Classification: Magic item

Creator: Unrevealed

User/Possessors: Craig Blaze, Johnny Blaze, Holden Blevins, Mary Blevins, Jesse Pinto

First Appearance: Blaze II#3 (October, 1994)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The No. 7 Nail File was a normal nail file, but due to the combination of steel and the number seven engraved on it the nail file inadvertently became a powerful weapon against supernatural beings. It could channel vast energies into them or disperse the energies holding a supernatural being together. It can also cause a supernatural being's body parts like an arm to explode if rammed into said body part.


(Blaze II#3 (fb) ) - Years ago the No. 7 Nail File was owned by Mary Blevins. She had it in her purse when Ice Box Bob pulled her and her son Caufield to his little corner in Hell. She used it to defend herself from Bob and stabbed Bob in the chest with it. The nail file hurt Bob by channelling energies through him and gave Mary the time to escape Bob's corner in Hell with Caufield.

(Blaze II#3 (fb) - BTS) - Holden got hold of the No. 7 Nail File.

(Blaze II#3) - When Blaze rode with Holden at Ice Box Bob for a final attack on the murderer, Holden pulled out the nail file from his pocket, jumped over Blaze and plunged it into Bob's head, apparently killing him once and for all.

(Blaze II#5 (fb) ) - Jesse Pinto witnessed the death of Bob at Holden's hands. He pulled the No. 7 Nail File from Bob's corpse after everyone else was gone.

(Blaze II#5) - Jesse, who had been traded to Baal by Darryl Licht, took the Nail File with him to Emma and Craig Blaze, who were still trapped in Bob's home. He told them he would get them out of there and that he had the Nail File as weapon. He explained why it was a weapon. Moments later the three kids saw the Wendigo pass through their prison cell and take the Nail File from Jesse. Back on Earth the Wendigo gave the Nail File to Johnny Blaze, who recognized it as Holden's magic nail file. Blaze lost it after being hit by Anung-Ite, but he got hold of it again and put it into one of his Shotgun's bullets and shot Anung-Ite with it. Being hit by the Nail File transformed Anung-Ite back into Darryl Licht immediately.

(Blaze II#6) - Wendigo returned the Nail File to Pinto and Blaze's kids and took them with him to escape their prison. Baal followed them to Earth and got into a fight with Blaze. Jesse saved Blaze from Baal by stabbing Baal's arm with the Nail File, which caused Baal's left arm to explode. Baal fled after losing an arm and being shot by Blaze a few times. Jesse, still armed with the Nail File, and the Blaze kids followed Baal with Wendigo to finish him.

(Blaze II#10) - Wendigo and the kids caught Baal and Jesse Pinto was going to stab him with the Nail File. Baal knew it could kill him and told Jesse that they would need the Nail File for another purpose. Baal showed them that Blaze was in trouble and Emma and Craig stopped Jesse from using the Nail File on Baal because they needed it to save their father.

(Blaze II#11) - Before leaving for Earth with Wendigo and Blaze's kids, Jesse pressed the No. 7 Nail File on to Baal's forehead burning the seven into it. When they got closer to Earth on their interdimensional travel the Nail File started to glow.

(Blaze II#12) - Arriving on Earth Craig Blaze branded the vampire Charnel's forehead with the Nail File to weaken him for Blaze. It hurt Charnel, who attacked Craig before being shot by Johnny Blaze.

Comments: Created by Larry Hama (writer), Henry Martinez (pencils) & Bud LaRosa (inks).

IMHO Baal tricked them to get out alive because it didn't seem like Johnny Blaze needed the No.7 Nail File's help against the vampires at all. The No.7 Nail File didn't do much anyway because it wasn't used properly by Craig Blaze, who showed no killer instinct.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

#7 Nail File should be distinguished:

Jesse Pinto has no known connection to:

Jesse Pinto

(Blaze II#5 (fb) - BTS) - Darryl Licht traded Jesse Pinto to Baal to gain the power of Anung-Ite.

(Blaze II#4 (fb) - BTS) - Jesse Pinto's family, including three siblings, his parents and their dog, were slain by Darryl Licht after he had been transformed into Anung-Ite by Baal.

   Jesse was soon saved from his cell by a Wendigo.

(Blaze II#4 (fb) ) - Five-year-old Jesse, the only survivor, was seen by X-Force's Warpath being led around by the hand by Wendigo.

(Blaze II#5 (fb) ) - Jesse had seen Holden Blevins slay Ice Box Bob with the No. 7 Nail File and took the nail file after everybody else was gone.

(Blaze II#5) - Jesse broke out of his cell and came into Craig and Emma Blaze's cell to break out with them. When the Wendigo came through their cell it took the Nail File from Jesse.

(Blaze II#6 (fb) ) - Wendigo returned to Jesse and Blaze kids and took them along with him. They were followed by Baal, who allowed them to escape, so he could escape back to Earth as well.

(Blaze II#6) - Jesse, Blaze's kids and Wendigo arrived on Earth followed by Baal. During Baal's fight with Blaze Jesse used the Nail File and stabbed Baal with it into the left arm to save Blaze from Baal. Baal's left arm exploded after being stabbed by the Nail File and after a few Hellfire shotgun blasts Baal had enough and fled. Jesse encouraged Blaze's kids to aid him in finishing Baal for good. Together they rode on Wendigo's back to hunt down Baal.

(Blaze II#10) - Jesse, Wendigo and Blaze's kids caught Baal in another dimension and had him pinned down, but before Jesse could destroy him with the Nail File, Baal revealed to the children that they needed the Nail File to save Johnny Blaze. Emma and Craig stopped Jesse from killing Baal with the Nail File because they needed it on Earth.

(Blaze II#11) - Before leaving for Earth Jesse branded Baal with the No. 7 Nail File. When the quartet got closer to Earth the Nail File started to glow in Jesse's pocket.

(Blaze II#12) - On Earth Jesse gave the Nail File to Craig Blaze, who used it to weaken the vampire Charnel. After the Undead MC's destruction Emma and Craig were finally reunited with their father and they introduced Jesse to Johnny Blaze, who already knew who Jesse was. Johnny offered Jesse to stay with him and his children as long as Jesse wanted to. Jesse was happy to have a family again.....(until he was handed over to somebody else because his existence was forgotten. Or he was eaten by Princess Python's snake...who knows!?)

--Blaze II#5 (Blaze II#5 (fb) - BTS, Blaze II#4 (fb) - BTS, Blaze II#4 (fb), Blaze II#5 (fb), Blaze II#5, Blaze II#6 (fb), Blaze II#6, 10-12

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Blaze II#3, p20, pan3 (main image)
Blaze II#6, p11, pan1 (Jesse Pinto)

Blaze II#3 (October, 1994) - Larry Hama (writer), Henry Martinez (pencils), Bud LaRosa (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)
Blaze II#5 (December, 1994) - Larry Hama (writer), Henry Martinez (pencils), Bud LaRosa, Al Williamson & Hubbs (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)
Blaze II#6 (January, 1995) - Larry Hama (writer), Henry Martinez (pencils), Bud LaRosa (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)
Blaze II#10-12 (May-July, 1995) - Larry Hama (writer), Gary Erskine (artist), Marie Javins (editor)

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