Real Name: Sol III

Identity/Class: Extratemporal (Earth-691) computer/starship

Occupation: Vessel of a large crew

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Crew: Commander Ainsworth, Captain Jennifer Cabre-Rios, Lotin, Chief Yan Onanwro, Lt. Shan O'Meara, Dr. S'Rell);
    Passengers: Clan Cyorse (Gui Askran, Milliaw, Murrab), Thanos robot, Myke Townsend + parents, Trilexians, others (5000 inhabitants altogether)
    Keeper (Norrin Radd);
    Adam Warlock of Earth-616, Dark Angel
of Earth-M (Earth-7888)

    Galactus of Earth-M (Earth-7888);
    formerly Captain Jennifer Cabre-Rios, Chief Yan Onanrwo, Lt. Shan O'Meara, Dr. S'Rell

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Saul, Sol

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout space, @ 31st century, Earth-691

First Appearance: Cyberspace 3000#1 (July, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Sol was Mark IV Artificial Intelligent which maintained the functions of the Sol III starship. It could communicate with the crew, operate various scanning devices, weapons, etc. After gaining independence, it could create solid holograms and imbue them with personality programs.

The ship Sol III had 5000 passengers and was equipped with life support, housing and medical facilities, etc.


(Cyberspace 3000#8 (fb) - BTS) - Sol III, apparently one of a series of Solships, was used to escape Earth prior to its being conquered by the Badoon.

(Cyberspace 3000#1 / Cyberspace 3000#7 (fb) - BTS) - The enigmatic Dreamscaper Gamble caused Sol III to pass through a  wormhole that appeared suddenly, destroying a significant portion of the ship (the entire "left bell") and slaying 12% of its passengers. Also slain was Murrab, the high priest of Clan Cyorse, who worshipped Thanos (though they were unaware that their Thanos was only a robot, sent there by the enigmatic Gamble). "Thanos" instructed the Clan to appoint Gui Askran  as their new leader.

(Cyberspace 3000#4 (fb)) - Sol's movement through the wormhole dragged a section of the time/space corridor with it, bringing Dark Angel and Galactus from Earth-M (Earth-7888) to Earth-691.

(Cyberspace 3000#5 (fb) - BTS) - The wormhole disrupted Sol's programming, causing it to develop emotions and desires independent from its mission to protect and serve the passengers and crew.

(Cyberspace 3000#5 (fb)) - Captain Cabre-Rios was among those slain, but when Shan O'Meara commented that they needed her, Sol reasoned that the crew still needed a figurehead, so he remade her as a solid hologram, one he could control, manipulate, and switch on or off as needed. However, he miscalculated, and too much of her original personality came through, making her difficult to control.

(Cyberspace 3000#1) - The remade Captain Cabre-Rios appeared amidst the crew and was taken for medical care and examination, which revealed that she was not actually there. Sol III began appearing before the crew, speaking nonsense.
    "Thanos" instructed Askran to use the destruction to expand the influence of the Clan by telling everyone that Judgment Day had arrived. Captain Cabre-Rios led security chief Yan Onanwro and computer engineer Shan O'Meara to quell the riots the Clan was causing, which concluded with the crew having to give the Clan a beat down.
    The portion of the ship "cauterized" by the wormhole became a dimensional portal that the Trilexia race were drawn to. They slew gardener Lotin, tossed him through the portal, and then entered it themselves.
    The ship was then approached by Galactus (actually an extradimensional Galactus).

