with a vest and reminded her about purchasing her computer and tablet, prompting Good to express her appreciation and tell Lucky that he was a good brother. Their conversation was ended when the supervillain Firebrand blew the roof off their home as part of he and fellow villain Pitchfork worked to destroy the neighborhood. Surviving, Goodness looked outside to see Pitchfork threatening a family and decided to confront the villain, transforming into her wolf form. The terrified Pitchfork then nervously asked if Goodness was a good boy, to which she only replied "You wish."

(Great Lakes Avengers I#2) - Goodness stayed by her seriously injured brother Lucky's side at the hospital and nearly dozed off until her brother partially transformed into his own wolf form. Panicking, Goodness immediately tried to cover up Lucky's transformed arm as a nurse arrived to ask what was going on. Goodness insisted everything was fun but the nurse remarked that it appeared as if Goodness was trying to cover up her brother's pink werewolf arm. Surprised that the nurse was not at all shocked to see Lucky's arm, Goodness muttered to herself as the nurse revealed that it was not her first time treating a werewolf and Goodness soon found herself distracted by a news report in which City Councilman Dick Snerd was commenting on how recent supervillains were targeting neighborhoods that bred crime. Angry at Snerd's words regarding her own neighborhood, Goodness stormed out of the hospital, telling Lucky's nurse she was going downtown.

Apprehended by police for throwing a glass bottle at Dick Snerd, Goodness was later thrown in jail with local superheroes Flatman, Doorman and Big Bertha, loudly claiming that she had not thrown the bottle. When the police refused to let go of her, Goodness transformed into her wolf form and threatened the officers, prompting the Great Lakes Avengers to break out of their cell to calm Good Boy down. Good Boy was soon surrounded by police and Big Bertha attempted to defuse the situation by introducing the Great Lakes Avengers as people trying to help. Unsure who the Great Lakes Avengers were, Good Boy watched as Avengers lawyer Connie Ferrari arrived and threatened to sue the police for locking up the Great Lakes Avengers. Goodness then transformed back into her human form as Dick Snerd subsequently arrived as well and chewed out the police for not further holding Goodness in custody. Ferrari explained to Snerd that the police had no justifiable reason to hold Goodness in custody and showed forms that made Goodness a temporarily official member of the Great Lakes Avengers. Ferrari then arranged for the Great Lakes Avengers to be freed and Goodness asked Ferrari's assistant Amy what "likeness rights" meant on her paperwork, to which Amy replied that the contract was all very standard.

(Great Lakes Avengers I#3 (fb) - BTS) - When asked about her codename of Good Boy, Goodness informed Flatman that "fursona" was male. At some point, a photo of Big Bertha, Flatman and Good Boy was taken and used in a newspaper story about the Great Lakes Avengers.

(Great Lakes Avengers I#3) - Goodness relaxed at the Great Lakes Avengers HQ and watched news reports as Big Bertha discussed with Flatman whether it was a good idea to add a new member to their team's ranks given the bad luck they had previously had with new members dying off quickly. When the news showed a statement from Dick Snerd barring the Great Lakes Avengers from superheroic activity in Detroit, Goodness suggested the other GLA members take a look at the news. She then asked what the team was going to do in response and Flatman attempted to call Connie Ferrari until the discussion was interrupted by the arrival of former Great Lakes Avengers member Mister Immortal. Attempting to ignore Mister Immortal due to their past together, Big Bertha immediately ordered Good Boy and Doorman to go with her to check out criminal Nain Rouge's Baphomet nightclub and Goodness reluctantly accompanied them as Flatman and Mister Immortal also left to investigate the recent sites hit by supervillain activity.

Arriving at the club, Good Boy found it weird to walk through Doorman as they entered the club but Big Bertha promised she would get used to it. Good Boy and Bertha were then surprised when Doorman seemingly disappeared, unaware he had been recalled by the cosmic entity Oblivion. With Doorman gone, Good Boy asked Bertha if she wanted to talk about her past with Mister Immortal but Bertha declined the offer, instead asking how Good Boy acquired her superhuman powers. Finding a pair of sunglasses, Good Boy asked if she could keep the sunglasses before explaining to Bertha how her powers came from her family genetics. Their discussion was interrupted when Bertha heard a noise and Good Boy's sense of smell picked up a familiar scent, possibly someone from the police station. Deciding to investigate, Bertha and Good Boy entered Nain Rouge's office, only to find Nain Rouge mortally wounded and unmasked as Dick Snerd.

