Real Name: None

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial robot

Occupation: Servant of the Stranger

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Stranger

Enemies: Avengers (Captain America, Iron Man, Sersi, Starfox, Thor, Vision), Spider-Man

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The Stranger's vessel, mobile in space

First Appearance: Avengers I#317 (May, 1990)

Powers/Abilities: Blockade was a simple-minded robot designed to defend the Stranger's vessel. The only words it demonstrated the ability to utter were: "I-am-Blockade: you-are-interfering-in-matters-which-do-not-concern-you-none-shall-enter-the-abode-of-the-Stranger." It was able to fly and contained energy blasters in its hands and mounted on its shoulders.

History: (Avengers I#317) - When Nebula had stolen the Infinity Union from the Stranger, he invaded her vessel and captured her in order to learn where she had hidden it. The Avengers had been in the midst of battling Nebula, and attempted to follow the Stranger into his ship, but the Stranger dispatched Blockade to remain behind and prevent the Avengers from following him. Blockade dutifully engaged the Avengers with warning shots, and stationed itself between them and the Stranger's ship, repeating its warning message on a loop.

Comments: Created by John Byrne, Fabian Nicieza, Paul Ryan and Tom Palmer.

by Prime Eternal

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Images taken from:
Avengers I#317, page 12, panel 1

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