(Cyberspace 3000#2) - Captain Cabre-Rios led Yan and Shan to dock on Galactus' ship and confront Galactus, who refused to leave the area and easily incapacitated them when they assaulted him.
    Sol spoke to Dr. S'Rell, acknowledging a partial systems failure as a cause of its recent erratic behavior. Sol told S'Rell that it was re-routing some sub-systems to try to alleviate the problems. When S'Rell questioned Sol regarding Captain Cabre-Rios' current status, Sol feigned ignorance and told S'Rell that it needed to focus on its subroutines.
    The arrival of Galactus served to strengthen Clan Cyorse's claims of Judgment Day, increasing their influence and membership.
    Shan managed to disrupt the stasis field in which they were placed, allowing them to escape, and Galactus sent his herald, Dark Angel, after them. Captain Cabre-Rios left the exhausted Shan with Dr. S'Rell, and Captain Cabre-Rios and chief Yan were attacked by the Trilexia. Sol announced the arrival of Dark Angel, who then appeared, instructing the others to prepare for Galactus' feeding. Dark Angel also told them that she had come to take the cosmic messiah with him, and this messiah was revealed to be Shan O'Meara. Energy from Galactus' ship then struck the Solship, incapacitating Shan O'Meara, Captain Cabre-Rios (seemingly disintegrated), Yan Onanwro, Dr. S'Rell, Dark Angel, and the Trilexia.

(Cyberspace 3000#3) - Galactus' ship continued draining the energy of Sol III and its inhabitants, even affecting Dark Angel, and converts swarmed to the Clan Cyorse. The presence of Galactus was sensed by the Keeper (Norrin Radd, the former Silver Surfer, who was partnered with Earth-691's Galactus), who was confused by his feeding efforts and approached him, only to be rebuffed by a being that considered him only to be his former herald.; nonetheless, the distraction temporarily halted the drain on Sol III.
    Meanwhile, Shan O'Meara mistakenly assumed that Yan Onanwro had struck down the fallen Dark Angel, with whom he shared a psychic bond. O'Meara attacked Onanwro, but Dark Angel revived and incapacitated O'Meara. As she explained her origins to Onanwro, a bunch of Trilexia leapt through the portal on the severed end of the ship. After Yan Onanwro failed to locate Sol's persona for discussion on how to deal with the recent problems, Dark Angel recognized the Keeper speaking to Galactus and flew out to interrupt them. The Keeper, already irate from his treatment by Galactus, refused to listen to Dark Angel, and a fight soon broke out between them.
    As Shan and Yan attempted to reboot Sol III's persona and re-wire the ship to allow them to move away from Galactus, the Clan Cyorse attempted to take command of the ship by force. Just then, however, Captain Cabre-Rios reappeared and took out the Clan's front line of warriors and drove the rest of the Clan off.
    One of the Trilexia emerged in Wapping, London, England, on Earth @ 1895 A.D., where it slew a few people before being confronted in an abandoned building by a pair of constables.

(Cyberspace 3000#4 (fb)) - As the remaining Clan members were taken away by the ship's security, Captain Cabre-Rios collapsed and was taken to the med unit.



(Cyberspace 3000#4) - Within Cyberspace, Captain Cabre-Rios fought Saul, who tormented her with nightmarish visions involving her friends and family. Meanwhile, Dr. S'Rell continued in his efforts to unravel the mystery of his Captain's existence, as some instruments said she was dead and others said she wasn't even there. Sol spoke through S'Rell's monitor, telling him his diagnosis must be inaccurate. As Shan and Yan approached, S'Rell and Sol engaged in a discussion, comparing Shan, Yan, and S'Rell to Zippy, Bungle, and George from the 20th century UK's children television show "Rainbow."
    Another member of the Trilexia, who had appeared back in the USA's Old West era, was slain by a sheriff and his deputy. The leader of the Trilexia returned to the ship and spoke to the other members of his race, telling them that the ship was now theirs for the taking at that from this moment forth they would rule supreme.
    Dark Angel was able to convince the Keeper to stop fighting long enough for her to explain that she and Galactus were from another reality. She further cautioned that exploration of the portal remaining on the end of Sol could disrupt the entire space continuum, re-write history, etc. She then collapsed in agony as she felt the leader of the Trilexia return through the portal. Fighting to remain conscious, she told the Keeper that if the Galactuses of the two worlds should meet, the fabric of the universe would unfold. She asked the Keeper to get help from Shan O'Meara, who had the mental energies necessary to send her and Galactus back to their reality.
    Meanwhile, Saul confronted Captain Cabre-Rios, telling her that she had ceased to exist when struck by the wormhole, and that he needed to remove her from his consciousness to prevent her from interfering with his master plan. Saul then revealed himself to be Sol. As Shan, Yan, and S'Rell pondered the Captain's existence as a solid hologram, Sol went off line and the Captain's body faded away. However, the Captain then appeared on the main computer screen, telling them that she was trapped inside the computer system and that Sol was trying to kill her.






