Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial, predator of other life forms

Occupation: Predator

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Blue Shield, Project: PEGASUS, Quasar

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: Iron Man's armor enhancements

Base of Operations: place of origin unrevealed, formerly Battleworld, formerly Project: PEGASUS

First Appearance: (armor enhancements) Secret Wars#8 (December 1984), Quasar#8 (March 1990);

Powers/Abilities: The Omnivore was aptly named, as it was willing and able to eat anything. It could spray a corrosive fluid able to dissolve virtually all forms of matter and energy. It then siphoned up the fluid containing the dissolved matter (sort of like the digestive process of a fly) to feed itself. It grew in size and power from anything it consumed. It could be slowed down by physical attack, but could repair itself and even control body parts that had been severed from it. It apparently had some degree of metamorphic ability.

History: The origin of the entity known only as the Omnivore is unknown. It was brought by the Beyonder to the planet known as Battleworld, which he had formed from portions of millions of other planets. It may be a unique entity, or it may be a single member of a race of similar beings.

(Secret Wars#8-12, Iron Man I#182) - At any rate, it somehow took the form of what appeared to be raw materials, which were used by Reed Richards as replacement and enhancement parts for the damaged Iron Man armor worn by Iron Man IV/Jim Rhodes. While on Battleworld, the new parts amplified Iron Man IV's power, but upon returning to Earth, they were dysfunctional. This was presumed to be due to differences between Earth's and Battleworld's magnetic fields. Thinking them to be useless, Rhodes disconnected the alien accessories and discarded them in a snow bank in upstate New York. In actuality, the accessories had ceased to work because they were alive. Had Rhodes not discarded them when he did, they would have likely taken over the entire Iron Man armor.

(Quasar#8) - Fusing themselves into single ambulatory and armored form, the alien sought out food and shelter. It found both at Project: PEGASUS, located a few miles away. It entered the facility, where it began eating, growing, and evolving. When it was discovered, Blue Shield (then head of security at the Project) led a team of security guards to confront it. The Omnivore dissolved and consumed all of the guards. It found itself unable to penetrate the force field of Blue Shield, so it wrapped him within a cocoon, either to hold him for later, or to act directly by slowly dissolving his field.

Fortunately for the staff of Project: PEGASUS, Quasar was investigating all alien life forms at the time in hopes of discovering the cosmic assassin that was foreseen as Eon's murderer. His search brought him to the Project, where he freed Blue Shield and was attacked by the alien. He found the Omnivore could consume even his quantum energy. He lured the alien to the Project's Magma Tap, which was part of thermal research project that had drilled a hole straight down to Earth's magma layer. He managed to knock it into the tap, but it caught the ledge, and he had to enter the tap to force it deep into the tap. When the heat became to much for his protective quantum field, he freed himself from its grasp, fled to the surface and capped the Tap.

Comments: Created by Mark Gruenwald and Mike Manley.

There is no reason the Omnivore can't make further appearances. It showed no ill effects from the magma tap in the depths at which it was released. It's probably still hanging out in the core of the Earth, eating and growing. I'm surprised none of the Subterranean races have encountered it yet. In addition, even if its form was destroyed, its claw (which Quasar severed) was not knocked into the tap with it and was observed just before Quasar left the facility. Why hasn't it regenerated from that yet?

This cover of Quasar claimed that this was "Absolutely the last Secret Wars Tie-In." While it may have been intended partially as a spoof on Venom/Spider-Man's alien costume, it was still an enjoyable story. The Omnivore was powerful and relentless, and it frightened both Quasar and Blue Shield. When its claw caught the edge of the tap, it reminded me of the conclusion of one of the "Terminator" movies.

Secret Wars#9-12 (January-April, 1985) - Jim Shooter (writer), Michael Zeck (pencils), John Beatty (inks), Tom DeFalco (editor)
Iron Man I#182 (May, 1984) - Denny O'Neil (writer), Luke McDonnell (pencils), Steve Mitchell (inks), Mark Gruenwald (editor)

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