Membership: Unidentified criminals (exact number unrevealed)

Purpose: To capture space capsules

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Sub-Mariner (Namor McKenzie)

Base of Operations: The oceans

First Appearance: Sub-Mariner in "Capsule Snatchers" (Kenner See-a-Show slide, 1967)


(Sub-Mariner in "Capsule Snatchers") - As Namor the Sub-Mariner watched the successful Space Shot capsule touchdown in the oceans alongside military personnel, the capsule was grabbed from the water by a giant claw. Diving into the water, Namor found the Enemy Sub housing the Capsule Snatchers group. Despite the Capsule Snatchers' attempt to dive deeper into the ocean, the Sub-Mariner caught up to them and began puncturing the hull of the Enemy Sub, forcing the Capsule Snatchers to release their grip on the Space Shot capsule and flee. Seeing the capsule back to the surface, Namor was thanked for saving the capsule.

Comments: Created by an uncredited writer and artist.

Despite only one of the Capsule Snatchers appearing in the strip, the title of strip was plural and when Namor attacked the Enemy Sub, one of the Capsule Snatchers states "Sub-Mariner is poking holes in OUR hull!," suggesting that there was more than one Capsule Snatcher onboard the Enemy Sub.

The Capsule Snatchers were only named as such in the title of the slide. They were not identified in-story.

The Kenner See-a-Show slide had a copyright of 1967 Marvel Comics Group, meaning that Marvel owned the character if some writer wanted to reuse the characters, though that doesn't seem likely...

I apologize for the lack of another image of the Capsule Snatchers but the main image was the ONLY image of the actual Capsule Snatchers. Plenty of images of the Enemy Sub but only one of the Snatchers.

Special thanks to Jon Knutson for the images!

Profile by Proto-Man.

The Capsule Snatchers have no known connections to

The enemy subEnemy Sub

The Enemy Sub was a submarine piloted by members of the Capsule Snatchers. Using the Sub, the Capsule Snatchers captured the Space Shot capsule, but the Sub-Mariner gave chase and punctured its hull, forcing the Sub to release the capsule and flee.

    The Enemy Sub was similar to any other submarine with the exception that it was equipped with a gigantic claw on its front that could clamp with sufficient strength to hold an astronaut's space capsule and dive into the ocean depths without damage.

--Sub-Mariner in "Capsule Snatchers"

The space shot capsule

Space Shot capsule

 The Space Shot capsule was a space capsule that had been launched. As it returned to Earth, Namor the Sub-Mariner and military personnel watched its touchdown in the ocean. Upon its touchdown, the Capsule Snatchers captured the capsule using the Enemy Sub. Namor gave chase and punctured the Enemy Sub's hull, forcing the Capsule Snatchers to release the Space Shot. Seeing the Space Shot back to the surface, Namor was thanked for saving the Space Shot's pilot.

--Sub-Mariner in "Capsule Snatchers"

images: (without ads)
Sub-Mariner in "Capsule Snatchers", pan5 (Capsule Snatchers, main image)
Sub-Mariner in "Capsule Snatchers", pan6 (Enemy Sub)
Sub-Mariner in "Capsule Snatchers", pan7 (Space Shot capsule)

Other Appearances:
Sub-Mariner in "Capsule Snatchers" (Kenner See-a-Show slide, 1967) - uncredited writer & artist

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