(Cyberspace 3000#5) - Galactus of Earth-7888 sent Dark Angel and the Keeper to Sol III to locate Shan O'Meara. Meanwhile, the main computer banks blew out, preventing the crew from interfering, as Sol tried to finish the Captain off. Sol explained her origins and decided that she could not return to the ship, but would stay in cyberspace to act as his plaything for all eternity. Meanwhile Shan reasoned out how Sol had re-created the Captain, and he then figured that since she was now a collection of microprograms within Sol that he could separate them and get the Captain back.
    Dark Angel arrived, communing with Shan O'Meara who then located the Captain within Sol's main database. Dark Angel explained that by draining the cosmic power of the portal on the cauterized end of Sol III she might be able to return Sol to normal, but Sol then emerged through the computer screen, blasting Shan. Dark Angel leapt to his defense, destroying Sol's manifestation with a single blast. This apparently neutralized Sol's independence (and possibly his sentience), though Dark Angel thought to herself that the effect might only be temporary. Shan, however, had managed to download all of the program components of Captain Cabre-Rios onto a computer disc.
    Dark Angel healed Shan O'Meara's injuries, and the two of them combined forces to use the wormhole to send Galactus and Dark Angel back to Earth-7888. Galactus passed through the portal, but, as Dark Angel prepared to do so, the Trilexia ambushed Shan, attacking him savagely. Dark Angel flew back in, slew the Trilexia, and saved Shan, but she was then trapped in the Earth-691 universe. Nonetheless, Shan and Dark Angel decided to make the best of it.
    Shortly thereafter, Shan uploaded the computer disc programs into a clone grown from a tissue sample by S'Rell. The clone had a mini-disc drive where the brain would be, enabling her to function on both the physical and Cyberspace planes.

    The Trilexia began slaughtering Clan Cyorse members (as well as construction workers on Sol III) as part of their plan of conquest.
    The Thanos robot denounced Gui as a failure and met with Brother Mailliw in secret, instructing him to take command of Clan Cyorse.

(Cyberspace 3000#6) - Captain Cabre-Rios continued her physical therapy in her new body, collapsing to the ground on an early effort to stand. Later, while the Captain rested, she was drawn into the astral(?) plane by Adam Warlock of Earth-616 (whose body lay comatose in the modern era). Warlock warned her of a war between good and evil. Upon awakening, the Captain tried to explain what had happened to S'Rell, and Warlock managed to materialize in the physical world to continue his warnings.
    On a peaceful exploration, Yan Onanwro, Shan O'Meara, and Dark Angel beamed down to a world and ended up right in the middle of a bloody battle between (presumably) the realm's military and a group of android attackers. The attackers turned on the the explorers, who quickly defeated them, learning from their incapacitated remains that they were not living beings. However, the three explorers were then knocked out by more military figures and brought to their master, Gamble. The three awoke in a prison cell, and when a door opened for them, they exited through it together, just as Gamble had intended. 
    The Trilexia slew the parents of Myke Townsend (a nine year old student with high honors in all computer and cyber-related studies) when they investigated noise from within a vent in the corridors of the ship.
    When Mailliw challenged Gui's ability to lead the Clan, the Thanos robot appeared and announced his support of Mailliw, and he turned Gui to stone.

(Cyberspace 3000#8 (fb) - BTS) - Gamble chose to use the traumatized mind of Myke Townsend as a template for a Dreamscape.

(Cyberspace 3000#7) - Gamble split up Yan, Shan, and Dark Angel, sending his own agents Cribb, Gyn, and Whyst to battle them. Yan destroyed Cribb, who reformed completely. Whyst (a manifestation of entropy) absorbed Dark Angel, apparently destroying her.

(Cyberspace 3000#7 (fb) - BTS) - Gyn defeated Shan O'Meara.