(Great Lakes Avengers I#4 (fb) - BTS) - Unsure of what to do, Big Bertha had Good Boy and herself kidnap the injured Snerd and take him back to the Great Lakes Avengers HQ, where they tied him up.

(Great Lakes Avengers I#4) - Goodness asked Big Bertha what they should do with the tied up Snerd and, when Bertha didn't have an answer, Goodness asked why they even kidnapped Snerd. As Bertha commented that they couldn't just leave Snerd there, Goodness asked why not and Snerd interrupted, claiming that the Great Lakes Avengers were a joke and he was the one helping the city. Goodness immediately got angry, asking Snerd if he was helping by sending goons to force people out of their homes, but Snerd replied that businesses and restaurants would go up where the low-income housing once was. Snerd then related his origin as a one-time superhero turned crooked councilman but Goodness and Bertha grew bored and Goodness fiddled with items in the GLA's closet as Snerd finished his story. Bertha then suggested coffee, to which Goodness remarked coffee would be great and that she took hers black. Bertha commended Goodness on her choice and told Goodness to kill Snerd if he moved. Goodness agreed as Snerd tried to convince the two heroines that his origin was a good story. When Snerd subsequently coughed, an angry Goodness removed her glasses and remarked that the cough qualified as moving. Attempting to scare Snerd, Good Boy found Snerd unfazed and Snerd gloated that any accusations about Snerd destroying her home were merely speculation and that he had better lawyers than the Great Lakes Avengers. Relenting that Snerd was right, Good Boy decided she needed to kill the now-nervous Snerd. Eventually, Connie Ferrari paid the Great Lakes Avengers a visit and despite all attempts to keep Ferrari at bay, Connie heard the noise of Good Boy's attack on Snerd and decided to investigate. When she opened the closet door, however, she found a bloody Good Boy and a mortally wounded Snerd, prompting Good Boy to mutter "I messed up."

(Great Lakes Avengers I#5) - After dropping Snerd off at a nearby hospital, Goodness and the Great Lakes Avengers sat down with Connie Ferrari, who warned that the team taking unauthorized superheroic action would draw the negative attention of S.H.I.E.L.D. Connie then warned that the team's prior actions had to remain a secret and no further heroic actions could be taken despite what the team's instincts might tell them, especially those of Good Boy. Big Bertha then departed for a modeling job as Goodness' brother Lucky arrived and reunited with Goodness. Revealing that he had snuck out of the hospital after hearing nurses talk about the hospitalized Snerd's injuries, Lucky admitted that he had recognized Goodness' animalistic handiwork on Snerd and decided to track her down to check on her. At first trying to deny her attack on Snerd, Goodness eventually confessed to Lucky and remarked that Snerd deserved it. Lucky replied that it didn't matter and her attacking a politician would not just go away, further suggesting they leave town immediately in an effort to avoid further problems stemming from the attack.

Goodness then began packing up her belongings despite Flatman's attempts to get her to stay with the Great Lakes Avengers. Goodness admitted that Lucky was right and it seemed only a matter of time before Snerd identified his attacker and the attack was traced back to the Great Lakes Avengers. Assuring Flatman of his leadership skills by reminding him that she was still alive, unlike other new Great Lakes Avengers recruits, Goodness left with Lucky and subsequently texted Bertha during her modeling shoot as Lucky stopped for gas. Lucky returned to the car shortly after with a load of snacks and Goodness asked where they planned to go, commenting that they couldn't just leave behind their home. Lucky reminded Goodness that they couldn't afford to repair their parents' home even if they wanted to return there and asked if Captain America could set them up somewhere since Goodness was technically an Avenger, prompting Goodness to reply that she figured he had to help as an unspoken rule.

(Great Lakes Avengers I#6) - When Goodness later received a text message from Big Bertha, she asked Lucky to stop the car, claiming she had to use the bathroom despite having twenty minutes earlier. Upon opening the text and seeing an image of the fat-manipulating Dr. Nod rampaging through Detroit, Goodness decided to slip away from Lucky by sneaking out the bathroom window.

