Real Name: Steele Fitzpatrick

Identity/Class: Human mutate/mutant

Occupation: Mercenary

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Bullseye, Deadpool, Fenway, Patch, Roach, other Hellhouse mercs

Enemies: Cable, the IRA, T-Ray, the occasional Hellhouse merc

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The Hellhouse

First Appearance: Deadpool III#1 (January, 1997)

Powers/Abilities: C.F. is extremely malleable and as such extremely resistant to injury.

History: (Deadpool Team-Up#1) - Having lost a bet to Deadpool, C.F. bought lunch for Deadpool. Wade didn't want sushi, so he shoved a gun down C.F.'s throat and demanded tacos.

(Deadpool III#1) - When Deadpool returned to the Hellhouse after a botched mission, he told C.F. that he was in his seat, then shot C.F. through a wall.

(Deadpool III#3) - C.F. cheered on Deadpool as he tried, without luck, to regrow a finger that had been severed. Later he brought 'Pool a package that had been left for him. Unhappy with what the package contained, Wade took it out on C.F. by punching him in the back of the throat.

(Deadpool III#5) - C.F. related a story to Weasel about a mission on which some IRA terrorists shot him with a bazooka and gave him a scar. Weasel mentioned Deadpool, which angered T-Ray and C.F. tried to ask T-Ray to leave him alone. Later C.F., Fenway and Roach talked about the situation. Fenway advised they not get involved.

(Deadpool III#6) - C.F. welcomed 'Pool back to the Hellhouse telling him that he kept his seat warm for him, but it broke under all the weight, so he got him a new seat.

(Deadpool III#7) - Deadpool brought Typhoid Mary to the Hellhouse and got C.F. to let her show what she could do by attacking him. After ramming a barstool into his head and kicking him onto a pool table, Typhoid was disappointed that he wouldn't die. Later C.F. witnessed the confrontation in which T-Ray burned off Wade's mask.

(Deadpool III#8) - C.F., Fenway and Weasel discussed Wade's situation.

(Deadpool III#9) - C.F. and Fenway distracted Patch giving Deadpool an opportunity to rough up the mercs that had been considered siding with T-Ray.

(Deadpool III#14) - C.F. was in the Hellhouse with Patch and Fenway when T-Ray arrived to tell them that he'd beaten Deadpool and that he was going to take a vacation.

(Deadpool III#16 (fb)) - C.F. felt that everyone had become too serious around the Hellhouse since Wade left, so he tried to instigate a party. Fenway talked him out of it since nobody felt much like partying anymore. Patch added that business was much better since Deadpool and T-Ray were gone. They agreed, but still wished they knew where Wade was, unaware that he was watching from above. Once 'Pool was gone Ajax burst through the door and knocked over C.F. and Fenway to get to Patch.

(Deadpool III#30) - When Alestair Grunch arrived at the Hellhouse seeking Patch's help, Patch had C.F. and Fenway protect him from the unruly mercs who had begun showing up there after T-Ray beat Deadpool. Patch called in Deadpool, and when Fenway and C.F. helped Wade fend off mercs who tried to kill him to impress T-Ray. Deadpool complimented C.F. on how tough he'd become, which made C.F. quite happy.

(Deadpool III#61) - C.F. was among the mourners at Deadpool's funeral. When a fight broke out (caused by ghost-Deadpool having fun) C.F. was accosted by Cable.

Comments: Created by Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness, Nathan Massengill and Norman Lee

No idea what C.F.'s initials stand for.
 "C.F." is short for "Cannon Fodder" - not sure if this was ever made explicit in the titles themselves, though."--knave
That would indeed make sense, but it also was indeed never brought up in the comics. And here I was wracking my brain for things like which element used the symbol "Cf" and is it malleable?
I had always thought it was short for Cluster F$%^&! --Snood

In Deadpool III#16, 'Pool tells Bullseye "speaking of the fairer sex, you should have seen C.F. and Fenway at Hellhouse last month... They almost beat each other senseless fighting over a twitch with a leather fetish and a bionic tail." He was making up the story so that Bullseye wouldn't know he had been kicked out of the Hellhouse, so it isn't true, but it gives the impression that Bullseye would know who he was talking about. For that reason I've included Bullseye in the Affiliations.

C.F. received a real name in the Hellhouse profile in Deadpool Corps: Rank and Foul.

Profile by Patrick D Ryall

C.F. should not be confused with:

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