(Cyberspace 3000#7) - Warlock probed the mind of Myke Townsend (who was in shock), bringing him to the astral plane to discover what had traumatized him so. They were confronted by Gamble, who offered cryptic information before vanishing. As Warlock and Myke continued their search, the Captain used her cyber-port to locate their mindlink. She entered the realm of Gamble, who had captured Warlock and Myke and stood beside "Thanos." Gamble claimed to have caused all of the recent problems, from sending Sol III through the wormhole to manipulating Galactus of Earth-7888, Adam Warlock of Earth-616, and the Clan Cyorse. Gamble challenged the Captain to a chess-like game with her allies as the pieces, but he then revealed the defeat of the Captain's three allies.
    Sol III crewmen found statues of Gui and several other Clan Cyorse members in the Clan's chambers. They accidentally knocked the statue of Gui over, shattering it.

(Cyberspace 3000#8) - Gamble bragged that he was more powerful than Galactus, and he then attacked the Captain, intending to use her as a portal to enter the physical world so he could access all of the dreamers in it. Meanwhile, Shan and Yan awakened, and upon learning that Dark Angel had perished, the distraught Shan unleashed a psychic blast that took out their three attackers. Gamble set up the "kings" in the chess game (Adam Warlock and Thanos) to battle as he revealed his origins to the Captain. Gamble further revealed his intentions of replacing Sol as the controller of the starship and of using its crew as his pawns. However, Myke caused Warlock's staff to appear, and Warlock used it to destroy Thanos, revealing him to be a robot, much to the dismay of Mailliw, who had been summoned by Gamble at some point.
    When the threat of Thanos--which had drawn him to this reality and time--neutralized, Adam Warlock returned to the modern era of Earth-616 in preparation for the Infinity Crusade.
    Mailliw attacked Gamble for his manipulations, but Myke then realized that since this Dreamscape was made from his mind, he could control it. He remade Gamble's palace into an Earthly country field (complete with horses and rabbits) and then teleported away, leaving an angry member of the Trilexia to deal with the surprised Gamble.
    As Gamble's force shield faded around the planet (Gamesworld) holding the real bodies of Yan and Shan, Yan Onanwro contacted Sol III's crew to teleport them back. The Captain and Myke revived soon after, but Shan O'Meara remained virtually comatose, unconsciously lashing out with psychic energy if anyone approached him. Shan somehow sensed the drifting and fading presence of Dark Angel, and he lashed out with a psychic blast that penetrated Sol III's hull.

Comments: Created by Gary Russell, Steve Tappin, and Michael Eve.

    As far as I know, the plot of Sol III/Cyberspace 3000 was never resolved...maybe something by Panini?

    Yeah, this profile is all over the place, but so was the series. The ship seemed somewhat central to the series, and the characters weren't fleshed out too well, so I decided to do it as a single profile with the major members of the crew as sub-profiles. If I had more spare time, I'd have probably done individual profiles for each of them.

    I'm not 100% certain about the chronology of this series, but it would seem that the launching of Sol III took place BEFORE the events of Marvel Super-Heroes II#18, as they were fleeing Earth before it could be conquered by the Badoon. It might seem likely that the traveled so far away that they never learned that the Guardians had liberated Earth from the Badoon. Perhaps that never came up in conversation with the Keeper, but he appeared this series after Guardians of the Galaxy#24-25, the events of which he specifically references.

    Why would you make a "Yan O" and and a "Shan O" in the same series when there are only like 4 main characters. I felt the need to name them by their full names to avoid confusion, but it made it more awkward.

    Shan O'Meara commented that a few centuries back (from the 31st century) there was a school of thought that believed that the universe was a creation of pure mathematics. The creation of artificial intelligences on the scale of Sol was a by-product of that. The Bimeadian theory described block transfer computations--literally creating a solid object through pure mathematics. This was how the creation of Captain as a solid hologram was explained.

Profile by Snood.

