Real Name: Unrevealed (last name possibly Nod)

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Developer of vitamin supplements

Group Membership: Bod Squad (Jen, an unidentified photographer, one unidentified male)

Affiliations: The Bod Squad

Enemies: Greg Garlick, the Great Lakes Avengers (Big Bertha/Ashley Crawford, Flatman/Matt, Good Boy/Goodness Silva, Mister Immortal/Craig Hollis)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Dok-tor Nod," "Dude"

Base of Operations: An underground lab in Detroit, Michigan, USA

First Appearance: Great Lakes Avengers I#5 (April, 2017)

Powers/Abilities: Dr. Nod possesses an immense, fat form that increases in size depending on how many Dr. Nod's Good Bod supplements that he consumes.

As his size increases, his strength and durability increases accordingly but his intelligence lessens.

In his normal form, Dr. Nod is a skilled developer of vitamin supplements. He also carried a handgun and has access to an underground scientific lab.

Height: (pre-transformation) unrevealed (approximately 5'10"); (post-transformation) variable
Weight: (pre-transformation) unrevealed (approximately 160 lbs.); (post-transformation) variable
Eyes: Unrevealed (see comments)
Hair: Blonde (graying)

(Great Lakes Avengers I#5 (fb) - BTS) - Dr. Nod developed a fish oil vitamin supplement called Dr. Nod's Hot Cod. After stopping development of Dr. Nod's Hot Cod for unrevealed reasons, Dr. Nod began marketing a questionable dietary supplement called Dr. Nod's Good Bod, which he plan to develop by combining the superhuman powers of the weight-shifting Big Bertha with Mutant Growth Hormone. The benefactors bankrolling the development of the supplement put Dr. Nod on a strict deadline to develop the supplement so Dr. Nod recruited Big Bertha's talent agent to help lead Bertha into a trap under the guise of a modeling gig where Dr. Nod could acquire a sample of Bertha's genetic material. Creating a fake modeling job in which Bertha would be the "before" and "after" model for his supplement, Dr. Nod had Jen bring Bertha to his headquarters within the Corktown Meats plant.

(Great Lakes Avengers I#5) - Completely unaware of the trap or that her "gig" required her to be both models, Big Bertha arrived at Corktown Meats for the fake modeling gig, only to find out about being both models for a dietary supplement from her agent Jen, whom she fired. When the gig was to start, Big Bertha attempted to back out of the job but Dr. Nod himself appeared, introducing himself and assuring Big Bertha that his supplements were 100% legitimate. Claiming that the only reason they sought out Big Bertha was a matter of timing, Dr. Nod remarked that Big Bertha's beauty was an added bonus, prompting Big Bertha to reply that the entire situation didn't feel right. She then again declined the modeling gig and Dr. Nod admitted that he admired her scruples before offering $20,000 if she stayed on to complete the supposed job. Reluctantly accepting the job at that price, Big Bertha modeled until she received a personal text from her teammate Good Boy and when she went outside to text back, Bertha overheard Dr. Nod talking to someone on the phone about shooting Bertha in the neck to acquire a "sample." Cursing in shock, Bertha was overheard by Dr. Nod, who readied his gun and claimed he meant "shoot in the neck" figuratively.

Bertha managed to escape Dr. Nod but when she scooped up her agent Jen in an attempt to rescue Jen, Jen betrayed her, admitting the modeling gig was a trap before tranquilizing Bertha. Awaking a short time later in restraints, Bertha was told by Dr. Nod that he had already acquired everything he needed from her and Nod assured  her that she could go free if she was willing to behave. Nod then claimed he had not truly lied to Bertha, as he really did need her and her powers for his Dr. Nod's Good Bod supplements. He then claimed her powers and his supplements would make him rich and Bertha would receive her fair share of the money as well. Nod then revealed his plan to mass market a pill made by combining Bertha's powers with Mutant Growth Hormone as the ultimate beauty accessory. Bertha then commented that Nod was forgetting the part where she beat Nod senseless and broke up his plan, at which point Nod revealed himself and his agents, dubbed the Bod Squad, as being to able to control their weight much like Bertha herself did.

