Classification: Human technology

Creator: Unknown

User/Possessors: "Green Thugs"

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#4/4 (early October, 1988)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The giant exoskeletons not only enhanced the user's durability, but also enabled him to be a destructive force on the level of an Asgardian god. The vice-like hands could easily be used to hold god-like enemies. The exoskeleton's ultimate weapon was the built-in force beam coming from the head with a guaranteed god-crippling power level. No god could destroy the exoskeleton with his bare hands.

Weakness: Mjolnir




(Marvel Comics Presents#4/4) - They were used in an attack on Thor by the "Green Thugs". Although they were built to take on the likes of Thor the exoskeletons couldn't withstand the power of Mjolnir. A powerful beam that could've crippled Thor was just deflected by the enchanted mallet and seconds later Thor used Mjolnir to destroy the exoskeletons.





Comments: Created by Al Milgrom.

Profile by Markus Raymond

"Blocko-Skeletons" have no known connection to:

"Green Thugs" have no known connection to:

"Green Thugs"

They were the users of the "Blocko-Skeletons". They were knocked out when Thor destroyed their exoskeletons and brought them to the local authorities. Their motives and plans for the attack on Thor stayed unclear.

--Marvel Comics Presents#4/4






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