(Great Lakes Avengers I#7) - Arriving in time to assist Big Bertha against Dr. Nod and his Bod Squad, Good Boy asked if Bertha needed a dance partner and asked if she could cut in. Despite some of the Bod Squad's claims that Good Boy's dance metaphors were forced, Good Boy remarked that "that's what she'd call a punched dance card" when Big Bertha hit Bod Squad member and her former agent Jen, prompting Bertha to tell Good Boy that it was enough with the dance metaphors. Good Boy then helped Bertha tend to the injured Mister Immortal before pointing out that Dr. Nod seemed to be getting more powerful. Not bringing any ideas to the table in terms of how to defeat Dr. Nod, Good Boy stood by as the rest of the Great Lakes Avengers performed their "Maneuver 33," in which the team launched Mister Immortal at Dr. Nod and Doorman allowed Mister Immortal to pass through him into Dr. Nod's body. Remarking on how horrible Maneuver 33 was, Good Boy was told by Bertha that she should be glad she didn't have to see Maneuver 34. Reporters soon arrived and Travis Rein spoke with Bertha as Mister Immortal punched Dr. Nod's heart, downing the villain. Immortal then returned to the other Great Lakes Avengers as Good Boy and the others posed for the cameras and proclaimed Detroit saved.

Later, Goodness was relaxing with her teammates as they watched the news and she asked if anyone was ever going to tell her what Maneuver 34 was, prompting Doorman to suggest they might tell her when she was older. The conversation was interrupted when the mercenary Deadpool arrived and informed the Great Lakes Avengers that their status as official Avengers had been undone when Flatman's claim to the Avengers name did not hold up in court. When Deadpool left, Good Boy just looked around stunned as the rest of her teammates pondered their heroic status.

Comments: Created by Zac Gorman and Will Robson.

It was never exactly explained how Goodness acquired her powers. Big Bertha asked if Goodness was bitten by a werewolf or if she was a mutant but Goodness claimed she was neither and that she had inherited her powers genetically through her family lineage, explaining how animalistic transformations ran in her family, although not all were wolves. She follows that up by saying her brother transforms into a fox with two tails. However, the only brother we see of Goodness' is her older brother Lucky, who we are also shown transforms into a pink-furred wolf form not unlike Goodness' own transformation. Therefore, Goodness must have another brother who transforms into a two-tailed fox. Also, if Goodness was born with her powers wouldn't that make her a genetic mutant even if she claims she is not one?

Maneuver 34 - given the "explain when you are older" comment, I suspect this is a nod to Rule 34, the idea that if there's any conceivable idea that could be turned into pornography, then it already has been turned into pornography. And since Maneuver 33 was taking the monster down by using Doorman to get inside the chest and attack it from the inside, Maneuver 34 likely means attacking the creature from the inside, but uses other...routes to get there. --Loki

Profile by Proto-Man.

Good Boy has no known connections to:

Lucky Silva

Lucky Silva was Goodness' older brother who grew up wrestling around with Goodness as a child. Taking over his parents' home as an adult, Lucky helped care for Goodness, even buying her a new computer and drawing tablet. When the siblings' home was destroyed by a supervillain attack ordered by City Councilman/secret supervillain Dick Snerd, Lucky was hospitalized at Butler Hospital, where Goodness remained by his side. At first attempting to cover up Lucky's superhuman powers from the nurses, Goodness eventually relented when a nurse revealed she had treated a werewolf before and Goodness ultimately left Lucky's side to get revenge on Snerd. The recovering Lucky eventually heard of an attack on Snerd, who also became hospitalized at Butler Hospital, and, upon visiting the injured Snerd, Lucky painted a "Tito Frehley" design on Snerd's face before sneaking out of the hospital to find Goodness, whose handiwork he recognized from the scars he had from childhood play with Goodness. Soon finding Goodness with the Great Lakes Avengers, Lucky convinced Goodness to leave town to escape possible trouble later due to the Goodness' attack on Snerd. Driving as the two siblings left town, Lucky bought snacks for Goodness and took care of her, only to eventually see her escape him during a bathroom stop.

Like many in his family, Lucky Silva can transform into an animal-like form, in his case, a pink-furred humanoid wolf form.

--Great Lakes Avengers I#1 (#3 (fb) - BTS, #5 (fb) - BTS, #1 (fb) - BTS, #2, #1-2, #4 - BTS, #5-6,

images: (without ads)
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Great Lakes Avengers I#1, p15, pan3-4 (Goodness transforming into wolf form)
Great Lakes Avengers I#3, p14, pan1 (Good Boy in sunglasses)
Great Lakes Avengers I#4, p9, pan1 (Good Boy threatening Dick Snerd)
Great Lakes Avengers I#2, p6, pan3 (Lucky Silva's wolf form)

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