(Great Lakes Avengers I#6) - Big Bertha demanded that Dr. Nod let her go but Dr. Nod reminded her that he had already said she was free to go as long as she behaved herself. After getting Bertha to promise to behave, Dr. Nod remarked that perhaps he had gotten off on the wrong foot with Bertha and that the situation could be advantageous to Bertha, further commenting that she could stay on as a spokeswoman for his supplements. Upon being freed, however, Bertha immediately attacked Dr. Nod, slamming his head into the floor while declining his offer to remain a spokeswoman. With Dr. Nod unconscious, Big Bertha then turned towards his Bod Squad agents and asked who was next. Bertha then turned her attention towards her former agent Jen and sealed Dr. Nod and the other Bod Squad members inside while she focused on Jen. Regaining consciousness, Dr. Nod told the Bod Squad not to worry with digging their way out. Claiming he had given Big Bertha a chance and that he was no longer responsible for what happened next, Dr. Nod grabbed a large container of the Dr. Nod's Good Bod supplements and began swallowing them in large quantities.

Mutated into an even larger, more obese and less intelligent form, Dr. Nod smashed his way free and exclaimed that Dr. Nod's Good Bod supplements were not approved by the FDA but were made from all natural ingredients. Bertha attempted to fight back but her fist was caught in the fat of Dr. Nod's midriff as the near-mindless Dr. Nod continued exclaiming a sales pitch for his supplements. Ignoring Bertha's attacks, the monstrous Dr. Nod soon walked off to continue promoting his supplements to the public. The weakened Bertha attempted to go after Dr. Nod but she collapsed in exhaustion atop a pile of bricks and Dr. Nod's supplements. As Dr. Nod mutated into a larger and larger size, Big Bertha managed to text her Great Lakes Avengers teammates to summon them to the scene. Confronting Dr. Nod, the Great Lakes Avengers demanded to know what he had done with Big Bertha and Nod claimed she had not maximized her potential and he had no choice but to kill her. Announcing that if Nod had truly hurt Bertha, he would kill Nod, Mister Immortal charged at Dr. Nod, who easily crushed Mister Immortal beneath his foot. Big Bertha then appeared, having grown to large size herself by taking Dr. Nod's Good Bod supplements, and announced that she would take the fight against Dr. Nod from that point.

(Great Lakes Avengers I#7) - Dr. Nod and Big Bertha squared off as Flatman and Doorman discussed what was different about Bertha's appearance. Gaining the upper hand against Dr. Nod, Big Bertha expressed her anger that she now had to fire her agent because of Nod. Crawling his way to one of his trucks as his Bod Squad pinned Big Bertha, Dr. Nod swallowed nearly all of Batch 12 of Dr. Nod's Hot Bod and transformed into an even larger mass of fat and flab with even less intelligence. As the immense Dr. Nod rampaged through Detroit, Mister Immortal suggested using Maneuver 33 to stop Nod. Despite early protests from Big Bertha, the Great Lakes Avengers utilized Maneuver 33, which involved slingshotting both Doorman and Mister Immortal into Dr. Nod, with Doorman's powers providing a doorway into Nod's innards for Mister Immortal. Making his way to Dr. Nod's heart, Mister Immortal punched it, causing Dr. Nod to seize up and fall to the ground.

Comments: Created by Zac Gorman and Will Robson.

    Some other possible Dr. Nod products: Dr. Nod's Peas in a Pod, Dr. Nod's False God, Dr. Nod's Mod Squad, Dr. Nod's Tales of the Odd, Dr. Nod's Fishing Rod, Dr. Nod's Muddy Sod, Dr. Nod's Friend Named Todd, Dr. Nod's Chewing Gum Wad, Dr. Nod's Tetrarch Yod, Dr. Nod's General Zod, etc. etc. etc.