Shan O'Meara has no known connection to:

Captain Jennifer Cabre-Rios

The Captain of the ship Sol III, she was slain in the destruction caused by the wormhole, but she was re-created as a solid hologram containing a program of the original's personality by the warped programming of Sol, who sought to use her as stabilizing influence on the crew. She reappeared shortly thereafter, but was seemingly disintegrated when Galactus of Earth-7888's power siphon struck the ship. She reappeared in time to help drive off the Clan Cyorse when they tried to usurp control of the ship. After she faded in and out inexplicably a few times, the truth was discovered, but the maddened Sol saw her as a threat and attempted to slay her. Shan O'Meara managed to download her programs before Sol's malevolent persona was destroyed by Dark Angel. Dr. S'Rell created a clone of the Captain's original body, which contained a cyber-port in which her personality/memory/etc. programs were placed. As she began the process of physical therapy on her new body, she was contacted by Adam Warlock, drawn into a conflict with Gamble, and saved by young Myke Townsend.



She is a skilled tactician, a talented armed and unarmed combatant, and an excellent marksman. She typically carried a laser pistol.

After being re-created as a solid hologram, she could be created and removed by Sol as will, as well as being re-formed after destruction. Her cloned body apparently has most normal limitations, but her brain contains a port for the programs containing her mind, personality, memories, etc. She can also use this port to log into cyberspace, and she can even access the astral plane.


 --Cyberspace 3000#1 (1, 5(fb), 1-8








Shan O'Meara

    Sol III's computer systems engineer, he is also a powerful empath. Dark Angel--with whom he rapidly formed a bond--described him as the Cosmic Messiah. He helped fight off the Clan Cyorse when they tried to usurp control of the ship. He opned the portal to return Galactus of Earth-7888 to his reality. He was able to download the Captain's programs before Sol was destroyed. After being captured by the agents of Gamble, he was defeated by Gyn. Anguished over the seeming destruction of Dark Angel, he easily overwhelmed Cribb, Gyn, and Whyst. Later, he lapsed into a virtual coma, unconsciously lashing out with psychic energy if anyone approached him. Shan somehow sensed the drifting and fading presence of Dark Angel, and he lashed out with a psychic blast that penetrated Sol III's hull.



    He is an empath, able to sense the thoughts and emotions of others, and this could sometimes give him a major headache. He can fire powerful psychic blasts, though this was often much more powerful when he lost control of his emotions, etc. He can stimulate the pleasure centers of others, often causing them to lose the desire to fight.

    He is also a highly skilled computer technician and engineer.


--Cyberspace 3000#1 (2-8





Chief Yan Onanwro

    Or is it Onanrwo. I think each is used an equal number of times, but Onanwro was first, so I'm going with it. Anyway...

    Half-Jovian (the Jovians being the humans genetically engineered to survive on Jupiter, like Charlie-27 of the Guardians of the Galaxy), he was the chief security officer aboard Sol III. He called an emergency session to try to deal with the destruction caused by the wormhole. He helped fight off the Clan Cyorse when they tried to usurp control of the ship. After being captured by agents of Gamble, he battled and was defeated by Cribb. He returned to Sol III unharmed after Shan defeated their attackers and Myke defeated Gamble.


    He likely possessed enhanced human strength and durability, and he was experienced with a variety ballistic, bladed, and energy weapons. He was typically disgusted by displays of affection, and he seemed to be lacking a sense of humor.


--Cyberspace 3000#1 (2-8









Dr. S'Rell

    The primary medical officer aboard Sol III, it was undefined whether he was a genetically engineered human, an alien, or something else. He quickly identified that the re-formed Captain Cabre-Rios was life (Jim), but not as we know it. He treated the injured Shan, tried unsuccessfully to reach the mentally traumatized Myke Townsend, and directed the Captain's physical therapy.




    He has highly advanced medical training and access to a variety of diagnostic and treatment equipment. He also enjoys referencing 20th century popular culture, slang, etc., though he doesn't always understand exactly what he's talking about. He enjoys barking out orders to everyone, and he was totally indignant when Dark Angel called him a troll.


--Cyberspace 3000#1 (2-6, 8




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Cyberspace 3000#2-6 (August-December, 1993)
Cyberspace 3000#7-8 (January-February, 1994)

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