Real Name: Milla Donovan

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Employee of Hell's Kitchen Housing Commission

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Assistant D.A. Algren, Artie, Becky Blake, Black Widow (Natasha Romanova), Luke Cage, Harold Driver, Elektra, Elsa, the Hand, Iron Fist (Danny Rand), Dr. Lyman Johnstone, Jessica Jones, Lori, Detective Love, Lynn, Master Izo, Mister Fantastic, Foggy Nelson, Night Nurse, Dakota North, Karen Page, Punisher (Frank Castle), Detective Reznor, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Doctor Stephen Strange, Ben Urich

Enemies: Bullseye, Coyote, Director Leland Drummond, Vanessa Fisk, Gladiator (Melvin Potter), Jester (Jonathan Powers), Kingpin, Mister Fear (Larry Cranston), Owl, Punisher (Frank Castle), Typhoid Mary, Yakuza (Sano Ren);
formerly Gladiator (Melvin Potter)

Known Relatives: Daredevil (Matt Murdock, husband), Mr. Donovan (unidentified father), Emma Donovan (mother)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York City, New York

First Appearance: Daredevil II#41 (March, 2005)

Powers/Abilities: None.

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Eyes: White
Hair: Black


(Daredevil II#58 (fb) - BTS) - Milla Donovan was born blind.

(Daredevil II#49 (fb) - BTS) - As a child, Milla's father would take her to Lincoln Center.

(Daredevil II#94 (fb) - BTS) - In high school, Milla fought against the shy nature people expected her to have and lived life to the fullest. She dated a few men, but her only relationships were initiated by her.

(Daredevil II#43 (fb) - BTS) - Milla Donovan worked at the Hell's Kitchen Housing Commission, finding housing for the poverty stricken and doing environmental testing.

(Daredevil II#74 (fb) - BTS) - When Milla stood up for an employee named Lynn, who'd worked there a year, the two struck up a fast friendship. They went out to lunch together several times per week, confiding in each other, and Milla listened to Lynn's stories about her daughter.

(Daredevil II#41) - While walking after work, Milla and her friend Lori discussed a recent project that their office was working on. As they parted, Lori going to meet her friend Artie, Milla walked out directly in front of a truck and Lori screamed a warning, but Daredevil had to save her, swinging by with Milla in his arms and crashing through a plate glass window. Daredevil calmly explained to Milla what had happened, pulling a shard of glass from her shoulder and instructing Lori to call the ambulance. Milla later found herself wondering about Daredevil.

(Daredevil II#42) - In a daze the next morning, Milla walked out of a meeting to gather her thoughts. Lori (named) followed her and asked if she was okay. Lori admitted that Daredevil was very handsome and teased Milla for having a crush on a super hero. Milla learned that Daredevil had recently been outed in the newspapers as being blind lawyer Matt Murdock. Milla later visited Murdock at his office, shocking him.

(Daredevil II#43) - Milla apologized for embarrassing Matt and she tried explaining why he had been in her thoughts so much. Matt denied being Daredevil, but she didn't believe him. She thanked him for saving her then prepared to leave, but stayed to talk more and then invited him out to dinner. He agreed, but told her that his life was a whirlwind and that he couldn't take responsibility for what would happen in her life by being involved. She passed Foggy Nelson and Jessica Jones on her way out. Matt later unexpectedly showed up at her place later and they spent the night together.

(Daredevil II#44) - Later that night, Milla agreed to walk with Matt back to his apartment. As they walked, they shared their mutual passion for the Hell's Kitchen area of the city, talking about the rich history of this section of the city. As they approached his apartment, Matt grew tense as some police approached, wanting to question him about the murder of Uri Rosenthal, a man Matt had been in a lawsuit against. Milla was taken down to the station and questioned, and she claimed to know nothing about the Daredevil/Murdock connection.

(Daredevil II#46) - At work, Milla listened to the radio report on Daredevil's actions after the arrest and his involvement in taking down the Owl. Lori brought in flowers that Matt had sent, and Milla discussed how overwhelmed she felt with the whole situation. She questioned what she was doing and its impact on her life, commenting that even her mom was freaked out now. Milla later showed up at Murdock's office again, officially met Foggy, and thanked Matt for the flowers.

