Real Name: Computer Elimination Location Intelligence Negation Engine

Identity/Class: Sentient computer

Occupation: Eliminate security leaks within the SHIELD's network

Group Membership: SHIELD

Affiliations: Nick Fury LMDs, Sharon Carter LMD & other LMDs of SHIELD agents

Enemies: Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff), Dagger, Tyrone Johnson (the powerless Cloak)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile through the "Helicarrier"

First Appearance: (BTS) Marvel Knights I#10 (April, 2001); (seen) Marvel Knights I#15 (September, 2001)

Powers/Abilities: Its programming made CELINE perfect for finding and eliminating any security leaks within SHIELD's network. In its own scheme CELINE was in total control of an unidentified SHIELD vessel and a small army of LMDs. It had no body and only appeared as a talking head on a screen with cool 3D graphics.

Weaknesses: The SHIELD Master Codes could override CELINE's controls and enable anybody to delete it on any given day.

(Marvel Knights I#15 (fb) - BTS) - CELINE was created by SHIELD to find any security leaks. It did its job very well until it found security leaks outside of its parameter. It transferred itself onto a smaller SHIELD vessel and took an army of LMDs with it to hunt down any agent it saw as a potential security risk.

(Marvel Knights I#10, 12-14 - all BTS) - CELINE sent a Nick Fury LMD to kill Black Widow. It was destroyed by the combined efforts of Black Widow, Dagger, Tyrone Johnson and a microwave. Black Widow took the LMD's harddrive which led her and Dagger to the "Helicarrier". Black Widow confronted Fury about the LMD before Dagger revealed to her that all the agents on the ship including Fury were LMDs.

(Marvel Knights I#15) - Black Widow and Dagger fled from the LMDs until Black Widow found the ship's mainframe. On her search for an explanation CELINE activated itself and revealed to Black Widow that she was lured onto the ship because she was a security risk due to her former status as a Russian spy. CELINE's task was to eliminate any security leaks within SHIELD and when it found risks beyond its parameters it expanded itself. When the LMDs finally entered the room CELINE deactivated them because a bullet could've damaged CELINE itself. Black Widow then used the SHIELD Master Codes the Russians had acquired during her time as a Russian spy. CELINE rerouted exhaust from the "Helicarrier's" engines into the room to kill the two heroines. When they only had sixty seconds left of breathable air Black Widow finally entered the right Master Code to override CELINE's commands and delete it. CELINE was destroyed and the heroines left.

Comments: Created by Chuck Dixon, Ed Barreto & Nelson.

If you're a sentient computer program never forget to make a backup, arm yourself with a laser or at least a wooden box that could be dropped on anyone getting too near or at least screw around with the passwords that could enable others to delete you. CELINE did none of this! The LMDs became useless when CELINE deactivated them instead of telling them to drop their guns and attack Black Widow with their bare hands. CELINE then activated a deadly trap reminiscent of all those death traps in the 1960s Batman series with Adam West and was ultimately deleted because like in that series the heroes survived the death trap. CELINE is nothing more than a glorified firewall and an embarassment for all sentient computers.

I can't say why, but CELINE reminds of Cache. Maybe SHIELD hired Cache's creators to program CELINE or they based CELINE on Cache's programming. Cache was caught by SHIELD, which makes this possible, but I doubt that the writer of the story even knew about Cache, who was IMHO far cooler than CELINE.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

CELINE has no known connection to:


The "Helicarrier" controlled by CELINE was actually just a much smaller vessel, which through a holographic projection was made to look like a real Helicarrier. The holographic projection was deleted along with CELINE.

On board of the alleged Helicarrier were several LMDs of SHIELD agents under CELINE's command. Among them was a Nick Fury LMD and a Sharon Carter LMD.

--Marvel Knights I#15

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Marvel Knights I#15, p10, pan2 (main image)

p20, pan3 (CELINE destroyed)
p20, pan4 ("Helicarrier")

Marvel Knights I#10 (April, 2001) - Chuck Dixon (writer), Ed Barreto (pencils), Nelson (inks), Nanci Dakesian & Stuart Moore (editors)
Marvel Knights I#12-13 (June-July, 2001) - Chuck Dixon (writer), Ed Barreto (pencils), Nelson (inks), Nanci Dakesian & Stuart Moore (editors)
Marvel Knights I#14 (August, 2001) - Chuck Dixon (writer), Mike Lilly (pencils), Nelson (inks), Nanci Dakesian & Stuart Moore (editors)
Marvel Knights I#15 (September, 2001) - Chuck Dixon (writer), Ed Barreto (pencils), Nelson (inks), Nanci Dakesian & Stuart Moore (editors)

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