Membership: Captain Mar-Vell, Dr. Druid, Hellcat, Mockingbird (H'rpra), Swordsman (DuQuesne), Thunderstrike, Wonder Man

Purpose: Killing the Avengers; spreading terror and despair over the Earth

Affiliations: Pawns of the Grim Reaper; members of the Avengers

Enemies: (under mind-control) Avengers (Captain America, Firestar, Giant-Man (Pym), Iron Man, Justice, Scarlet Witch, Thor, Vision, Wasp);
(once freed) the Grim Reaper

Base of Operations: None

First Appearance: Avengers III#10 (November, 1998)

History: As part of a plan to kill the Avengers and take vengeance on the world itself for his death and life, the Grim Reaper summoned and controlled the spirits of a number of dead Avengers. He began by subtly corrupting his brother, Wonder Man, who hung between life and death thanks to the Scarlet Witch's powers and had served as the rift through which the Reaper might return to the world of the living. At an Avengers Day memorial for fallen Avengers, the Reaper appeared and summoned Wonder Man and several other dead Avengers, using them to battle and capture the heroes.

The Reaper, who was using collective despair to slowly transform the Earth into a literal Hell, sent the dead Avengers to kill the absent Scarlet Witch and to wreak havoc over the Earth. Though the dead Avengers captured the Witch, she was able to use her powers to undo the Reaper's control over them. The dead heroes promptly returned to free their living counterparts and help battle the Reaper. Meanwhile, the Scarlet Witch used her love for Wonder Man to fully restore him to life. The rift severed, the dead Avengers faded from Earth, each giving a parting message to their counterparts. Wonder Man, using his own love for the Reaper, managed to restore his brother to full life as well, thus ending the threat.

Comments: Legion of the Unliving idea created by Steve Englehart and Roy Thomas; idea, nature, and roster for this version designed by Kurt Busiek and George Perez.

It's usually par for the course in these Legion of the Unliving tales to note how many of the members returned to life. This story was basically designed to set up Wonder Man's immediate return, and later led to the resurrection of Hellcat in the Avengers and Thunderbolts 2001 Annuals. Itw as also the stage for somewhat rehabilitating Dr. Druid, who had been transformed into a monstrous and pathetic killer in the Druid miniseries.
...and how long until Mockingbird's back? She almost had her chance along with Hellcat.---Snood.

All Legions of the Unliving got a group entry in OHotMU Horror 2005.

Profile by Omar Karindu.

Clarifications: Legion of the Unliving V is not to be confused with:

Dr. Druid (Anthony Ludgate, aka Anthony Ludgate Druid, aka Dr. Droom) is not to be confused with:

Swordsman (Jacques Duquense) is not to be confused with:

images: (without ads)
Avengers III#10, p17, pan2-7 (Legion of the Unliving V main image)
Avengers III#10, p17, pan9 (Wonder Man)

Avengers III#10 (November, 1998) - Kurt Busiek (writer), George Perez (pencils), Al Vey (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Avengers III#11 (December, 1998) - Kurt Busiek (writer), George Perez (pencils), Al Vey, Bob Wiacek (inkss), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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