(Daredevil II#46/ Daredevil II#47) - They walked out to go to lunch, escorted by Jessica Jones, the body guard, when Typhoid Mary walked up and set Matt on fire.

(Daredevil II#48) - Milla was horrified as she was knocked aside by Jones, then covered under a jacket by Matt. She listened helplessly as Mary was knocked unconscious by Matt, Jones, and Luke Cage. Later, Milla slept in Matt's bed while Matt meditated. She woke up and listened to Matt being interviewed by Agent Harold Driver, and later thanked Matt for not allowing Driver to interview her. Matt leaned in to talk to her and they discussed Milla's willingness to stay by him. He felt responsible for her being in danger, but she told him that he and Jones had saved her. She felt his naked chest, learning about scars he'd received from Gladiator (Melvin Potter), Punisher (Frank Castle), and Bullseye, and learned that Bullseye had murdered two of Daredevil's past partners. Matt asked why she would possibly want to stay with him, and she told him it was because she was growing fond of him as she cuddled in.

(Daredevil II#49) - Milla heard Matt on the phone with Foggy at 11:30 pm, then realized he was leaving to take down the Kingpin, who'd arranged the Mary attack. Matt assured her that he wanted her to stay there and invited her to Lincoln Center later. As she stretched, she heard a creak and realized that Bullseye was there to hurt her. She tearfully listened to his threats before Matt rushed in and knocked Bullseye outside. He asked Milla to call the police and, fumbling, she called Agent Driver. When Matt returned triumphant, she rushed to him, kissing and hugging him, and thanked Matt for saving her.

(Daredevil II#50 - BTS) - Matt successfully defeated the Kingpin and then unmasked, surprisingly declaring himself the new Kingpin and saying that he ran the city from now on.

(Daredevil II#56 (fb) - BTS) - Matt spent the following six weeks acting almost solely as Daredevil, chasing all crime violently out of Hell's Kitchen. Over the following months, Murdock and Nelson won an enormous lawsuit and devoted hundreds of millions to bettering Hell's Kitchen.

(Daredevil II#74 (fb)) - After months of keeping it a secret, Milla told Lynn that she was dating Matt Murdock, and Lynn was shocked. Milla told Lynn about their plans to use Matt's money to build the new library they'd been fighting for, and denied that Matt was the kingpin. Milla then told Lynn that she was planning on marrying Matt, and asked Lynn to stand in at their ceremony.

(Daredevil II#58 (fb) - BTS) - Milla and Matt were married May 4th in a quiet ceremony in his office. She was flattered when he told her she was like the embodiment of Hell's Kitchen.

(Daredevil II#74 (fb)) - In their simple wedding ceremony, Foggy and Lynn stood by as their witnesses.

(Daredevil II#56 (fb) - BTS) - Founding a neighborhood program and putting Milla in charge, Matt saw buildings salvaged and a new library built, much of the money being matched by the mayor. Matt and Milla lived happily for a time, and Matt was even invited to run for mayor.

(Daredevil II#94 (fb) - BTS) - During their first year of marriage, Milla felt that their life was complete bliss.

(Daredevil II#74 (fb)) - While at work, Lynn got a call that her daughter was being held hostage by the Jester (Jonathon Powers). Milla called Matt for help, then took Lynn home, comforting her for hours until Matt brought the daughter home. Though wounded, Matt rushed off to fight the Jester again.

(Daredevil II#56 (fb)) - Milla listened to Matt as he explained how several allies (Luke Cage, Doctor Stephen Strange, Mister Fantastic, Spider-Man (Peter Parker)) had had an intervention with him. As they walked, Matt told Milla to run for help to the place they'd previously set up. The Yakuza surrounded Matt.

(Daredevil II#56) - Two days later, with no word from Matt, Milla went to Ben Urich for help, as instructed by Matt beforehand.

(Daredevil II#57) - Urich explained to Milla the series of events that had lead up to the Yakuza attack, and she begged him to help her find Matt, revealing that they'd been married.

(Daredevil II#58) - Milla explained to Urich why Matt trusted him so much, and asked for his help in finding Matt. She explained how the city just kept hitting Matt again and again, taking his sight and his father. Urich promised to find Matt, and Milla, overwhelmed with the violence in her life, promised to find a safe place.

