Real Name: Malachi

Identity/Class: Human, magic user (Distant Past)

Occupation: Sorceress

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Korahn

Enemies: Agamotto, Pale Horseman, Secret Defenders (Cadaver, Luke Cage, Deadpool, Dr. Druid, Shadowoman)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Secret Defenders#15 (May, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: The Moebius Stone was the source of most of Malachi's power, but she could also animate unliving matter, fly, control minds, and fire blasts of eldritch energy.

History: (Secret Defenders#16 (fb))- "Thousands upon thousands" of years ago, Malachi and her lover Korahn sought to steal the Moebius Stone from Agamotto, so that they could live forever. However, Agamotto's guardian found them, and slew Malachi, then scattered the Moebius Stone into fragments. Malachi retained a single fragment which was enough to keep her alive, and she set out to find the other fragments so that she could revive Korahn.

(Secret Defenders#15)- In recent years, Malachi located one of the fragments in the Chicago Museum of Art, where it was located on the hilt of a sword. She was opposed by the Secret Defenders, but managed to fend them off by bringing paintings and statues to life.

(Secret Defenders#16)- In need of life-force, Malachi assaulted a teenager, Cody Fleischer, and drained his energies using the Moebius Stone. She then set after the last fragment, located on the ring of a corpse in the graveyard, but was again opposed by the Secret Defenders, as well as Cody Fleischer, raised from the dead as Agamotto's new guardian, Cadaver. However, Malachi obtained the last fragment.

(Secret Defenders#17)- The use of the Moebius Stone caused time to run haywire across the globe, causing people to grow old, young, vital, weak, live, and dead. She drained some of Dr. Druid's life from him, but he was able to revivify himself with magic. She also caused Luke Cage to regress back to before he had gained his superhuman powers. Finally, she brought Korahn back to life, only to have him tell her that he preferred death to living forever, and Malachi was shaken by this revelation. Deadpool took advantage of her confusion, and stabbed her through the chest with his sword. Her spirit was finally free to be with Korahn in the afterlife.

Comments: Created by Tom Brevoort, Mike Kanterovich, Jerry DeCaire and Tony Dezuniga.

The Moebius Stone has a small entry in Mystic Arcana: The Book of Marvel Magic.

by Prime Eternal

Malachi should not be confused with:

The Moebius Stone was a mystical artifact created by Agamotto, and possessing the power to control the passage of time, including, among other things, the power to raise the dead, absorb life-force from others, and cause people to grow younger or older. Agamotto's guardian shattered the stone into fragments thousands of years ago to keep it out of the hands of Malachi and Korahn, but the fragments were eventually broght together by Malachi. When Malachi used the stone to resurrect Korahn, he asked her to allow him to die again. Strange attempted to possess the stone on behalf of Dr. Strange, but Dr. Druid destroyed it before this could happen.

--Secret Defenders#15) 16 (fb), 15, 16, 17

Korahn was Malachi's lover thousands of years ago, and sought to gain eternal life with her by obtaining the Moebius Stone. He was slain by Agamotto's guardian for his efforts, but Malachi resurrected him thousands of years later using the reformed Moebius Stone. However, Korahn did not wish to return to life, preferring death. He returned to the afterlife, soon followed by Malachi after she was slain by Deadpool.

--Secret Defenders#16 (fb), 17

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Secret Defenders#15, page 17, panel 1
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Secret Defenders#15 (May, 1994) - Tom Brevoort & Mike Kanterovich (writer), Jerry Decaire (pencils), Tony DeZuniga (inks), Craig Anderson (editor)
Secret Defenders#16 (June, 1994) - Tom Brevoort & Mike Kanterovich (writer), Bill Wylie (pencils), Tony DeZuniga (inks), Craig Anderson (editor)
Secret Defenders#17 (July, 1994) - Tom Brevoort & Mike Kanterovich (writer), Jerry Decaire (pencils), Tony DeZuniga (inks), Craig Anderson (editor)

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