    Dr. Nod was never seen without his goggles on so determining his eye color was impossible.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Doctor Nod
should be distinguished from:

The Bod Squad

The Bod Squad were agents of Dr. Nod who aided Dr. Nod in capturing Big Bertha. After recruiting Bertha's talent agent Jen, the Bod Squad posed as the crew of a modeling gig that Bertha was tricked into going to by Jen. Upon realizing she had been led into a trap, Big Bertha grabbed Jen and attempted to escape Dr. Nod but Jen revealed her allegiance to Dr. Nod by drugging Bertha. When Bertha awoke, Dr. Nod revealed how he had mixed a sample of her DNA with Mutant Growth Hormone to create the Dr. Nod's Hot Bod supplements, which he and his agents then took, causing them to become obese. Gloating about his newfound powers and introducing Bertha to the Bod Squad, Dr. Nod was slammed into the ground when Bertha attempted another escape. The Bod Squad continued acting as Dr. Nod's agents as he swallowed hundreds of his supplements and became a near-mindless monster that ultimately rampaged through Detroit until Bertha's Great Lakes Avengers teammate defeated Nod by literally hitting his heart.

--Great Lakes Avengers I#5 (#6-7,

Corktown Meats

Corktown Meats was an old plant that Dr. Nod used as the location for a fake modeling gig intended to trap Big Bertha.

--Great Lakes Avengers I#5

Dr. Nod's Good Bod

Dr. Nod's Good Bod was the name of a supplemental vitamin product that Dr. Nod created using a DNA sample from Big Bertha combined with Mutant Growth Hormone. After first coming up with the idea, Dr. Nod planned early advertisement for the product but did not actually create the first batches of the supplements until he captured Big Bertha and acquired a sample of her DNA. From the sample, Dr. Nod managed to create at least twelve large containers of the vitamins, if not more, and when Bertha refused to join him in profiting from the product, Dr. Nod consumed several hundred of the pills, transforming himself into a large, monstrous form. When Big Bertha subsequently gained the upper hand in her fight against Nod by consuming some of the supplements herself, Dr. Nod consumed the experimental Batch 12 of the supplements, growing to a height and mass rivaling nearby buildings.

--Great Lakes Avengers I#5 (#6-7,

Dr. Nod's Hot Cod

Dr. Nod's Hot Cod was a fish oil supplement created by Dr. Nod. After creating the product, Dr. Nod was forced to stop development for unrevealed reasons. Later, when Dr. Nod was introducing himself to Big Bertha, he mentioned creating Dr. Nod's Hot Cod but quickly changed the subject after the topic of its stopped development was brought up.

--Great Lakes Avengers I#5 (fb) - BTS (#5 - BTS,


Jen was the talent agent for the heroine Big Bertha. At some point after joining Dr. Nod's Bod Squad, Jen lured Big Bertha into a trap under the pretenses of a modeling gig. Unaware of Jen's involvement in the trap, Big Bertha claimed she may have to fire Jen after the creepy gig but soon realized the gig was a trap and attempted to rescue Jen, only to be drugged by Jen. Waking up to see Jen as part of Dr. Nod's Bod Squad, Bertha reiterated her plans to fire Jen and when Bertha escaped, Jen continued to aid Dr. Nod as Bertha and Nod fought. During the battle, Bertha expressed anger at Dr. Nod for forcing her to have to fire Jen, given how hard it was to find a talent agent in Detroit.

--Great Lakes Avengers I#5 (#6-7,

images: (without ads)
Great Lakes Avengers I#7, p16, pan1 (Dr. Nod, main image)
Great Lakes Avengers I#6, p12, pan1 (Dr. Nod, headshot)
Great Lakes Avengers I#5, p7, pan1 (Dr. Nod, pre-transformation)
Great Lakes Avengers I#7, p3, pan2 (Dr. Nod, first transformation)
Great Lakes Avengers I#5, p19, pan4 (Bod Squad)
Great Lakes Avengers I#5, p5, pan1 (Corktown Meats)
Great Lakes Avengers I#7, p6, pan4 (Dr. Nod's Good Bod)
Great Lakes Avengers I#5, p5, pan3 (Jen, pre-transformation)
Great Lakes Avengers I#6, p5, pan1 (Jen, post-transformation)

Great Lakes Avengers I#5 (April, 2017) - Zac Gorman (writer), Will Robson (art), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Great Lakes Avengers I#6 (May, 2017) - Zac Gorman (writer), Will Robson (art), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Great Lakes Avengers I#7 (June, 2017) - Zac Gorman (writer), Will Robson (art), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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