(Daredevil II#59 (fb) - BTS) - Urich found Matt and, with Foggy's help, set him up in a secret apartment. Milla was moved there and watched out for him for over a week as he healed.

(Daredevil II#59) - Matt finally woke up, feeling much better, and Milla checked on him, concerned that he wasn't healed yet. She called Foggy to check in and Matt talked to him, learning about the Yakuza's actions in the Kitchen while Milla hugged him closely. Later, Matt went out as Daredevil to defeat the Yakuza while Foggy sat with Milla. He asked Milla if she knew about Karen Page. 

(Daredevil II#60 (fb) - BTS) - Foggy told Milla that Ben Urich had come up with a theory: that Matt had had a nervous breakdown after his old girlfriend, Karen Page, was murdered by Bullseye.

(Daredevil II#60) - When Matt arrived home, Milla hugged him and checked on his injuries, then tearfully confronted him about Karen. When he admitted he might have married her due to his breakdown, she put on her coat and left, stating this wasn't what she wanted from her marriage.

(Daredevil II#61 (fb) - BTS) - Milla moved back into her own apartment and hired a lawyer to represent her in an annulment, claiming that marital consent was obtained by fraud. The papers were sent to Matt.

(Daredevil II#62 - BTS) - Matt refused to sign the papers, deciding he still loved Milla even if she didn't love him.

(Daredevil II#64) - Milla was shocked and upset when Matt approached her in a rainstorm. He told her that he didn't sign the papers and that he still loved her, but she retorted that he had deep emotional problems and that she could get by without him if she had to. He sadly gave her an envelope with the signed papers, saying that he loved her enough to give her what he didn't want to.

(Daredevil II#94 (fb) - BTS) - During their entire time apart, Milla worried about Matt. She found herself unable to file the divorce papers she'd had prepared.

(Daredevil II#76) - Milla dressed up and went to visit Matt at his law office. He held all calls, so shocked and pleased to see her.

(Daredevil II#77 (fb) - BTS) - As time passed, Milla realized that she had gotten overwhelmed with her life with Daredevil and that she had started taking things out on him. She resolved to go see him.

(Daredevil II#77 (fb) - BTS) - Milla took Matt back to her hotel with the intention of just talking to him, but ended up spending the night with him.

(Daredevil II#77) - The next morning, Milla tried explaining her feelings to Matt and learned that he still loved her and had been faithful to her. They kissed briefly before Elektra showed up at their window.

(Daredevil II#78) - Milla was frightened when Matt started hitting Elektra and called for her to leave. Milla started running in a panic, but returned to the room when things quieted down. They realized Elektra was just there to show them a news report that the Kingpin had exposed his identity. Milla realized that Matt had put on the costume and left with Elektra.

(Daredevil II#80) - Milla continued following the news and was sickened when she heard Matt had fought Bullseye and been shot. As hotel security demanded to enter the room, Milla was shocked again when the Black Widow told her to gather her clothes and come with her. Though the Widow was reluctant, she agreed to take Milla to Matt. Black Widow took her to the Night Nurse and Elektra was there. She held them back while the Hand, her ninjas, entered and worked to heal Matt. Then the FBI arrived, under the direction of Director Leland Drummond, to arrest Matt. Milla was confused in all the chaos as Luke Cage, Iron Fist (Danny Rand), Elektra, and the Hand held the FBI off until Matt chose to surrender himself. He was placed under arrest as Milla cried for him.

(Daredevil II#81 (fb) - BTS) - Over the following month, Matt rarely called Milla and he refused to let her come and see him in prison. She was concerned, but respected his wishes. She spoke to Foggy, who was representing Matt's case, before Foggy left to see him.

(Daredevil II#94 (fb) - BTS) - Milla felt helpless the entire time Matt was in prison. From afar, she felt as if she was slowly losing him. She continually resisted the press and their incessant questions.

(Daredevil II#83) - When Foggy Nelson was reportedly murdered, Milla attended the funeral, standing by herself and unable to speak to Matt, who was briefly there under guard.

(Daredevil II#86 (fb) - BTS) - Milla began hearing about several violent acts that Matt was performing in prison against others as he searched for Foggy's killer. Milla grew upset, knowing that he was struggling immensely. She convinced new law partner Becky Blake, a former associate of Foggy's, to take her to the prison to see Matt.

