Real Name: Adrian Eiskalt

Identity/Class: Human; German citizen

Occupation: Former soldier in the East German army; Mercenary

Affiliations: Genetech; Gabrielle Haller

Enemies: Magneto

Known Relatives: Ute Eiskalt (brother; deceased)

First Appearance: X-Men Unlimited#2 (September, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Adrian possess no superhuman powers, but was well stocked with Magneto-proof weapons by Genetech, including the Bioelectric mask, a special, metal-free bodysuit called the Fugue Armor, and a taser gun dubbed the "Slingshot", which was also metal-free. With some minor alterations the taser became a little more deadly. He also carried a poisoned needle with him, just in case.

History: (X-Men Unlimited#2 (fb))- As a member of the East German army, Adrian Eiskalt was on a mission to overtake Wundagore Mountain, Magneto's home. Obviously the tanks and guns they brought didn't help much against Magneto, and his troop was ordered to withdraw. Adrian and his brother, Ute, stumbled into the wrong area, tripping over Magneto's wife's grave. Angered, Magneto used his powers to effectively blow up Ute, but let Adrian go.

BTS- Adrian became obsessed with getting revenge on his brother's murderer and got in contact with Genetech.

(X-Men Unlimited#2)- While on the airplane on his way to New York to meet Gabrielle Haller, Adrian read the book Fatal Attraction: Mutants & Men by JB Chambers, but thought he recognized Magneto and nearly stabbed a poor old man with a poisoned needle. While waiting in his hotel, he watched Chambers and Graydon Creed argue over the state of mutantkind on TV. The next morning, he met with Gabrielle Haller and later, the Brotherhood of Mutants, trying to get a more solid understanding of the man Magneto was. Several weeks later, he walked through the Genetech Bio-Research Facility in Sayville, Long Island, along with Gabrielle Haller, receiving explanations for the various tools he would be using to capture Magneto. Later, he was in a meeting with several high-ranking government officials, including Henry Peter Gyrich, Valerie Cooper, Haller and the head of Mutant Affairs for Russia, Alexi Vazhin, discussing Magneto's movements. Knowing he would return to Wundagore Mountain, Adrian waited, camouflaged by trees. Watching Magneto cry at his wife's grave, he started to reconsider, and remembered what truly had happened those years ago. Ute had attempted to shoot Magneto, and Magneto was merely acting in self-defense. Despite the vow he made on his dead wife's grave, blood was spilt at their home again. Dropping his gun, Magneto became aware of the assassin, but instead of attacking, simply flew away. Adrian, knowing he failed, put the gun to his chin, noting that he had lost everything he wanted and believed, but dropping the gun to his side, he realized all he had lost was hate.

Comments: Created by Fabian Nicieza and Jan Duursema

The Brotherhood he contacted was the one led by Toad, with Blob, Pyro, and Phantazia as members.

Genetech were seemingly mostly using this situation for publicity, as they announced to the press the technology they were using for this little mission (Yeah, that sounds like a REAL bright idea).

X-Men Unlimited#2 is worthwhile if just for the appearance of Earth-616 Ted Koppel.

Maybe the mask could be put to use against Daredevil.

Ute Eiskalt, Adrian's brother, was a soldier in the East German Army who was in the assault on Wundagore Mountain. The coup didn't go too well, and his squad had to retreat. Ute and Adrian ran the wrong way, as they found Magneto's home and knocked over Magneto's wife's grave by accident. Fearing for his life, he shot at Magneto, who put up a magnetic field to block it. Unfortunately the ricocheting bullet came right back to him and went through his chest, killing him. -X-Men Unlimited#2

The Bioelectric Mask allows the wearer to see all bio-electric readings around him, while scrambling the wavelengths around it, making the wearer basically invisible (You know, unless he's actually seen) -X-Men Unlimited#2

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