(Daredevil II#86) - When Matt approached and spoke to Milla through the glass, he was furious at Becky for bringing her there. He asked her to leave if she loved him and then angrily demanded to speak to Becky, but she stayed on the phone. Milla barely recognized the man she loved. She confronted Matt with his recent actions and begged him to remember who he was before she left, escorted out by a guard that Matt had threatened.

(Daredevil II#87) - Becky and Milla watched the news footage of a riot at Ryker's Island that day and Matt being held hostage by the Punisher, both of them leaving the jail by helicopter.

(Daredevil II#94 (fb) - BTS) - Matt joyfully returned to Milla after she'd waited weeks by the phone, feeling helpless and not knowing if Matt was okay. She learned that he'd been in Europe tracking down Foggy's killer, and that Vanessa Fisk, the estranged wife of the Kingpin, had been behind the plot all along. Leland Drummond was found dead with a suicide note absolving Matt of his crimes, though Matt suspected this was the doing of Vanessa as well. Milla felt so pleased to be reunited with Matt finally that all her fears were forgotten.

(Daredevil II#93) - Milla, Becky, and Dakota stood by Matt's side as he told to the press his story of being held prisoner by the Punisher during his absence. They went inside and Milla embraced Matt after expressing her hatred of Drummond and his plots. They were all shocked when Foggy turned up alive, and realized that this had been part of Vanessa's plot as well. Matt's criminal charges were dropped, the Bar reinstated his law license, and Becky was made a full partner in the firm. Milla and Matt were thrilled to be together again and they moved into a new brownstone together, but things felt unsettled as Matt began acting as Daredevil all over again. As a lawyer, Matt fulfilled a promise he'd made to Vanessa and got the charges against the Kingpin dropped.

(Daredevil II#94) - Milla woke one morning with a start, realizing Matt wasn't next to her. She found herself thinking of their relationship and the slow fear that was creeping in on her that things would end badly for them. The next day, Matt woke up and energetically took Milla out to breakfast.

(Daredevil II#95 (fb) - BTS) - Milla decided to start seeing a therapist and told Matt about it.

(Daredevil II#95) - Milla offered to make Matt breakfast and listened as Matt got a call from Foggy. Matt refused to take a case representing Melvin Potter, the former Gladiator. Later, Milla attended her session, not knowing that some of Mr. Fear's men were watching her.

(Daredevil II#96 (fb) - BTS) - Milla decided to attend therapy with Dr. Lyman Johnstone, though she didn't tell Matt her plans to do so.

(Daredevil II#96) - While Milla awaited her second appointment with Dr. Johnstone, a man in the lobby talked to her about keeping secrets.

(Daredevil II#102 (fb) - BTS) - The man, Larry Cranston (alias Mister Fear), secretly exposed Milla to his fear gas.

(Daredevil II#96) - After her session, Milla returned home to tell Matt about her therapy, but she found a message from he that he would be in very late and that he'd left her dinner.

(Daredevil II#97) - Milla met Matt for dinner and learned that he'd accepted Lily Lucca, a woman who'd manipulated Matt in Europe, as a client. The fear gas taking effect, she grew furious and demanded that Matt never see her again. After she accused Matt of lying to her, Matt shoved her to the ground as Gladiator attacked the restaurant, scattering the patrons. Matt ordered Milla to run for it while he fought Gladiator and, though she hesitated, she rushed out and made it home. Later that night, while in her underwear, she heard someone in her house.

(Daredevil II#98) - Milla cried out when she realized it was Gladiator in her house. He punched her to the floor as she called to Matt for help. Gladiator took Milla to a rooftop, and she pled for the sane part of his mind to reawaken. Gladiator was briefly reminded of his gentler side, but his insanity took over again and he grabbed Milla by the neck and held her off the roof. She screamed repeatedly for Matt, and when Daredevil arrived, Gladiator dropped Milla. Matt barely caught her and then burst through a window. They embraced before Gladiator attacked anew. Milla listened helplessly to the sounds of battle. She stopped Matt from punching the defeated Gladiator further, knowing it wasn't his fault. Gladiator screamed in anguish when he realized what he'd done and tried to kill himself, but Matt knocked him out again. Milla hugged Matt, feeling helpless.

(Daredevil II#99) - While recuperating at Matt's office, Milla heard Foggy talking to Lily Lucca and she grew furious. She verbally accosted Lily, then broke down in tears, wanting Matt. Milla grew angry with Foggy, thinking he was covering for Matt, then apologized and confessed she was scared. Foggy and Lily offered to get her home. Milla demanded to ride the subway and grew more and more edgy, accusing Lily of having designs on her husband. While Foggy was on the phone, Milla yelled “Die, bitch!” to Lily and tried shoving her in front of an oncoming subway. Lily bumped into a man, who fell and was killed. Milla immediately broke down in tears, unable to believe what she'd done.

(Daredevil II#100) - Milla was arrested and, disoriented, she asked Foggy what was happening.

(Daredevil II#101 (fb)) - Sedated and in restraints at a holding facility, Milla was happy to see Matt and hugged him. She was unaware that she'd killed someone and flipped from furious to tearful when Matt and Foggy talked about her case. Matt promised to help her just as Assistant D.A. Algren walked in, and Matt promised to save her as he left. That night, Matt, as Daredevil, snuck into her room and held her as she cried. He tried coaching her in claming exercises that would help her pass the psychiatric evaluation she was required to undergo the next day. Matt was gone in the morning. She nearly passed her psychiatric evaluation the next day, but went mad with the questions and tried to attack the evaluator. The judge ordered that she be kept under constant watch in Bellevue psychiatric facility for the criminally insane, but Milla barely understood she was so sedated. Matt's words against the judge caused him to be arrested for a night for contempt.

(Daredevil II#102) - Algren agreed to let Milla return home, though she would have a live-in aid, Elsa, to keep an eye on her and she would have to be sedated. At home, she rushed into Matt's arms before heading off to bed.

(Daredevil II#103) - Over the following days, Milla had brief moments of clarity, but the drugs continued to take effect, causing Matt to be overly concerned around her. Elsa quickly rushed in when Milla had a small episode during breakfast and rushed Milla off to bed, Milla arguing all the way until she was sedated again.

(Daredevil II#104 (fb) - BTS) - When Milla saw Lily Lucca, her fear escalated again. She beat Elsa senseless with a lamp, then collapsed, covered in Elsa's blood.

(Daredevil II#104) - When Matt arrived home, he found Milla confused and disoriented. The police soon arrived and Milla was arrested again, crying as she was taken away.

(Daredevil II#105) - Matt found out that there was no cure for Milla's madness. He reluctantly placed her in the Broadmore Institution, where she sat staring out the window while the doctors promised to get her the best of care.

(Daredevil II#106 (fb) - BTS) - Matt continued visiting Milla at the Broadmore Clinic three times a week over the following weeks, but the doctors began to note that their progress with Milla was undone whenever Matt visited as she felt pressure to be better for him. They finally asked Matt to stop visiting at all for now.

(Daredevil II#113 (fb) - BTS) - Milla's parents came and picked her up from the institution, trying to get her put in their care.

(Daredevil II#117 - BTS) - Milla's parents demanded that they retain sole custody of Milla, but Matt continued to fight for her.

(Daredevil II#117) - After seeing the return of Wilson Fisk to New York City, Chico and Merv decided to flee to Jersey. Chico called to tell Murdock that their deal was off.

(Daredevil I#500) - With Master Izo's help, Matt finally found where Milla had been convalescing. He bid goodbye to her while she lay asleep in a hospital bed. He kissed her and apologized for loving her, and for her loving him. Matt later called Foggy and told him to give Milla's parents whatever they wanted regarding custody.

(Daredevil III#18) - Milla Donovan showed up surprisingly at Matt Murdock's home; after she slept there, she was teleported back by Coyote to the institituion, where Foggy Nelson found her later.

(Daredevil III#21 - BTS) - Matt continued writing Milla frequent letters, but the doctors kept the letters from her.

(Daredevil III#27) - Black Widow visited Milla Donovan to watch over her when Daredevil believed she was in danger.

Comments: Created by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev.

Milla has a profile in OHotMU: Daredevil 2004.

Profile by Chadman.

Milla Donovan has no known connections to

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